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Home > Collections > Rare Books and Manuscripts > Manuscripts > Manuscripts Registers > MS.056

Special Collections
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
The Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218

White (Edward Lucas) 1866-1934
Papers (1885-1934)
Ms. 56

Size:               65 document boxes
                    (27.1 linear feet)                       

Processed:          May 1987
By:                 Cynthia H. Requardt

Provenance:         The papers came to the Milton S. Eisenhower
                    Library after being deposited at the Peabody

Access:             Access to the papers is unrestricted.

Literary Rights:    The literary rights were donated to the      
                    Woodstock Theological Center in Washington,
                    D.C. Permission to publish material from this
                    collection must be requested in writing from
                    the Woodstock Theological Center and from the
                    Manuscripts Librarian, Milton S.
                    Eisenhower Library, The Johns Hopkins
                    University, Baltimore, Maryland 2l2l8

Citation Form:      Edward Lucas White Papers Ms. 56
                    Special Collections
                    Milton S. Eisenhower Library
                    The Johns Hopkins University                 


                   White (Edward Lucas) Papers

                             Ms. 56


     The papers in this collection are those considered by Edward
Lucas White to be his literary papers.  He named Louis H. Dielman
his literary executor, and in a letter to Dielman dated March 27,
l934 stated that his sister Ethel White was to turn over to
Dielman "any and all of my manuscripts, letters, books and other
papers not manifestly unliterary."  A copy of this letter is in
Box 25 of the collection.  The letter also gives a detailed
description of White's literary papers.

     Dielman was at the time the Librarian of the Peabody Library
which White believed was a suitable location for his literary
output. It is not clear when the papers were given to the Milton
S. Eisenhower Library. 

     There is an allied collection of White's papers at the
Maryland Historical Society in the Edward Lucas White Manuscripts
Ms. 892. Some of the papers of White's parents Thomas H.and Kate
L. White and of his sister Ethel White are housed at the Maryland
Historical Society in the Lucas-White Papers Ms.2277.  

Literary Rights

     The literary rights to Edward Lucas White's unpublished
papers were retained by White's sister Ethel White (l868-l955).
In her will (l949) Miss White left any royalties owed to her from
the publication of Edward Lucas White's manuscripts to the
Woodstock Theological Center in Washington, D.C.  A copy of Miss
White's will is in the Woodstock College Archives located at
Georgetown University.

Biographical Sketch

     Edward Lucas White (l866-l934) was a classics teacher and
author of historical romances, short stories and poetry.  He was
the son of Thomas Hurley White (l838-l902) and Kate Butler
[Lucas] White.

     White's early years were spent in Brooklyn and Ovid, New
York.  In l877 the White family took up permanent residence in
Baltimore. Edward attended several schools finishing his
secondary education at the University School for Boys (the
Marston School) from l882-84.  White then attended the Johns
Hopkins University.  He received his B.A. in l888 after taking
one year off for travel to recover his health.

     Edward Lucas White considered poetry his vocation, but
realizing he could not support himself by poetry alone, he began 
studying for his doctorate in Romance Languages at Hopkins.  He
concentrated on Greek and Latin as a basis for later studies in
romance languages.  Again poor health, combined with financial
problems, forced White to leave Hopkins before completing his
doctorate.  White then began his life-long career of teaching
classics in Baltimore secondary schools.  He taught at the
Friends School (l892-95), the Boys Latin School (l899-l9l5), his
alma mater the University School for Boys (l896-99, l9l6-30), and
McDonogh School (l933-34).

     While teaching paid the bills, White's first love was
writing. He believed his poetry was his best writing but that to
write good poetry one must not be distracted by day to day cares
as he was.  He instead "turned more and more to prose, which can
be turned out in any mood in any brief interval of leisure."
("Edward Lucas White as Viewed by Himself," l9l9, p. 6, Box 65).
White worked hard on his prose style, and in l903 wrote the first
story he considered "not bad enough to burn."  He wrote stories,
many of which were published, for the next seven years and in
l909 began what became his first romance El Supremo (l9l6). His
other major works were The Unwilling Vestal (l9l8), The Song of
the Sirens and Other Stories  (l9l9), Andivius Hedulio (l92l),
Helen (l925), Lukundoo and Other Stories (l927), Why Rome Fell
(l927), and Matrimony (l932).  His one vlume of poetry Narrative
Lyrics was published in l908.

