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Special Collections
Milton S. Eisenhower Library
The Johns Hopkins University
3400 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 516-8348

Lovejoy (Arthur Oncken) 1873-1962
Papers (1872-1963)
Ms. 38


Size:               85 document boxes
                    (35.4 linear ft.)                 

Processed:          1966, 1979, 1993, 2005

Provenance:         The papers were a bequest to the
                    University by Arthur O. Lovejoy in 1963.

Access:             Access is unrestricted.

Permission          Permission to publish material from this
                    collection must be requested in writing
                    from the Manuscripts Librarian at the
                    address above.

Citation:           Arthur O. Lovejoy Papers Ms. 38             
                    Special Collections,
                    Milton S. Eisenhower Library,
                    The Johns Hopkins University
                  Lovejoy (Arthur O.) 1872-1963
                       Papers (1872-1963)
                             Ms. 38




The papers of Arthur Oncken Lovejoy were a bequest to the
University and were received in 1963.


Biographical Note

Arthur Oncken Lovejoy was born in Berlin, October 10. 1873, the son
of Wallace William Lovejoy, A Boston medical student studying in
Germany, and Sara Oncken Lovejoy, his German wife.  They family
returned to Boston in 1875, but Sara Lovejoy died shortly
thereafter.  Wallace Lovejoy married Emmeline Dutton in 1881 after
leaving the practice of medicine to assume a ministry in the
Episcopal church.

Arthur Lovejoy received his early education in schools in Ohio,
Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  Following his graduation from the
Germantown, Pennsylvania Academy in 1891, the family moved to
Oakland, California.  Lovejoy entered the University of California
at Berkeley in 1891, his course of study emphasizing the humanities
and languages.  Under the influence of the philosopher George
Holmes Howison, Lovejoy's prime interest changed from religion to
philosophy.  He graduated in 1895 and entered Harvard where he
studied under Josiah Royce and William James.  He received the M.A.
in 1897 and studied at the Sorbonne, 1898-1899.

Lovejoy's career as a teacher of philosophy began at Stanford
University in 1899.  In 1901, he resigned in protest at the
dismissal of the economist and sociologist, E. A. Ross, and he was
afterwards a champion of academic freedom to university and college
faculties.   Lovejoy held teaching postions at Washington
University (1901-1907), Columbia (1907-1908), and the University of
Missouri (1908-1910) before coming to The Johns Hopkins University
in 1910.  He remained at Hopkins until his retirement in 1938.

During the early part of the century, Lovejoy published widely on
a number of subjects: the history of religion, the history of
philosophy, on pragmatism and realism, and on social and political
questions.  His concern for academic freedom led him in 1913 toward
the establishment of an organization which culminated in the
formation of the American Association of University Professors in

During World War I, he was active in the National Security League
and the YMCA.  After the war, Lovejoy turned his attention to
scholarship, particularly in philosophy and the history of ideas.
His 1933 William James Lectures at Harvard were published in 1936
as The Great Chain of Being.  He retired from Hopkins in 1938to
devote himself to his research.  He then became involved in the
planning of The Journal of the History of Ideas  which began
publication in 1940.  During World War !! Lovejoy was active
politically and socially, serving as administrator, editor and
writer for the Historical Service Board of the American Historical
Association and for the Universities Committee on Post-War
International Problems.  He was a member of the American Committee
for Cultural Freedom with a view to countering the Communist
threat.  He served as a member of the University of Maryland Board
of Regents from 1951-1955.  He also continued his scholarly work.
Gradually his health declined and his eyesight failed completely.
Arthur O. Lovejoy never married.  He died in Baltimore on December
30, 1962.


Scope and Content Note

The papers of Arthur O. Lovejoy span the years 1872 to 1963 and
include correspondence, manuscript notes for lectures, notebooks,
diaries, newspaper clippings, reports, speeches, photographs,
drafts, typescripts, galley proofs, and books owned and annotated
by Lovejoy.

Since 1963, when the papers were received by the University, the
collection has been reviewed, indexed, and arranged at various
times.  In 1963, Marjorie Nicolson, an associate of Professor
Lovejoy during 1923-26, examined the papers at the request of
Hopkins professor, George Boas.  She arranged some material into
envelopes and noted the contents of each envelope on the outside,
and that categorization has not been changed.  Miss Nicolson found
that the three main subjects of the papers were Nature,
Primitivism, and Romanticism, and that much of Lovejoy's research
had formed the basis of his many published articles.  Miss Nicolson
also observed that Lovejoy may have been planning a book or series
of articles on "The Romantic Theory of Knowledge," since some
material deals with that topic.     

During 1974-1975, Daniel J. Wilson prepared a detailed index of the
collection.  He listed the subject or title of each item in the
collection.  A complete index to the large amount of correspondence
was also prepared.  In 1979, the papers were filed into different
document boxes, but the original order that corresponds with
Wilson's index was retained.  In 1993, a container list was
prepared to correctly list the material and the box numbers.  The
papers are now arranged by series since the latest revision was
intended to follow Wilson's useful and complete index.  In a
general sense, the papers are arranged in the following order:
lecture notes, diaries and notebooks, writings, biographical
material, photographs, and correspondence.

In 2005, an envelope of five French manuscripts, previously omitted
from the container list, was found in the collection.  A note on the
envelope suggests Lovejoy purchased the humorous dialogues and
poems in book stalls along the Seine.  The manuscripts were placed in
Box 66 under "Purchased MSS."

The largest part of the collection filed in Boxes 1 to 59 contains
Lovejoy's notes on notable philosophers including Emerson, Locke,
Nietzche, and Santayana and his classroom lectures on the many
topics of Philosophy including Realism, Vitalism, Evolution, and
Meaning.  Correspondence, filed in Boxes 72 to 84 forms another
large segment of the collection.  Some biographical material and
family photographs are filed in Boxes 67-69 as well as Lovejoy's
reports and papers dealing with academic freedom and post-war
(World War II) problems. 

     For an analysis of the collection, see Marjorie Nicolson's
     letter, October 1963 in the Provenance File.

Lovejoy's published writings are described in:

          Wilson, Daniel J. Arthur O. Lovejoy: An Annotated
     Bibliograph.  New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1982.

A complete listing of items in the collection is given in the
Container List.            

              Lovejoy (Arthur O.) 1872-1963
                       Papers (1872-1963)
                             Ms. 38

                         Container List


Box 00         Container List, Correspondence List

               Lecture Notes

Box 1:         Adams - Burtt

     Adams,  Mind's isolation from reality.
          Discussion of the philosopher Adams's view of the
          separation of the mind from reality.  Explication of
          Adams's view and AOL own position that it arises largely
          from the experience of error.  AOL position close to that
          in RD.

     Adams,  Idealism and the Modern Age
          Appears to be an outline of a book by Adams, possibly the
          one discussed above.

     Aquinas,  Folder labelled 'Thos Aquinas and later Thomists'
          Series of references to quotes in Aquinas and others,
          many appeared in CCB.

          'Thomas Aquinas: Will & Intellect & Freeedom in Creation
          For Reply to Veatch Notes on Aquinas as listed on folder,
          also references.

          'Reply to Veatch'
          Notes on and some parts of the ms. for the reply to

          '2nd Reply to Veatch'
          Further notes and references.

          Copy of Anton Pegis article,
          Also a typscript copy
          Copy of Pegis's rejoinder to AOL

          Partial typscript of ms. on reply to Pegis by AOL

          'On Some Thomistic and Other Gods'
          A list of Theses regarding a possible study of the

          Misc other notes.
     Bentham,  'Polit. Doctr'
          Two lectures on Bentham.  First on the scope of state
          action implied in Bentham; the second, a discussion of
          how Bentham's theory closely fits with the natural rights
          doctrine.  Also misc notes.

          'History of Pol Philos:  Bentham:  Life and Character'
          Lecture on B political theory and esp. conversion to
          Lecture on B life and character.

     Bergson,  'Bergsonism & Romantic Anti-Intellectualism'
          Misc notes and articles by others on Bergson.

          'Is he realist or idealist, epistemolog dualist or
          Misc notes on Bergson and some clippings of other
          articles on him.

     Bergson,  'The Practical Tendencies of Bergsonism' Typscript
          with corrections originally printed in Int. J. of Ethics,
          23 (1913)

          Fragments of a ms., possibly early draft of Reason,
          Understanding and Time

          Various other assorted notes

     Bosanquet,  'Meeting of Extremes' May 15, 1922
          An examination and discussion of B's book, perhaps for a

          Long fragment of a lecture on Bosanquet, value and

          Chart for seminar, 1926, on experimental and
          transcendental worlds.

     Bradley,  Lecture notes on Bradley's system and idealism,
          very fragmented, part dated 12/13/21.

          Lecture on Bradley, begins with background, brief life,
          then elucidation of his system with comparisons to Kant.

     Broad,  Misc. notes and outlines probably taken while
          reading Broad.

          Part of a lecture on Broad, especially the conception of
          sensation and the existence of private spaces and
          correlatives.  AOL argues against Broad from a dualistic

          Outlines for a lecture on Broad, concentrating on sensa.

          General remarks on Broad concentrating on Relationship of
          science to philosophy.

          Various other notes on reading of Broad and for lectures.

     Bruno, Gordano,  Lecture on GB, emphasizes his view of God,
          the  notion of plenitude, and his pantheism, also
          containing a review of his life.

          Misc. and fragmentary notes on Bruno.

     Burtt,  'Metaphysical Foundations'
          Notes on reading of the book.


Box 2:         Carlyle - Dewey

     Carlyle,  'Bibliographical Notes'

          Brief discussion of Carlyle on Kant.

          Brief discussion of Carlyle and the reality of space and

          Notes on Carlyle  and anti-intellectualism, other beliefs
          of Carlyle, few on Emerson.

          Reprints of two articles on Carlyle by others.

     Coleridge,  'Bibliography, gen & misc, & reading ref.'

          Outlines & Questions:  Chronology'

          'Relations to various writers' misc. notes.

          'Coleridge in America' various notes.

          'Notes on 'Dejection an Ode"

          'Coleridge & Evolution' notes and reprint of article by
Coleridge      Coleridge,  Freedom, etc.  Misc notes to Dec.,1935.'

          'God--conception of; the Absolute, the unconditioned.'

          'Notes on Coleridge's Huntington Lib ms.'

          'Coleridge on Free Will etc.' notes

          'Idealism & Realism' notes

          'Imitation of Nature; Imitating the Universal' notes

          'Understanding; Kantian conceptions of' notes

          'Influence of Germans' notes

          'Coleridge & Jacobi' notes

          'first period: pantheistic & necessitarian' notes

          Naturalistic conception of Shakespeare. notes

          'Word 'Romantic' & Antithesis of Anc. & Modern.' notes

     Descartes,  'Question of Primacy of Will or Intellect'

          Misc other notes on Descartes.

     Dewey,  'Pragmatist Truths' notes

          'Attitude to Representational Theories of Knowledge'
          notes and preliminary discussions.

          'Pragm--Dewey's tertium quid to realism and idealism.'
          fragments of discussions.

          'Subjectivistic aspect' notes and fragments of ms.,
          probably from Prag Vs Prag.

          'Reply to Dewey'  Fragment of ms. criticizing Dewey's
          concept of meaning.  unidentified, possibly early draft
          of Time, Meaning & Transcendence, JP, 19.

          'Second reply to Dewey' fragments of ms., unidentifiable
          from content, possibly 'Pastness and Transcendence' early

          'Remarks Mr. Dewey, Revision'  Largely ms. of Analysis of
          Dewey's Empir Accto f Appear.

          'Dewey on 'Sensible Appearances and Relativity'  ms. on
          appearance and fragments of two others.
     Dewey  'Are Both Perceptual Objects and Scientific Objects
          Parts of the Physical World?'  Ms. of paper on the above
          subject, especially with regard to Dewey.

     Dante,  'Medieval Philos - Muse', assorted notes

          Article on Dante by Alfonso de Salvio

     Dewey,  Fragment of ms. on reflective agent.

          Fragment of ms. on pragmatism, dualism and idealism

          Fragment of ms. of pragmatism and error.

          Fragment of ms. discussing Dewey and space.

          Misc notes on Dewey.

Box 3:         Emerson - James

     Emerson,  'Emerson and German Romanticism', assorted notes

     Harrington,  'Life, Method, Gen Summary of doctrine, Polit &
          Econ Power - their relations.' two ms. lectures covering
          the above subjects, some reference to contemp affairs.

          'Doctrines' Fragment of ms. on H doctrines on legislature
          and nat aristocracy.

          'Pol Philos - Harrington'  ms. lecture on the economic
          base of political power.

          Influence on American political thought and early
          Constitutions' ms. lecture

     Hobbes,  'Life', outline of treatment, asssigments
          ms. lecture on life.

          'Doctrine' ms. lecture on H ethical presuppositions, the
          political theory, and its operation in the modern world,
          also discussion of self-esteem that is very similar to
          that in Reflections on Human Nature.

          'Constitution of the Civil State'  a lecture on theory
          and development of state

          'Unclassified, duplicates, discards' assorted ms.

          Articles, Boundaries of Society, Stephen C. Pepper.

     Hooker,  'I-II'  Intro ms. lecture, covers temper of time and
          H political philos.

          'III'  ms lecture on the development of the state of
          nature idea and the consent theory.

          'Hooker & Social Contract, Incident & Sea Venture &
          Mayflower.' frag. ms. lectures.

          'Text of Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity. printed.

          'Duplicates & Discards'

          Misc, not used, 1930-31'

     Hume,  'Ethics & Political Philosophy, I' discusses
          approbation and disapprobation in Hume somewhat more
          fully than in Reflections on Human Nature.

          'Anticipations of: inc. 'impotence of reason." misc notes

          'Lecture VIII'  An early draft of lecture VIII of RHN,
          some differences, but no major ones. typescript.

     James,  'The Radical Empiricism of William James,'  Brief
          review of James theory of radical empiricism, ties it to,
          and separates from Hume's. typescript, 9 pp.

