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Special Collections

Milton S. Eisenhower Library

The Johns Hopkins University

3400 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21218



Spelman Papers


Ms. 392


Size:                           16 record center boxes, 19 document boxes                                            

                                   2 flat boxes 


Processed:          January 1998

By:            Joan Grattan

               Cynthia Requardt


Provenance:         The papers were part of the University's collections

               at the Villa Spelman in Florence, Italy.  They were

               transferred  to Special Collections in 1997.


Access:        Access to the collection is unrestricted.


Permission:         Permission to publish material from this

               collection must be requested in writing

               from the Manuscripts Librarian

               at the address above.


Citation:      Spelman Papers Ms. 392

               Special Collections

               Milton S. Eisenhower Library

               The Johns Hopkins University
                        Table of Contents

                             Ms. 392


Provenance          ......................................  Page 1

Biographical Note   ......................................  Page 1

Scope and Content Note   ............................  Page 4


Series Description

     Series 1: Personal  .................        Page 6

     Series 2: Writings  .................        Page 7

     Series 3: Correspondence  .............      Page 9         

     Series 4: Beal Family    .................        Page 10

     Series 5:      Photographs    .................        Page 10


Container List      ....................................         Page 11


Index               ....................................         Page 36
                          Spelman Papers

                             Ms. 392



The papers, part of the collections of The Johns Hopkins University at the Villa Spelman in

Florence, Italy,  were transferred to Special Collections in 1997.  The Accession Number is 96-



Several manuscripts of Leolyn Everett Spelman were previously deposited in the University

Archives by Professor Charles S. Singleton.  Included were "Semiramis;" two copies of

"Juggernaut;" "The Infatuation;" "Brief Pageant;" "The Martial Years;" and "Mary Nelson."

Each of these titles is attributed John Kent, a pseudonym used by Mrs. Spelman.  They were

transferred to Manuscripts from the University Archives, July 24, 1986.  The Accession Number is

1988-89.32.  Clippings and programs related to Timothy Spelman were added to the collection in  December

1998.  The items were the gift of H. Noyes Spelman.  Accession number 98-99.13


Biographical Note


Leolyn Louise Everett Spelman was born in Cleveland, Ohio August 5, 1888.  She was the

daughter of Henry A.  (1856-1917) and Josephine (Pettengill) Everett (1866-1937).  A younger

daughter of the Everetts  was named Dorothy (1892-1922).   Henry A. Everett was an industrialist

who served at various times as president of railways in Cleveland, Toledo, and London, Canada.

Everett  was best known for introducing the electric street railway in Cleveland.


Leolyn enjoyed the advantages of a wealthy household that included private lessons with her

governess, travel, summer visits to her father's farm, and admission at age 10 to Cleveland's

Hathaway Brown School.  When Leolyn later wrote about her childhood, the material comforts

were always overshadowed by  contrasting impressions of her parents, a  "cruel" and "wicked"

mother and an adored father.  Josephine Everett was forever referred to as "Caesar" by her eldest

daughter, and Henry  was always "Dearie Dad."  The parents appear to step from a Freudian text,

and Leolyn may have been influenced by modern interest in Freud during the early part of the

century.   Leolyn wrote in her autobiography of her very close friendship with  Dr. L. Pierce

Clark, a psychoanalyst in  New York, and she certainly would have been inspired to read the

newly-published analytical literature of the period.  One of her poems, "The Psycho-Analyst" is

included in Byways to Crossroads.


During her last year at the Hathaway Brown School, Leolyn was editor of the school's literary

journal, Specularia, and was chosen for a role in the school's production of Rostand's Les

Romanesques.  Her joy in the performance was such that she planned immediately for a life "on


the stage."  Following graduation, she joined her father for a tour of Europe where she indulged

her love of history and purchased (at the British Museum) her first "bibliophile" book, Anecdotes

of the Late Dr. Samuel Johnson" by Hester Lynch Piozzi for six shillings.  After the summer in

Europe Leolyn was sent for a short time to a girls' boarding school, Mt. Vernon Seminary near

Washington, D.C., a place she sadly described as "a hot-bed of corruption and false values." 


Leolyn managed to convince her parents to allow her to leave Mt. Vernon Seminary.

Accompanied by a chaperone and a monthly allowance of a thousand dollars, she moved to New

York City.   She formed friendships with persons in the musical theater and enjoyed a cultural life

that included recognition as a published poet.  Life magazine began publishing her poems for the

enriching sum of  $0.50 per line, eventually raised to $1.00 per line.


Leolyn traveled to Italy in 1914, and as if predestined, she felt she had "come home."  Her brief

joy in Italy ended with the start of  world war in August.  She returned to America after  nearly

being stranded in Naples.  The following winter in New York, she was introduced to Timothy

Mather Spelman.


Timothy Mather Spelman was born in Brooklyn, NY January 21, 1891, the son of William

Augustus and Julia Beal Spelman.  Timothy was descended from a line of New England clergymen

that included the ardent Cotton Mather (1663-1728).  The Spelmans and Beals of the 19th century

who settled in New York were involved in commercial interests.  Timothy was educated at

Polytechnic Institute in Brooklyn, entered Harvard in 1909,  and graduated with a B.S. degree in

1913.  At Harvard, he studied music with W.R. Spalding and E.B. Hill.  He was awarded the

Elkan Naumburg Fellowship in Music and studied with Walter Courvosier at the Conservatory in

Munich until the outbreak of war in 1914.   Timothy returned to New York where he  worked on

his own compositions, taught musical theory, and gave lecture recitals on the history of opera.

Among his works performed on stage were Snowdrop (Brooklyn, 1911) and The Romance of the

Rose (Boston, 1913),


The poet and the musician were introduced by a Harvard classmate, Billy Merrill, after Timothy

was inspired to set one of  Leolyn's poems to music.  A few months after their Valentine's Day

meeting, the Spelmans married on July 7, 1915.   During the early days of their marriage, they

turned their apartment into a salon for friends from the theater and gave recitals of Timothy's

music and readings from Leolyn's poetry.  One professional program was presented at the Punch

and Judy Theater (W. 49th St.) in April 1916.  Their early theater experiences ended in 1917 when

Timothy was called to Washington to  serve as assistant director of Band Musicians' Training in

the War Department.


In 1919, the Spelmans leased the Villa Razzolini in Florence, Italy which was to become the

favorite of many residences during their lifetime.  The villa became theirs through purchase in May

1931.  The Spelmans lived mostly in Europe during the period between the two world wars.  They

maintained the Villa Pamela, (Menton, Alpes Maritimes, France), traveled to Algeria in 1923, and

traveled twice to Egypt where they had a native dahabieh on the Nile. 


In Florence [mid 1930s], Timothy was invited to become the only non-Italian on the board

directing the Communal Orchestra and Theatre.  He wrote orchestral, chamber, and vocal scores,

and several operas, among which are "The Sea Rovers" (1928), "The Sunken City" (1930),  and

"The Courtship of Miles Standish" (1943).  (Manuscript music of Timothy Mather Spelman is filed

in the Archives of the Peabody Institute Library).  Timothy's music was performed more often in

Europe, his style of composition influenced by Italian Romanticism and French Impressionism. 