     In an autobiographical sketch White stated that "[t]he chief
event in my life has been a singularly happy marriage."  He
married Agnes Gerry in l900, and his book Matrimony was inspired
by their marriage.  Agnes died in l927.  White lived seven more
years but after an unsuccessful attempt to begin a new teaching
position at McDonogh School and with increasing financial
difficulties, White committed suicide on March 30, l934.

     A biography of Edward Lucas White was written by George T.
Wetzel and serialized in three parts in Fantasy Commentator
beginning in l980.  Copies of the first two parts are in the
biographical file in Box 65.  White wrote two autobiographical
sketches (l9l9, l925) for publication and these along with "How
One Historical Novelist Collects His Material" (l925) are in Box
65.  Some biographical material is also available in Matrimony.

Scope and Content Note

     The papers span the period l885-l934 and fall into four
major series: Correspondence, Writings, Printed Material, and
            Correspondence Series Boxes l-30  l90l-34 

     The correspondence (l90l-34) is both orginal incoming
letters as well as carbon copies of White's replies.  White
divided the correspondence into seven categories, and these have
been retained.  The categories are: Family, Personal, School,
Business, Literary, Agents, and Publishers.  Within each category
White filed the incoming letters alphabetically, beginning a new
A-Z file every few years.  The incoming letters have not been re-
sorted.  White filed his outgoing letters chronologically and
bound the copies in notebooks.  For each of the seven categories
of correspondence the incoming are filed first and then the bound

     The only exception to this filing system is White's
correspondence with Rudyard Kipling.  In this instance the carbon
copies of White's letters to Kipling are bound in a notebook with
Kipling's letters to White.  The Kipling letters are typed
transcripts only, and there is nothing to indicate what became of
the original letters.  The Kipling-White correspondence is in Box

     The correspondence has not been completely analyzed, but
among the interesting letters are those from frineds living or
traveling abroad.  Lisette Conner wrote from Japan (1922-34) as
did Shosuke Sato (1914-32).  Hannah Parker wrote from Portugal
(1903-1919) and James Loe from China 1923-33.


             Writings Series Boxes 32-62  l885-l934

     Manuscripts of White's earliest writings, mostly poetry,
were bound together by him and entitled "Writings of Edward Lucas
White" Volume I (l885-92), Volume II (l892-97), Volume III (l897-
l907) and "Writings of Edward Lucas White: Smiles and Similies"
(l886-l905).  These are found in Boxes 58-59.

     For his later works dating from about l904 White kept
drafts, original typescripts and carbon copies.  Included in this
collection are one or all three types of manuscripts for Andivius
Hedulio, El Supremo, Why Rome Fell, Matrimony, The Unwilling
Vestal, and Helen.

     This series also has the original lead pencil manuscript of
what White considered his magnum opus.  Entitled "Plus Ultra" it
is a utopian novel of life in 50,000 A.D.  George Wetzel
discussed and printed parts of "Plus Ultra" in his biography of
White in Fantansy Commentator (l980?).  The typescript of "Plus
Ultra" is owned by the Maryland Historical Society in the Edward
Lucas White Manuscripts Ms. 892.

     Original typescripts and carbon copies of many of White's
stories and poems are also in this series in Boxes 55-64.  A
partial listing of the stories and poems is in the container
list.  In Box 63 are copies of magazines containing White's
stories and poems.

     Copies of several of White's essays on writing verse as well
as a biographical sketch of Mrs. Marguerite E. [Miller] Easter
(l839-94) and a play entitled "Ecclesiazusae" are found in Box

     The final box of the Writings Series (Box 62) contains
copies of letters from readers of White's books and revisions for
some of the books as well as materials about their publication.
This has not been completely sorted.