          Reprint of James's "Does Consciousness Exist?"

          'James, Does Consciousness Exist?'  typescript of essay
          in 13 Pragmatisms, minor variations.

          'Analysis & Crit of James's "Does Consciousness Exist?"
          ms on representative ideas criticizing monistic realists.
          Assorted notes and ms. fragments.

          'Theories of Meaning, W. James' notes and ms. fragments.

          Lectures, 'Mr. James's Philosophy and the Will to
          Believe' in black notebook, delivered before some club,
          probably before 1910.  General exposition in both cases,
          though some criticism in the second lecture.

          'James article:  Notes & unused pp.'

          Ms. criticism of James's theory of meaning, parts
          developed in some detail.

          Assorted notes and ms. fragments most on James's "Does
          Consciousness Exist?"

          "James as Philosopher" Science. 7/14/11, by
Box 4:         Kant - Locke

     Kant,  'General Introductory Material'

          Opening lecture on why study Kant, various notes on this
          subject. (1915)
          ms of article for paper on Kant bicentenarary.

          'Harmonization of Freedom and Causality' notes and
          outlines (4/6/08)

          'Antinomies' several ms. lectures on Kant's antinomies.

          'Introd. Notes, 1926-27' into lecture notes, also some
          lecture notes from 1915 and 1912, also ms. and intro to

          'Schools of Kant interpretation #1-7' ms. fragments and

          'Schools of Kant Interpretation, II' ms. fragments.

          'Schools of Kant - Interpretation, III' ms. fragments.

          'Schools of Kant - Interpretation, IV, Objectivistic
          interpretations', ms. fragment.

     Kant,  'Transcendental Analytic' ms lecture, one dated 1910,
          another 1908, another undated, also some notes.

          'Transcendental Ego and Unity of Apperception' the
          lecture ms. are on Liebniz not Kant.

          'Transcendental Deduction' ms lecture notes, some parts
          dated 1908 others 1910.

          'The Kantian Ego' misc notes.

          'Notes: contains several ms. lectures, one dated 1912,
          also misc notes. also, 'Final lectures, Kant.'

          'Kant and Evolution, 1957' ms. addenda to that article.

     Kant,  'Analytic and synthetic Judgments' misc notes, also
          on Leibniz and Wolff

          'Types of Interpretation' ms. fragments.

          'Tr. Aesthetic,' ms lecture notes, probably from 1907

          'Early Influence in England and France.' ms. lecture

     Kant.  Conception of Noumenon and Ding-an-Sien' ms fragment,
          assorted notes.

          'Anticipations of Kant' misc notes.

     Kepler,  'Misc notes'

     Laird,  'Hypothesis of Ideas--Types of Monistic Idealism' ms
          lecture notes on general critique and critique of L view
          of error.

     La Mettrie,  'Man and Apes: 18th cent.' Ms discussion of La M
          position, misc notes, article on La M by H. Hastings.

     Locke,  'Life' ms. lecture notes on review of life.

          'History of Political Philos, Reading references.'

          'Political Doctrine,' ms lecture on explicating Locke,
          other ms fragments.

          'Pol. Phil, Misc., to classify' ms lecture fragments,
          some dated 1922

          'Locke and the Declaration of Independence' brief ms.

          'Influence in America, before Dec of Ind.' ms lecture,
          largely H. of I in form.

          'Influence of Locke and Pose of intellectual Modesty in
          Enlightment.' ms lecture.

          'Taxation' ms. fragment of lecture.

          'Basis of Right of Property' ms fragment and misc notes.

          'Misc.' notes

          'Was he a Sensationalist', ms lecture, concludes
          basically no.

          'Summaries, Tabular outlines.'

          Misc other notes on Locke

Box 5:         McColley - Milton

     McColley, Grant,  Several papers by McColley sent to AOL for
          comment (see McColley and Nicolson correspondence with

     Nicolson, Marjorie,  A Bibliography for The Idea of Infinity.

     McGilvary,  'Reply to McG.' ms draft of reply to McG.,     

          'Reply to McG, II' ms drafts of reply

          'Notes on McG computations' including AOL computations

          'Meaning' of Lorentz-transformations' notes from various

          'Extracts from Einstein' notes

          'Later paragraphs' ms. fragments

          'Times, Old and New' copy of article by McJG of that
          title and AOL comments on.

          'Reply to McG on "paradox"' draft of ms.

          'Reply to McG, II' ms. drafts.

          Three typescripts of McG articles on Lovejoy's theories.

          Misc ms fragments of replies to McG.

          'The travels of Peter, Paul and Zebedee' draft, partially

     McGilvary,  Typescript drafts, with some ms., of AOL's reply
          to McG rejoinder regarding the time retarding journey

     Mill, J.S.,  'Character & Place in History, Ethical Theory' ms

          'Political Doctrines' ms lecture and misc notes.

          Misc notes on Bentham and Mill.

     Milton,  'Cambridge Platonists' Misc notes on Henry More and

          'For Review of Pinto, Peter Sterry, Notes' Review in MLN,
          52 (1937)
          'Ideas, Misc notes on. Box 6:         Milton (Cont.) - Moore

     Milton,  'On Liberty, Areopagitics' Ms lecture and misc notes
          and discards.

          'Milton's Philosophy, 1. Conception of God in himself'
          misc notes

          '"Reason" & "Will" in angels and man'  Outline for Milton
          as Philsopher for Course on GCB, 1928, ms lecture on
          Freedom, Will & Intellect in Angels and Man, misc notes.

          'Milton and the Eternity of the World' misc notes

          'Milton and the New Astronomy' Ms criticism of McColley
          paper, misc notes

          'Freedom, Will & Intellect, etc., Relation to Thomist-
          Scotist Controversy' ms lecture and misc notes.

          Typescript of "Milton's Dialogue on Astronomy" in Reason
          and Imagination, Festschrift for M. Nicolson, 1962

     Monboddo,  'Lord Monboddo and Rousseau' ms draft of "Monboddo
          and Rousseau," see Essays in H of I, pp.38-61 or Modern
                    Philology, XXX (1933), 275-96.
          Misc notes on the subject.

          'Additional material for article'

     Montague,  'Criticism on Montague's epistemological papers'
          several draft ms. and notes

          Memorial Minute, Feb. 1954,' Ms and ts draft.

          'Unreal Subsistence and Consciousness' paper by Montague
          with AOL comments on it.

          Reprints of four articles by Montague.

     Montesquieu,  'Life, etc.' ms lecture on life and writing.

          'Influence in America II,' De Tocqueville

          'Political Philos I' draft ms lecture.

          '"Principles" of the forms of government', ms fragments

          'Pol Theory, III, 1. Liberty & the Separation of Powers,
          2. Federalism' ms lecture.

          'Theorie des climates'  misc notes

     Montesquieu,  'Misc & duplicates' notes

     Moore, G.E,  'G.E. Moore, I' ms fragments of critique of
          Moore, part a critique of views on existence of bodies.

          G.E. Moore, II' Ms lecture, critique of Moore, especially
          on sense-data.

Box 7:         Murphy - Nietzche

     Murphy, A.E.,  '"Objective Relativism"  Correspondence with
          A.E. Murphy on'
          Ms copy of letter to Murphy on Multiple Inherence, misc

          'Articles on Objective Relativism' ms fragment and misc

          'Whitehead anbd Murphy,' ms fragment and misc notes.

          'The Varieties of Objectivity.' ms fragment and notes

          'Murphy's "Lovejoy's Counter-Revolution and ms of reply'
          Contains the two parts of article by Murphy and ms
          fragments of reply and misc notes.

     Nietzsche,  'Asceticism,' misc notes.

          'Bibliographical Notes'

          'Relation to Contemporaries' misc notes.

          'Nietzsche & Darwinism,' misc notes

          'Epistemology' misc notes.

          'Relation of Personality to Doctrine,' Misc notes

          'Pessimism' Misc. notes.

          'Psychopathological Interp of Philosophy and Religion'
          Misc. notes

          'Schopenhauer, Misc.'  Ms lectures, 'Nietzsche, 1st
          Period,' and 'This-Worldliness'

          'Relation to Romanticists,' Misc. notes

          'Superiority of the Unconscious and Instinctive,' misc.

     Nietzsche, 'Superman Ideal...' Misc notes.

          'Temporalism,' notes

          'Wagner,' ms fragment and notes.

          'War,' notes.

          'Ewige Wiederkunft' Eternal Return, ms. lecture and notes

          'Various aspect of the Will to Power,' ms lecture and

          'Notes & plans of lectures, Sept. 1915'

          Ms. lecture on Nietzsche on war.

          Misc notes on Nietzsche.

Box 8:         Ockham - Rousseau

     Ockham,  'Thomist-Scotist Question' notes.

          'Ockham' ms lecture fragment on Aquinas and Scotus, notes
          on Ockham.

     Peirce,  'Reply to Buchler {typed fair copy}' two copies.

          '"Pragmaticist Theory of Meaning, First Draft, misc.
          sheets' typed copy

          '"Pragmaticist Theory of Meaning'  Pt. II Tentative ms.

          'Theory of Meaning, Metaphysical Implications: Realism,'

          '"Meaning" Sense, Later Formulation' notes

          'Theories of Meaning: Applications to specific ideas'
          draft ms.

          'Meaning, Discussion of Futuristic Sense' misc. notes.

          'Notes re Buchler on Peirce.' notes and ms fragments.

     Peirce,  Misc. ms fragments and notes most apparently having
         to do with the article in the Peirce volume in 1952.

     Randle,  'Randle on Sense-data' misc notes

     Robinet,  Misc. ms fragments and notes.

     Rousseau,  'Polit Philos.' ms fragment on the morality of

          'Supposed French origin of Amer Polit Ideas in Rev.
          Period.' ms fragment & notes.

          'Rousseau's Influence--Bosanquet,' ms lecture on Rousseau
          theory of state and Bosanquet.

          'Pol Philos, I, State of Nature,' ms fragment (summarizes
          article on primitivism} and notes.

          'Pol. Philos. Modes of Formulation of Policitcal
          State...' ms lecture & notes

          'Pol. Theory, III', ms fragments.

          'State of Nature in Rousseau and His Sources &
          Precursors,' misc. notes.

          'Pol. Philos--Influence:  On French Declaration & Rev in
          Gen.' ms lecture, notes.

          'First Discourse,' ms fragment.

          'Add to file of 2d Disc.' misc notes.

          Primitivism in Antiquity, misc notes (misfiled?)

          'Babbitt Review'  Rousseau and Romanticism, misc notes

          'Self-esteem in Rousseau,' notes

          'Schinz review:  Notes for & discarded,' rev. 1931, MLN.

          'Fascism and the Conception of the General Will,' ms
          lecture ties to Rousseau.

          Photocopy of French article on Rousseau.

          'Rousseau, Notes on'  Misc notes on Rousseau, also ms
          lecture on Bosanquet.

Box 9:         Royce - Russell

Royce       'Theories of the Determinants of Desire, Choice,    
          Purpose,' bibliography

          'World and Individual' mss lectures of exposition and

          'Resume of Gen. Char. of his Absolute,' ms lecture

          'Ethical & Religious Implications of his Metaphysics,
          Problem of XTY.' ms lectures.

          'Proof of Evil,' ms lecture and misc notes.

          'Royce and the Math Infinite' ms fragment and notes

          'Supp. Essay on Infinity' misc notes

          'Metaphysics, Royce,' ms lecture on Contemporary

          Misc notes and ms fragments.


Russell  'Summary of Russell's [ ?? ]  part typed, part ms.
          in French.

          Ms fragment on Russell's [ ?? ].

          Ms fragment on Russell's theory of perception.

          'World of Physics and World of Sense' copy of article by
          R and critique of it by AOL

          Misc notes and ms fragments.

          'Early definitions of "mental" & "physical"', ms fragment

          'Dualism of Mind & Matter,' Misc. notes and ms fragments.

          'Percepts in Heads' Ms. notes, and ms fragments.  1958.

          'Conception of Physical Object,' ms fragments and misc.

          'Consciousness and Knowledge' misc. notes.

          'His Neutral Monism re Psychophysical Events' Misc.

Russell   'Physical and Perceptual Space & percepts in my head,'
          Misc. notes.

          'Mind and Matter, 1st Position' Misc. notes.

         'Notes on Russell's Theory of Matter and Perception,

          'Analysis of Matter, 1927'  otes

          'Russell on What is in our heads,' Typescript of ms.
          apparently for chapter on R, c. 1958.  Some also here in
          other folders in ms form.

          'Knowing' Misc notes and ms fragments.

          'Misc.' notes, some marked discarded, and ms fragments.

          Misc. ms fragments, especially from article on chapter on
          Percepts in our Heads.  some typed.

Box 10:        Santayana - Temple

     Santayana,  'Notes and ms on' Mss. on essences and         
          phenomenolism, misc. notes.

          Misc. notes and ms on Santayana

          'Essence Doctrine' Ts of criticism of RD by Durant Drake,
          June 1930

     Schopenhauer,  'Schopenhauer as an Evolutionist' ms of     
     article, c. 1956, probably for Forerunners of Darwin book. (?)

          'Schopenhauer and Wagner,' Misc. notes and ms fragments.

          'Life' ms lecture.

          Misc notes on Schopenhauer.

          Record Book, containing notes and fragments of lectures
          on Schopenhauer.

     Sidney, Alg.,  'Life and Political Doctrines,' ms lecture.

          'Influence in America,' ms fragments.

     Spinoza,  'Political Philosophy,' ms lectures.

     Smith, Adam,  'Psychology of M.C.' ms lectures on psychology
          of morality.
          Similar to what is in Reflections on Human Nature.
          Notes and Memos for RHN marked not to be used.      Smith, Norman Kemp,  Ms lecture on Smith's philosophy.

     Strong,  'Reply to Strong, 1933' ms draft of "Dualism and the
          Paradox of Reference."

          'Dualism and the Paradox of Reference' typescript

          'Strong on Consciousness, etc.' ms lectures on Strong's
          epistemology and panpsychism.