For a second time, the Spelmans met the inevitability of war in Europe.  They left Italy as they had

done once before in 1914 to return to America.  They  lived at various times in Oberhofen,

Switzerland, Harrison, New York, and settled in a country house in Dublin, New Hampshire in the

early 1940s.  There was also an apartment in New York City.  During the period of the Second

World War, the Spelmans stayed mostly at Five Chimney's in Dublin, New Hampshire, where

they continued  writing, composing, and entertaining friends.  Leolyn's mother, Josephine, died in

1937, and from the trusts and inheritance during the 1930s, the Spelmans could enjoy a

comfortable  even luxurious lifestyle, but she was often chastised by the trusts' managers for

maintaining so many residences.  They returned to the villa in Florence in 1947 where they

continued restoration work on the house and its gardens.      


Timothy commented in a Harvard report of 1938 that he and his wife worked constantly wherever

they were.   While he worked at music composition, Leolyn worked at literary composition.

Timothy's later musical compositions include Jamboree (1945), String Quartet (1953), and Oboe

Concerto (1954).   Her books of poetry include The Hills of Arcetri (1921),  Fauns at Prayer

(1922), Byways to Crossroads (1927), and Epilogue (1969).    Published novels include Three

Priests and The Agnostics, both published in Florence in 1969.   For a collection of short stories,

Episode in Luxor (1929), Leolyn used the pseudonym, John Kent.  It is possible that John Kent

represented a collaborative effort of both Spelmans.  Leolyn who was so admiring of Timothy's

talent  may have encouraged him to try his hand at fiction stories.


The Villa Razzolini, so loved by the Spelmans, was bequeathed to The Johns Hopkins University

and dedicated to the noted Dante scholar and Hopkins professor of Italian and Humanistic Studies, 

Charles S. Singleton.   A brass plaque to the right of the main entrance identifies the villa as the

Charles S. Singleton Center for Italian Studies.  Known to the Hopkins community as Villa

Spelman, it is a gathering place for art historians in Florence, Hopkins doctoral candidates,

scholars writing books on the Renaissance, and Hopkins faculty members.


Timothy Mather Spelman died in Florence, August 21, 1970.  Leolyn Louise Everett Spelman died

on November 3, 1971. 

Scope and Content Note


The collection has been artificially arranged into five series.  Series 1:  Personal; Series 2:

Writings; Series 3: Correspondence: Series 4: Beal Family; and Series 5: Photographs.  A more

complete description of each series is given in the Series Description.  A listing of all items in the

collection is given in the Container List.


The villa in Florence was the last residence of Leolyn and Timothy Spelman, and in it they left an

interesting accumulation of papers relating to the peripatetic lives.  Parts of their lives are well-

documented while other areas are not.  They were both prolific writers; Leolyn of poetry, stories,

plays, novels, and historical studies and Timothy of music and plays.  The Spelmans were quite

careful in preserving this record of their lives.  As might be expected with people who moved

frequently, the daily record of their lives is less complete.  Both Spelmans were sporadic diarists

and the majority of the surviving diaries date from the late 1940s and 1950s.  An interesting

glimpse of their lives in Florence comes from the kitchen and garden diaries.  The kitchen diary

records the menus for meals served at the villa and the garden diary has notes on the plantings.

One obvious omission in the record of the Spelmans' lives is their correspondence, both personal

and business.  There are caches of letters, a group from Leolyn's mother when she was young and

some of Leolyn's early letters to Timothy.  The one period that is well-covered is 1931-1945.

During this time the Spelmans were living in New York and then at their home Five Chimney's in

Dublin, New Hampshire.  It appears that the contents of a desk at Five Chimney's was emptied

into a steamer trunk and shipped to the villa in Florence where it remained packed until 1997.


Leolyn's life and thought clearly dominate the collection, and the papers reveal much about her and

her outlook on life.  Leolyn was quite introspective with a flair for the dramatic.  The most

revealing part of the collection is her 1000+ page autobiography which she began in 1927 and is

continued in a series of journals dating from 1930-1939.  It is also clear she was taken with

Freudian thought (indeed a copy of Freud's Dream Psychology is in the library at the villa).

Leolyn's autobiography is full of her evil, sexually repressed mother and adored, philandering

father.  These recollection could be balanced with the series of letters written to Leolyn by her

mother (1908-1915) and Leolyn's sporadic diaries (1914-29; 1947-57) as well as the personal and

business letters from 1931-1945.


It is curious that so little correspondence survives as the Spelmans were so careful to save every

scrap of paper relating to their writings.  The boxes of Leolyn's writings include myriad notes and

drafts for the poems, stories, plays, novels, and especially her magnum opus "A Mirror for

France," a history spanning the years 363 to 1793.  Leolyn began her literary career as a poet and

enjoyed some success in being published.  The work is well-preserved as she had the copy books

she wrote in bound. She continued writing poetry in her later life and the collection contains

numerous drafts.  Leolyn moved from poetry to plays and short stories with an occasional try at a

novel.  Both Leolyn and Timothy wrote plays, and many of the plays appear to have been

submitted to a literary agent.  Many short stories were written under the name John Kent, and

there is some speculation these were a joint effort between Leolyn and Timothy.


Timothy Mather Spelman's maternal ancesestors are represented in a series of papers that include

legal documents, letters, and financial records all dealing with the Beal family of Hingham and

Cohasset, Massachusetts in the 18th and 19th centuries. 


The final part of the collection is a  selection of  photographs many of which are formal portraits of

Leolyn from infancy to middle-age including those of the Spelmans' wedding in 1915.   Other

formal and informal photographs picture the Spelmans  with friends, their dogs, the gardens and

furnishings at the villa in Florence, and some of their travels elsewhere.


Series Description

Series 1:  Personal           1870-1971      1 record center box, 7  document boxes

                    Arranged topically


Series 1: Personal contains biographical material, address books, personal diaries, catalogs, estate

papers, theater and concert programs, kitchen and garden diaries, and book lists from the

Spelmans' library.  Most importantly, there are 4 volumes of LLES's autobiography which she

begun writing in 1927 and continued with to about 1931. 


The entire collection of Spelman Papers is very much a reflection of LLES.  Because of this, her

candid and internalizing autobiographical writings (Box 1) are especially useful.  Her telling of

youthful episodes is often overshadowed by two contrasting themes - a malicious mother who

almost destroyed her and husband Timothy  who restored her.   She devoted the first volume to her

childhood years including genealogical information of the Everett, Pettingill, and Burnham

Families.  In the second volume,  she writes more of her father's illness, her mother's

"wickedness," her move to New York City,  interest in the theater, and the beginnings of World

War 1.  In Volume III, she includes some history of TMS, their courtship and wedding, and

mutual love of music and the theater.  The last volume includes more of her life with TMS at

various residences in New York City, their travels in Europe, and a few details of their later life at

the Villa Razzolini.  She allows that her chronology is often faulty, but there are enough details to

provide a picture of Leolyn's  complex personality.  The autobiography ends abruptly with a brief

mention of their stay in Egypt. 


LLES's personal diaries span the years 1914-1960; volumes for some years are missing.

Descriptions of friends often take on a pejorative tone, but there are details of concerts attended,

books read, guests received, journeys taken, health problems, and comments on weather and her

favored dogs.  The diaries, with the exception of 1930, are not quite as introspective as the

autobiography, and they add more details of the Spelmans' lives.   She never fully resolved the

angry perceptions of her childhood.  On the  occasion of her 39th wedding anniversary (July 7,

1954) she wrote of the "hate, cruelty and conflict" of her early life and the normality that was

restored by Tim, described by her as "exquisite." 


There are six diaries of TMS filed in Box 7, and these offer little personal insights.  The entries are

mostly concerned with accounts, bills paid, monies owed.  The final items in the series are a

collection of kitchen and garden diaries (1949-1971) recording menus and garden plans at the villa

in Florence.   