              Printed Material Series Boxes 63-65  l900-34
     This series contains clippings of reviews of White's
writings, articles about White, or reviews and articles by White
that appeared in print.  These have not been completely sorted.
There are also some printed materials publicizing White's books.
The biographical material on Edward Lucas White and his father
Thomas H. White are in Box 65.

                         Container List

     Box l     Family incoming letters l90l-20

     Box 2     Family incoming letters l92l-32

     Box 3     Family outgoing letters l902-22

     Box 4     Family outgoing letters l922-34

     Box 5     Personal incoming letters l9l0-27

     Box 6     Personal incoming letters l92l-27

     Box 7     Personal incoming letters l928-33

     Box 8     Personal outgoing letters l903-22

     Box 9     Personal outgoing letters l923-34

     Box l0    Personal outgoing letters l927-34
               (Mary Wickliffe Hoyett Lee)

     Box ll    School incoming letters l933
               School outgoing letters l904-34

     Box l2    Business incoming letters l930-33
               Business outgoing letters l902-l6

     Box l3    Business outgoing letters l9l7-25

     Box l4    Business outgoing letters l926-34

     Box l5    Literary incoming letters (special) A-M

     Box l6    Literary incoming letters (special) N-W
               letters to be sorted
     Box l7    Literary incoming letters l907-l5

     Box l8    Literary incoming letters l9l6-22

     Box l9    Literary incoming letters l9l9-24

     Box 20    Literary incoming letters l925-27

     Box 21    Literary incoming letters l929-33
     Box 22    Literary incoming letters l93l-33       
               letters to be sorted
     Box 23    Literary outgoing letters l904-l9

     Box 24    Literary outgoing letters l920-27
     Box 25    Literary outgoing letters l928-34
               Baltimore News letters l908-9

     Box 26    Agents' incoming letters l923-33
               Agents' outgoing letters l923-34
               (Brandt & Brandt)

     Box 27    Agents' incoming letters l905-34
               Agents' outgoing letters l905-34
               (Paul R. Reynolds)

     Box 28    Publishers' incoming letters l92l-27
               Publishers' outgoing letters l924-34
               (George H. Doran Company)
               Publishers' incoming letters l925-33
               Publishers' outgoing letters l926-32
               (Harper & Brothers)

     Box 29    Publishers' incoming letters l9l6-34
               (E.P. Dutton & Company)

     Box 30    Publishers' outgoing letters l9l4-34
               (E.P. Dutton & Company)

     Box 3l    receipts to be sorted

     Box 32    receipts to be sorted
               Johns Hopkins University diploma l888
               writings to be sorted

     Box 33    Andivius Hedulio
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Forward, Books l-20
     Box 34    Andivius Hedulio
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books 21-40, Afterword

     Box 35    Andivius Hedulio
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               carbon copy typescript
     Box 36    El Supremo         
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books l-20      Box 37    El Supremo
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books 21-30
     Box 38    El Supremo
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books 31-48

     Box 39    El Supremo
               carbon copy typescript

     Box 40    El Supremo
               original typescript

     Box 4l    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 42    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 43    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 44    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 45    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 46    "Plus Ultra"
               original lead pencil manuscript   

     Box 47    Why Rome Fell
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books l-21

     Box 48    Why Rome Fell
               original lead pencil manuscript:
               Books 22-29; Afterword; Chronology; Notes

     Box 49    Why Rome Fell
               carbon copy typescript
               original typescript; carbon copy typescript

     Box 50    Matrimony
               original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 5l    [The Unwilling Vestal]

     Box 52    The Unwilling Vestal
               notes; original lead pencil manuscript

     Box 53    The Unwilling Vestal
               original typescript; carbon copy typescript

     Box 54    Helen
               original lead pencil manuscript
               "Rex Nemorensis"
               "The Pinnacle"