     Temple, Sir Wm.,  'As Political Philosopher' ms lecture


Box 11:        Whitehead -
               The Anomaly of Knowledge

     Whitehead,  'Bifurcation' ms fragments and notes.

          'Bifurcation, Discussion on Whitehead, Harvard, Nov.,
          1932' ms lecture and notes, on reading and discussion.

          'Errors and Delusions' notes

          'Events and objects,' notes

          'Nature, Meaning of,' notes

          'Organic view' notes

          'Simple Location,' notes

          'Simple Location, not needed' notes

          'Supplementary of denial of simple location,' ms

          'Temporalist & Freedomist Strains,' notes

          'Spec notes for remainder of Car. Lect. III'

          Typescript of ms on Whitehead, possibly part of Carus

          Misc. ms fragments and notes.
     The Anomaly of Knowledge,  Revised version of AK (1923)  With
          outline of proposed book 1959

          'AKNPIV Do Ideas Exist?' ms fragments for Chapter IV of
          book 1959
          some comments on the New Realists.

          'For AK, On Behaviorism, Viennese Logical-Positivism,
          Ms draft, largely typed.  Recapitulates views of
          "Thinking Behaviorist"

          'AKNP - S. Alexander on consciousness, and my comments'

          'AK-Ryle, Duplicates and Discards, Notes and Mss.'

          'AK-NP, I. [? Prolegomena,] Notes and Parts of ms for
          1958,' includes a discard in which AOL compares self to

          'AK-NR, Pastness and Transcendence, typed ms.'


Box 12:        Approbativeness - Behaviorism

RHN = Reflections on Human Nature

     Approbativeness,  The Indictment of Pride, typescript of
          Lecture VII, RHN

          Approbativeness and 'Pride' in Political and Economic
          Thought, typescript of Lecture VI, RHN

          The 'Love of Praise' as the substitute for 'Reason and
          Virtue' in Seventeenth and Eighteenth century Theories of
          Human Nature, draft ms of Lecture V of RHN

          Misc. ms fragments from RHN

          Approbativeness as the Universal, Distinctive, and
          Dominant Passion of man
          typescript draft of Lecture IV of RHN

     Behaviorism,  Misc. notes, lecture fragments and reprints of
          articles, several by Watson, all dealing with

     Behaviorism,  'Introductory: Definitions and Classification of
          Varieties' misc notes.

          'Definition and Varieties (Lect. notes, 1930)'

          'Bibliographical Notes, Gen. & unclassified.'      Behaviorism,  'The Arguments of Behaviorism'  ms lecture notes
          on Methodological Behaviorism and Existential
          Behaviorism, dated 1937

          'Methodological Behaviorism, Psychophysical Dualism, For
          Harvard course' ms lecture notes on Boring.

          'E.G. Boring's articles'

          'Existential Behaviorism,' misc. notes

          'Introspection,' misc. notes

          'Operational Behaviorism, Philos Anthrop (Harvard?)' Ms
          lecture on criticism of Boring on duration.

          'Semasiological Behaviorism' ms lecture

Box 13:        Behaviorism - Carus Lecture Notes

          Lecture on Boring and Behaviorism dated Dec. 16, 1937, at

          Misc. ms fragments and notes.

     Carus Lecture Notes,  'Philos Rev. Comments of Presidential
          Address and Reply'
          Galleys of Discussion of Presidential Address, with AOL
          marginal comments, in PR, Typed copy of Creighton's
          comment, Typed and expanded version of AOL reply to
          Creighton, as ms draft of the previous.

          'Carus Lectures, Materials for Introduction,' misc. notes

          'Argt for realism,' misc ms. fragments and notes

          'Suggestions For Carus Lectures, Apr. 26, 1927' outlines
          a scheme different from RD, more along the lines of
          Presidential address of 1916

          Ms lecture on knowing and transcending standpoints.

          Misc. notes and ms fragments.

     Carus Lecture Notes (correspondence)

          'The Problems of Vicarious Presence' ms fragments.

          'Time Process, Atomic vs Continuity Theory'  misc. notes.

     Carus Lecture Notes (correspondence),

          'The Problems of Vicarious Presence', ms fragments.

          'Time Process, Atomic vs Continuity Theory' misc. notes.

          'Revolt against the 17th Century' misc notes.

          'Notes for addition to the lecture I'

          'II The first phase, exposition of,' misc notes, and ms.

          'First Phase "Gen. Strategy"' notes and ms fragments.

          'The first phase, reasons for faulure of,' notes

          'First phase, notes, ways of meeting dualistic argts.'

          'Causes of Revolt, notes: for revision, May, 1929'

          'Lect III, Man as Epistemological Animal,' ms fragment
          and notes.

          'Memos' misc notes.

          'Nature of Knowing as a Natural Event,' misc. notes.

          'To classify' misc. notes.

Box 14:        Chain of Being 

     Chain of Being,  Ms. fragment of introduction.

          Review of CB by Walter Puck, of Baltimore, typed copy.

          'Topic and Reading Refs, 1927-28,"  Some for course on CB
          in 27-28.

          'Temporalizing of Ch. of Being, Akenside' notes on

          'Temporalizing of the Chain of Being,' Misc. notes

          'Temporalizing of C of B' misc notes.

          'The ultimate irrationality (Princ of Suff Reason)--

          'Princ of Plenitude on Recent Philos...' ms fragment and

     Chain of Being,  Ms fragment of introduction

          'Working Refs in C. of B. Feb. 1934' notes.

          'Critics of' misc. notes.

          'In Antiquity and MA,' misc notes.

          'Latest working refs,' notes.

          'Notes for additions & revision of typed ms.'

          'Poss additions to Galley Proof' notes.

          'Mod Period, Chiefly 17th-18th Cents,' notes, dated 1933

     Chain of Being,  Diagram of related ideas in chain

          'III.  Leibniz : The Principle of Sufficient Reason and
          the Principle of Plenitude,' typed copy, different from
          GCB, possibly for lecture.

          Misc. ms fragments, notes, and bibliography.

     Chain of Being (Greek and Medieval)

          'Bibliography slips:  Greek Sources'

          'In Medieval Thought' misc. notes.

          'Aquinas & Abelard' misc notes.

          'Aristotle:  Principle of Continuity'  ms fragament and
          misc. notes.

          'In MA, The Internal Strains,'  ms fragments and misc.

          Misc loose notes.

Box 15:        Chain of Being  (Greek and Medieval)

          'Plato, Theory of ideas in Gen.'  ms fragments and notes

          'Plato, Idea of the Good in General,'  notes and ms

          'Plato, Conception of God'  misc. notes.
     Chain of Being (Greek and Medieval)

          'Prince of Plenitude' ms fragment and notes.

          'Plato, Are the doctrines of the Dialogues Plato's own?'

          'Plato, On otherworldliness, etc,' Lecture of Ch of Being
          Course, 10/21/27.

          'Neoplatonism, Theodicy, Notes'

          'Proclus, misc notes'

     Chain of Being (Leibniz)

          'Princ of Suffic. Reason' misc notes.

          'Idea of Divine Self-sufficiency'  misc. notes.

          'Is moral evil reducible to metaphysical' misc. notes.

          'Principle of Plenitude,' misc. notes.

          'Princ. of Plenitude, II  The exigentia existendi' misc.

          'Princ. of Plenitude & Existence of Matter,' misc. notes.

          'All contingent judgments reducible to necessary ones,'
          misc. notes.

          'For revision of Leibniz' misc. notes.

          'Ms for ms,' misc. notes.

          Draft ms. of part of Leibniz lecture

          Misc. notes and ms fragments

     Chain of Being (18th Century)

          'Princ. of Plenitude and Microbiology,' misc. notes.

          'Use of Conception, in Argt for Optimism,' misc notes and
          ms fragments.

          'King & Leibniz:  chiefly theodicy,' ms fragments and

          'Man's Place, Addenda' misc. notes.
          'Notes used'
          'Conceptions of Man's place in nature, Carbon and
          discards,' ms fragments Box 16:        Chain of Being (Plurality of Worlds)

          Argt abt in 19th Century' misc. notes.

          Late 17th and 18th century,' misc. notes.

          'G. Bruno,' Ms fragment.

          'Kant' ms fragments and notes.

          'Keppler (to revise)' ms fragments and notes.

          'Present Evidence' misc. notes.

          'Misc--Used or not needed' notes and ms fragments'

          Assorted loose notes and ms fragments.

          AOL copy of original edition of GCB, few marginal notes.

     Chain of Being (Eternity of the the world)

          'Bibliographical' notes

          'General Significance of Issue' ms fragment and notes.

          'In Greek Philosophy' notes.

          'Intro re Xtnty & Augustine' ms fragments and notes.

          'Henry More Ms. I' ms. fragments.

          'H. More:  Concepts of matter & extension,' notes

          'H. More,' notes.

          'H. More: (notes and dup. pp.)'

          'Averroes, Thomas Aquinas' ms fragments and notes.

          'Ocellus' notes.

     Chain of Being (Eternity of the world)

          'Origen's views on' ms fragments.

          'Pre-existence of the Soul' notes.

          'Beatific Vision in 17th c. Protestantism,' notes.

          '18th Century, Bayle,' notes

          '18th cent. English Controversy over reality of space &
          time,' notes.

          'Joachim of Flores,' notes.

          ''Misc examples of reaction . . . in idea of eternity of
          world,' notes.

          'Notes; misc, unclssified.'

          Assorted loose notes.

     Chain of Being (additional after publication)

          'Ethan Allen' notes.

          'Necessity, Suff. Reason or Cosmic Indeterminism' notes.

          'Comment on W. [? Lynskey] art.' notes and typed ms.
          'Goldsmith and the Chain of Being' [? JHI]  7, 1946.

          'Sir Wm Petty,' notes.

          'Addit., 1936: Premontval' notes

          'Pereira' ms fragments and notes.

          'Addit material since publication.' notes on P. Sterry

          'In 18th century Biology' notes.

          'The Ultimate Irrationality' ms fragments.

          'Misc. addenda, after publication,' notes.

          Assorted reviews of GCB and a number of articles that
          contain references to GCB.

          Assorted loose notes.

Box 17:        China and Europe

     China & Europe 16th-18th Century (Correspondence),  'China in
          the Eyes of Europe,' AOL ms.
          Material in this box the gift of Robert Rosenthal,
          Curator of Special Collections, Univ. of Chicago, Sept.

          China & Europe in 16th-18th Centuries (correspondence)
          13 letters, most to AOL, from Derk Bodde, D.C. Allen,
          Donald Lasch, William Appleton, re AOL work on the
          Chinese influence in Europe.

          China in the Eyes of Europe, 1580-1780, by AOL
          Tentative outlines of the volume, one dated 1948.
          Ms. apparently complete, of article 'China in the Eyes of
          Europe, 1580-1780.
          Largely typed with some corrections by AOL
          Partial carbon and ms. draft of the above.

     China & Europe 16th-18th Century (Miscellaneous Notes).  From
          Univ of Chicago.

          Assorted loose reviews of books and articles on China and
          chinese influence.

          'China in Europe' notes apparently taken in Lib. of

          'Chinese Vogue in Europe, 17th-18th c.' notes.

          'Chinese Origin, Use or discarded for 1947 revision'

          Folder of misc. ms. notes by AOL


Box 18:        Communists - Desire

     Communism in Christianity

          'Communism in Xtnty - before 5th c.'  ms fragments,
          usually typed on several early expressions of communistic

          'Communism in Xtnty - to 5th century' notes on early
          church fathers.

          'M.A. Unclassified - after 8th c.' notes

          'Bibliography: Mod Works on.'

     Communism in Christianity

          'Basil, Wealth,' typed ms on Basil.

          Typed ms fragment on Duns Scotus

          Notes on Tertullian

          Ms on Shepherd of Hermas, not in AOL handwriting.

     Communists as Teachers (Reply to Lowe)

          Copy of JP, XLIX, Feb 14, 1952 with the debate between
          AOL, Lowe, and Hook

          Galley Proofs of AOL replies to Lowe

          Copy of AOL article in American Scholar.

          'Reply to Lowe and related Papers'  Copies of articles in
          dispute, plus "Communists, Congressmen, and the
          Colleges," ts, by AOL.

     Consciousness,  'Consciousness,' ms lecture on the meaning and
          nature of consciousness.

          Notebook contain ms lectures and notes on consciousness,
          probably 1914-15

     Consciousness,  'Ideas in Intertemporal Cognition,' notes and
          article by Robertson.

          'The Conception of consciousness' bibliography for APA,

     Consent of the Governed,

          'Consent of Governed, applic to indiv, Pol Philos, 1927,'
          ms lecture on the rights of individuals, also ms fragment
          on Locke.

          Applic. to Communities,' ms lecture and notes.

          Assorted loose notes.

     Desire,  'Pleasant-Idea Theory of Desire,' notes.

          'Psychology of Desire and Choice,' ms fragments and

          'Introd. to' notes on meetings of Philos Sem., 1931,
          other notes.

     Desire,  'Preconceived - Good Theory of Desire' ms fragments.

          'Methodological Preliminaries to Psychology of Moral
          Consciousness.' ms lecture.

          'Psychol of Desire, I. Feelings' notes.

          'Trolands, Fundamentals of Human Motivation,' ms
          discussion of with reports of Seminary, 1932.

          'Ehrenfels,' notes.

          Assorted ms. fragments, notes, and reports on meetings of
          the Seminary, 1931.


Box 19:        Distribution - Dualism, Revolt Against

     Distribution,  'Distribution,' notes

          'On the Gen. canons of Distribution,' ms lecture on
          economic distribution of wealth. 1920

          'Effect of Distributive System upon Production,' ms
          lecture, note.

          'Soc. Justice -- Single Tax,' ms. lectures on these
          topics, notes. Feb. 1920.

          Several loose ms lectures on distribution, also loose

     Dualism,  Revolt against,

          'Wolf on Natural Realism,' reprint of article, by Wolf.