Series 2:  Writings      1907-1969      13 record center boxes, 2 document boxes

                    Arranged by subjects


Series 2: Writings forms the largest part of the collection, and it is here that LLES as poet,

essayist, novelist, short story writer, playwright, historian is revealed.  While most of the

manuscripts in this series are those of LLES,  TMS's literary writings are also included.  Another

selection of writings is attributed to John Kent, Leolyn's pseudonym.  The pseudonym may also

represent the Spelmans' combined writings.


Childhood writings show that LLES's creative inclinations came early to her  (Box. 16).  TMS also

looked to a life in music and art, and the Spelmans complemented each other with their love of the

arts and their attention to writing.  The prodigious amount of materials in this series is the result of

their long life together, a life in which they enjoyed both time and inspiration for their interests.


Published and unpublished works are included in the series; drafts of poems, novels, stories, plays,

operas, and histories are both holographic and typescript.  Much of LLES's holographic writings

were on her signature blue writing paper.  Many of the papers are untitled, pages are missing from

the novels and stories, but some accuracy in pagination and order has been restored.  Where

possible, manuscripts have been arranged under the published titles. 


The first part of the series (Boxes 1-5) includes writings of LLES.  Published and unpublished

works are contained beginning with parts of The Agnostics (published in Italy in 1969) and

chapters for other titled works.  Most of these are incomplete, but they are imaginative in style and

subject.  Another of her published works, Three Priests (published in Italy in 1969),  is included in

Box 7 where the manuscript is attributed to John Kent. (It is possible that many of the writings in

this series are the combined work of husband and wife. Their advice and suggestions to one

another can only be a matter of speculation.)   A long collection of stories follows, some are titled,

and others are assigned title by character are place.  These stories range too in place, time period,

and characterization.  Perhaps LLES devoted herself very  simply to the concept of writing,

because she did experiment and found some success with each genre she attempted.    Along with

novels and stories, she also wrote plays, and at least one of her plays, Queen Zenobia, was

published very early in 1908.  LLES's  characters were royals,  glamor girls, socialites, and

sweepstake players that she designed to  fit into theatrical tragedies, comedies, and satires. 


LLES's most noticeable success as a writer was through her poetry.  As early as 1912, her poetry

was being published in Life.  Later she was published in Theatre Magazine, Art and Archaeology,

Century, and The Bodleian.  She published several volumes of poetry including Sleep-Book (1910),

The Closed Book (1910), and the later volumes, Fauns at Prayer (1922), Byways to Crossroads

(1926), and Thistledown (1927),  all of which were reviewed favorably.  In Box 4 are copies of

these published volumes, and in Box 5 is a scrapbook containing her magazine poetry and many of

her reviews.  Notebooks in this series (Box 6) contain her poetry from 1907 until the 1950s. 


She wrote from the various locales where she was living, and it is particularly interesting to see the

way in which she translated the countryside of Italy into poetry that formed Hills of Arcetri (1921).

Much of the manuscript poetry known to be published has been separated by volume title.  Often

there are duplicates in typescript.    LLES later experimented with free verse that formed one of the

last volumes,  Epilogue (1969).  Some of these untitled poems are included in Box 15.    A

poignant volume of holographic poems written for TMS (Box 16) is further evidence of the deep

affection between the Spelmans.


Timothy Mather Spelman is most often described as an American composer, but along with LLES

he wrote plays, operas, and stories.  A small representation of his work, that is writings attributed

solely to him, is included in Series 2 in Box 16.  It must be noted again that a substantial amount

of literary writings in this series may be the Spelmans' collaborative effort.  The John Kent

materials  (also in box 16) exemplify the collaboration.  TMS items include the titled works,

"Babakan, "Manhattan," "The Two-pointed Triangle," and "Such Stuff as Dreams."


Arranged after TMS items is a selection of stories and novels, published, unpublished, for which

the author is given as John Kent.  The first of the John Kent stories was collected in Episode in

Luxor published by Brentano's, NY, in 1929.   Holographic, typescript copies of the stories are

filed in Box 16.  In Box 17 are another group of short stories that were intended to be published

under the title "Stories from a Life Class."  No evidence of publication was found.  Longer works

intended as novels are also part of the John Kent materials.  Included is the manuscript for Three

Priests, credited to John Kent,  and later published (1969) with LLES as author.  Other novels in

Series 2  credited to John Kent are "Heritage" and "The Martial Years."   These lengthy books

may have been intended to form one very sprawling novel covering several periods of American



If it is true that her interest in writing moved from shorter works to the grand epic events in

history, then the final items in Series 2 describe an extraordinary project undertaken by LLES in

the later period of her life.  She planned to write a history of France beginning with Roman Gaul

and continuing to at least the 12th century.  Some planning and research may have begun as early

as the mid-1940s when she began reading books for reference in French history.  She  greatly

admired and acknowledged the influence of the noted 18th-century historian, Jules Michelet (1798-

1874), author of Histoire de France (1845).  LLES wrote that Michelet's writings held "a series of

magnificently right conclusions drawn from frequently incorrect premises."  (See LLES's

introduction in Box  21).  LLES was prepared to correct and improve upon the Frenchman's



In Boxes 21-24 are a series of notebooks and papers that detail the extensive research begun by

LLES for the French  history  she intended to title "A Mirror for France."  Here are notebooks

with regional descriptions, biographical sketches of French rulers, and notes on the Roman

occupation, national architecture, military confrontations, and the influences of the Church. 


Most important in this series (Boxes 25-26) are the notebooks and folders that contain LLES's

finished chapters for "A Mirror for France."   Her written work reveals the serious attention given

to an imposing project.  Completed are Chapters 1-XIII of a proposed twenty-chapter volume.  An

outline for "A Mirror for France" and chapter titles are filed preceding Chapter I in Box  25. 


In a sketch written for the [Harvard] Class of 1913's 25th Anniversary Report, TMS included his

wife when he wrote: "Wherever we have been we have worked hard and constantly."  The depth of

the Spelman's commitment to the literary life is clearly found in Series 2.


Series 3: Correspondence      1908-1967      2 record center boxes

                         Arranged chronologically


 Series 3: Correspondence consists largely of letters addressed to LLES, 1908 to 1967.  The letters

are filed chronologically; they are not filed by correspondent.  


Most of the letters are from friends of the Spelmans.  In the letters are acknowledgments for gifts,

appreciations for visits with the Spelmans, descriptions of  travel plans, reports of health, and a

mutual sharing of cultural interests.  The letters reflect the generosity of the Spelmans toward a

wide circle of friends in the United States and Europe.   Business letters related to Leolyn's trust

fund held in Cleveland are included in the folders for 1938.  The Spelmans lived a lifestyle beyond

the means provided for Leolyn in the trusts established by her parents, and their business letters are

filled with advisements  for a turn to moderation.  The smaller amount of TMS correspondence in

the collections is concerned with loans or the delay of payments.


Two sections of the correspondence are particularly interesting.  Folders filed 1908-1919 (Box 27)

contain a series of letters written to LLES from her mother, Josephine Everett (d. 1937).  Mrs.

Everett's letters, written almost entirely during the period when LLES was living in New York

City, are filled with considerate parental concerns.  Because LLES had always expressed animosity

towards her mother, the letters suggest a different view of Josephine Everett.


