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Special Collections

Milton S. Eisenhower Library

The Johns Hopkins University

3400 N. Charles St.

Baltimore, Maryland 21218


Flannery (Tom) 1919-

Cartoons [1957-1967]

CC 2

Size: 1932 items

Processed Preliminary sorting 1989.

By: Cynthia H. Requardt

Additional sorting - June 1998

Provenance: A portion of the collection was donated

by Thomas Flannery in 1969.

Access: Access to this collection is unrestricted.

Permission: Permission to publish material from this collection must

be requested in writing from the Manuscripts Librarian

at the address above.

Citation: Thomas Flannery Cartoons CC2

Special Collections

Milton S. Eisenhower Library

The Johns Hopkins University

Table of Contents

Page 13Page 17 Page 22Page 27Page 33Page 39Page 43Page 47Page 50Page 53

Box F1 Baltimore and Maryland Page 2

Page 2

Box F2 Baltimore and Maryland Page 6

Page 6

Box F3 Sports, personages Page 11

Page 11

Box F4 U.S. agriculture, education, environment, Page 13

Page 13

foreign affairs, labor, poverty, space

Box F5 U.S. Congress Page 17

Page 17

Box F6 U.S. fiscal problems Page 22

Page 22

Box F7 U.S. Politics, conventions, elections Page 27

Page 27

Box F8 U.S. Military problems, Vietnam Page 33

Page 33

Box F9 U. S. Miscellaneous, crime, dissent and civil rights,

Supreme Court Page 39

Page 39

Box F 10 Cuba, Latin America, Balkans, Greece,

Africa, Near East Page 43

Page 43

Box F11 Europe, Orient, South Pacific Page 47

Page 47

Box F12 Russia and her satellites Page 50

Page 50

Box F13 World problems, United Nations,

International meetings Page 53

Page 53

Flannery Cartoons

CC 2


Thomas Flannery donated 480 of his cartoons to The Johns Hopkins University in 1969.

Biographical Sketch

Thomas F. Flannery was born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania in 1919. He studied at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and at the University of Scranton. During World War II, Flannery served in the Air Force, and from 1943 to 1945 was a cartoonist on Yank with headquarters in London.

Following the war, Flannery was a free-lance cartoonist in New York. In 1947 he joined the staff of the Lowell (Massachusetts) Sun where he served as a cartoonist for nine years. He moved to Baltimore and became the first editorial cartoonist for The Evening Sun in 1957. He replaced Yardley as the cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun in 1972 where he remained until he retired in 1988.

Scope and Content Note

The nearly 2000 cartoons in this collection have not been analyzed. The cartoons are not dated, but it appears that they date from the period 1957 to 1967.

The cartoons have been sorted topically. Two of the boxes deal with Baltimore and Maryland topics. One contains cartoons dealing with sports and personages.

The six boxes dealing with national issues cover topics such as: agriculture, education, the environment, foreign affairs, labor, poverty, the space program, Congress, fiscal problems, politics, conventions, and elections, military problems especially the conflict in Vietnam, crime, dissent and civil rights, and the Supreme Court.

There are four boxes dealing with world affairs. The topics are: Cuba, Latin America, the Balkans, Greece, Africa, the Near East, Europe, the Orient, the South Pacific, Russia and her satellites, world problems, the United Nations and international meetings.

CC 2

Container List

Box F1 Baltimore and Maryland

Cartoon 1 "C’mon fellows - sing along with Millard" [Democratic Harmony]

Cartoon 2 "It can happen here - Vote" [Bossism]

Cartoon 3 "We have to take this strategic hill" [Tawes; Miles]

Cartoon 4 "Excuse me, Mr. Mayor" [Goodman]

Cartoon 5 "OK bhoys - let’s close ranks" [Democratic Party Unity]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [City Redistricting]

Cartoon 7 "Go ahead and cut - but remember, not one drop of blood" [Reapportionment vs. Politics]

Cartoon 8 No caption. [Mayor Dalesandro]

Cartoon 9 Vacation time [MD. GOP; MD. Dems]

Cartoon 10 "We don’t want any" [Shriver]

Cartoon 11 "The bell tolls for the, boys" [Finan]

Cartoon 12 No caption. [Humphrey; Agnew]

Cartoon 13 "Stick ‘em up" [Federal Gun Laws]

Cartoon 14 "Business before pleasure, boys" [Primaries]

Cartoon 15 The prudent man [MD. 1966 Budget]

Cartoon 16 "Annapolis control reports everything GO" [Court Rulings Booster]

Cartoon 17 "Now, come on boy, DRINK" [Tawes]

Cartoon 18 "Reason to crow a modest crow" [Tawes]

Cartoon 19 "Horation on the bridges" [Tawes; Assateague]

Cartoon 20 "Spring comes to Anne Arundel County" [Charter Draft]

Cartoon 21 "Dress rehersal" [Maryland, my Maryland]

Cartoon 22 "Frustrating, isn’t it" [Agnew; Pressman]

Cartoon 23 "Let’s fix it for another two years" [Southern MD. Counties]

Cartoon 24 "Love letters in the soul" [Tawes; Assateague]

Cartoon 25 "Let’s run it up the flag pole and see if the courts salute it" [Reapportionment]

Cartoon 26 "Pardon us . . . Excuse us . . . Watch out" [Tawes]

Cartoon 27 "I would like to discuss the three R’s - Reading, ‘Riting, and Revenues" [Maryland State Teachers Convention]

Cartoon 28 " . . . And . . ." [Tawes]

Cartoon 29 "Maryland is your state - keep it free" [MD Primary]

Cartoon 30 "That’s ONE way to hit the jackpot" [Tawes]

Box F1 (Cont.)

Cartoon 31 "Whoa, boy" [City Transit Tax Revenues]

Cartoon 32 "Nightmare" [Redistrict; let the courts do it; run-at-large]

Cartoon 33 "It’s MY seat, and my father’s before me, and my grandfather’s before him" [MD. Legislature]

Cartoon 34 "O.K., b’hoys, bring on the dragons" [Tawes]

Cartoon 35 "What’s on your mind this year as if I . . ." [Tawes]

Cartoon 36 "Thank you, governor"

Cartoon 37 "We’re deliberating on it now" [MD. Senate]

Cartoon 38 "You can start straightening out the world in our counties next Tuesday" [Agnew]

Cartoon 39 "But a castle is not very homey" [Tawes; Finan]

Cartoon 40 "Stay here - this is too important for you to decide" [Primaries]

Cartoon 41 "We weren’t quite prepared for this turn in the weather down here" [Cooper-Hughes Tax Reform]

Cartoon 42 "We who are about to reapportion, salute you" [Special Session]

Cartoon 43 "Please Louis, no back seat driving" [Tawes; Goldstein]

Cartoon 44 No caption. [Pressman; D’Alesandro; McKeldin]

Cartoon 45 No caption. [Special Commission to Study Private School Aid]

Cartoon 46 "What prosperity?" [Baltimore Bonds 5%]

Cartoon 47 "Brother, can you spare a vote?" [Bond Market]

Cartoon 48 "Br-r-r-r" [D’Alesandro]

Cartoon 49 "Escapistis" [Baltimore County]

Cartoon 50 "I’ve been celebrating" [Tax Reform Revenue Source]

Cartoon 51 "And get some more seeds" [Tawes]

Cartoon 52 "There’s no business like show business" [MD. Democratic Harmony Ticket]

Cartoon 53 "He’s got lots of courage - or he’s not very smart" [More & Better Maryland Highways]

Cartoon 54 "Thank you, I’ll wait out here" [Agnew]

Cartoon 55 "We call this our ‘Must’ Bill" [Tawes]

Cartoon 56 "Well, back to the drawing board" [Tawes; Cooper-Hughes]

Cartoon 57 "Gosh, we’re at the half-way mark already! We better start working up" [1966 Legislative Construction Project]

Cartoon 58 "To brighten the city’s shield . . ." [Baltimore Police]

Cartoon 59 "We don’t want anything from you, pop - just a chance to make our own way in the world" [Baltimore City]

Cartoon 60 "It’s easy - watch how I do it" [McKeldin]

Cartoon 61 "Ps-s-s-st" [Liquor Lobby]

Cartoon 62 "Hurry up - every minute counts" [Baltimore City Revenues]

Cartoon 63 "You sign mine and I’ll sign yours" [Wallace; Mahoney]

Cartoon 64 "Ibney Dabney on the Razzle, Frazzle, and Fleebus . . ." [New

Constitution Opponents]

Box F1 (Cont.)