          'Critics of Revolt on Theory of Knowledge as Mediate,'

          'Illusion and Error and Direct Realism,' notes and as

          'Some mixed theories,' notes.

          'Causes of the Revolt Against Belief in Ideas,' notes.

          'Psychophys. Dualism' ms lecture, May 2, 1935, notes on
          content of consciousness.

          'Yale Philosophy Club, May 24, 1935, "Dualism &
          Agnosticism,"' ms lecture in reply to critics of RD.
     Dualism, Revolt Against,

          Typed copy of a reply to G.E. Moore criticisms of RD in
          course given by Moore.
          18 pp. Deals mainly with the problem of finite speed of
          light.  Appears to have ms. comments by Moore attached.

          'Dualism and Scientific Objects,' typed ms fragments and
          ms fragments of article entitled Psychophysical Dualism
          and Scientific Objects.  This may be early draft of
          another ms. 'Are both Perceptual Objects and Scientific
          Objects part of the Physical World?' in Dewey Box 6, the
          language is largely the same.

          Assortment of reprints and clipping of reviews of RD.



Box 20:        Education, Enlightenment, English Gardens, Ethics

     Education,  Box appears to have nothing on education in it.

     Enlightenment,  Assorted loose ms fragments.

          'Misc.' notes, outlines, and ms fragment on 18th century.

          '#5, Disparagement of originality,' ms fragment.

          '#7, Assumption of simplicity,' ms fragment and notes.

          'General characteristics, Rationalistic primitivism,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          '#9, (in Parallel) Conception of History,' ms fragments.

          'General Characteristics,'notes

          'Gen. Characteristics, Unclassified' ms fragments and

     English Gardens (go–t chinois)


          'Notes for Revision of Pt 1, Apr., 1930, 1932'

          'Misc. notes.'

          '18th cent. criticisms of, reaction against,' misc.

     English Gardens (go–t chinois)

          'Word Sharawadgi,' notes.

          'Gen vogue of chinoiseries' notes.

          'to be classified,' notes

          'English Garden,' misc notes.

          'English & Chinese Garden' notes.

          'Duplicates,' notes

          Boynton, Grace, 'Notes on the origin of chinese private

          Assorted loose notes and ms. fragments.

     English Gardens (Gothic revival)

          'Supp. Notes,'

          'Baroque (& Gothic),' notes.

          'Conception of Gothic and Anti-Gothicism, 17th-18th
          Centuries,' notes.

          'The first gothic revival and the return to nature' ms

          'First Gothic Revival:  Evidences of extent before
          1770's,' notes.

          'Gothic arch in Goethe and German Romanticists,' notes.

          'Later phases,' notes.

          'Walpole and Gray & Gothic Arch,' notes.

          'The Wartons & Gothic,' notes.

          'Re Gothic, comm [? w.] nationalistic primitivism in 18th
          Century,' notes.

          'Gothic Architecture & Poetic Style,' notes.

          'The Picturesque:  Notes and Refs on History of Concept
          of,' notes.

          'Bally Langley & Sanderson Miller,' ms fragments

     English Gardens (Gothic Revival)

          'Unused & duplicates,' notes and ms fragments.

          Assorted loose notes and ms fragments.

     Ethics,  'Ethics, Misc.' Misc. notes and outlines for ethics
          courses, 1909-10, 1914-15.

          'Conceptions of Justice (Notes and clippings), ms
          fragment dealing with justice and taxation.

          'Evolutionary Hedonism,' notebook containing notes and ms

          Assorted ms fragments, loose.

     Christian Ethics and Economic Competition,

          Jumbled collection of at least 3 and possibly more ms on
          the above subject.


Box 21:        Evolution

     Emergent Evolution,

          'The Meanings of emergence and its modes,' ms, part typed
          and part hand.
          Also there are assorted loose ms fragments.
          Ms. titled, 'Meaning, Grounds, and Consequences of the
          Hypothesis of Emergent Evolution.' appears fragmentary.

          'Functional Emergence, state of evidence' ms fragments.

          'McDougall,' notes.

          'T.A. More,' ms fragment and notes.

          'Bibliographical Notes,'

          'Future of Earth and Man,' notes.

          'Alternatives to Emergent; the retrotensive method,' ms

          Assorted loose notes and ms fragments.

     Evolution, History of

          'Notes for Intro Chapter on situation at beginning of
          18th century,
     Evolution, History of

          'Herder and his evolutionism,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Temporalizing of Ch. of Being, Kant,' notes.

          'Maupertius' notes

          'Schelling,' notes

          '17-18th c. Evolutionism,' notes and ms fragment.

          'The situation before the mid-18th century,' notes.

Box 22:        Evolution

          '18th C. Evolutionism, the meaning of species,' notes.

          'Buffon & the sterility of hybrids,' notes.

          'Diderot,' notes.

          'Bonnet,' notes.

          'Preformationism pro and con, 18th cent.' notes.

          Letter and paper by Joseph Blickensderfer on Monboddo.

          Loose notes and bibliography.

     Evolution, History of the Theory of,

          'Principle of Continuity & Conception fo Species,
          Buffon,' notes.

          'Goldsmith in Animated Nature,' notes and ms fragments.

          'C of B in 18th Century in General, notes and tentative

          'The notion of species, Classification of Animals,'

          Draft ms on E. Darwin, loose copies of articles by

          Other loose ms fragments and notes.

     Evolution (Apes and Man)

          'Bibliographical References,'

     Evolution (Apes and Man)

          'Genesis of Evolutionism, Descartes,' ts fragment and
          misc. notes.

          'Memos for Outline & Gen. Notes.'

          'Man and Apes,' several smaller envelopes of notes.

          'Anticipations of Malthusian & Darwinian Ideas,' ms
          fragments and notes.

          '18th c. Evolutionism, Obstacles to its Acceptance,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          'Linnaeus,' notes

          'Paleontology, Fossils, Hist. of Ideas about,' notes.

          'Leibniz, Protogaea notes.

          'Temporalizing of Chain of Being, Was Leibniz an
          evolutionist?' notes.

          'Leibniz and the Notion of Species,' notes.

          Assorted loose notes.


Box 23:        Evolution

     Evolutionism (Spencer)

          'Gen Characteristics & Methods,' notes and ms fragment.

          'The Unknowable,' ms lecture.

          'Notes on Pt. II of First Principles,' notes

          'Aspects of his Biology,' ms lecture.

          'References,' notes.

          'His attempt at a deductive system,' notes and ms

          'Misc.' notes.

          'Chain of Being, Lex continum & evolutionism,' notes.

     Organic Evolution (arguments for)

          'AOE, Baden Powell on Vestiges,' notes.

          'AOE, Sterility of hybrids,' ms fragments.

          'AOE, III, Misc ms. & typed sheets, unarranged'

          'AOE, III, Argt from the Homologies,' notes.

          'To look up,' notes.

          'AOE, Misc notes and possible addenda, Oct., 1956,'

          Glass araticle on Maupertius.

          Misc notes and outlines for Argument for Organic
          Evolution and the Forerunners of Darwin volume.

     Evolution, (Seminar 1929-30)

          'General bibliography'

          'Suggestions for Rept topics'

          '2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Remks on non-statistical form
          of argt concerning,' ms lecture.

          '2nd Law of Thermodynamics, Remks on Statistical form of
          argument,' ms fragment, notes.

          '2nd Law of T. .. Bibliogr, Outlines & Notes.'

          'Descartes, His monde and evolutionism,' ms fragment.

          'Lucretius & Emergence,' notes.

          'Royce, the Temporal and the Eternal, Exposition and

          'The Idealist Criticism, Royce,' ms fragments.

          'Millikan's Cosmic Rays and the 2nd Law of
          Thermodynamics,' notes.

          Ms lecture on the idea of progress in the 19th and 20th
          centuries, also some loose assorted notes.

Box 24:        Fire Cults and Mana Concept

     Fire Cults and Mana Concept

          Misc notes on the subject, some in Wash. Univ. envelopes.

          Ms fragments on fire cults and other primitive practices,
          related to his article 'The fundamental concept of the
          primitive philosophy,' Mo, 16:357-82, 1906

     Freedom, 'Academic Freedom' 8pp. typed ms., no indication of

          A collection of correspondence relating to academic
          freedom cases during WWI and to AOL writing report on
          academic freedom in war.

          'Comments on Report on Freeedom,' January 1955, by AOL
          typescript copy

          Assorted loose notes and outlines.

Box 25:        History of Ideas:

     History of Ideas (Book Reviews)

          Assorted correspondence, mss., and notes connected with
          the Journal of the History of Ideas and related things.

     History of Ideas Journal

          Folder of Book Reviews of Essays in the History of Ideas.

          Misc. material relating to the founding of JHI, By-Laws,
          advertising, etc.

          Further material relating to JHI and Committee on the
          History of Ideas.

          Galley Proofs of article by W. Stull Holt., other
          material on JHI.

          Misc. other material relating to JHI, many copies of
          annual reports, reports of board meetings, reports on ms.

     History of Ideas (Pamphlets and Misc.)

          A number of pamphlets and offprints of articles, none by

Box 26:        Hypothesis of Ideas (Historical)

     Hypothesis of Ideas (Historical)

          'Malebranche, Ideas in the Recherche' ms fragment.

          'Malebranche, Ideas in the Entretiens,' ms fragment.

          'Malebranche, misc.' ms fragments and notes.

          '18th c. epistemology, Th. of Ideas, Condillac &
          Ideologists,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Museums & Inventions 16th-17th centuries,' notes.

          Misc. loose ms fragments and notes.

     Hypothesis of Ideas (Historical)

          'The History of Science and the History of Ideas,' ms

          'Ideas, Th. of perception,' notes.

          'Reid,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Reid II' notes and ms fragments.

          'Hume,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Locke, theory of knowl,' ms fragments.

          'Locke versus objective relativism,' contains ms and
          notes on Lamprecht and epistemological dualism.

          'Locke, Primary and Secondary qualities,' ms fragmaents.

          'Locke, ideas' ms fragments.

          Several loose ms fragments.

Box 27:        Hypothesis of Representative Ideas

     Hypothesis of Representative Ideas


          'Prelim: Statement of Problems...'  Notes, outlines, and
          ms fragments.

     Hypothesis of Representative Ideas

          'On plan of procedure for arriving at conclusion on
          problem,' ms lecture.

          'Meaning of physical world (including disc. of
          internality of relations)' Ms lecture.

          'Arnauld,' notes.

          'Hobbes,' notes.

          'Ideas, Locke and Hume,' notes

          'Anomaly of Knowledge,' notes and supplementary material.

          'Images, I: In Perception,' ms lecture, March 30, 1922.

          'Images in Perception: II (April 20, 1921 Colloquium)' ms

          Assorted ms fragments, and notes.

     Infinite and the Continuum

          'Topic of the Mathematical Infinite, Bibliography,'

          'Russell on Zeno's paradoxes.' notes and ms fragment.

          'Russell-Frege, Definition of Number,' ms lecture, notes.

          'Transfinite Numbers, Are they self-contradictory?' ms
          lecture, notes.

          Loose notes, ms fragments, and reprints of articles.

Box 28:        Infinite and the Continuum

     Infinite and the Continuum

          'Infinity, Leibniz,' ms lecture, 2/7/21 Chicago, early
          form of GCB on Leibniz

          'Leibniz and the continuum' ms lecture, notes, outline of
          course, 1920-21.

          Renouvier & Neo-Criticists,' notes.

          'Zeno,' notes.

          'Zeno's Paradoxes,' ms fragments.

     Infinite and the Continuum

          Assorted loose ms fragments, citations, and other notes.

     Interaction Problem

          'Mind-Body Problem, Unclassified notes, 1937.' notes.

          'Mind-Body (Interaction) Problem, Student Reading, Refs.

          'Pragmatic Interactionism & Pragmatism, Misc. notes.'

          'Notes and Queries on Dunlap's paper (Feb. 8, 1935)'

          'Mind-Body Problem ...Bibliography'

          Misc loose notes.

Box 29:        Meaning - Theory: general

     Meaning - Theory: general

          'Meaning, 1930, Lecture #2,' ms fragments.

          'Meaning, Lect. II, Reference (pt. 1.)' ms lecture.

          'Meaning: Lecture IV, Reference, concluded,' ms lecture.

          'Dewey re Knowing as a Natural Event' ms fragment.

          'Knowing and its Place, Misc. notes and memos,'

          Set of reports of the Philosophical Seminary, 1930-31.

          Misc. ms fragments and notes.

          'Operational Theory of Meaning,' typed ms fragments, by
          AOL, reprints of articles by others


Box 30:        Theory of Meaning (Peirce, James, Bridgman)
               Theory of Meaning  (Neo-Positivism)

     Theory of Meaning (Peirce, James, Bridgman)

          Folder of ms fragments on theory of meaning, one large
          section on Carnap.

          'Classification of Principle views about Transcendent
     Theory of Meaning (Peirce, James, Bridgman)

          'Bridgman' operational theory' notes

          Considerable number of loose ms fragments, including some
          on James, Peirce, pragmatic theories of meaning, Laird,
          normative and descriptive epistemology

     Theory of Meaning (neo-positivism)

          Lecture on Carnap and meaning, ms.

          A number of other lecture fragments, some on James and
          futurist theory of meaning.

          'Criteria etc. of Meaning, for Singer volume,' copy of ms
          typed, ms fragments.

Box 31:        Meaning

     Meaning, 'Pragmatism:  Discrimination of James's Definitions
          of Meaning and Criterion of Truth' notes and ms

          'Pragmatism: James's misunderstanding of: with critical
          comment, esp'ly on Pragmatism & Realism,' ms fragment and

          'Dewey, Exp & Nature, Notes.'

          'Dewey; Meaning: Misc. notes' ms fragments.

          'The Radical-Experimentalist Th. of Meaning,' notes and
          ms fragments.

          'Harvard Sem., For Bibliography' notes.

          'Harvard Course, Misc. memoranda' notes.

          Misc. ms fragments, outlines, bibliography, notes.