     Box 55    stories: original typescripts
               "early attempts"
               Tales Volume I
               Tales Volume III
               "The Serge Coat"
               "The Startling Blonde"
               "Buying a Husband"
               "The Voices"
               "The Pianist Preaches"
               "The Four Sides of a Square"
               "The Unforeseen Test"
               "The Grin of the Bulldog"
               "A Home-Coming"
               "The Hammerhead"
               "After the Lynching"
               "A Wedding-Reception"
               "Sister Mary and the North German Lloyd"
               "Duck a la Nelson"
               "A Clearing Bridal"
               "Five Colloquies"
               "The Fighting Parson"
               "The Ballade"
               "The Turning-Point"
               "The Death Rattle"
               "The Front Steps"
               "The Encounter"
               "The Tooth"

     Box 55    "The Chute"
     (cont.)   "An Ovine Misogynist"

     Box 56    stories: original typescripts
               "The Salute"
               "The Revelation"
               "The Escape"
               "The Untryst"
               "The Strategem"
               "The Azotea"       
               "The Velorio"               
               "Cat and Beefsteak"
               "The Postage-Stamps"
               "Barbara North"
               "Mrs. Berry and the School-Board"
               "Shoula Rayfield"
               "The Latch-Key"
               "The Release-Card"

               stories: carbon copy typescripts
               Volume l-2

     Box 57    stories: carbon copy typescripts
               Volume 3-8

     Box 58    writings:
               "Memoir of Mrs. Marguerite E. Easter"
               "Ecclesiazusae" (play)
               "On the Study of English Verse"
               "On the Science and the Art of English Verse"
               memoranda about poems
               "Possible Sonnet Forms"
               "Writings of Edward Lucas White" Vol. I (l885-92)
               "Writings of Edward Lucas White" Vol. II (l892-  
     Box 59    "Writings of Edward Lucas White" Vol. III (l897-
               "Writings of Edward Lucas White: Smiles and
               Similies" (l886-l905)
               Lyrical Inspiration original typescript
               "Interpretations" (poems)
     Box 60    poetry:
               "Poems in the Rhythms of Horace's Meters"
               "Poems on the Baltimore Fire"
     Box 60    "Poems" Volume III
     (cont.)   "The Tuning of the Lyre"
               "The Measure of the Sword"
               "Duplicates of poems, and poems already published"
               typed verse

     Box 6l    poetry:
               typed verse

     Box 62    Andivius Hedulio letters (copies)
               Helen letters (copies)
               Lukundoo letters (copies)
               Matrimony letters (copies)
               "Plus Ultra" material
               The Song of the Sirens changes
               El Supremo letters (copies)
               The Unwilling Vestal letters (copies)
               Why Rome Fell letters (copies)
               letters to editors (copies)
               book sales
               lists for projected volumes of short stories
               lists and notes of my books
               letters from readers
               books by ELW, copies sold, net proceeds
               stories, printed copies

     Box 63    magazines containing writings of ELW

     Box 64    newspaper clippings:
               reviews, writings by and about ELW

     Box 65    newspaper clippings:
               reviews, writings by and about ELW
               letters to the editor
               printed material: publicity
               biographical material:
                   Edward Lucas White
                   Thomas Hurley White           



Anderson, Harry B.  4
Andivius Hedulio  2, 3, 14
Appleby & Co., J.L. 4
Atlantic Monthly 4
Authors Clipping Bureau 4
Authors Club Carnegie Fund  4

Baltimore News  4
Banks, Algernon Polan  4
Belknap, P.H.  4
Bennett, Jesse Lee  4
Bill, Florence H.  4
Boone, Camilla  4
Boutell, Robert  4
Boys' Latin School 2
Brandt & Brandt 4, 13
Braunlich, Alice  4
Brown, Helen Gagen  4
Browne, Arthur Lee 4
Browne, Harriet S.  4
Browne, William Hand 4
Bruen, Elizabeth  4
Burgess, Lily Early  4
Buxton, Richard E. 4

Carter, Alice Neill  4
Canby, Henry Seidel  4
Cautley, John R.  4
Chambers, D. Laurence  4
Chang, Hsin-Hai  5
China 2a
Christy, J. S. 5
Chu, Jennings P. 5
Clark, John D.  5
Clayville-Smith, Beata  5
Connor, Lisette L. 5
Cypriano, Dom  5