Cartoon 65 "Here’s a donation" [McCarthy]

Cartoon 66 No caption. [Tilt]

Cartoon 67 Bottleneck [Real Estate Tax]

Cartoon 68 "Someone else do it - I’m afraid I’ll cut myself" [Redistircting]

Cartoon 69 "Urbanitis, with an acute case of suburbanitis - we’ll have to operate" [Cooper; Hughes]

Cartoon 70 Legislative trip [Local LSD Law]

Cartoon 71 "Let nothing ye dismay . . ." [Bus Stop]

Cartoon 72 "The Last Stand" [Down With the New Constitution]

Cartoon 73 "The state didn’t buy it after all" [Friendship Airport]

Cartoon 74 Excuse me, sir - I’m just a little jumpy today" [City Hall Plaza]

Cartoon 75 "Baltimore’s in a pretty ugly mood" [BTC; Union]

Cartoon 76 No caption. [BTC]

Cartoon 77 "He can’t handle money" [Agnew; Goldstein]

Cartoon 78 No caption. [’69 Legislative Session]

Cartoon 79 "And how do you like our new compact schedule?" [BTC]

Cartoon 80 "If I may say so myself, it looks pretty good down here now" [Tawes affair]

Cartoon 81 "And now boys, let’s observe one minute of silence in memory of the Democratic Process" [Valle]

Cartoon 82 "Let’s have plenty of boiling water" [Boyce; Goodman; Graham]

Cartoon 83 "The jury staggers in . . ." [Tally]

Cartoon 84 "Now, first of all, a word about the system around here - the pecking order" [Fledgeling Legislators]

Cartoon 85 "I’d appreciate your vote - it’s very important" [Tawes; Mahoney]

Cartoon 86 "This is going to hurt me more than you." [Reapportionment]

Cartoon 87 "Maybe I need more bait" [Grady]

Cartoon 88 "I see it boss - ANNAPOLIS!" [D’Aesandro]

Cartoon 89 No caption. [Civic Center Commission]

Cartoon 90 "Well, WE’VE had a productive session!" [Annapolis; Pinball Lobbyist] Cartoon 91 "Test #1 . . ." [Court Action on Reapportionment]

Cartoon 92 "One more for the campaign trail" [Court Delay of Redistricting Deadline]

Cartoon 93 "Dilemma" [Reapportionment; Unit-Vote System]

Cartoon 94 "Calling all doctors - emergency in Congress" [MD. Medical and Chirurgical Faculty]

Cartoon 95 No caption. [Old Maryland Constitution]

Cartoon 96 "The end of another season . . . one-way, West bound" [Bay Bridge]

Cartoon 97 "Make way . . .Coming through . . ." [Pension Bill]

Cartoon 98 "The gift horse" [Hughes; Agnew]

Cartoon 99 "Vote - Fill in and mail to your legislator"

Cartoon 100 "No wonder they didn’t want a new one" [Maryland Constitution]

Box F1 (Cont.)

Cartoon 101 No caption. [Brewster; Mahoney; Mathias]

Cartoon 102 "We therefore propose a $120 million income tax raise" [State House]

Cartoon 103 "We’re two thirds of the way to the top already" [’67 MD. Legislative Session]

Cartoon 104 "Sorry folks - Open House was last week" [Governorship]

Cartoon 105 "We have to climb it because it’s there!" [1967 Tax Reform]

Cartoon 106 "A good start boys" [Agnew]

Cartoon 107 "You’re next" [Flat Income Tax; Graduated Income Tax; Sales Tax]

Cartoon 108 No caption. [Anderson; Burch; Hughes; James; Mandel; Goldstein; Gallagher; Lowe]

Cartoon 109 "I wash my hands of it" [Goldstein]

Cartoon 110 "Come on boys - your time is running out" [Constitutional Convention]

Cartoon 111 "We’ve clobbered ‘em again, boss" [Democratic and GOP Registration]

Cartoon 112 "I’m jacking it up to 13.1% and leaving it there" [Auto Insurance]

Cartoon 113 "Now - ring out the old, ring in the new" [1968; Maryland Constitution]

Cartoon 114 "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Bay" [Air Pollution; Water Pollution]

Cartoon 115 "I just wanted to try it out for size, Danny" [Mathias; Brewster]

Cartoon 116 "Come here, boy" [New State Constitution]

Cartoon 117 "Them Marylanders - always in a hurry!" [MD. Constitutional Convention]

Cartoon 118 "And an auto safety bill . . ." [Agnew]

Cartoon 119 "Careful Guv - this is another bad intersection" [Tawes]

Cartoon 120 "And now the tide’s coming in!" [Reapportionment]

Cartoon 121 "I’m getting cold feet" [MD. Constitutional Convention Candidates]

Cartoon 122 No caption. [Maryland]

Cartoon 123 "I’m not the gambling type - but here goes . . . !" [Tawes]

Cartoon 124 "Participate - vote" [MD. Constitutional Convention Election]

Cartoon 125 "You’ll have to knock hard to be heard through that moss" [Anne Arundel County]

Cartoon 126 "People" [Assateague Island; Udall]

Cartoon 127 "Why don’t you stop complaining and run for mayor like everyone else?"

Cartoon 128 "This one will do fine boys - thank you" [Constitutional Reapportionment Bill]

Cartoon 129 "Or . . ." [Revenue Sources]

Cartoon 130 "There’s no one here but us loyal Democrats and hopelessly-outnumbered Republicans" [’66 Gubernatorial Campaign Plans]

Cartoon 131 "Well, it doesn’t LOOK right" [Land Deals Probe]

Cartoon 132 "My first proposal is for a bipartisan administration - will that be agreeable?" [McKeldin]

Cartoon 133 "Farewell, Mr. Barnes . . ." [New York]

Cartoon 134 "The revolt is spreading b’hoys" [Redistricting]

Box F1 (Cont.)