A second group of letters from the years, 1938-1945, were sent from Spelman friends who

remained in Europe either by choice or circumstances.  Letters written from England, Italy, and

Switzerland are poignant in their descriptions of the deprivations and wartime conditions in



Series 4: Beal Family         1726-1916      2 document boxes

                    Arranged chronologically


Series 4:  Julia Beal Spelman was Timothy Mather Spelman's mother.  In Series 4 are papers

(1733-1916)  related to the Beal Family  dealing with legal matters largely in the state of

Massachusetts.  The legal documents are arranged chronologically 1726-1916, the bulk of which

are from 1800-1850.   Included are land deeds, leases, bills of sale, wills, petitions, bonds, and

court documents.  The earliest document in the collection is a land deed dating from 1726.  The

latest document is dated 1916 and pertains to a settlement involving Julia Beal Spelman.  There is

considerable personal and business correspondence.  Most of the business correspondence is

addressed to John Beal while the personal correspondence consists mainly of letters to and from

Lucy Beal, Silence Beal, and Fanny Cushing.


The earliest documents involve John Beal (the 1st) and his brother Daniel.   Following are papers

of his son, John Beal, (executor for both John and Daniel's estates) and Daniel's son, Stephen;

John Beal and his wife Silence, their children - William, Martha, Lucy, John and James - are

mentioned in the majority of the documents.  Upon the death of William Beal, his household goods

and papers came into the possession of Julia Beal Spelman, William and Amelia Beal's's daughter. 


Series 5:  Photographs        [1888-1970]         5 document boxes, 2 flat boxes

                         Arranged by subject where possible


The last series in the collection is  Series 5: Photographs.  Here are many photographs of Leolyn

and Timothy Spelman both formal portraits and informal candid pictures.  The Spelmans and other

family members have been identified in the photographs, but the series includes other Spelman

friends who remain unknown. 


 The Spelmans' wedding photographs are included as well as later views of the villa in Florence,

their friends, the gardens, and many poses with their dogs.  The earliest photographs are of Leolyn

and other members of the Everett family.  There is also a large selection of photographs taken

during the Spelmans' extented stay in Egypt.  

                          Container List

                             Ms. 392


     Series 1: Personal


Box  1


     LLES autobiography       4 volumes, holographic


Box  2


     Leolyn's notes for Tim's biography

     Scrapbook, Letters to TMS

     Art catalogs   1930s


     Freddy Baldwin's sketch of Lolita [the dog]  1946

     Garden notes, 1938-1941

     News clippings, programs, reviews, notices of performances of TMS     (3 folders)

     Baby book of TMS.   1891

     Book lists.  Personal library of the Spelmans

     Play for Italian radio

     Lecture notices   1947

     Recording, "The Vigil of Venus"   1953: Album and cassette

     Program May 1963.    XXVI Maggio Musicale Fiorentino .  Un Ballo in Maschera

     Newspaper clippings re: Henry A. Everett

     Clippings re: wedding music composed by TMS


     Death certificates


     Everett, Spelman estate papers     1938, 1940

     Spelman estate sale [?]  1972

     Scrapbook.  Sammie Everett    (brother of Henry Everett)    1870

     Address books - 7


Box 3


     Suggested repairs to Villa in France

     List of good sent from Villa Razzolini to Switzerland

     Library books to be sent to Paris

     Guest List

     Specularium 1905, 1907(2)


 Box 4

     Personal diaries of Leolyn LE Spelman

          1914, 1915

          1921, 1922


          1930 Jan.-May

          1930 V. 1 Oct. -   

          1930 V. 2

          1930 V. 3

          1930 V. 4


Box 5

     Personal diaries of LLES

     1930 V. 5



     1950   (2 volumes)



Box 6


     1954, 1955



Box 7

     Diaries of TMS







          and a kitchen diary, menus 1952


Box  8

     Kitchen diaries:   

               Menus     1949

               Menus     1954

               Menus 1955

               Menus     1956

               Menus     1957

               Menus     1958

               Menus     1959

               Menus     1962 (2 volumes)

               Menus     1966




Box  9         Menus     1968

               Menus 1969

               Menus 1971


               Recipes 1946

               Cantina Book 1948

               Recipes 1962       


          Accounts with Burpee Seed Company

          Garden Library

          Mediterranean Flora


          Garden diary:   1935


Box 10

          Garden diaries:  1924   










          Series 2: Writings


Box 11    Leolyn L.E. Spelman


Novels, Published:

               Folder: Contents of Published volumes

          The Agnostics (2 folders - holographic)

          The Agnostics (3 folders - typescript)

          The Agnostics (binder - by Noel Alyn Dimet)

          Manuscript copy of Three Priests (1969) is filed in Box 2.7

               With the John Kent items.


Novels, Unpublished, Titled:

          "Albrego la Pace":  Chapters 6-11

               (Holographic)  Chapters 12-15

                         Chapters 16-18


          "Eye of the W.":    Chapters 1-9

               (Holographic)  Chapter 10 - end

               Binder, Chapters 1-19 (dated June 30, 1933)


          "One to Make Ready" Pages 1-288


Novels, Unpublished, Untitled:

          [Howells in Paris]: Pages 1-100

               (Holographic)  Pages 101-200

                         Pages 201-300

                         Pages 301-438


          [a mystery?, Rosalie, Emory]       Pages 16-254

               In typescript, Chapter 1 missing 

Box 12         Leolyn L. E. Spelman


Novels, Unpublished, Untitled:

          [Thorne Family]:         Outline, Genealogy

          (Holographic, Incomplete)          BK I   The Donovan Fortune

                              BK II The Thorne Fortune

                              Binder - "Mary Donovan"


                              Pages 1-72

                              Pages 2-24

                              Chapters 6,7

                              Chapter 8

                              Chapters 10-16


Stories, Unpublished, Titled           

          "Across the Steppes"

          "Arno. A Little Story of a Venetian"

          "The Awakening of the Princess"

          "A Catastrophe as Poetic Justice"

          "The Castaway"

          "A Christmas Story"

          "A Comedy of Manners as Related by My Lady's Maid"

          "The Fisherwoman"


          "The Glass Room"

          "Her Pilgrimage"

          "The Land of Heart's Desire"

          "The Little Red Man"

          "Murder in Paradise"

          "The Mashers"


          "The String of Pearls"

          "Sylla and Charibidis"

          "Venetian Allegory"

Box 12 (Cont.)      Leolyn L. E. Spelman


Stories, Unpublished, Untitled      (Some are incomplete; titles assigned by character or place)


          Amy Hodgins         (2 folders)


          Eleanor, Maurice Henrietta

          Gabor, Church



          Jane, Countess Falconett

          Mary, Emilio, Italy

          Miss La Marche

          Miss Nelsonia       (3 folders)

          Miss Wrenn

          Monsignor Neri, Giulia

          Nicola, Dan

          Notorious Lady, Hotel


          Tim's Birthday Story          (dated Jan. 20, 21 1946)

          Watchett Family


          3 folders   -  Fragments, Pages not identified


Box 13


Plays, Titled, Published

          Queen Zenobia (1908)     2 copies

Box 13 (Cont.)      Leolyn L.E. Spelman

Plays, Titled, Unpublished


          "Le Feu Sur la Terre ou Le Pays sans Chemin" Francois Mauriac

          "Glamor Girl: A Surrealist Entertainment"

                    2nd copy

          "Lizzie Hexam" 5 copies, 1 in French

          "La Manifica, A Tragedy in One Act"

          "The Marie Magnate

          "The Queen's Gambit" (holographic)

          "The Queen's Gambit, A Comedy in Three Acts" (typescript)

          "The Queen's Gambit, A Comedy in Three Acts" (binder)

          The Sea-Rovers: An Opera in Three Acts (binder)