Dean, Mildred 5
DeGournay, Blanche 5
Derby, Richard C. 5
Desmond, Shaw  5
Devecman, W. C. 5
Dielman, Louis H. l, 5
Doran, George H. Company 5,13
Downes, William E. D. 5
Dreiser, Theodore  5
Dunham, Matilda L. 5
Dutton, E.P. & Co. 5,13
Early, Eveline 5
Easby, Gertrude K. 5
Easter, Marguerite E. [Miller] 3, 18
Ebeling, Flora A. 5
Ensor, W. L. 6
Evans, Harry R. 6

Ferris, Cornelius Jr.  6
Forbes, Elizabeth 6
Fowler, Louisa McE. 6
Fowler, Susan 6
Frank, Tenney 6
Franklin, Fabian  6
Frick, Helen C. 6
Friends School 2

Garrison, Wendell Phillips 6
Gerald, Katherine Fullerton 6
Gerry, Charles F.  6
Gerry, Clarence  6
Gerry, Elbridge  6
Gerry, Elizabeth  6
Gerry, James L.  6
Gerry, Lily  6
Gerry, Margarita  6
Gieske, Elsie and Alfred W.  6
Gilbert, Anne K. 6
Gildersleeve, Basil Lanneau  6
Gilmor, Alice 6
Gould, Kenneth M.  6

Hancock, Alice P.  6
Hanway, John  6
Harper & Brothers 7,13  
Harr‚, T. Everett  7
Harwood, Mary E.  7
Hassencamp, Paul R. 7
Hawes, Mabel C. 7
Helen 2, 3, 15, 18
high schools l, 2
Hill, Lucien  7
Hiss, Alger  7
Hollander, Jacob H.  7
Howe, A. De Wolf  7
Hoye, Stephen M.  7
Huber, Frederick R.  7
Hutton, Mary and Augusta  7
Hyllbourne, Stephen Douglas  7

Ijams, May M. 7

Jackson, Luis  7
Japan 2a
Jelleson, Harold B.  7
Johns Hopkins University 2, 3, 18
Jones, Beatrice 7

Kelsey, Francis W.  7
Kilborn, Charles M.  7
King, Elizabeth Miner  7
Kipling, Rudyard 3, 7
Knapp, Charles 7

Lafferty, Samuel E.  7
Lamborn, Louis E.  7
Lamont, Hammond  7
Lee, Mary Wickliffe Hyatt 12
Lemperly, Paul  7
Leser, Oscar and Annette  7
Lind, W. Murdoch 8
Linn, James Ussher  8
Loe, Jamie Y.  8
Lodge, Gonzalez  8
Lou, Kwang L.  8
Lucas, William F.  8
Lukundoo and Other Stories 2, l8

Mabie, Hamilton Wright  8
MacDonald, F.C.  8
Mackall, Leonard L.  8
MacLean, Charles Agnew  8
MacMechan, Archibald  8
Magoffin, R.V.D.  8
Marburry, Fendell  8
Marston School see University School for Boys
Mather, Frank Jewett  8
Matrimony 2, 3, 15, 18
McCarty, John  8
McDonogh School  3, 8, 13
McGilvra, Kitty Scott  8
Mencken, Henry L.  8
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.  8
Miller, Mrs. A. Harold  8
Moulnier, Edward P.  8
Mustard, Wilfred P.  8
Napper, Laura L.  8
Nicholson, Meredith  8
Norman, Grace Gore  8
Nyburg, Sidney L.  8

Omond, T. S.  8
Orr, Oliver  8
Orth, Grover C.  8

Parker, Hannah and Adelaide  8
Parr, McKew  8
Pessels, C.  9
Phelps, William Lyon 9
Phillips, Esther B. 9
Phillips, Sally C. 9
Philpot, Hamlet 9
Plunkett, Frank 9
"Plus Ultra" 3, 14
poets l-3
Portugal 2a
Powys, Llewelyn  9
Preston, James H. 9
Price, Eldridge C. 9
Putnam's Sons, G.P. 9