Cartoon 135 Makeshift Community Tree [Property Tax; NuisanceTaxes]

Cartoon 136 "Welcome to skid row" [Baltimore County; Baltimore City; Anne Arundel County]

Cartoon 137 "I was passing a truck when I heard on the radio my car insurance was cancelled without notice" [MD. 1965]

Cartoon 138 "Look who’s back - mad!" [Tawes]

Cartoon 139 ". . . At the halfway point and still going strong" [Tawes]

Cartoon 140 "I don’t like it - it’s Socialistic" [Worcester County]

Cartoon 141 "Me?" [Alton; Morton]

Cartoon 142 "Don’t be silly, they’re not concerned with us - they’re interested in patronage and voters" [MD Prison Conditions]

Cartoon 143 "And now, gentlemen, for your summations . . ." [Mahoney]

Cartoon 144 "That service will be switched to Chantilly" [Baltimore Metroploitan Area Air Service]

Cartoon 145 "This one would provide the revenue we need - and, at the same time, prevent any protesting" [Stop-Gap Nuisance Tax Proposals]

Cartoon 146 "Budget pie a la mode" [Tax Cuts]

Cartoon 147 "But we can’t keep running" [Baltimore City; Baltimore County]

Cartoon 148 "Stop Shoving" [City Council; Budget]

Cartoon 149 "Why do we have to be the nation’s sixth largest city, anyway?" [Baltimore City Budget]

Cartoon 150 "There seems to be non way out" [Budget]

Cartoon 151 "Timber!" [Grady]

Cartoon 152 "I think we might make it once more" [1960 City Budget]

Cartoon 153 "The new 1960 models" [Grady]

Cartoon 154 Bay-Kill [Pollution]

Cartoon 155 "See anything - candidates, issues, funds?" [Democratic Registration]

Box F2 Baltimore and Maryland

Cartoon 1 "Nothing personal boss - it’s just that we’re losing to much altitude"

Cartoon 2 "10,123 . . . 10,124 . . . 10,125 . . ." [Election]

Cartoon 3 "Know any poetry? You could be poet laurete" [Political Appointments]

Cartoon 4 "Oh, well - live and learn" [Tawes]

Cartoon 5 "Don’t look now, but there’s someone following" [Rockefeller; Nixon; Pollack; McKeldin]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [House of Delegates]

Cartoon 7 Curses! Foiled again" [Tawes]

Cartoon 8 "There you are!" [Tawes]

Cartoon 9 No caption. [Tawes; Pollack; Grady]Box F2 (Cont.)

Cartoon 10 "Blast these traffic jams" [Tawes]

Cartoon 11 Symbol . . . [MD. Democratic Party]

Cartoon 12 For whom the Beall Tolls [Beal; Tommy]

Cartoon 13 "Here’s oue driver now, b’hoys - make room" [Tawes]

Cartoon 14 No caption. [Tawes; Pollack; Grady]


Cartoon 16 Millard had a little lamb . . . [Tawes]

Cartoon 17 We’ll have excellent instructors, including - I hope - some guest Democratic speakers" [Baltimore GOP Candidates]

Cartoon 18 "No more roads, please - give us mass transit"

Cartoon 19 "This way out, gentleman" [Tawes]

Cartoon 20 "Or how about some nice poison ivy?"

Cartoon 21 No caption. [Baltimore County; Birmingham]

Cartoon 22 No caption. [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 23 "Beat it boys, you bother me" [GOP Politicians Sideshow]

Cartoon 24 "I was coming down the middle of the road . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 25 "May I squeeze in somewhere?" [Labor Negotiations]

Cartoon 26 "Have you heard? Kennedy’s making the pilgrimage next month" [NATO; UN]

Cartoon 27 "I hear Kennedy’s going to the mouintain in May" [NATO; UN]

Cartoon 28 "I said AFTER YOU ALFONSE" [Democratic Process]

Cartoon 29 "The others got away" [Foreign TradeBill; Defense Bill]

Cartoon 30 "Looks easy . . ." [Congress]

Cartoon 31 Ghost of Distinction [Prohibition]

Cartoon 32 No caption. [Kennedy]

Cartoon 33 "Alas, poor candidate, I knew him . . . A fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy . . ." [Kennedy]

Cartoon 34 The Lyndon Bird [Vietman]

Cartoon 35 "It doesn’t seem fair to me" [Timonium; Metropolitan Baltimore]

Cartoon 36 "It hasn’t blossomed yet" [Grady; Graham; Goodman]

Cartoon 37 "There was a young man who lived in a shoe . . ." [Tommy]

Cartoon 38 "Timber!" [Tax Reform Bill]

Cartoon 39 The Equalizer [Gun Controls]

Cartoon 40 "The greatest event since inauguration" [Nixon]

Cartoon 41 "Let’s go - it’s 1958 already" [Bond Issues]

Cartoon 42 "Help keep Baltimore green" [Grady; Goodman]

Cartoon 43 "Someone’s got to dirty their hands and it’s not going to be me" [Tawes]

Cartoon 44 "Stop pushing us" [Baltimore County]

Cartoon 45 "We need more help to make it go" [Barnes]

Cartoon 46 "Oh, let’s tackle the pedestrian problem" [City of Baltimore]

Cartoon 47 "What do we have legislators for?" [Maryland Specimen Ballot]

Box F2 (Cont.)

Cartoon 48 Sleeping Beauty [Baltimore Electorate]

Cartoon 49 Don’t put off doing election day what you can’t do until the next day

Cartoon 50 "32 levers in 4 minutes - not bad - NEXT" [’66 Maryland Primaries]

Cartoon 51 "You can’t blame a man for wanting to better himself" [City Hall]

Cartoon 52 "Hold it, boys" [McKeldin]

Cartoon 53 "This the line to the tunnel or the bridge?"

Cartoon 54 "But I’ll bet they didn’t take THIS long" [Jones Falls Expressway]

Cartoon 55 "We’re getting closer to them" [City Planning]

Cartoon 56 "From here, if you look ahead, you can see it now" [Inner Harbor Development Plan]

Cartoon 57 No caption. [Friendship Airport]

Cartoon 58 "How about Baltimore’s Harbor? They’d never notice" [U.S. Army]

Cartoon 59 "Oh no! Here come the 59's" [Baltimore Transit]

Cartoon 60 No caption. [City Hall]

Cartoon 61 "Let’s do SOMETHING - close the window" "The time has come for action" [Harbor Pollution]

Cartoon 62 "Relax - you can take a bath when you go home" [Maryland’s Polluted Streams]

Cartoon 63 "Pass" [Metropolitan Cooperation]

Cartoon 64 "Guess we’ll have to swim" [Baltimore]

Cartoon 65 "Trapped" [City Council]

Cartoon 66 "Just in case those city slickers might take it" [City-County Line]

Cartoon 67 "That’s odd! It’s rising out here too" [City-County Line]

Cartoon 68 "Stop beating around the bushes and come out and say it" [New Revenues]

Cartoon 69 "It’s your last chance to make your mark on history" [Redistricting]

Cartoon 70 "I get your point . . . Let’s try compromising" [City-Council Fence]

Cartoon 71 "They’d fire ‘em in Russia" [Teachers; School Board]

Cartoon 72 "Now let’s clean up this mess" [City of Baltimore]

Cartoon 73 Riding Shotgun [City Hall]

Cartoon 74 "Keep off the turf . . . don’t pick the flowers . . ." [Baltimore Revenue Problems]

Cartoon 75 "Let’s go class - this is no place for students" [Deadlock on Council Vacancy]

Cartoon 76 "Worse pet than crabgrass" [Suburbia]

Cartoon 77 "Pardon me gentlemen - look at this . . ." [Baltimore]

Cartoon 78 "Point, but don’t touch" [Baltimore’s Tax Problem]

Cartoon 79 "You gents care to place a bet on the outcome of any lottery proposal?"

Cartoon 80 "Can they get that load on here?" [B.T.C.]

Cartoon 81 "If they don’t bloom, take ‘em back for a refund" [Hardy]

Cartoon 82 "Heave Ho" [City Democratic Committee]

Cartoon 83 "We’re not overcrowded - they’re inspectors too" [Baltimore]

Box F2 (Cont.)

Cartoon 84 "Sorry you’re not satisfied but there’s nothing we can do. Next . . ."