     Meaning, 'Carnap: Kriterium des Siunes' notes.

          'Theory of the Objectivity of Meaning,' notes and ms

          'C.I. Lewis: Theory of Meaning and Knowledge,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          Misc. loose ms fragments, most dealing with C.I. Lewis.

          'Theory of Meaning, Schlick,' notes

          'Schlick, et al, Communication, etc.' Ms lectures.

          Assorted ms fragments dealing with various aspects of
          meaning, many carbons and duplicates of ms in other boxes
          on meaning.

Box 32:        Nature as Aesthetic Norm
               Appeal to Nature

     Nature as Aesthetic Norm

          'Nature as the out-of-doors,' notes.

          'Nature as teacher of morals,' notes.

          'Unclassified notes.'

          'Nature as characterized by fullness,' notes.

          '#6 Regularity,' notes.

          'Imitating Nature (art): Aristotle,' notes and ms

          Folder on Poetry, notes.

          'Shakespeare and Montaigne, The Tempest,' ms fragments
          and notes.

          'Shakespeare and Montaigne, II, Winters Tale,' ms

          'Natural law in the Renaissance,' notes.

          Early draft, typed copy, of Nature as Aesthetic Norm

          Misc. loose notes.

     Appeal to Nature,

          'Word "Nature"' notes.

          'Nature as Norm,' notes and ms fragments.

          Assorted loose notes and bibliographies.

          'Nature as Norm, Sophistic period, Callicles in Gorgias,'
          ms fragment, notes

          'Nature in Hippocratica,' ms fragment, notes.

          'Philos.  Prim: Nat vs Art,' notes, not in AOL

          Assorted loose notes and ms fragments.

Box 33:        Philosophy of Nature

     Philosophy of Nature,

          'Introd to status of Scientific Objects,' ms lecture.

          'Status of scientific objects on McGilvary's 'Physics and
          Metaphysics" ms fragment.

          'Status of sci & C.S. Objects: Second Issue, Sem. 1933-
          34' ms fragment.

          'Third Issue, on Stace,' ms fragment.

          'Status of Sci Objects & Swann on Reality in Physics,' ms

          'Bifurcation--not to be used,' ms fragments.

          'Status of Sci. Objects, Final discussion April 19, 26,
          1934,' ms fragments.

          Several loose ms fragments on the status of scientific

          'Analytical Outline for Discussion of Status of Common-
          Sense and Scientific Objects.' Seminar 1934

          'Recapit & Formulation of Questions, Views, Issues,' ms

          'Principle of Indeterminacy,' ms lectures.

     Philosophy of Nature,

          'Sellars: Physics and Ontology,' copy of paper by Mr.
          Davids on Sellars, AOL ms referring to this paper.

          'Sellars, Diagram of his Epistemological & Ontological
          Scheme,' notes.

     Peace (Place of Force in Maintenance of)

          'Peace in Your Time?, JHU Liberal Club, Jan. 16, 1930' ms

          'Use for Int. Police Force,' notes.

          'W. Lippmann,' ms fragments.

Box 34:        Peace


          Ms fragment of speech on "Adult Education and Post-War
          Planning" by AOL, 6/8/43 to Adult Education Council of
          Greater Boston.

          Analytical Outline of Question Proposed for Discussion at
          Conference on the Enforcement of Peace by Military
          Sanctions meeting held by Universities Committee on Post-
          war International Problems, June 5, 1943, prepared by AOL

          Record of the above conference with AOL serving as

          Analytical Outline of Conference on Treatment of Germany,
                    UCP-WIP, 7/17/43  no indication of authorship.

          misc. notes.

     Peace (Conf. on Enforcement)

          'Memorandum on Plans for an International Armed Force
          proposed in 1919 and the reasons for their failure.' by
          AOL for UCP-WIP.  typed copy

          'Memorandum, Recent Plans for an International Armed
          Force' by AOL, 8/31/42  Mimeographed copy.

          'An Inquiry into the consequenes of American membership
          in an International Organization to Enforce Peace,' by
          AOL typed copy and ms.

     Peace (Conference on Enforcement)

          Original Typed ms of the Record of the Conference on the
          Enforcement of Peace in Boston, 6/5/43.

          Petitions from JHU Faculty calling for US entry into WWI
          against Germany, 1917?

     Peace (League of Nations)

          Minutes of meeting, organizational memos, and handbooks
          of the Md Committee for Concerted Peace Efforts, 1939
          AOL Chairman.

          Material relating to MdCCPE, Md Branch League of Nations
          Assn. and Md. Committee for Non-Participation in Japanese
          Aggression, AOL chairman.  Committee meeting minutes,
          various resolutions and news letters.  1939

          'Material for Program of MdCCPE, 1/9/39' misc. notes,
          lists resolutions.

          'On the Draft Charter of the United Nations,' delivered
          to Balto Bar Assn., May 1, 1945.  A critical view of the
          charter.  ms lecture.

Box 35:        Philosophy of Anthropology        
               Philosophy of Science
               Historiography of Philosophy

     Philos. Anthropology

          'Introductory, Relation of this inquiry to ethics,'

          'Gen. Presumptions against Dualism,' notes, ms fragment.

          '2nd. meeting, 10/7/37,' ms lecture, course will largely
          be a defense of psychophysical dualism.

          '3rd meeting, 10/14/37,' largely a definition of terms,
          ms lecture.

          '4th meeting, 10/19/37,' ms lecture, largely on origin of

          '5th meeting, 10/26/37,' on contemp dualism, ms lecture.

          '6th meeting, 10/28/37,' ms lecture, on content of

     Philos. Anthropology

          '7th meeting,' recapitulation and on cause and effect, ms

          'Consciousness: its Existence, etc.' notes.

          '12th meeting, 11/20/37,' ms lecture, on what happens
          when perception occurs especially with regard to James's

     Philos. of Science

          'Sem. '33-4, Dec. 7,' ms fragment and outlines for
          Philosophy of Nature seminar on status of scientific

          'Philosophy of Science,' ms fragment.

          Reprints of three articles by others.

          Assorted ms fragments from the Philos. Anthro. course at
          Harvard, 1937 and from a Mind-Body Seminar, 1934-35.

     Historiography of Philosophy,

          Syndicalism & Bergsonism, Outline for Pol Econ Club,
          mostly notes.

          Syndicalism as a Gospel of Work, notes.

          Loose ms fragments on historiography of philosophy.

          'Woodbridge, notes and comments on,' notes and ms

          'Historiography of Philosophy,' ms fragments on subject,
          Abstracts by Randall and Lamprecht and AOL with some
          correspondence and comments.  1938-39

          'Historiography of Philosophy, misc. notes.

          'Historiography of Philosophy, 1938' misc. ms fragments
          of Present Standpoints and past History.

Box 36:        Other Philosophical Problems
               Political Philosophy

     Other Philos. Problems.

          'Relation of Theory of Essences in Psychology,' notes and
          ms fragments
     Other Philos. Problems.

          'Fr. Sec. Philos.' paper, notes.

          'Ethics,  Fite in Individualism and Moral Philosophy,' ms
          fragment, notes.

          'Ethics - T.H. Green' notes and ms fragments.

          'Ethics, G.E. Moore, Principia Ethica' notes and ms

          'Psychophys Prob, Hollingsworth,' notes.

          'Psych of M.C., Methodology:  Desc of Perry on,' ms
          fragments critiquing Perry's views.

          'Ps, of M.C., Sharps "Ethics"' notes.

          'Ps of Mor. Consc., Emotions, gen.,' notes.

          Misc. notes and several reports of Seminary, 1931

     Political Philosophy

          'Political Philosophy, Introd,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Medieval Polit. Theory,' notes.

          'Distrib of Pol. Power--esp. on Equality,' ms lectures,
          ms fragments and notes.

          '16-17th Centuries, Gen Introd,' outlines, 1934-35, ms
          lecture, notes.

          Misc loose notes.

     Political Philosophy,

          'Hist. of Pol Philos, For Lect., 1934, Pol Philos as a
          Normative Science,' ms lecture.

          'Machiavelli,' ms. introd lecture.

          'Machiavelli: II, Analysis of Polit Ideas in the
          Discourses,' ms lecture.

          'Machiavelli: Diagrams,'

          '16th Century, Machiavelli,' notes and ms fragments.

     Political Philosophy

          'Pol. Philos, Introd II, Factual issues in pol. philos.'
          ms lecture.

          'Introd; Problems and Methods of Pol Philos., II
          Normative Prob, cont.' ms lecture.

          'Polit. Philos, 1935, Final Lecture,' ms lecture on
          Complexity of pol theory.

          Misc. loose notes and outlines.

Box 37:        Philosophy #7 (Harvard 1937-38)

     Philosophy #7 (Harvard 1937-38)

          'Minutes of the G.P.S. of H. University, 1895.  Graduate
          Philosophical Society of Harvard University.'  Minutes
          kept by J.D. Logan and AOL as secretary, also includes
          1896-97 when AOL was secretary.

          'Syllabus for Phil. 7'  it was the Philos. Anthro course

          'Notes on W. James  Does Consciousness Exist?'  ms
          fragments and notes.

          'Romanticism: Harvard Course, 1st meeting, 10/4/37' ms
          lecture along the lines of Discrimination of
          Romanticisms, but more general.

          'Philo. Anthropology, First meeting, 10/5/37,' ms

          'Philosophy 7 Harvard Examinations.'

          'Philos. Anthropology Harvard, 1937-38, Tentative

          Misc. outlines and notes.

     Philosophy #7 (Harvard 1937-38)

          'Psychophys Prob, II The Causal or Mind-Body Problem,'
          2 ms lectures, March, 1938

          'Mind-Body Problem, Lect. 3, March 29, 1938,' ms lecture,

     Philosophy #7 (Harvard 1937-38)

          'Interaction Prob and Conservation of Energy,' ms
          lecture, largely on Broad.

          'Beginning of Psychology of Motivation.' ms lecture

          'Psychology of Motivation, 4/14/38' ms lecture.


          'Relation to Behaviorism and Materialism,' notes and ms

          Several tentative Table of Contents for book on
          Reflections on Recent Philosophies, to be reprints of a
          number of articles on Pragmatism and several new ones.
          late 1930's

          Ms. fragments, apparently for preface to RRP, other
          tentative tables of contents as late as 1956 on revisions
          of RRP, ms fragments on James and FSC Schiller, assorted
          loose notes etc.

Box 38:        Pride
               Primitive Religion

     Pride,  'For Bibliography, 17th-18th c.'

          'Cooper Lectures, Swarthmore, Tentative Outlines.'

          'Amour-propre' notes.

          'Satires against Man, Superiority of the Animals,' notes.

          'A. Clutton-Brook, Pooled Self-Esteem, Atlantic Mo. Dec.,
          1921' notes and comments on article.

          'Hobbes: "Glory"' ms fragment.

          'Hobbes, Social Psychology,' ms fragments and notes.

          'Mandeville,' ms fragments and notes.

          'Spinoza,' notes.

          'Appraisal of Human Nature,' notes.

          'Recognition of subconscious,' notes.

          'Revision of Analysis of Volition,' ms fragment.
     Pride,  'Theory of Human Nature, Bibliographies.'

          'Desires & Self-Conscious' notes.

          'Pride and War, 17-18th centuries,' notes and ms

          'Pride and Love of Fame,' notes.

          'Addenda for Terminology' notes and ms fragments.

          'Notes, Sept. 15, 1946,'

          'Addit notes on Pride.'

          'Consider for Addenda to I and III, Aug. 1948' notes and
          ms fragments.

          'Addenda, misc., 1947' notes and ms fragments.

          'Misc., Examines, tentatively rejected, Feb, 1952,'

          'Used notes re Pride.'

          '17th-18th c. Misc.' notes

          Misc. loose notes, ms fragments, some for RHN, and
          several articles on Pride.

     Primitivism,  Grants-Progress-Reports-Finance-Correspondence

          Various reports on progress of the Study of Primitivism
          for the early 1930's, 1930-34.

          'Idea of Progress, Basil & followers,' notes


          Misc. Notes.

     Primitive Religion

          'Ghosts, Soul-theory, Burial Customs, Eschatology,'

          'Sacrifice,' notes.

          'Creation Mythe,' notes

          'Manitouism Paper, Parts not printed,' ms fragments of
          Fundamental Concept of Primitive Philosophy.

     Primitive Religion

          'Notes, Miscellaneous and Unclassified.'

          ''Religion Lectures,' ms fragments, some from 1905-06 and
          others from 1900.
          1905-06 offered a course on the phenomenology of

          'Numinism, Taboos,' notes

          Assorted loose notes and collection of notes in small
          envelopes, also some ms fragments.

Box 39:        Primitivism


          'The Appeal to Nature vs the Idea of Progress, Diagram.'

          'Add to Plato,' notes.

          'Montaigne, III, Primitivism,' ms lecture.

          'Manana, 1599,' ms lectures.

          'Notes on grounds and motives of early mod. primitivism.'

          'James Creighton,' copy of article by him on origin of
          religion, 1817

          'Theory of Progressive Decline, 17th Century,' notes.

          'The Golden Age in the Universal Historians' notes.

          'Idea of Progress in 18th century Theology,' notes.

          Three photostatic copies of articles, documents on

          Folder of unclassified typed notes.

          Article by Michael Kraus, on utopian ideal in Am in 18th

          'Gognet, mainly anti-prim,' notes.

          'Anti-primitivism in Bacon,' notes.

          'Nature, anti-prim. in 16th century, Bodin,' notes.


          'Anti-primitivism in 16th century, Bruno.' notes

          Ms lecture, unfinished, on Necessary Truth, St. Louis,
          ca. 1914.

          Assorted loose notes and ms fragments.


          'Idea of Progress before Augustine,' notes

          'Cosmic degeneration,' Notes

          'OT and Nt courses of chiliasm, and general outlook on
          future,' notes.

          'Pr. II, Sibyllina & Xtn Chiliasm.' notes.

          'Ages of the World,' notes and ms fragment.

          'Future of Mankind,' notes.