          The Sea-Rovers: An Opera in Three Acts (typescript)

          "Semiramis, A Tragedy" (typescript)

          "Semiramis, A Tragedy" (binder)

          "The Social Position of Mr. Blank" (holographic)

          "The Social Position of Mr. Blank, A Satiric Consideration" (holographic)

          The Social Position of Mr. Blank (typescript)


          "The Sweepstake Ticket"

          "The Sweepstake Ticket"  (Author on typescript copy is Jane Doe. Letter enclosed    

                    with typescript indicates a collaborative effort of LLES and TMS )



Plays, Unpublished, Untitled



          Isabel, Bianca, Julia


Box 14         Leolyn L. E. Spelman         


 Poetry, Published:


          Sleep-Book   (1910)

          The Closed Book (1910)

          The Hills of Arcetri   (1921)  3 copies

          Fauns at Prayer (1922)

          Byways to Crossroads (1926)

          Thistledown   (1927)  3 copies   

          Byways to Crossroads (1926)


          Holy Bible

          The Measure: A Journal of Poetry April 1923



Poetry, Manuscript, Published


     "Byways to Crossroads"        4 folders  -   Typescript and holographic

     "Fauns at Prayer"        5 folders  -   Typescript and carbons

     "Hills of Arcetri"       1 folder  -        Translation in French

     "Thistledown"       1 folder  -    Carbon typescript


Poetry, Manuscript, Unpublished, Titled

          Here are poems grouped together and assigned  a title by LLES.

          Most of these writings were not published.  One known exception is

                        "Farm Poems," some of which were included in Epilogue (1969)

          Writings are in typescript and others are holographic.


     "A Communist Valentine" 

     "Elf-Song, A Little Volume of Fairy Voice"


     "Farm Poems"

     "Italian Cities"

     "Nature and Life"

     "I Placeri Dela Prospettiva"; The Pleasures of Perspective or The Sentimental Dragon"

          (Typescript copies in Italian, English)

     "Poems of Emotion for Numbered Part"

     "Portraits in Profile"

     "Sea Moods"



     "The Woman who went Mad and other Poems"


 Box 15              Leolyn L. E. Spelman

     Titled Poems -      4 folders

          Here are other of LLES's titled poems; some poems may be duplicate copies, part of  

          collections, published and unpublished.  


     Untitled Poems -    6 folders

          Here are poems both in typescript and holographic, one folder is in French.

          The poems are not titled, many in free verse.  Some writings here were

          published in Epilogue


     14 volumes of bound manuscript poems, letterbooks, essays, epigrams:

          1907-1916 .    Written from Willoughby, Ohio.  Poems sent for publication/ those    

               Published are noted


     Bound volume of translations from German


     Scrapbook - Poems published in Life, Century, theatre Magazine, Art and        

          Archaeology  1912 - ; Reviews of Hills of Arcetri and Fauns at Prayer

Box 16


     Notebook, Manuscript Poetry

     Bound volume of poems 1918-1923 mostly written in Italy and forming Hills of Arcetri

     Bound volume of poems 1925-1940 written in Italy and other European locations  


     Notebook: "The Farm"

     Notebook 1916-1918; Poems written in New York

     Notebook 1929; poems in French for Timothy Mather Spelman  

     Notebook 1929-1945; Poems written in Europe and the United States

     Notebook 1932-1953

     Notebook 1934-1936

     Notebook 1937

     Notebook 1950s

     Notebook, Poems in typescript


     Volume, Poems written for Timothy Mather Spelman


     Notebook 1907 -     Some poems and other writings here are

                    from LLES's childhood.


Box 16 (Cont.)      Timothy Mather Spelman


     Stories, Unpublished:


          Such Stuff As Dreams


          Fragments found with "Manhattan"


     Plays, Operas:

          Babakan (4 - typescript)

          Untitled Opera - New Orleans


          "The Two-Pointed Triangle"

          Fragments in Spring Binder


          Snowdrop A Pantomime Ballet


               John Kent


Stories, Published:

          Collected stories in Episode in Luxor (1929):         

               "Galley Sheets"

               "The Face"

               "Morpheus and Company"

               "Juggernaut"    3 copies (1 holographic, 2 typescript)

               "Homage to Hygeia"  (2 folders)

               "The Unicorn Inn"   (2 folders)

               "Albergo Della Pace"     (3 folders)

Box 17         John Kent     



Stories , Unpublished, Titled:

          Collection of stories submitted for publication under the

          title: "Studies from a Life Class."  The complete manuscript is

          here along with single stories that were to complete the volume.


          "Studies from a Life Class"   in typescript

               (3 copies)


     Stories that form "Studies from a Life Class":


               "Auntie Ruby"





               "The Hermit"

               "Ian McTavish, Esquire"


               "Madame Caba as"

               "Miss Aberthney-Nesbit"

               "Miss Hanson"


               "Miss Laura Wickstead"


               "Miss Parsons"

               "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"

               "Mrs. John Barnes Whitney"



               "Oscar North"


               "Richard Young"


Box 17  (Cont.)          John Kent


Stories, Unpublished, Titled:


               "Agnostics"    See also Box 2.1

               "Another Circe"


               "Harley's boomerang"

               "The Infatuation"


               "Mrs. Dabney"  (2 folders)


               "Study in Alchemy"


     Untitled: [Woman in Venice]


Novels, Published:  Three Priests was published in 1969.  The author is given as

               Leolyn L. Everett.  The author for the manuscript copies is

               given as John Kent.


               Three Priests: Part I, The Peasant

               Three Priests: Part II, The Nobleman (binder)

               Three Priests: Part III, The Saint


Novels, Unpublished:          "Brief Pageant"     1 typescript copy


Box 18        


Novels, Unpublished:

               "Brief Pageant"     2 copies:   bound - 1 typescript, 1 holographic


               "Emmeline"          (3 folders)

               Heritage (notes)

               Heritage: A Novel in Three Books - Book Two      

               Heritage: A Novel in Three Books - Book 3, Part 1

               Heritage: A Novel in Three Books - 1

          Heritage: A Novel in Three Books - 2

          Heritage: A Novel in Three Books - 5   

          Heritage: A Novel in Three Books (typescript

          "Hugh McAllister"   (2 folders)

          "The Infatuation" (holographic)

          "The Infatuation" (binder)


Box 19         John Kent


     Novels, Unpublished


          Mary Nelson, Chapters 1-13

          Mary Nelson, Chapters 14 -

          Mary Nelson (typescript) - 2 copies

          Mary Nelson: Visionary (binder)

          Mary Nelson (fragments)

          "The Martial Years" (notes)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (holographic)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (binder)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (2 - typescript)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (holographic)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (typescript)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (3 - holographic)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (binder)

          "The Martial Years" (notes)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (holographic)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (binder)

          "The Martial Years: Initiation" (2 - typescript)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (holographic)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (typescript)

          "The Martial Years: Patriotism" (3 - holographic)


Box 20   

          "The Martial Years:      V. 2   Patriotism   (Bound)

          "The Martial Years: V. 3 Reward    (Bound)



Box 21

              French History: "A Mirror for France"



          "Mirror for France"

                    General outline with chapter titles


          20 notebooks labeled A through Z

                    Here are notebooks containing titles of books

                     wanted in French listed by author's name.


          3 notebooks:   Books wanted, French, English


          4 notebooks:   "Notes on French History I, II, III, IV


          3 notebooks:   [E.H.R 1886-1917]  

                    Appears to be references read by LLES in French 1944-1948  


          7 notebooks:   Genealogies, Bibliographies, Footnotes 


          2 notebooks:   Historical book list, Miscellaneous notes on books


          2 notebooks:   Calendar 1944; Calendar 1944-1945

                    Here are books read by LLES for reference in French history.