Cartoon 85 "It’s a start" [Proposed Metropolitan Government Agencies]

Cartoon 86 "From the Mayor . . ." [Teachers]

Cartoon 87 "Congratulations Pop - your biggest baby yet" [Board of Estimates]

Cartoon 88 "We’ll be right back folks" [Mahoney]

Cartoon 89 "Forward, march!" [Lame-Duck Council]

Cartoon 90 Election Vigil [Primary Ballot]

Cartoon 91 "5000 lower-middle class for you, 5000 upper-middle class for me . . ." [Councilmanic Redistricting]

Cartoon 92 Annapolis Landmark [Billboard Lobby]

Cartoon 93 "They’re only used to studying the operation of our local government" [City Revenue Sources]

Cartoon 94 "Tell me if reapportionment comes up" [MD legislature]

Cartoon 95 "Don’t run - it only excites them" [Baltimore County Government]

Cartoon 96 "Let’s slink out the back way" [MD Legislature]

Cartoon 97 "Did you say ‘only’?" [1960 City Budget]

Cartoon 98 "Try again" [Grady; Tawes]

Cartoon 99 "You accomodate me and I’ll accomodate you" [Legislture]

Cartoon 100 "And it should be modern - like this, for instance" [MD Constitution]

Cartoon 101 "State-wide gun control is in trouble here too" [Redistricting; Cooper- Hughes]

Cartoon 102 "There’s no easy way in or out" [Mc Keldin]

Cartoon 103 "Shock - he’s not used to decisions" [Redistricting Order]

Cartoon 104 "Why should we bail them out of their jam?" [Anne Arundel County; Phipps]

Cartoon 105 "For the first time anywhere, our $33,000,000 act . . ." [MD Legislature]

Cartoon 106 "We try to keep our small town look" [County Government]

Cartoon 107 "Hear ye - final legislative session of this era" [Reapportionment; Constitutional Revision]

Cartoon 108 "O.K. Guv - we’ll try our best" [Lame-Duck Legislature]

Cartoon 109 . . . For all the people [Assateague Island]

Cartoon 110 "Ask not for whom the bell tolls - it may be tolling for thee" [1966 Legislative Session]

Cartoon 111 "You alright, Tom?" [Finan]

Cartoon 112 "I want to complain about this rate hike . . . Hello? . . . Hello? . . . Operator? . . ." [Telephone Company]

Cartoon 113 "That’s odd - they’re DEMOCRATS!" [’62 Candidates]

Cartoon 114 "How green was my valley" [Counties]

Cartoon 115 "Sh-h-h-h" [Tawes; Mahoney; Hume; McKeldin]

Cartoon 116 "O.K., let’s go inside and settle it" [Tawes]

Cartoon 117 "Back, everyone" [Tawes]

Box F2 (Cont.)

Cartoon 118 "Egg salad IS . . . Potato salad ISN’T . . ." [MD Sales Tax]

Cartoon 119 "Ah-h-h-h, dry land at last" [Cooper-Hughes]

Cartoon 120 "Don’t worry - we’ll call you in plenty of time" [Cooper-Hughes]

Cartoon 121 "I still can’t see it" [Cooper-Hughes]

Cartoon 122 "It’s not that way in our book" [State Legislatures]

Cartoon 123 "Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in . . ." Robrt Frost [Grady]

Cartoon 124 "Help" [Police; Park Police]

Cartoon 125 "We’ll be lucky if we get as far as Annapolis" [Grady]

Cartoon 126 "Maybe in 1960, dear" [Broad-Base Tax Program]

Cartoon 127 "Sorry, we moved out here to get away from all that" [Metropolitan Baltimore]

Cartoon 128 "He stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plumb" [Grady]

Cartoon 129 "Tell you what: Leet’s cooperate" [City-County]

Cartoon 130 "Come on, it’s just over the rainbow" [Tawes]

Cartoon 131 "Going my way" [City; Counties]

Cartoon 132 "Step right up boys and balance your budget" [Kahl]

Cartoon 133 "I may be lame but I can still lay an egg" [Lame Duck Council]

Cartoon 134 "East-West highway survey"

Cartoon 135 "It’s only the beginning folks . . ." [Tawes]

Cartoon 136 "Are we getting any closer?" [Grady; Tawes]

Cartoon 137 "Take a verse to Mr. Pressman:’Man does not live by bread alone’" [Jones Valley Park Site]

Cartoon 138 "We consider a five month delay speedy" [MD Justice]

Cartoon 139 "We want a beautiful, historical landscape" [Alton]

Cartoon 140 "I told you we’d be back" [Tawes]

Cartoon 141 "Sh-h-h-h" [Local Government; State]

Cartoon 142 "First, go get a million oyster seeds somewhere" [Byrd]

Cartoon 143 Feast Day . . . [GOP; Dem’s; USSR; Baltimore]

Cartoon 144 "You folks mind?" [Fare Increases]

Cartoon 145 "Raise your right hand again . . ." [Court Oath Ruling] Cartoon 146 "He’s jumping for joy - but in six months it might be called hitting the ceiling" [Interim Budget Tax Cut]

Cartoon 147 "Don’t get any ideas" [Tawes]

Cartoon 148 "If you have any trouble, write" [McKeldin; Devereux]

Cartoon 149 "My nerves are frazzled - and these lights don’t help any" [MD Legislature]

Cartoon 150 "Whee!" [State Tax Increases]

Cartoon 151 "Hurry, boys - here comes another census report" [County]

Cartoon 152 "We could CONSIDER it" [3G’s; Baltimore’s Budget]

Cartoon 153 "Let them eat cake crumbs" [Reapportionment]

Box F2 (Cont.)

Cartoon 154 "This old constitution is so comfortable!" [216 Amendments]

Cartoon 155 "They’re coming back - with a true flag" [MD Constitution]

Cartoon 156 "This may be more of an historic occasion than we realize" [State Budget]

Cartoon 157 "We don’t want to be disturbed" [Liquor Board; Election Board]

Cartoon 158 "Well, of all the dirty tricks" [City-County]

Cartoon 159 "You stick to your end, son, and I’ll stick to mine!" [Anne Arundel County]

Cartoon 160 "You sure it will wash out for election time?" [MD Legislature]

Cartoon 161 Better luck next season [Grady]

Cartoon 162 "Which police force do you want, sir? Hello? . . ." [Park Dept.]

Cartoon 163 "You sign mine and I’ll sign yours" [Referendum Petitions]

Cartoon 164 "There seem to be fewer ducks this year" [Baltimore]

Cartoon 165 No caption. [Baltimore Courts]

Cartoon 166 "And hasn’t even the weather improved under our administration?" [Brewster; Tawes; Goldstein]

Cartoon 167 "I dunno - I kinda like the outfit you have on" [Metroplitan Parochialism]

Cartoon 168 "I think it’s in boys" [Grady]

Cartoon 169 "Human dumps" [Maryland Prisons]

Cartoon 170 "May as well give in and go along with them - save your strength for the elections"

Cartoon 171 The Break Through [Metropolitan Transit Plan]

Cartoon 172 "How many more days to this meet - er, session" [’59 Budget]

Cartoon 173 "I’VE GOT IT! A tax on taxes!" [New Tax Sources]

Box F3 sports, personages

Cartoon 1 "Do it" [Orioles; 1961]

Cartoon 2 "Let’s go to the ball game" [1964]

Cartoon 3 "So our summit hopes have faded. So what? Ike doesn’t quit" [Orioles; 10 consecutive losses]

Cartoon 4 "Now what’s all this about a Russian satellite?" [Yankee Stadium]

Cartoon 5 And now, back to work [Colts; National Championship]

Cartoon 6 "It’s good to get away from it all" [Orioles]

Cartoon 7 Bird’s eye view . . . [Dodgers; Orioles]

Cartoon 8 Annual eclipse, two p.m., Memorial Stadium

Cartoon 9 "Just remember, there are some anti-trust agents from the Justice Department in the stands" [New York Yankees]

Cartoon 10 "FORE" [Nixon; Cabinet]

Cartoon 11 No caption. [Nixon]Box F3 (Cont.)