          'Course of terrestrial History,' ms fragment and notes.

          Misc. notes, ms fragments, and outlines.


          Collection of correspondence relating to expenses on
          Primitivism project.

          '17th Century, misc. refs.,' notes.

          'Hard primitivism, late 17th and 18th centuries.' notes.

          'Hard primitivism, 18th cent. Evangelical primitivism,
          Buffier,' ms fragment.

          'The noble savage in antiquity,' notes.

          'Notes on Spenser & Primitivism,' notes.

          'State of Nature in Pope,' notes and ms fragment.

          'South Seas Islanders,' notes.

          'Anti- and Semi-primitivism, 18th century, notes.


          'Misc. refs & notes, anti- and semi-primitivism, 18th
          century,' notes.

          Misc loose notes.

Box 40:        Primitivism

     Primitivism (Student's Papers)

          Several Student papers, all relating to various aspects
          of primitivism, many done for an English class.

     Realism, 'S. Alexander:  Mental Activity in Willing and in
          Ideas,' notes on article and critique of it.

          'G. Dawes Hicks on "Appearance and Real Existence,"'
          article and notes on it.

          'Aristotelian Soc. Symposium on Realism & Modern Physics,
          1929,' Notes on Laird.

          'P.T. Nunn, Prob. of Perception. . .' notes and ms.

          'Principle of Indeterminacy,' notes.

          'Gestalt,' notes and ms fragment.

          Reprints of a number of articles.

          'Log. Realism and Psychoph. Monism,' ms fragment.
          (Feb. 1924)

          "Realism, H.H. Price,' notes.

          Considerable collection of correspondence between the
          collaborators on Critical Realism, mainly typed copies.

     Realism, Copy of a ms fragment on error.

          Misc. ms fragments.

Box 41:        Critical Realism and its Critics
               Reason, Understanding, and Time

     Critical Realism and its Critics

          'Can Critical Realism avoid Phenomenalism?' ms fragments
          and notes.

          Flyer indicating AOL with Montague, Dickinson Miller and
          Frank Thilly took part in discussion of Relation of
          Consciousness and Object in Sense perception at meeting
          of APA, Harvard, 12/11/28.

          Copies of abstracts of articles for the above discussion,
          none for AOL, also misc. notes and ms fragments.

          Reprints of several articles and pamphlet on II Neo-
          Realismo Anglo Americano by Pietro Borrelli.

     Reason, Understanding and Time (Typed Ms)

          Apparently complete final typescript with copies of
          Lectures I-III in addition.

Box 42:        Reflections on Human Nature

     Reflections on Human Nature

          'RHN I, The self-appraisals of Man,' final typescript ms.

          'RHN II, The theory of Human Nature. . .' final
          typescript ms.

          'RHN II, possible addition,' ms fragment.

          'Lecture II, Duplicate,' not complete.

          'U.S. Constitution & Polybius,' notes.

          'RHN III,' carbon of lecture III, other ms fragments.

          'RHN III (2) Approbativeness,' ms fragment.

          'RHN III (3) Self-Esteem,' ms fragment.

          'RHN III (4) on Emulation,' ms fragment.

          Misc. notes.
     RHN (Lectures)

          'Human Nature & Social Reform,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Descartes, Reason & the passions,' notes.

          'Tentative Gen Outlines.'

          'Bont‚ naturelle,' ms fragments and notes.

          'RHN, IV & V Duplicates,' ms fragments.

          'RHN IV - duplicates,' notes.

          'RHN Tentative, IV or V, Abbadie,' misc. notes, outlines,
          ms fragments.

          'RHN V, Milton's Lycidas,' notes.

          'Old RHN V, Incomplete and Unarranged,' ms fragments.

          'RHN, to be assorted,' notes, and ms fragments.

     RNH (typed ms)

          Reflections on Human Nature, final typed copy with
          printers notations.

Box 43:        Relativity (before Einstein)

          'Argt agst. Abs Simultaneity' notes.

          'Princ. of Relativity' ms fragments and notes, discussing
          anticipations of in classsical mechanics, also arguing
          against some principles.

          'Classical Princ. of Relativity,' notes.

          'Pre-Einsteinian Relativity,' ms fragments, one dated
          1/5/28, argues for a continuity in beliefs about
          relativity through modern science.

          'Kant and the Principle of Relativity,' notes.

          'Pre-Einsteinian Relativity, Optionality, Reciprocity,'
          ms fragments.

          'Elements of Pre-Einsteinian Relativity, Isolation,
          Invariance,' ms fragments.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragments.

     Relativity (Special Theory)

          'Realism & Relativity - Bibliographies,' also reading
          lists for seminar, 1927-28.

          'Relativity: Report Subjects,' 1927-28.

          'Introd to Analysis of Argt.,' ms fragments.

          'Twin paradox, Illusionist interpretations.' notes.

          'Mathematical derivation of Lorentz-effects.' notes and
          ms lecture, using Born.

          'Lorentz-effects are not physical realities. . .' ms

          'Lorentz-effects, what is meant by speaking of
          contractions and retardations,' ms fragment.

          'Why retardations as well as contractions are necessary,'
          notes and memos.

          'Status of retardations, new notes, etc.'

          'Lecture, Meaning of the principle of Relativity in the
          Special Theory,' ms fragments.

          'The Ritz-Montague alternatives,' ms fragments.

          'Th. of Relativity; Special,' unclassified notes.

     Relativity (General Theory)

          'General Theory,' notes.

          'Logic of Special theory,' notes.

          'Einstein, Arguments agst abs. simultaneity in 1905
          memoir,' notes.

          'Crits of Argt agst Abs Simult.' notes and ms fragments.

          Address by Montague, "Einstein Theory and a Possible

          Assorted loose notes, mainly on absolute simultaneity.

          Letter of W.P. Montague, to AOL, 7/3/29, critiquing,
          though in favorable vein AOL chapter on relativity.

     Relativity (General Theory)

          Several ms fragments on relativity, apparently originally
          designed to be included in some book.

     Relativity (Paradox of Time-retarding Journey)

          'Paradox of Twins, Bergson on,' ms fragment and notes.

          'Attempts to meet objection . . .' ms fragments and

          'Uncopied ms pp for Paradox of Time Retarding Journey'

          'On Welson Carr, Whitehead, Sampson,' ms fragments on
          each of these men.

          'Broad on Status of Contractions and Retardations,' ms

          'Are the contraction and retardations sensible effects,'
          ms fragments, notes.

          'Status of Lorentz-effects,' ms fragments and notes.

          'What does the constancy of c mean?' ms fragments.

          'Einstein: Dialog uber Eumr„nde on the paradox of the
          clocks,' notes.

          'Rel'ty--Carbons,' ms typed, of lecture on Relativistic
          conceptions of time.

          Letter to AOL from Wilmon H. Sheldon, Yale, 2/11/32,
          Critique of AOL articles on relativity.

          Assorted ms fragments on constancy of speed of light,
          paradox of the twins, and Lorentz transformations, also
          some notes.

Box 44:        Relativity (Philosophical Implications)

     Relativity (Philosphical Implications)

          'The modes of Relativity in general,' ms lecture.

          'Senses of Relativity, II,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Types of Interpretation: M. Born,' notes.

     Relativity (Philosphical Implications)

          'Types of Interpretation, Idealistic, Neo-Kantian,
          Cassirer, Haldane,' notes.

          'Dualistic Realism, Eddington, 1921-22,' notes and ms

          'Quasi-Platonic Realism, Weyl,' notes and ms fragment.

          "Revolutions in Science" by Santayana.

          'Philos. Import of--D'Abro (partly neutralistic),' ms

          'Classification,' chart.

          'Relativity & Phenomenalism: Gen Remarks,' ms lecture.

          'Types of Interpretation of, I, Idealistic or
          phenomenalistic,' ms lecture, notes.

          'Philos. Interpretations, I. Realistic, Meyerson.' ms
          fragments, notes.

          'Types of Interpretation of; Neutralistic,' ms fragments,

          'Relativity (Einsteinian) as Critical Realism,' ms
          fragment, notes.

          'Relativity & Dualism,' notes.

          'Types of Interpretation of; Idealistic, Eddington,
          1925,' ms fragments.

          'Contrast between relativity and pan-objectivism,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          Misc. loose ms fragments and notes, also copies of two
          articles by others.

     Relativity, Objective Relativism

          'Relativity and Reality (controversy with Cohen,
          1913-14), reprints of articles.

          'Eddington:  Nature of Phys World, 1929,' notes.

          'Notes on Holt's Concept of Consciousness.'

     Relativity, Objective Relativism

          'Langmuir, Modern Concepts in Physics. . .' reprint of

          'Misc notes for disc. of Obj. Relativism.

          'Relativity & Objectivity, Misc.,' notes.

          'Objective Relativism, Mead,' notes.

          'Whitehead,' notes.

          'Relativity & Objectivity,' notes.

          'Respectivity & Obj. Relativism,' ms fragment, partly on
          M. Cohen.

          'Helmholtz, argts from relativity to subjectivity,'

          'Assumptions of common sense underlying argument from
          relativity to subjectivity,' ms fragment.

          '"Progress in Philos," misc notes.

          Envelope of misc. ms fragments.

          Reprints of a number of articles by others.

          Misc. ms fragments and notes, loose.

     Relativity and Time,

          'Philos. Implications, Bibliography, References.'

          'Lond. Lects I, supposed effects of relativity on time,'

          'Lect. I Prelim. gen. remarks, notes for.'

          'The Implications of Reciprocity,' ms fragments.

          'Time and Relativity, Lect III,' notes

          'Time and Relativity, Notes unclassified for Lectures,'
          also ms fragment.

          'The Absolute Frame of Reference ...' notes.

          'Philos. Interpretations, Bergson,' ms fragment.

     Relativity and Time

          'Einstein and B. Russell,' notes

          'Relativity & Time, Status of t is 4th dimension, is it
          succession,' notes.

          'How E applies t. classical princ of relativity ...' ms
          lecture, notes.

          'Proper times: thesis of plurality of,' ms fragment,

          'Interpretations of Schlick, Guggenheimer,' notes.

          'Time and Relativity,' ms fragment.

          'Time & Relativity, used ms.' ms fragment.

          Black notebook, 'Record,' on problem of time perception,
          references, notes.

          Misc. reprints of articles by others, ms fragments.

Box 45:        Religion (Greek Ethics and)
               Romantic Theory of Knowledge 1-IV

     Religion (Greek Ethics and)

          'Grk Ethics - Sophists & Socrates' notes.

          'Plato's Republic, Commentary, notes and AOL commentary.

          'Medieval Theology,' notes.

          'Greek Ethics & Religion - Pre-philos.' notes.

          'Lectures, Grk Ethics' notes.

          Misc. lecture ms fragments, 1899-1908, assorted loose
          notes, mostly on History of philosophy.

     RTK I-IV, inc. (Romantic Theory of Knowledge)

          'RTK, I' Lecture I, largely on Jacobi and Kant, with some
          parallels to Bergson at the end.  Complete typed ms, with
          some fragments, duplicates.

          'RTK, II,' lecture ms, typed, largely on epistemologies
          of the ineffable, with emphasis on Bergson.

     RTK I-IV, inc. (Romantic Theory of Knowledge)

          'Intel Intuition ...' notes.

          'Duplicates, RTK Lecture II,' ms fragments, typed copies,
          of parts of II not contained in above envelope.

          'RTK, Possible addenda to Lect I and II, 1950,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          'RTK, III,' ms lecture typed.

          'RTK. The Intuition of Time,' notes.

          'RTK, III Time, Duplicates,' ms fragments.

          'RTK, Anima Mundi,' notes.

          'RTK IV,' ms lecture typed, ms. fragments.

          'Romantic Theory of Knowledge,' Addit bibliography, 1939.

          Most of the above material, especially the completed
          lectures, I-IV, appeared as chapters I-IV in The Reason,
          the Understanding and Time, with few if any changes.

Box 46:        Romantic Theory of Knowledge V

     RTK, V . . . Miscellaneous

          'RTK - V,' Some bibliography, also parts of ms, some
          typed, some handwritten.

          'RTK, V, Ms drafts, Continuity.'

          'RTK V Idea of Organism vs Analysis,' notes and ms

          'Notes for Lecture V, Will, Becoming, Evolution.'

          'Lecture V, Contradiction' ms fragments.

          'Bergson and Contradiction,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Notes & addenda, to be examined, 1950, re Bergson.'

          'The defects of the Understanding,' ms fragments.

          'Misc., to be examined, 1952, for possible addenda.'

     RTK, V ... Miscellaneous

          RTK, Misc.', notes, ms. fragments, intro to lectures.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragments.

          'RTK, Misc.', notes, ms. fragments, intro to lectures.

     RTK (esp. Evolution)

          'Emergent Evolution: Definition and Classifications of

          'Emergent Evolution, S. Alexander,' notes

          'Criticisms of Emergence,' notes and reprints of articles
          by others.

          'Review of Brinton,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Romantic Evolutionisms in German Romantics other than
          Schelling,' notes.

          'Romanticism and Primitivism,' notes.

          'Schopenhauer & Evolutionism,' notes, ms fragments, one
          on S and Bergson.

          'B. Shaw: Evolutionism,' notes.

          'Emergence and Emergent Evolution,' notes.

          'Emergence, Lloyd Morgan,' notes.

          'Emergent Evolutionism, Naturalistic,' notes.

          'Schelling & Organic Evolution,' notes.

          'Schelling' notes and ms fragment.

          'Schelling vs Jacobi,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Schelling, Reality as Will,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Schelling, Evolutionary idea in late period,'notes.

          'Schelling, Identitatssystem' notes.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragements, also reprints of two
          articles by others.

     Romantic Theory of Knowledge

          'RTK, Preface (tentative),' ms fragments.

          'RTK V List of topics' notes and outlines.

          'Bergson and real duration, RTK appendix, duplicates,' ms

          'Relation of Bergson to German Romanticism,'  notes and

          'Bergson & the indivisibility of time,' ms fragments.