          2 notebooks:   Preface and Appendices;  Lists of French texts


          2 notebooks:   British history; Greek history


          2 notebooks:   Index to boxes of books; Egyptian history


          Ledger:   Dictionary of architectural terms [French cathedrals]


          Folder:   Early chapter, Holographic (Roman Gaul, Julian)

          Folder:   Bibliographic notes

          Folder:   Notes, Fragments


Box 22

              French History: "A Mirror for France"



          9th century

          10th century


          5 notebooks:    Before 1000: Misc. Notes         

          2 Notebooks:   Early History: Merovigians-Charlemagne 

          The Year 1000

          10 notebooks:  The Year 1000 

          4 notebooks:   The Last Carolingians          980-887 

          7 notebooks:   Misc. Notes    1000-1600


          1 notebook:    Charles II (the Bald)         843-877

          2 notebooks:   Eudes (non Carolingian)  887-898

          4 notebooks:   Louis IV            936-954

          4 notebooks:   Robert II (The Pious)         996-1031

          2 notebooks:   Henri I             1031-1060

          2 notebooks:   Louis VI            1108-1137

          1 notebook:    Louis VII           1137-1180

          4 notebooks:   Philippe II              1180-1223

          1 notebooks:   Louis VIII               1223-1226

          4 notebooks:   Louis IX            1226-1270

          1 notebook:    Philippe III             1270-1285


Box 23

          3 notebooks:   Soci t  de l'Histoire de France

          1 notebook:    Col de Tenda

          1 notebook:    Great Battles of the Hundred Years War

          2 notebooks:   Notes on [Jules] Michelet    

          2 notebooks:   Misc. Notes



          Commentaries on the Papacy


               French History: A Mirror for France


Box 23 (Cont.)


          2 notebooks:   Chinese History and Philosophy

          3 notebooks:   Crusades

          2 notebooks:   Knights and their Kingdoms

          8 notebooks:   History, 4th-12th c.



          1 notebook:    Anjou

          1 notebook:    Blois

          2 notebooks:   Britanny

          1 notebook:    Burgundy

          1 notebook:    Flanders

          1 notebook:    Flodoard

          2 notebooks:   Normandy


Box 24


          6 notebooks:   Provence

          7 notebooks:   Chapter [1,2,11,12,13] notes


          5 Notebooks:   Chapters 1-XIII

               Here are LLES's holographic chapters for her proposed history of French.

               The history begins with Roman Gaul and continues through the reign of     

               Louis d'Outre Mer in the 10th  century.


          6 notebooks:   Chapters IV, VII, XI, XII, XVI, XVIII

               Aside from LLES's assigned chapter titles, the notebooks are largely empty.


Box 25

                    Outline of chapter titles

          Folders:  Chapters 1 - 12     Typescript


Box 26        

          Folders   Chapters 13 - 19    Typescript


     Series 3:    Correspondence


Box 27

     Newspaper clippings 1890s -   Henry A. Everett

     1890s     -   Childrens' drawings, letters


     Letters of Josephine Everett (mother) to Leolyn:

          Not dated      3 folders



          1910      2 folders


          1912      2 folders


          1914      2 folders



          1918      2 folders


     Letters  to Leolyn and Timothy Spelman:







          1931      2 folders

          1932      2 folders






          1937      2 folders

          1938      3 folders

          1939      2 folders


Box 28


          1941      3 folders

          1942      4 folders














          Not dated 7 folders


     Series 4: Beal Family Papers


Box 29              Genealogy

     January 25, 1726    Land Deed - David, Matthew, Isaac Lincoln to John Beal

     March 16, 1727 Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal, Jr.

     Dec. 23, 1727       Lease - Matthew Lincoln to John Beal

     August 13, 1729     Land Deed - Elizabeth Canterbury to Daniel Beal

     June 1, 1733        Land Deed - Stephen Beal to John Beal

     April 1, 1735       Bond - James Stutson to John Beal

     August 12, 1735     Obligation - Jonathan Baldwin to Daniel Beal

     January 15, 1737    Obligation - Stephen Beal to Daniel Beal

     February 13, 1737   Obligation - John Beal to Jeremiah Mansfield

     March 22, 1739 Obligation - John Beal to Samuel Joy

     June 1, 1741        Land Deed - Benjamin Dunbar to Daniel Beal

     Dec. 9, 1741        Land Deed - Ebenezer Beal to Daniel Beal

     Dec. 6, 1742        Conveyance - Moses Cushing to John Beal

     May 1, 1745         Bond - Elisha Loavitt to Daniel Beal

     March 9, 1746  Copy of records taken at a town legal meeting

     July 1, 1746        Lease - Stephen Beal to Daniel Beal

     May 16, 1747        Quit Claim - Hezekiah Tower to John Beal

     October 21, 1751    Land Claim - Stephen Cushing to John Cushing


Box 29 (Cont.)


     March 24, 1752 Group Lease to Ebenezer Beal, Daniel Beal and others

     December 14, 1752   Land Deed - Thomas Andrews to Daniel Beal        


     May 1, 1775         Land Deed - Stephen Cushing to Daniel Beal

     June 6, 1758        Land Deed - John Beal to Thomas Andrews

     September 18, 1758  Land Deed - Daniel Beal to John Beal

     April 2, 1760       Last Will and Testament of Daniel Beal

     April 25, 1760      Daniel Beal's Last Will and Testament

     January 5, 1761     Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal

     April 18, 1761 Lease - Committee of Hull Proprietors to Jeremiah Stoddard

     June 16, 1763       Land Deed - Stephen Beal to John Beal

     November 25, 1763   Letter of Administration naming John Beal as Executor of Daniel

                         Beal's Will

     December 5, 1763    Inventory of the Estate of Daniel Beal

     December 14, 1764   Quit Claim - Elizabeth Beal to John Beal

     August 2, 1771 Priscilla Mann

     June 21, 1774       Land Deed - Elisha Lane to John Beal

     June 2, 1776        Letter to Mrs. Rhoda Beal from Priscilla Mann

     March 26, 1779 Land Deed - Elisha Lane to John Beal

     May 12, 1780        Copy of Widow's Third (widow of Ebenezer Beal)

     January 3, 1782     Inventory of the Estate of John Beal

     February 6, 1782    Quit Claim - Jacob Beal to John Beal

     1783-1796      John Beal's Account Book

     July 21, 1786       Lucy Beal (birth announcement ?)

     March 22, 1790 Last Will and Testament of Jeremiah Stodder

     September 14, 1790  John Cushing Appointed Guardian of Ebenezer Hudson

     December 28, 1791   Land Deed - Hannah Beal to John Beal

     April 25, 1793 Land Deed - James Stodder to John Beal

     May 29, 1794        Document Listing Subscribers for Building of a School House

     December 9, 1794    Letter of Administration - John Cushing Appointed Administrator of

     September 7, 1798   Division of land between John Beal and Levi and Pheophilius Burr

     September 7, 1798   Division of land between John Beal and Levi and Theophilus Burr

     March 30, 1779 Quit Claim - Samuel Gill to John Beal

     May 6, 1801         Copy of the Last Will and Testament of John Beal (cabinet maker)

     February 11, 1803   Letter to Silence B. Cushing from C. (Chrissy) Cushing

     March 27, 1803 Letter to John Beal from T. Blake

     August 14, 1803     Letter to Grandmama from C. (Chrissy) F. Cushing

     August 24, 1803     Letter to Mrs. Silence Cushing from C. (Chrissy) Cushing

     January 8, 1804     Letter to Silence Cuahing frcom Fanny Lincoln Cushing

     December 19, 1804   Court Document appointing John Beal guardian of the Stoddard


     October 1805        Letter from D. Parker with information about Joseph Richardson

Box 29 (Cont.)