Cartoon 12 "Gentlemen . . ." [Nixon]

Cartoon 13 "Now, to climax my career - my masterpiece" [1960; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 14 "This should put you back in the public eye" [Humphrey; L.B.J.]

Cartoon 15 "This is my garden - be careful of the cactus" [L.B.J.; Mrs. Ghandi; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 16 . . . In the service of his country [John Foster Dulles]

Cartoon 17 The Fifth Republic in person [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 18 "Engines . . . Flaps . . . Brakes . . . Rabbit’s Foot" [L.B.J.]


Cartoon 20 "Today, unfortunately, we have to take up another theme - the Great Sphere" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 21 We are keeping in close touch with the international situation [L.B.J.; Bundy; Rusk]

Cartoon 22 "GR-R-R-R-R" [Senator Williams; Baker Case]

Cartoon 23 "Not at all - the honor is ours, sir" [Churchill]

Cartoon 24 "It’s not as dangerous as it looks" [DeGaulle; L.B.J.]

Cartoon 25 "Sh-h-h - He’s trying to neutralize S.E. Asia" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 26 "We even had the same name" [Sam; J.F.K.]

Cartoon 27 "I’ve taken up another hobby - politics" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 28 Hee Haw, Hee Haw . . .

Cartoon 29 "Those who live by the sword . . ." [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 30 "You may have another seven years" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 31 "Fortunately for France, I am not superstitious" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 32 No caption. [Nixon]

Cartoon 33 No caption. [Hickel]

Cartoon 34 No caption. [Nixon]

Cartoon 35 The Presidential Seal [Nixon]

Cartoon 36 Spray guns at point-blank range . . . [J. Edgar Hoover; R.F.K.]

Cartoon 37 "Mr. Harriman practices for the next talk session"

Cartoon 38 "This is what I would do - sorry" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 39 April in Paris [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 40 "I think it’s just about out" [1960s]

Cartoon 41 Have ambition, will travel [Lyndon Johnson]

Cartoon 42 "I want to be general or I won’t play" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 43 "Got another match, Spiro?" [Agnew]

Cartoon 44 "Thank you, Monsieur President" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 45 Summer Picnic [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 46 "Oh, say, can you see J. Edgar Hoover?"

Cartoon 47 "My halo, sir" [Adams; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 48 "1964 - 6:30a.m. - Let’s Go!" [L.B.J.]

Box F3 (Cont.)

Cartoon 49 "Gosh, Ted, I don’t think it would look good" [J.F.K.; Ted Kennedy]

Cartoon 50 "The award for Best Supporting Actor, to Senator Dirksen, for his role in Civil Rights"

Cartoon 51 "I think he means it" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 52 "The important thing is to stir things up" [Fulbright]

Cartoon 53 "Sh-h-h-h" [Ted Kennedy]

Cartoon 54 "What’s got into you? You used to be so peaceful?" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 55 "Just a minute, champ" [Senatore W. Morse]

Cartoon 56 Operation Stork [L.B.J.’s Great Society Program]

Cartoon 57 "First of all, folks, don’t be carried away by his bedside manner" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 58 Star Attraction [Vicuna]

Cartoon 59 "Sh-h-h-h" [Senator Scott]

Cartoon 60 "GIDDAP!" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 61 "Now, let us all raise our right and repeat after me . . ." [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 62 "Surprise - some good news" [L.B.J.]

Box F4 U.S. agriculture, education, environment, foreign affairs, labor, poverty, space

Cartoon 1 The Long Hot Summer [Summit; Labor Hearings; Mideast; China]

Cartoon 2 You show a basic lack of conviction [Nixon; Kennedy]

Cartoon 3 "We’re cleaning up now, Mr. President" [Secretary Freeman]

Cartoon 4 "We have a Ford problem too" [U.S.A. Food Surplus Problem]

Cartoon 5 "Psst - you have a gold problem too?" [U.S. Wheat Problem]

Cartoon 6 "Let them eat domestic chicken" [Common Market]

Cartoon 7 Bringing home the bacon [Farm Bloc]

Cartoon 8 "How about some butter with your bread?" [Red Bloc Food Purchases]

Cartoon 9 "Hold it - we’ll get more props" [Wheat Problem]

Cartoon 10 "Why should we go to the city and have to stand in line for our government checks" [CED]

Cartoon 11 "Hey! Come back here" [J.F.K.; Farms Controls Problem]

Cartoon 12 Renewal [Urban Agency Plan]

Cartoon 13 "Most ridiculous proposal since Henry Ford’s five dollars-a-day" [Minimum Wage Extension to Farm Workers]

Cartoon 14 "Here’s a little side dish, gentlemen" [Benson]

Cartoon 15 It’s such a relief to go back to school [National School Problem]

Cartoon 16 "Beat it kids - you bother us" [School Aid Bill]

Cartoon 17 "What’s he got that I can’t give you?" [Federal Aid to Education Hearings]

Box F4 (Cont.)

Cartoon 18 "Anyone interested?" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 19 "Take over" [1966; U.S. Schools]

Cartoon 20 Educational TV [Luna 9]

Cartoon 21 "Watch it, children" [Urban Problems]

Cartoon 22 "Quick, teach them science - how much?"

Cartoon 23 "But I’m still thirsty" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 24 "Our Beauty Program isn’t quite ready yet" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 25 "I waant to take this occasion to say a few words in favor of fresh air" [Air Pollution Bill]

Cartoon 26 "Out of our right-of-way" [Road Builders]

Cartoon 27 "White Smog!" [Air Pollution]

Cartoon 28 "Cheer up - at least they gave us a rate increase" [Subsidized Highway]

Cartoon 29 "Yipee - give it the gun!" [Federal Auto Safety Regulations]

Cartoon 30 "Here comes the most dangerous part" [Air Controllers’ Strike]

Cartoon 31 "Sorry, we’re all filled up" [Rail Industry]

Cartoon 32 Escapist Reading [High-Speed Rail Plans]

Cartoon 33 "I’ll be glad when this expressway program is ended and we can bypass these cities completely" [Highway Appropriations Bill]

Cartoon 34 "This is a heck of a way to run an airport" [D.C. National Airport]

Cartoon 35 The Human Element . . . [Air Disasters]

Cartoon 36 Stork Race [World Population to Double; Spread of Atomic Arms]

Cartoon 37 No caption. [Uranium Stockpiles]

Cartoon 38 "It’s better than no birthday" [10th Anniversary of NATO]

Cartoon 39 "He says where else can he go - shall we tell him?" "Now tell him where he can go" [Eisenhower; Baltika]

Cartoon 40 Of Mice and Men . . . [SAC]

Cartoon 41 "Three doves do not a spring make" [Mikoyan; Dulles; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 42 "Sunny and warmer, possibility of blizzard" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 43 "Going up" [Dulles]

Cartoon 44 "Your move, gentlemen" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 45 Thanksgiving Day, 1960

Cartoon 46 "Another day, another crisis passed . . ." [Dulles]

Cartoon 47 "Six inches - we’re still within our rights" [USA; USSR]

Cartoon 48 "Now for Moscow, the Mideast and Vietnam" [Nixon; Ulbricht]

Cartoon 49 "A little louder, sir" [Soviet Propaganda]

Cartoon 50 No caption. [American Security]

Cartoon 51 "We’re all fine thank you - and you?" [J.F.K.; Gromyko]

Cartoon 52 So far, so good . . . [Nixon; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 53 One Armed Paper Hanger [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 54 "Showing the flag" [United States Foreign Aid]

Cartoon 55 "Imagine if he weren’t an unpopular president of an unpopular nation!"