          'Romantic Th. of Knowledge vs analysis,' notes.

          'For BRM, Regel on Contradiction,' notes and ms

          'Jacobi and Romanticism, notes and bibliography.

          'Vernunft, Verstand, Gefuhl in Jacobi,' notes.

          'Schelling: Bibliography,'

          'What is the    ?  Experience in the    ?,' notes and ms
          fragments.  [his question marks]

          'Intuition as instinct,' ms fragment.

          'Wordsworth's Political Philosophy,' notes and ms

          'Schlegel for RTK appendix, Feb. 1960,' notes.

Box 47:        Romanticism
               Romanticism and Chain of Being
               French Romanticism


          'For class bibliography,'

          'Romanticism, defins. of; bibliographical notes.'

          'For concluding remarks after review of recent
          definitions.' ms fragments.

          'Meaning of Romantic,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Recent definitions, L. Abercombie,' notes.


          'Contemp conceptions,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Lasserre,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Conc. of Romanticism, P.E. More,' ms lecture on More.

          'Defins of, P.E. More,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Definitions of Romantic, Ransom, John C.' ms fragment.

          'Definitions of Seilliere,' ms fragment.

          'Selliere,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Contemp conceptions,' notes.

          Misc. loose notes, outlines and ms fragments.

     Romanticism and Chain of Being

          'Chain of Being, influence on biological science,' notes.

          'Schiller,' notes.

          'Ideal of fullness,' notes.

          'In Schleiermacher, misc. duplicates,' ms fragments.

          'Pre-Romantic and Misc.' notes.

          'Addenda,' notes and ms fragment, partially on Robinet.

          'Uniformitarian Rationalism,' ms fragments.

          'Character of & influence of Neo-Platonism ... on
          Epistemology,' notes.

          Loose ms fragment.

     French Romanticism

          Inter-relations of Elements of Conception of the
          "Romantic" large chart.


          'Jos. de Maistre, De Bonald,' ms fragments.

          'After 1812 (not including Hugo) to 1830,' notes and ms

     French Romanticism

          'Hugo,' notes, ms lectures, ms fragments.

          Romantic in V. Hugo ..., Chart detaining aspects of.

          'Lamartine,' notes

          'Romantique in French Lit bef. Romantic Movement,' notes
          and ms fragment.

          Misc. loose notes.

Box 48:        Romanticism (German)

     Romanticism (German)

          'Senses of Imitating Nature in Art,' diagram.

          'Meaning of Romantik in Fruhromentiks,' notes and ms

          'Romantic in English to 1790,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Romantic and Romantisch in German before 1790,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          'English Influences-making for German Romanticism,'
          notes, ms fragments.

          'Romanticism and suicide,' notes.

          'Sample of a Romantic landscape, print.'

          'Goethe on origin of distinction, Klasich-Romantisch,'

          'F. Schlegel Classical Period, classified and other

          'Analysis of Fichte's Grundzuge des gegeuvartigen
          Zeitalters.' notes and ms lecture.

          'Fichte & die Fruhmantik,' ms lecture, ms fragment,

          Misc. loose notes, ms fragments, outlines, and several
          reprints of articles by others.

          'Fruhromantik and Misc.,' notes.

     Romanticism (German)

          'Romanticism and Religion, Schleiermacher,' notes.

          'Romantisch, Haym's theory,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Romanticism and Christianity,' notes, ms fragment.

          'Fichte,' notes.

          'Influence of Kant in producing anti-clerical reaction in
          Schlegels,' ms fragment.

          'Relation of Schiller's Ueber naive usv. to beginning of
          Romantic movement,' ms fragments.

          'Schiller,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Schiller ... duplicates and notes not used in lectures,'

          'Schiller, for analysis of naive sentimentalische,' notes
          and ms fragments.

          'Romantisch in F. Schlegel,' notes.

          'Romantisch, F. Schlegel Classicism,' notes, ms

          Loose ms. fragment

Box 49:        Romanticism and Nationalism

     Romanticism and Nationalism

          'Nature as Aesthetic Norm,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Case against pedagogical primitivism, Wild Boys,' notes.

          'Pupil of Nature, Beaurieu,' ms lecture.

          'Pupil of Nature, Mercier, Inchbald,' notes and ms

          'Pupil of Nature, Misc.' notes.

          'Nature vs Education,' notes.

          'Wagner & Hitler,' article and letter, 4/10/40, of Peter
          Viereck to AOL, on AOL critique of Viereck paper.

     Romanticism and Nationalism

          'Romantic Racialism,' notes.

          Reprints of several articles by others, misc. ms.
          fragments, including two that raise the point discussed
          in 'Meaning of Romanticism for the Historian of Ideas,'
          about the influence of Romantic period on 20th cntury,


          'Philos, Anthrop. Bibliographies,'

          'Bibliography,' much of it in a hand other than

          'Ethics & Ps. of M.C., Prinicpal Report Subjects.'

          'James, "Does Consciousness Exist?", analysis and
          criticism,' ms fragment.

          'Self-consciousness and volition, Refs and Notes, Feb

          'Self-consciousness and ethics, evaluative and
          appprobative judgments,' notes and ms lecture fragments.

          Loose ms fragments, outlines.
          Black notebook on self-consciousness containing notes,
          bibliography and ms.  lectures, dates from after AOL
          arrival in Baltimore.

Box 50:        Time and Eternity

     Time and Eternity (continued)

          'Aldous Huxley,' notes.

          'Title Page, etc.'  Tentative title page, contents, and
          ms fragments for book.  Tentative contents 1958: Introd.,
          Obsolescence of the Eternal, Temporalism and Anti-
          Intellectualism in Recent French Philosophy, Bergson and
          Romantic Evolutionism, Bergson and the intuition of Real
          Duration, Practical tendencies of Bergsonism, The
          Temporalism of William James.

     Time and Eternity (continued)

          'The Philosophical Situation at the Turn of the Century,'
          typed ms., 20 pp.  Very general in observations, centers
          on eternalism being opposed by temporalism.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragments, several reprints of
          articles by others.

     Time and Eternity (concluded)

          'Temporalism versus Anti-Intellectualism in French
          Philosophy, not to be used in 1956 JH Press volume,'
          duplicate ms fragments.

          'Time, misc.' notes.

          'Obsolescence of the Eternal,' duplicate copy of printed

          'Present Standpoints and Past History,' typed and printed
          copy version of essay.

          Typed copy of Bergson portin of The Problem of Time in
          Recent French Philosophy.

          'Temporalism versus Anti-Intellectualism in French
          Philosphy,' typescript with some revisions of first part
          of Problem of Time in French Philosophy.

          Revised version of last part of Problem of Time in French

          Loose ms fragment.

     Values (Terminal and Adjectival)

          Asssorted loose ms. fragments of article, Terminal and
          Adjectival Values.  Some typed, others not.


          'What is Vitalism,' ms fragments.

          'Howison Lecture, notes for.'

          'Montgomery, E.,' notes.

          'Psycho-Vitalism,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Conception of Mechanism and Mechanistic Explanation,'
          notes, outlines, ms fragments, some dating from 1914.


          'Mechanism and Teleology,' ms lecture fragments, some

          Loose ms. lecture, ms fragments, outlines and abstracts.

Box 51:        Vitalism
               Miscellaneous Notes


          Typed ms. by H.S. Jennings on his attitudes toward

          Several reprints of articles by others on vitalism,
          Charles Woodruff article has letter to AOL, [ 6/4/12, ?]
          several loose ms fragments.

          'Vitalism ms. (for ck.)' ms fragment, largely on meaning
          of mechanism.

          Misc. loose ms fragments and several abstracts of
          seminaries in 1913-14 on vitalism.


          'Ethics and International Relations, Bibliography.'

          'Ethics and International Relations,' ms fragments.

          'Hume, Pol Philos, II Consent and Contract Theory,' ms.

          'Territorial Rts., Self-determination,' ms fragments.

          'The War course, The Haves and Have-nots.' ms lecture.

          'War course, Econ Factors, Analysis & Crit of Angells,
          Argt, 1/8/35,' ms fragments.

          'War course, Introd. Remarks, Oct. 9, 1935,' ms lecture,

          Misc. loose bibliographics, ms fragments, notes.

     Miscellaneous Notes

          'Ideas, Psychological Evidence for Images,' notes.

     Miscellaneous Notes

          'Misc. on Mysticism, Otherworldliness,' notes.

          '18th Cent. Engl Infl. on Fr. Thot.' notes.

          'Notes on Crane's Lit History & Lit Criticism,' notes and
          ms fragment.

          'Tentative ms pp. re Status of Retard, esp. defense of
          illusion theory,' ms fragments related to relativity.

          '17th Cent. misc. H of I notes, Morhof, Gracian,' notes.

          'Prim. vs. Commerce, W. Bell, 1756' notes.

          'Memory and Transcendence,' ms fragment relating to
          Critical Realism.

          'King and Law,' notes.

          'Cambridge Platonists, Culverwel,' ms fragment.

          'For Sem. on Psychophysical Problems,' notes, 1926-27 for

          'Desires of Self-Conscious esp. ANB Allen.' notes and ms

          'Early theories of the origin of the Amerindians,
          Introd.' ms fragment, notes.

          'Sir M. Hale:  Origination of Mankind' photostatic copy.

Box 52:        Miscellaneous Notes

     Miscellaneous Notes.

          'Idea of Progress in 17th Cent. Theology,' notes.

          'Letters from a Foreign Visitor,' For lectures, 1932,
          notes and ms fragments.

          'Persian Letters Genre,' bibliography, notes.

          'Antithesis of Nature and Society.' notes and ms

          'The American Student and the Social Question,' notes.

          'What We Owe to Great Britain,' notes and ms fragments.

     Miscellaneous Notes.

          'On Lenzen, The Metaphysical Import of Scientific Facts,'
          article and ms fragments of AOL comment on, also student
          paper on.

          'Reply to Fleming,' notes and ms. fragments, reply to
          review of Forerunners of Darwin.

          'For RBC, notes and some ms. pps. on von Baer.'

     Miscellaneous Notes.

          '18th Cent., Wd. Enthusiasm' notes.

          'Shaftsbury,' notes.

          'Nature vs. Art, general, 17-18th cents.' notes.

          'S. Clarke, Wollaston,' ms fragments and notes.

          'English Influence,' notes and ms fragments on English
          Influence on French Thought.

          'Law of Nature: Cudworth,' notes.

          'So. Soc. Paper. Nature of the Psychophysical
          Distinction,' ms lecture.

          'Types of Metaph-- Lotzian,' ms lecture, notes.

          Loose ms. fragments.

          'Prim. II: "Nature,"  Roman de la Rose,' copy of medieval
          poem, ms fragment of AOL comment on it.

Box 53:        Jumbled Miscellaneous Notes

     Jumbled Miscellaneous Notes.

          Assorted loose ms fragments, notes.

          Pile of notes labelled Logic.

          Report of Boston's Children's Aid Society, 1899, and
          other settlement work misc.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragments, some probably from

          'Organic Conception of State & Fascism, Nazism.' notes.

     Jumbled Miscellaneous Notes.

          Misc. loose notes, ms fragments, full size sheets.

          Ms. on Religion in the Modern World, ms lecture, small

          More misc. notes and ms. fragments on small sheets.

     MSS. (Probably not Dr. Lovejoy's)

          A number of ms, several by students, several
          unidentified.  One is probably part of the Primitivism

Box 54:        Ms. notes on Romanticism and Romantic Period

     MS. Notes on Romanticism and Romantic Period.

          'Course Outlines, Romantic Period,' outlines and misc.

          'Word Aufklarung,' notes.

          'Jacobi: general, life, influence,' notes.

          'Spinoza Revival,' notes.

          'Rousseauism versus Romanticism,' notes.

          'Romanticism, recent definitions,' notes.

          'Defins of Romanticism,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Humanism, Foerster et al,' notes.

          'Babbitt & Romanticism, I,' ms fragment.

          'Romanticism and Babbitt,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Rousseau'  J.H. Warner article on R's two Discourses.

          Outline of various romanticisms.

          'Romanticism, recent definitions,' notes.

          'Romanticism, defins, Neilson,' ms fragments.

          'Romanticism. recent definitions, F.Y. Eccles,' notes.

     Ms. Notes on Romanticism and Romantic Period.

          'Romanticism Sem, 1937, 2nd meeting, Lecture notes,' ms
          lecture and notes.

          'Romanticism,' notes.

          'Romanticism, recent definitions, Vaughan,' notes.

          'Meaning of Romantic, Jean Paul,' article, ms fragments,

          'Romanticism, recent definitions,' notes.

          'Romanticism and Philosophy of History,' notes.

          Unmarked envelope, notes, ms fragments, including one on
          18th century primitivism.

Box 55:        Ms. notes on Law of Nature, Nature as Aesthetic Norm

     MS Notes on Law of Nature, Nature as Aesthetic Norm.

          'Ethical Naturalism in Renaissance,' notes.

          'Montaigne,' notes.

          'Ethics of the Law of Nature,' notes.

          'Nature in Renaissance,' notes and reprints of articles.

          Misc. loose notes.

          'Nature in Rabelais, Donne, Libertins,' ms fragments.

          'Primitivistic Antinomianism, Donne,' notes.

          Misc. loose notes on Rabelais.

          'Nature in Renaissance, Nature in Milton,' notes.

          'E.C. Knowlton, "Nature in Shakespeare"' reprint.

          'Nature as Aesth. Norm, Realism,' ms fragments.

          'Universalism & Neo-Classicism,' notes.

          Reprint of article on Joseph Warton by Trowbridge.

          'Relation of Ideas of Imitating Ancients & Imitating
          Nature,' notes, ms

     MS Notes on Law of Nature, Nature as Aesthetic Norm.

          'Nature as Aesthetic Norm, Following nature as
          versimilitude,' notes.

          'Nature as Aesth. Norm, Dryden,' ms fragments, notes.

          'Nature as Aesth. Norm, Restriction to ideal types,' ms
          fragments, notes.