     November 6, 1805    Letter from Samuel H. James with information about Joseph


     June 13, 1806       Letter to Fanny Cushing Lucy Beal

     December 28, 1809   Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal, Jr.

     December 28, 1809   Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal, Jr.

     December 2, 1812    Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal, Jr.

     December 2, 1812    Land Deed - John Beal to John Beal, Jr.

     December 7, 1814    Land Deed - Daniel Beal to John Beal

     December 7, 1814    Land Deed - Daniel Beal to John Beal


Box 30

     April 5, 1815       Account of John Beal as Executor of Last Will and Testament of

                      John Beal (Cabinet Maker)

     Sept. 1815-Dec. 1819     Account Book - Isaac Lambert in account with John Beal

     November 25, 1815   Land Deed - Joseph Bates to Joseph Nichols

     December 14, 1815   Land Deed - Joseph Nichols to John Beal

     January 1817        Deed of division - Enoch Stodder to Priscilla, Josiah, Rebekah,

                      Cornelius and Catherine Stodder

     January 22, 1817    Deed of Division - Enoch Stodder and others

     January 22, 1817    Deed of Division - Enoch Stodder and others

     January 22, 1817    Land Deed - Josiah Crowell to Priscilla Stodder

     January 22, 1817    Land Deed - Priscilla Stodder to John Beal

     June 20, 1818       Land Deed - Gaben James and others to John Beal

     September 3, 1818   Letter from Commissioners of Sewers - appointing John Beal as

                      Superintendant of work

     August 22, 1822     Land Deed - Galen and Betsey James to John Beal

     November 24, 1822   Letter to Silence B. Beal from her sister (?)

     June 24, 1823       Land Deed - Josiah and Rebeckah Crowell to John Beal

     November 17, 1823   Land Deed - William Gordon to John Beal

     March 22, 1824 Land Deed - John Nichols to Joseph Nichols

     January 4, 1830     Land Deed - John Nichols to John Beal

     September 1, 1832   Collection Book for the Congregational Society in Hingham - John

                      Beal, Collector

     August 7, 1833 Letter to Lucy Beale from C.

     March 10, 1837 Letter to Mrs. Silence Beal from Lucy Beal

     May 8, 1838         Letter to the Minister - unsigned

     February 19, 1839   Letter to Massachusetts Senate and House of Representatives from

                      John Beal and others

     April 21, 1842 Power of Attorney - John Beal for Cushing Nichols

     May 3, 1848         Land Deed - John Cushing to John Beal


Box 30 (Cont.)


     April 26, 1855 Quit Claim - Peter Cushing and others to John Beal

     October 12, 1863    Letter of Administration - Lucy Beal appt. Administrator of John

                      Beal's estate

     October 23, 1865    Bill of Sale - Personal Property, Lucy Beale to Martha Beale

     October 1865        Copy of Quit Claim of Lucy Beal and children

     August 1, 1867 Receipt - James Beal

     February 13, 1878   Warranty Deed - John C. Beale to William P. Beale

     September 21, 1878  Land Deed - to Lucy Beal from Beal Family

     April 30, 1879 Lease - Heirs of John Beal to John Beale (son of James Beale)

     January 31, 1880    Last Will and Testament of James Beal

     May 29, 1880        Letter to John Beal from Ebenezer Gay

     June 10, 1880       Petition for Partition of Real Estate - late John Beal

     August 27, 1880     Land Deed - John Beale to The Old Colony Railroad Company

     1880           Listing of the Real Estate of heirs of John Beale

     January 12, 1889    Land Deed - John Beale to William Beale

     September 2, 1892   John Beal - Executor to remainder of Martha Beale's Estate

     September 2, 1892   Lucy Beale, Executor of Estate of Martha Beale

     September 12, 1892  Executor's Notice - Lucyt Beal executrix of Martha Beal's Will

     August 2, 1893 John C. Beale and William P. Beale - Executors of Lucy Beale's


     November 18, 1902   Lease - William P. Beale to Lott Mansfield

     November 18, 1902   Lease - William P. Beale and John C. Beale to Lott Mansfield

     November 20, 1902   Last Will and Testament of William P. Beale

     Spetmeber 27, 1905  Quit Claim - Fanny Beale Wood, Elen C. Beale and Nellie B.

                      Davidson to Julia Beale Spelman

     September 27, 1905  Quit Claim - Fanny Beale Wood, Ellen C. Beale and Nellie B.

                      Davidson to Julia Beale Spelman

     April 5, 1913       Quit Claim - Lott Mansfield to Julia Beale Spelman and others

     September 30, 1913  Real Estate Agreement between Julia Beale Spelman and Agnes A.


     February 17, 1916   Settlement of Damages - Julia Beale Spelman to Lott Mansfield

     No Date        Fragment of Death Notice, poetry

     No Date        Letter from Sam Norton, Chairman of Agricultural Committee

     No Date        Notes on the division of Cushing Property

     No Date        Letter to John Beal from P. Lincoln

     No Date        Petition to Second Parrish asking for land to be let to sundry

                      inhabitants of Rocky Nook

Box 30 (Cont.)


     No Date        An invitation to tea from Cushing to Silence Cushing

                    Misc. receipts from the Beal Family

                    Misc. receipts from the Beal Family

                    Map of land plots

                    Map of Stephen Cushing's land at Great Swamp

                    Map of Turkey Hill

                    Map of Rockynook - owned by heirs of Ebenezer Beal

     No Date        Map of centre line at Old Colony Railroad - intersection with Hull



     Series 5: Photographs


Box 31


     Leolyn LE Spelman:  Childhood photographs

                    Childhood photographs

                    [Ages 10-20]

                    With childhood friends, father

                    Bridal portraits

                    1890s with family (2 folders)


                    Leolyn and Timothy in the garden

                    Small photos with friends, dogs


     Timothy Spelman :   portraits; candid photos with friends, dogs



     Dorothy Burnham Everett

     Henry Everett

     Family/Friends (3 folders)


Box 32

     Framed photographs:   LLES and TMS



     Villa in Florence   (3 folders)


     Travel (including Egypt)


     Commercial photos

     Five Chimneys (2)



     Bas relief/stained glass

     Unidentified [friends]        (2 folders)


Box 33


     Class picture 1907

     Formal wedding portraits, 1915     (6)

     Hillside in Florence


Box 34




Box 35


     Leolyn's family album, c. 1899


Box 36


     Photo album, European trip, 1921


Box 37


     Photo album, Villa Spelman and European trip, 1920


Music (published) transferred to Peabody Institute Archives


Music and poetry of  Timothy Mather Spelman and Leolyn Louise Everett Spelman:


The Curse      1925

Design              1924

Her Litany of Waiting    1927

La Magnifica.  A tragedy in one act.        