Cartoon 56 Diplomatic Phrenology [J.F.K.]Box F4 (Cont.)

Cartoon 57 No caption. [Mayflower II]

Cartoon 58 Life’s awkward moments . . . [J.F.K.; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 59 "President DeGaulle will see you now sir" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 60 "While you’re at it, take a look at this" [Divided Germany]

Cartoon 61 "Foreign aid can be improved, but - Gentlemen, I’m NOT through" [Clay; Passman]

Cartoon 62 No caption. [Allied War]

Cartoon 63 "Please, Charles, you’re embarassing me" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 64 "We just mean from Vietnam" [Proposed U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Europe]

Cartoon 65 "I don’t know - but he just blinked" [DeGaulle; Rusk; Lemnitzer]

Cartoon 66 Now back to the REAL World Series . . .

Cartoon 67 "And here is a perfectly good wheel . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 68 "Next Case" [Johnson; Wilson]

Cartoon 69 1947-1959 [Taft-Hartley Bill; Labor Reform Bill]

Cartoon 70 Stockpiles are dwindling . . . [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 71 "Gosh boss - organize CONGRESS?" [Hoffa]

Cartoon 72 "May we peek?" [’65 Auto Wage Talks]

Cartoon 73 "Somethings happened to my crusading zeal" [Hoffa; Beck]

Cartoon 74 The Teamster [Labor Reform Bill]

Cartoon 75 "I’ve been cleared" [Johnson; Walter Reuther]

Cartoon 76 "Send them in, one at a time" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 77 Second thoughts [’66 Elections]

Cartoon 78 No caption. [Hoffa]

Cartoon 79 "We’re all right as long as lightning doesn’t strike" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 80 "That’s all we have" [Taft-Hartley Law; Sgt. Wirtz]

Cartoon 81 "I think we’ve made it again" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 82 "Here you are gentlemen. You can share them" [Nixon; Kennedy]

Cartoon 83 "Sorry" [Production, Jobs, Incomes at Record Highs]

Cartoon 84 "You all right, Mr. President?"

Cartoon 85 "I’m President of the Teamsters - what’s your racket?" [American Unionism Headquarters]

Cartoon 86 "You too can save your job with a shorter work week" [Meany]

Cartoon 87 "Expelled" [Hoffa]

Cartoon 88 "You can’t go on strike at this crucial time . . . Hello? Hello? Hello? . . ." [Telephone System]

Cartoon 89 "You’re muscling in on our territory" [Hoffa]

Cartoon 90 "Sorry this is a private affair" [Sec. Mitchell]

Cartoon 91 "Here comes our baby back home" [Industry-wide Strike Power]

Cartoon 92 "That unemployment line getting any smaller?" [Labor Department]

Cartoon 93 TICK, TOCK . . . TICK, TOCK . . . [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 94 "Tell them where they can go" [Strike Negotiations]

Cartoon 95 "The unveliling will be soon - we hope" [1968 Auto Contracts]Box F4 (Cont.)

Cartoon 96 90-Day Repreive [Collective Bargaining]

Cartoon 97 "It’s seen better days" [Auto Collective Bargaining]

Cartoon 98 "Good luck Casey" [National Emergency Strikes]

Cartoon 99 "Tune in again next month . . ." [March Unemployment Figures]

Cartoon 100 No caption. [Eishenhower]

Cartoon 101 We’d better move - the tide’s coming in [Steel Strike]

Cartoon 102 No caption. [Anti-Trust Investigators]

Cartoon 103 "Now I want you boys to shake hands" [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 104 "How d’you like this one, boys?" [J.F.K.; Reuther]

Cartoon 105 "Shall I alert all departments again, sir?" [Railroads, Union Reject Recomended Settlement]

Cartoon 106 "Here are the latest unemployment statistics" [Wirtz]

Cartoon 107 "It’s going to hurt me more than it hurts you" [Compulsory Arbitration Woodshed]

Cartoon 108 Lie-in Demonstration [Rail Talks]

Cartoon 109 "I want you to know that I’m concerned" [Steel Strike Threat]

Cartoon 110 "What’s the big hurry this year?" [Wirtz]

Cartoon 111 No caption. [New Fronteir Products]

Cartoon 112 No caption. [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 113 "The old Earth sure looks good . . ." [Non-inflationary Steel Settlement]

Cartoon 114 "Let’s form two lines and orbit in pairs" [U.S. Space Projects]

Cartoon 115 "Let us reason together" [Jittery Governments; Jittery Business]

Cartoon 116 This is indeed an emergency [Airline Strike]

Cartoon 117 "Maybe we won’t have to take drastic action after all" [Airline Strike Action]

Cartoon 118 "Take over" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 119 "HALT" [Feather Bedding]

Cartoon 120 "Maybe we SHOULD get busy on unemployment" [Congress]

Cartoon 121 Just think of the overtime we’d get [AFL-CIO]

Cartoon 122 "Just holler when you’re done" [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 123 "What a relief!" [Railroad Strike]

Cartoon 124 "Here come the ‘65s" [Auto Negotiations]

Cartoon 125 "Sorry - this is the best we can offer right now" [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 126 Come on out - we want to be friends [J.F.K.; Dillon]

Cartoon 127 "Ah-h-h - nineteen more winks" [Featherbedding]

Cartoon 128 "Labor Bill being revived" [Hose Labor Committee]

Cartoon 129 "The unemployment controls aren’t quite worked out yet" [J.F.K.]

Cartoon 130 "Let’s at least stay close to the ropes, boys" [Industry; Labor]

Cartoon 131 Vandalism [Public Schools]

Cartoon 132 The port that threatens a city [East Coast Dock Strike]

Cartoon 133 "The honeymoon is over!" [Meany]

Cartoon 134 "We shoulda organized the courts, boss" [Hoffa]Box F4 (Cont.)

Cartoon 135 "I’ll just have to find more work" [Secretary of Commerce Hodges]

Cartoon 136 No caption. [L.B.J.]

Cartoon 137 "Fine, but we still need more" [J.F.K.; Hodges]

Cartoon 138 "As though we don’t have enough trouble" [War on Poverty]

Cartoon 139 "Frankly we’re worried about a two-front war" [L.B.J.; Congress]

Cartoon 140 Happiness is . . . [Apollo 10]

Cartoon 141 No caption. [Museum of Transportation; Gemini Capsule]

Cartoon 142 "Put up or shut up" [Space Agencies Public Relations Officer]

Cartoon 143 "Go man, GO!" [Senate; House]

Cartoon 144 No caption. [Schirra]

Cartoon 145 "And now we resume our program of slumber m,usic from Washington" [Russians Shoot for Moon]

Cartoon 146 "We can put you on the moon for forty billion - plus overtime, of course" [McClellan; J.F.K.]