          'Nat. as aesthetic norm, nat as the average or mode of a
          kind,' notes.

          'Nature as aesthetic norm, attack on universalism,'

          'Nature as aesthetic norm, universality,' notes.

          'Law of Nature, antinomian tendency,' notes.

          Misc. loose notes and ms fragments.

          'Shaftesbury Ethics,' notes.

          'Law of Nature in sense of Nature of phys. Universe,' ms
          lecture, 3/10/20.

          'Nature, antinomian tendency, 18th cent.' ms fragments.

          'Ethics of Nature, Cumberland,' reprint of article by
          Sharp, notes.

Box 56:        Ms. notes on Primitivism 18th century
               Primitivism in Antiquity and Fr?h-Romantiker

          'Primitivism:  18th Century,unclassified,' notes and ms

          'Primitivism, (gen.) in 18th century.' notes.

          'Primitivism in antiquity, bibliography,'

          'Pope as Philos Poet,' notes.

          'Pope's Essay on Man,' notes.

          'Pope's Essay on Man, relation of, to Bolingbroke's
          Fragments.' ms fragments.

     MS. Notes on Primitivism 18th Century, primitivism in
     Antiquity, and Fr?h-Romantiker.

          'Reading re Bolingbroke,' ms fragments and notes.

          'Pope, C of B in general,' ms fragments.

          'Ideas in Pope's Essay,' notes, ms fragments.

          'Pope's Essay,' notes and bibliography.

          'Pope:  Optimism ...' ms fragment and notes.

          'Novalis and romantisch,' notes.

          Five white envelopes labelled 'Fruhromantiker: Articles
          of the Romantic Creed,' all containing notes.

          'History of Philos. of History.' bibliographical notes.

          'Romanticism, 1935, Bibliographies, gen. for

          'Fruhromantiker, Articles of the Romantic Creed,' notes.

          'Romantisch II,' notes and ms fragments.

          'Romantic as distinctively Modern in Schlegels...' notes.

          'Romantic Period,' ms lecture fragment, 1917, notes.

          'Inf of German Romanticism in England & America,' notes.

          Two additional envelopes of Fruhromantiker, Articles of
          Romantic Creed,' notes.

          'Gen. Rom. Novalis,' ms fragment.

          'Schlegels,' notes and ms. fragments.

          'Romantic & Roman in Schlegels,' ms fragment, notes

Box 57:        Miscellaneous Lecture Notes - not catalogued

          'Romantik & Religion, Schleiermacher I,' ms fragments,

          'Fr. Romanticism,' ms lecture.

     Miscellaneous Lectures Notes--not catalogued

          'Romanticism, Contemp defins of, Santayana,' ms fragment,

          'Law of Nature in Cambr. Platonists--Henry More,' ms

          'Relations of Elements in the Conception of the Romantic
          in Early Romanticism,'  Diagram.

          'Johnson: Nature as Aesthetic Norm,' ms fragments.

          'Nature vs. Education,' ms fragments.

          'Romanticism, Harv. Sem. 1937,' ms lecture.

          'Romanticism & Religion, Schleiermacher, II,' ms fragment
          and notes.

          'Nature: Introd to Modern Period,' ms lecture.

          'Law of Nature in Cambr. Platonists, Introd & General.'
          ms lecture.

          'Nature as Norm, Pedagogical Applications,' ms lecture
          fragment, 1935.

          'Nature as Pedagogic Norm and as teacher,' ms fragment.

          'Romanticism and Xtnty,' notes and ms fragment.

          'French Romanticism,' notes, ms fragment.

          'Santayana, Philos of Nature,' notes and reprint of
          article by another scholar.

          'Law of Nature in Platonists, Cudworth,' ms fragments.

Boxes 58 & 59:      Manuscript titled "The Unfolding Star."
               Found in Lovejoy papers, no date and no author
               indicated; probably not Lovejoy's (per George Boas)

Box 60:        Diaries, 33 diaries, 1900-1953.
          1900, 1905, 1906, 1909, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924,
          1925, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1931, 1935, 1936, 1937-38,
          1937, 1941, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1945, 1946,1947, 1948,
          1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953.

Box 61:        Notebooks:  Greek Philosophy, Mysteries, . . .

          'AO Lovejoy H.L. Group. 32.' notebook with reports of
          meetings of Home Library Group.

          'Review of Dunlap's Theory.' ms lecture on Dunlap's
          Theory of consciousness.

          Notebook in Yellow Cover, probably from Washington
          University days, contains notes on reading, several
          lecture ms., and some bibliography.  Lectures are on
          Ethics, with possible preface to Kant book included.

          Note-Book. Mathematics. A.O. Lovejoy.  The notebook
          contains mathematical exercises, but also contains an
          examination of the New Testament comparing the Gospel
          accounts to attempt to determine what was historically
          accurate in the accounts.  Concludes that the spirit of
          Christ is accurate and comes through in the way all
          accounts agree, but that historicity must remain an open
          question.  The handwriting looks as though it was done
          very early.

          Notebook, purple and brown, contains notes and ms
          fragments on Greek philosophy, also ms fragment on why
          study philosophy.

          'Record,' notebook on Greek Physiologists.

          Purple Notebook, On Greek Religion and Mysteries.

     Suukhya and Buddhism, loose notebook on these subjects, mostly

     Notebooks:  Modern Philosophy ...

          Black notebook, apparently of notes taken at lectures on
          primitive religions and practices in Paris, 1898-99.
          Gives AOL address as 5 rue Rollins.

          Black notebook, apparently of notes taken in Paris in
          class on Hebrew religion, 1898-99.  Probably with Vernes.

          Black notebook, notes on the Old Testament.

          'Nineteenth Century,' notebook of notes, biobliography
          and ms. fragments on nineteenth century philosophy,
          especially Fichte, Fourier, Saint-Simon.

     Notebooks: Modern Philosophy ...

          Ms. fragment on the nature of philosophy and realism and

          Black notebook, 'Modern Philosophy,' ms lecture notes.

Box 62:   Notebooks: History of Religions ...

          Black notebook.  For course on 18th century philosophy at
          JHU in 1912, ms fragments, many pages torn out and
          probably included with later lectures.  Describes his
          work as History of Ideas in one short ms fragment.

          Black notebook, 'Evolution of Religion, notes,' notes,
          bibliography, and ms. fragments.

          Black notebook,notes on totemism, probably taken on
          readings in Bibliotheque Nationale, 1898-99.

          Black notebook, crumbling, notes on a variety of

          Loose outline and ms fragment.

          'Comment on Mr. Abraham's note of epiphenomenalism' ms.

Box 63:        Bibliography of Writings
               Writings, 1895-1911

     Bibliography of writings

          Drafts and copies of bibliography appearing in Essays in
          History of Ideas.  Also some correspondence relating to
          the construction of it.
     Writings of AOL, 1895-1908

          Copies of some of his writings in this period; some
          actual copies of journals, some reprints, some
          typescripts, and some ms letters to editor and reviews.
          Several of the writings are not listed in the
          bibliography in EHI.

     Writings of AOL, 1909-1911

          Copies of some of his writings of the period.  Several
          reviews and abstract of paper for APA, 1911 not listed in

Box 64:        Writings, 1912-1919

     Writings of AOL, 1912-1914

          Copies of articles and reviews, all listed in

     Writings of AOL, 1915-1919

          Copies of articles and reviews, most reprints.  Also copy
          of America Joins the World.

Box 65:        Writings, 1920-1940s

     Writings of AOL, 1920-29

          Copies of articles and reviews, including la theorie de
          la sterilite de la conscience dans la philosophie
          Americaine et Anglaise.

     Writings of AOL, 1930-39

          Copies of articles, most in bibliography, except for some
          letters to the editor.

     Writings of AOL, 1940-

          Copies of articles and letters to the editor, includes
          most of the articles published after the bibliography.

Box 66:        Early Mss, Poems, Speeches

     Early MSS

          "David's Influence upon the Religion of Israel" appears
          to be an essay written for some class, ms essay.

          Fragments of two ms essays on Biblical interpretation.

          "Messianic Prophecies in Isaah 7,14 and 9,6," ms essay,
          probably for some class.

          Zechariah 13-14" ms essay, again, probably for some
     Early MSS

          "Human Sacrifice Among the Hebrews," ms essay, for a

          Ms essay on the nature of reality and the real, paper or
          essay for course.

          Several ms fragments.

          "Alfred as Educator of his People,"  Oct 10, 1892, ms
          essay for course.

          "Some Concluding Critisms on the 'Total Experience'
          Account of Reality, with special reference to the 'Moment
          of Arrest,'" June 8, 1896. ms essay for class.  A for

          "Have Kant's Characteristic Contributions to Philosophy
          a Permanent Value?"  ms essay, Phil. 20c, Feb. 15, 1897.
          A for the paper.

          "The Ethics of Authority and the Ethics of Value," ms
          essay, Phil 20d, June 10, 1898.

     Purchased MSS

          "Papers bought in book stalls along Seine, I believe,"
          [circa 1898-1899], humorous manuscript dialogues and
          poems in French, probably purchased by AOL during his year
          of study in Paris.

     Poems by AOL and WWL

          Two poems by AOL in University of California Magazine,
          March 1895, p. 23, Rain at Dusk; and February 1900,
          p. 25, The Witness to the Day.

          Stack of poems in the hand of WWL.

          Several loose poems, ms., by AOL.


          Ms. of speech given at reception for AOL and TS Eliot,
          1932?, on the need for thickness in philosophy.

          Ms of speech to U.C. Alumni.

          'Address to Washington Alumni, Dec. 9, 1919.' ms. speech.

          'Speech before Berkeley Chapter,' chapter of AAUP,
          10/10/22, ms speech.

          'Speech Delivered Before AAUP Dec. 30, 1928,' ms speech
          on the evolution of special societies.

          "Hitler As Pacifist" Speech before American Jewish
          Congress, Balto. Branch, Nov. 14,1933.


          'St. Pauls Ch. Boston, June 24, 1943,' speech on "peace
          by consultation."

          'US Foreign Policy and the Soviet Union, Pol. Econ. Club,
          Nov. 4, 1946,'  Speech re the intentions of the Soviets
          re world revolution, AOL sees that it will be likely that
          they will continue to foment revolution, ms speech.

          "Can the United States and the Soviet Union Settle Their
          Differences Without War?" speech before Howard County
          Public Forum, Ellicott City, Md. 10/28/47.  Concludes
          that war is possible but not likely.  Typed copy.

          'Farmer's hist. Talk,' on the reasons why the US has to
          fight WWI, ms speech.

          'The Child and the State' material and notes, speech to
          the St. Louis County Teachers' Association, Webster
          Groves, Mo. 10/27/?, also account of speech in East St.
          Louis, on The Child and the State.

Box 67:        Biographical Data, Photographs

               Album: "American Mission to England," (1918) 
               Legal Documents
               Christabel Lovejoy (Estate)
               Newspaper clippings
               75th Birthday
               80th Birthday
               Johns Hopkins Magazine, Feb. 1952

     Biographical Data

          Material relating to the estate of Christabel Lovejoy.

          Scrapbook of material relating to AOL participation in
          delegation to England and France in 1918.

     Newspaper clippings and Biographical Data

          A wide variety of materials, newspaper clippings both
          about Lovejoy and articles by Lovejoy, Documents relating
          to grades fellowships, appointments, material relating to
          75th and 80th birthdays, some correspondence.


Box 68:        Photographs, AAUP, Philosophical Club

               1915 - Organization of the AAU
               1917 - Academic Freedom and Academic Tenure
                      Academic Freedom in Wartime
               1919 - Executive Committee, AAUP
               1919 - Annual Message of the President
               1919 - Dr. Jordan and the Carnegie Foundation    
               1920 - Report of the Committee of Inquiry on
                         Condition is Washburn College
               1920 - Lafayette College
               1920 - Further Discussion of Unionization
               1942 - Panama Survey
               Papers presented by members of the Philosophical

     AAUP, Philosophical Club

          AAUP; gallley proofs of two items, reprints of Academic
          Freedom in Wartime, and AOL Presidential Message,
          typescript of Report of committee of inquiry on
          Conditions in Washburn College, also copies of other
          articles by AOL.

          Philosophical Club; copies of papers read at or
          discusssed at the Philosophical Club meetings.

Box 69:        Notebook of Wallace W. Lovejoy (1880)
               Various reports
               Conference papers on post-war problems

     Reports, Various

          Nine pamphlets of the Univerities Committee on Post-War
          International Problems.

          Copies of reports on post-war planning for the

          Folder of material relating to AOL work for the AHA and
          the Army in writing pamphlets during WWII, typescripts
          and partial typescripts of pamphlets.
Box 70:        Philosophy books of A.O. Lovejoy with

Box 71:        Leaves of Grass with annotations of W.W. Lovejoy


Box 72:        A-Burg
Box 73:        Bur-Curt
Box 74:        D-Gou
Box 75:        Go-Hu

Box 76:        JHU

     Johns Hopkins University 1912-1919

          The box contains a variety of memoranda, committee
          reports, and copies of letters relating to University
          affairs.  Included in the committee reports are ones on
          the grades of professorships, the printing of
          dissertations, and the establishment of a degree in

     Johns Hopkins University 1924-59

          Material relating to the appointment of new members of
          the English Department in 1925.

          Material relating to the possible appointment of Frank
          Aydelotte as President.

          Various committee reports and memoranda.

     (Seminars and Colloquia) Johns Hopkins University.

          Reports of meeting of various colloquia, usually
          Psychology-Philosophy from 1922-to 1935.

     (Exam. Questions) Johns Hopkins University

          Examination questions in a variety of courses, some also
          for the MA and PhD.

Box 77:        I-Lovejoy, Wallace
Box 78:        Lovejoy, Wallace
Box 79:        Lovejoy Family
Box 80:        M-N
Box 81:        Oncken Family
Box 82:        Oncken Family - Sc
Box 83:        Se-T
Box 84:        U-Z (and letters to be refiled)        


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