Satyr's Song        1925

Sea Witch      1925

Serenade       1925

Song of the Faun.   1916          

The Surf       1924

Symbols of Winter   1924


Music of Timothy Mather Spelman:


Barbaresques                       TMS            1922


Before the Sacrament

     Poem by Reginald Heber        TMS            1938


Christ and the Blind Man           TMS            1921

     2 copies


Five Whimsical Serenades.               TMS            1923


Despairing Lover                   TMS            1927

     Poem by William Walsh


God Lyaeus                         TMS            1927

     Poem by John Fletcher



     Parts for various instruments      TMS            1946


Panamania.     Hasty-Pudding production.                    1913


Pervigilium Veneris .  The Vigil of Venus    TMS            1930

          and text copy of poem by J. A. Fort


Po‚m "Le Pavillon sur l'Eau"       TMS            1925


Quartetto in re Maggiore per Maggiore   TMS            1953


Rondo                              TMS            1929


Saints' Days Giorni Santi               TMS            [1929]


She Sat and Sang.                  TMS            1912

     Poetry of Christina Rossetti


Sonata in D Minor for the Piano.        TMS            1931


Wedding March.

     Published in Cleveland Town Topics.     TMS            1915


Whimsical Serenades                TMS            1923

Subject Headings:


600 30  Beal family. xArchives.                                              

600 30  Spelman family. xArchives.                                           

600 10  Everett, Henry A., d1856-1917.                                       

600 10  Everett, Leolyn Louise xArchives.                                    

600 10  Kent, John xArchives                                                 

600 10  Spelman, Josephine Pettengill, d1866-1937.                           

600 10  Spelman, Timothy Mather, d1891-1970 xArchives.                       

610 20  Villa Spelman (Florence, Italy) xHistory xSources                   

650  0  American diaries xWomen authors.                                     

650  0  Americans zItaly zFlorence xHistory xSources.                         

650  0  Composers zUnited States xArchives.                                  

650  0  Mothers and daughters xUnited States xHistory xSources.

650  0  Women authors, American y20th century xArchives.                     

650  0  Women poets, American y20th century xArchives                        

651  0  Florence (Italy) xIntellectual life y20th century xSources.          

655  7  Autobiographies 2rbgenr                                              

655  7  Bibliographies 2rbgenr                                              

655  7  Clippings 2gmgpc                                                     

655  7  Notebooks 2rbgenr                                                    

655  7  Letters 2rbgenr                                                     

655  7  Legal petitions 2rbgenr                                              

655  7  Photographs 2gmgpc                                                   

655  7  Plays 2rbgenr                                                         

655  7  Poems 2rbgenr                                                        

656  7  Composers zUnited States. 2lcsh                                      

656  7  Women authors, American. 2lcsh                                        

656  7  Women poets, American. 2lcsh                                         

700 12  Everett, Leolyn Louise. tAgnostics, f1969.                          

700 12  Everett, Leolyn Louise. tEpilogue, f1969.                            

700 12  Everett, Leolyn Louise. tThree priests, f1969.                       

700 1   Spelman, Leolyn Louise Everett.




Algeria                            2

Andrews, Thomas                         29

Art and Archaeology                     7

Baldwin, Freddy                         11

Baldwin, Jonathan                       28

Bates, Joseph                           30

Beal, Amelia                            10

Beal, Daniel                            10, 28, 29, 30

Beal, Ebenezer                     28, 29, 32

Beal, Elizabeth                         29

Beal, Hannah                            29

Beal, Jacob                             29

Beal, James                             10, 31

Beal, John                              10, 28, 29, 30, 31

Beal, John Jr.                          10, 28, 29, 30

Beal, Lucy                              10, 29, 30, 31

Beal, Martha                            10

Beal, Mrs. Rhoda                        29

Beal, Silence                           10, 30

Beal, Stephen                           10, 28, 29

Beal, William                           10

Beale, Elen C.                     31

Beale, James                            31

Beale, John C.                     31

Beale, Lucy                             30, 31

Beale, Martha                           31

Beale, William P.                       31

Blake, T.                          29

The Bodleian                            7

Brooklyn, New York                      2

Burpee Seed Company                13

Burr, Levi and Pheophilius                   29

Burr, Levi and Theophilus                    29       

Canterbury, Elizabeth                        28            

Century                            7

Charles S. Singleton Center for Italian Studies   3

Clark, Dr. L. Pierce                         1

Cleveland, Ohio                         1, 9

Communal Orchestra and Theatre               3

Conservatory in Munich                  2

Courvosier, Walter                      2

Crowell, Josiah                         30

Crowell, Rebeckah                       30

Cushing, Chrissy                        29, 30

Cushing, Fanny                     10, 29, 30

Cushing, John                           28, 29, 30

Cushing, Moses                     28

Cushing, Peter                     31

Cushing, Silence B.                     29, 32

Cushing, Stephen                        28, 29, 32

Davidson, Nellie B.                     31

Dublin, New Hampshire                   3, 4

Dunbar, Benjamin                        28

Egypt                                   2, 6, 10, 33

Elkan Naumburg Fellowship in Music      2

Everett, Dorothy                        1, 32

Everett, Henry A.                       1, 11, 27, 32

Everett, Josephine (Pettengill)              1, 3, 9, 27

Everett, Sammie                         11

Five Chimney's                     3, 4

Florence, Italy                         1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 33

Freud                                   1, 4

Gay, Ebenezer                      31

Gill, Samuel                            29

Gordon, William                         30

Harrison, New York                      3

Harvard University                      2, 3, 9

Hathaway Brown School                   1

Hill, E.B.                              2

Hingham and Cohassey, Massachusetts          5, 10, 30

Hudson, Ebenezer                        29

Impressionism                           3

Italy                                   2, 3, 8, 19

James, Betsey                           30

James, Gaben                            30

James, Samuel H.                        30

The Johns Hopkins University            1, 3

Joy, Samuel                             28

Kent, John                              1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 14, 20, 21, 22, 23

Lambert, Isaac                     30

Lane, Elisha                            29

Life magazine                           2, 7

Lincoln, David                     28

Lincoln, Isaac                          28

Lincoln, Matthew                        28

Lincoln, P.                             31

Loavitt, Elisha                         28

McGrath, Agnes A.                       31

Mann, Priscilla                         29

Mansfield, Jeremiah                     28

Mansfield, Lott                         31

Mather, Cotton                     2

Mer, Louis d'Outre                      26

Merrill, Billy                          2

Michelet, Jules                         8

Mt. Vernon Seminary                     2

New York City                      2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 19

Nichols, Cushing                        30

Nichols, John                           30

Nichols, Joseph                         30

Norton, Sam                             31

Oberhofen, Switzerland                  3

The Old Colony Railroad Company              31, 32

Parker, D.                              29

Peabody Institute Library                    3

Piozzi, Hester Lynch                         2

Polytechnic Institute                        2

Punch and Judy Theater                  2

Richardson, Joseph                      29, 30

Romanticism                             3

Singleton, Charles S.                        1, 3

Spalding, W.R.                     2

Spelman, Julia Beal                     2, 10, 31

Spelman, Leolyn Everett                 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14,

                                   15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 22, 24, 26, 27, 32, 33

Spelman, Timothy Mather                 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 19, 20,

                                   27, 32, 33

Spelman, William Augustus                    2

Stodder, Catherine                      30

Stodder, Cornelius                      30

Stodder, Enoch                     30

Stoddard, Jeremiah                      29

Stodder, Josiah                         30

Stodder, Priscilla                      30

Stodder, Rebekah                        30

Stutson, James                     28, 29

Theatre Magazine                        7

Tower, Hezekiah                         28

Villa Pamela                            2

Villa Razzolini                         2, 3, 6, 12

Villa Spelman                           1, 3

War Department                     2

Washington, D.C.                        2

Willoughby, Ohio                        19

World War I                             2,6

Wood, Fanny Beale                       31

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