Cartoon 147 "This is evolution?" [Satellite Monkey to go Over Poles]

Cartoon 148 All systems are go [United States Space Program]

Cartoon 149 The other side of the moon

Cartoon 150 "And coming from behind, here comes America . . ." [Lunar Preakness]

Cartoon 151 "Second best in the world!" [U.S. Space Program]

Box F5 U.S. Congress

Cartoon 1 "We'll see who's chicken" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 2 "Get me Congress" [Highway Program]

Cartoon 3 "Just follow these instructions: Place the Rdistricting Bill in a brown paper bag . . ." [Dirksen]

Cartoon 4 "I just couldn't let him get away with it" [Kennedy; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 5 "Now get over there and SELL!" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 6 "Get back down in your place, Chester" [Bowles; Kennedy]

Cartoon 7 "Giddap" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 8 "Johnson wants one-party rule" [Ford]

Cartoon 9 "Pay no attention to him" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 10 "Out of the way or we'll ram you" [Kennedy; Nixon]

Cartoon 11 "The Foreign Aid Bill, Mr. Passman - in braille" [House Appropriations Subcommittee]

Cartoon 12 "Carry on men - fight them on the farms, in the hills, in the state legislatures" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 13 "Where there's war there's always mud" [The Great Society '66 Legislative Program]

Cartoon 14 No caption. [Baker]Box F5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 15 "Let's see . . . we can't turn back . . ." [Urban Affairs Dilemma]

Cartoon 16 "Gulp" [Nixon; Eisenhower; Alcorn]

Cartoon 17 "Good speech - you must come again and hear ours" [Johnson]

Cartoon 18 "Hark - I hear a Ho! - Ho! - Ho!" [Nixon]

Cartoon 19 "We're trying to speed up the game this year" [Nixon]

Cartoon 20 "Anaesthesia . . . Axe . . ." [Halleck; Dirksen; Kennedy]

Cartoon 21 "Good riddance!" [90th Congress]

Cartoon 22 "Let's get these logs moving, men" [Mansfield; Kennedy]

Cartoon 23 "You're the one who criticized my health plan so much last session, aren't you?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 24 "Returning renewed, refreshed . . ."

Cartoon 25 No caption. [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 26 "Who's Labor Bill ya buying?" [Congress]

Cartoon 27 "Slow - looks like another low tunnel" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 28 "Pull over to the middle of the road!" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 29 "The second session must have started" [Congressional Committee]

Cartoon 30 "I can't see anything beyond my district" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 31 "They're throwing everything they have at us - even our own ammunition" [GOP]

Cartoon 32 "Next" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 33 "We'll take care of the homefront" [Johnson]

Cartoon 34 The President also goes for a walk [Kennedy]

Cartoon 35 "I don't feel hungry" [Record Unemployment Figures]

Cartoon 36 "Well, we cut taxes . . . and we . . . uh . . ." [Urban Decay]

Cartoon 37 "1960 will be a bad year for solving problems" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 38 Congress solves another problem . . . [Adjournment]

Cartoon 39 "Careful boys - the bill we save may be our own" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 40 Elder Citizen [Medical Care Bills]

Cartoon 41 No caption. [5-Year Foreign Aid Plan]

Cartoon 42 "We're surrounded, hopelessly outnumbered and low on ammunition - we shall attack!" [Rural Domination]

Cartoon 43 "Alphabetical order please - Appalachia, Badlands, The Catskills, Death Valley, Everglades . . ." [War on Poverty]

Cartoon 44 "I refuse to ask that question on grounds that it may incriminate Congress" [Senate Ethics Committee]

Cartoon 45 "TIMBER!" [Treasury Post Office Appropriation]

Cartoon 46 "I'll do it myself - anaesthetic, please"

Cartoon 47 "Sorry, Mr. Baker objects to lights" [Senate Baker Hearings]

Cartoon 48 "Excuse my rubber glove" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 49 "When you've finished with that I've a list of other things you might take a look at" [Congress; Balanced Budget]

Cartoon 50 "We'll give you reapportionment - on guard" [Balance of Powers]Box F5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 51 "Hold on young lady - age before beauty" [Seniority System]

Cartoon 52 "I think that's all we can do this year" [Senate Ethics Code]

Cartoon 53 "Billions for democracy abroad - not one vote for home rule here" [D.C. Home Rule Bill]

Cartoon 54 ". . . And still the Free World Champion . . . Whoops!" [Foreign Aid Program]

Cartoon 55 "Hold that ambulance" [Kennedy; Miller]

Cartoon 56 "Tell them that's it! Now get out of here!" [Foreign Relations Committee]

Cartoon 57 "Another trouble spot - Capitol Hill" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 58 No caption. [Mansfield]

Cartoon 59 "Try them again Mr. President" [Mansfield; McCormack]

Cartoon 60 "Get ready for our first rumble, boys" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 61 "Sorry - if you can't make it, try again next year" [Medicare]

Cartoon 62 "I forget - is it high or low score that wins?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 63 "Wait a minut . . ." [Congress]

Cartoon 64 "We saved the issue anyway" [Kennedy; Mansfield]

Cartoon 65 "Come and get us!" [Reapportionment Foes; Foreign Aid Bill]

Cartoon 66 "Get your foot out of the door" [Old-Age Medical Care]

Cartoon 67 No caption. [Mansfield; Dirksen]

Cartoon 68 "And, in this corner, the Freeworld’s Champ - let him in the ring, folks" [U.S. Foreign Aid]

Cartoon 69 "It’s just until after the elections - here’s my security" [Federal Pay Raise Bill]

Cartoon 70 "We’ll just stuff this in here and appoint a committee to watch it" [Baker Case]

Cartoon 71 "Only a week, five days and ten minutes to go" [’65 Legislative Session]

Cartoon 72 "It’s going around - the Urban Plan died of it last week" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 73 "OK boys, we can do it - put on your space suits" [Johnson]

Cartoon 74 "The operation was a success" [Medicare]

Cartoon 75 "Away - we want to throw out the bath water" [Foreign Aid]

Cartoon 76 "I call this contempt - no records, no testimony, and, now, no TV!" [Baker Hearings]

Cartoon 77 "We the people’s elected representatives in order to establidh a more perfect union . . ." [Constitutional Amendment on Reapportionment]

Cartoon 78 "When is all the spending going to end?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 79 "We’ve been here since the 1930's" [Farm Policy; Urban Problems; Vietnam; Foreign Aid]

Cartoon 80 "What do you want?" [Foreign Aid Requests]

Cartoon 81 "Wow - it’s hot out here" [Urban Crisis]

Cartoon 82 "And now, from the sublime to Smith and Halleck, The Harmony Boys" [Kennedy]

Box F5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 83 "You’ll have to reveal more, my dear" [Executive-Judicial Financial Exposures]

Cartoon 84 No caption. [Gun Controls]

Cartoon 85 "You still hanging on?" [Mediare]

Cartoon 86 No caption. [Adjournment]

Cartoon 87 "If it’s all right with you, I’m reenlisting" [Johnson]

Cartoon 88 "Come on in - the door’s open" [Passman]

Cartoon 89 "Watch out - you want to get hurt?" [Social Security Bill]

Cartoon 90 Resting on its laurels [Congressional 4th of July Recess]

Cartoon 91 "He’s the surgeon" [Johnson]

Cartoon 92 "I think you’ve recovered enough now for a booster" [New Social Security Proposals]

Cartoon 93 "Maybe we SHOULD cut this short and get out of here" [Baker Case Revival]

Cartoon 94 "Purple Heart - Vietnam" [Foreign Aid Bill]

Cartoon 95 "Sorry Senator - we’ve got to move it one hour ahead" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 96 "I ask you once again, will you step aside?" [Mansfield]

Cartoon 97 "It won’t be easy giving up these seats" [Tradition of Rural Domination]

Cartoon 98 "After all these years, we’re not giving up now" [Gun Lobby]

Cartoon 99 New York’s 18th Congressional District Seat [Adam Powell]

Cartoon 100 "Heart" [Johnson]

Cartoon 101 "I think it will be an eventful session" [90th Congress]

Cartoon 102 "Oh no - here comes Santa Claus" [88th Congress]

Cartoon 103 "$25,000" [Powell]

Cartoon 104 Creak . . . [McCormack; Long]

Cartoon 105 "Give us the White House . . ." [Foreign Aid]