Rede, Kenneth 9
Rede, Wyllys 9
Reese, Lizette Woodworth 9
Reeves, William Peters 9
Remington, Stanley G. 9
Reynolds, Minna D. 9
Reynolds, Paul R. 13, 9
Richman, Irving B. 9
Roberts, Dane E. 9
Roberts, Emma L. 9
Robinson, Paschal 9
Roulston, Robert B. 9
Rudmore-Browne, Thomas B. 9

Saintsbury, George 10
Sato, Shosuke 10
Saxton, Eugene F. 10
Scribner's Sons, Charles 10
short stories 2-3
The Song of the Sirens and Other Stories 2, 18
Smith, C. Alphonso 10
Smith, Kirby Flower 10
Snibbe, George W. 10
Sonneborne, Hilton B. 10
Snibbe, George W. 10
Sonneborn, Hilton B. 10
Stedman, Edmund C. 10
Stieff, Claire M. 10
Strachey, John St. Loe 10
Stuart, Margaret 10
El Supremo 2, 3, 14, 18
Surratt, William H.  10
Swift, Henry J. 10

Taney, Joseph A. 10
teachers 1, 2
Thomas, Edward M. 10
Thomson, William 10
Turnbull, Grace H. 10
Tyrell, Roberta 10

University School for Boys 1, 2
The Unwilling Vestal 2, 3, 15, 18

Ward, Frank A. 10
Watts, Augusta Tucker and Donald 10
Webster, Minnie Elizabeth 10
Wells, H. G. 10
Wells, James B., Pauline, Joseph K. and Zoe 10
West, Rebecca 10
Wetzel, George T. 2, 3
Whicher, George M. 11
White, Agnes [Gerry] 2, 11
White, Edna 11
White, Edward H. 11
White, Edward H. Jr. 11
White, Edward Lucas l-l9
White, Ethel l, 11
White, Joseph A. 11
White, Kate Butler [Lucas] l
White, Thomas Hurley 1, 4, l0
Why Rome Fell 2, 3, 14, 15, 18
Willcox, J. Taney and Fielding 11
Willcox, Kate T. and Louise 11
Williams, Anne 11
Williams, Jay Jerome 11
Wisner, J. Ward 11
Woo, S. M. 11
Wright, Walter T. 11
Wroth, Lawrence C. 11



     The papers of Maryland author and Hopkins graduate Edward
Lucas White are open for research in the Special Collections
Division of the Milton S. Eisenhower Library.  White (l866-l934)
was a poet as well as the author of short stories and several
historical romances.  His major works include Narrative Lyrics
(l908), El Supremo (l9l6), The Unwilling Vestal (l9l8), Andivius
Hedulio (l92l), The Song of the Sirens (l9l9), and Lukundoo
(l927).  In addition to his writing White was a well-known
teacher of Greek and Latin at the Friends School, the Boys Latin
School, and the University School for Boys.  His papers include
drafts of his writings and his voluminous correspondence with
family, friends, fellow authors, literary agents, and publishers.


              Library of Congress Subject Headings

authors as teachers
high school teachers
high schools
historical fiction, Greek
historical fiction, Roman
historical fiction, Paraguyan
short story

            Personal and Corporate Name Added Entries

Boys Latin School
Brandt & Brandt
Dielman, Louis H.
Doran, George H. Company
Dutton, E.P. & Co.
Easter, Marguerite E. [Miller] (l839-94)
Johns Hopkins University
Lee, Mary Wickliffe Hoyett
McDonogh School
Reynolds, Paul R.
University School for Boys
Wetzel, George T.
White, Agnes [Gerry] (d. l927)
White, Edward Lucas (l866-l934)
White, Ethel (l868-l955)
White, Kate Butler [Lucas]
White, Thomas Hurley (l838-l902)












                 White (Edward Lucas) l866-l934

                       Papers (l885-l934)






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