Cartoon 106 "Now, where are we?" [Moulder; Schwartz]

Cartoon 107 "Watch we don’t hit the one with the baby, boys" [GOP; Southern Democrats]

Cartoon 108 Delayed fallout [Atomic Energy Committee Hearings on Radiation]

Cartoon 109 No caption. [Civil War Centennial Controversy]

Cartoon 110 "Senate leader Scott reporting for duty, sir" [Nixon]

Cartoon 111 "Any time you’re ready, I am" [Nixon]

Cartoon 112 "It’s no the heat, it’s the humanity" [Civil Rights; Test-Ban Treaty; Railroad Strike Problem]

Cartoon 113 "Now comes the hard part" [Housing Section]

Cartoon 114 "Even we can see that’s not the answer" [Powell Case]

Cartoon 115 "Were you blowing your siren at me, officer?" [Auto Industry]

Cartoon 116 "Now comes the part I hate - legislating" [Politics]

Cartoon 117 "Grab a broom - Khrushchev’s coming" [Administration]

Cartoon 118 "How do we look now?" [Senate Ethics Bill]

Cartoon 119 "High blood pressure" [Congressional Recess]Box F 5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 120 "Mirror, mirror on the wall, now who’s the most honest one of all?" [Powell; Dodd]

Cartoon 121 "Watch out, I’m going into second gear" [Senate; House]

Cartoon 122 "We’re figuring out the price now" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 123 "Quick step - hut, two, three, four . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 124 "Now for our pay offs" [Political Assayer]

Cartoon 125 "And, last but not least, the capstone" [Johnson]

Cartoon 126 "Isn’t that impressive?" [85th Congress]

Cartoon 127 "These suports" [Farm Bolc; Food Surpluses]

Cartoon 128 "Well, back to the salt mines" [Russian Production Increases]

Cartoon 129 "Where do you think YOU’RE going, you whippersnapper?" [Seniority System]

Cartoon 130 "They, the people . . ." [One Man - One Vote Amendment]

Cartoon 131 "Don’t give up now - our founding fathers wouldn’t"

Cartoon 132 "Whoops!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 133 "Our returning mood is one of mixed ingredients" [Congress]

Cartoon 134 No caption. [88th Congress]

Cartoon 135 "Git off our fences" [Rural Domination]

Cartoon 136 "It’s an awkward old blunderbuss, but it’s lethal" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 137 "Missed - but I winged him" [Passman]

Cartoon 138 "There is an alternate form of foreign aid . . ." [Kennedy]

Cartoon 139 "Beat it doc, I’m in the middle of a sales pitch" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 140 "A get well card from the president" [D.C. Home Rule Case]

Cartoon 141 "The best ladi plans of mice and men . . ." [Bobby Baker Case]

Cartoon 142 "I will NOT forget it - I want my investment back" [Baker Case Hearings]

Cartoon 143 "I think this has gone far enough" [Baker]

Cartoon 144 "It’s good to safely away for the holidays" ["Lame Duck" Congressman]

Cartoon 145 "A half a loaf of bread and thou . . ." [Kennedy]

Cartoon 146 "We’ll return it to you" [Liberal Democrats]

Cartoon 147 "Why not look at it as a moral victory and NOT as a legislative defeat?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 148 "Suppose he comes some other way?" [Kennedy; Halleck]

Cartoon 149 "Why can’t people just leave us alone?" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 150 "Hi ho, coalition" [Southern Democrats]

Cartoon 151 "You should be up and around before election time" [Old-Age Health Problem]

Cartoon 152 "A time for greatness . . ." [Politics]

Cartoon 153 "Now, what is it we’re investigating?" [Fox]

Cartoon 154 "ME?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 155 Meanwhile, back at the old fronteir . . . [Southern Dems-GOP Conservative Coalition]

Cartoon 156 "Watch - this’ll be good . . ." [Eisenhowe; Nixon]

Box F6 U.S. fiscal problems

Cartoon 1 "He wants 1½ cents more tax - I won’t pay it" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 2 "Welcome, pardner" [Alaska]

Cartoon 3 "It’s so simple - here’s five billion dollars . . ." [H.S.T.]

Cartoon 4 "There’s a recession on, men - let’s take advantage of it" [Tariff Lobby]

Cartoon 5 "There’s that monster again!" [Postal Increase]

Cartoon 6 "Must be somewhere out on the New Fronteir" ["Depressed-Area" Unemployment]

Cartoon 7 "HELP!" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 8 "After the ball is over . . ." [1959; New Taxes]

Cartoon 9 "You’re not dying - it’s just a bad hangover" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 10 Commemorative Stamp [Postal Rate Increase Bill]

Cartoon 11 "When you’re through with that take a look at the foundation" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 12 "Yes sir! EVERYTHING is booming" [Record Peacetime Deficit; Record National Debt]

Cartoon 13 B-O-I-N-G [U.S. Productivity]

Cartoon 14 Slick [Oil Lobby]

Cartoon 15 "Got them untangled yet?" [Wage-Price Guidelines]

Cartoon 16 "This week’s lip-service will be on tax reform" [Nixon]

Cartoon 17 "In here we keep an eye on the inflation threat" [Council of economic Advisers]

Cartoon 18 "I wonder what the ‘59s will look like?" [Auto Wage Negotiations]

Cartoon 19 "It’s not on;y the cost - it’s the principle" [Farm Price Supports]

Cartoon 20 "Nice of you to ask - I WILL stay another year" [Expense Account Living]

Cartoon 21 "My fellow Americans . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 22 "I am NOT unpatriotic" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 23 "Sorry!" [7% Interest Rate]

Cartoon 24 No caption. [Johnson]

Cartoon 25 "I’m tired already" [90th Congress]

Cartoon 26 "O.K., we’re convinced about the brakes - let’s get going again" [Tax Credit Reversal]

Cartoon 27 "Good night, Hubert" "Good night, Lyndon" [Johnson]

Cartoon 28 "There’s even postage due" [National Budget]

Cartoon 29 No caption. [Opposition to Congressional Pay Raise]

Cartoon 30 "This can still beat anyother car on the road" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 31 "Every year I forget about that doorway" [Debt Limit]

Cartoon 32 The Puritans [Congress; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 33 Blue Monday [Senate Vote Against Tax Check Off Campaign Funds]

Cartoon 34 "If they protest, tell ‘em where they can go to" [Johnson]

Cartoon 35 "Take the rest and donate it to your favorite charity - the Military, Rich Farmers, the Oil Lobby . . ."

Cartoon 36 Congressional reaction was immediate . . . [Johnson]Box F6 (Cont.)

Cartoon 37 "One of the finest men I ever knew" [Johnson]

Cartoon 38 No caption. [Tax Increase, National Growth]

Cartoon 39 "Who wants to start with the suggestions?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 40 "Baffling, isn’t it?" [Cost of Living; Recession]

Cartoon 41 Another Distress Area [Anderson]

Cartoon 42 "Pop’s out looking for another job" [Increases in: Telephone Rate, Tax, Gas & Electric, Car Insurance, Blue Cross]

Cartoon 43 "He’s there again today" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 44 "Of course this is nonsense - but the natives believe it" [Benson]

Cartoon 45 "I can’t bear to look" [Kennedy; Bell]

Cartoon 46 "Friends . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 47 "But tonight, let’s forget about the Cold War" [Congress]

Cartoon 48 "I still think this looks foolish" [Unemployment Figure]

Cartoon 49 "Billions for Berlin, but not one more cent for Washington" [Tax Loopholes; Postal Rates]

Cartoon 50 "Fertilizer, Mister?" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 51 "We all have to make sacrifices" [Foreign Investments]

Cartoon 52 No caption. [European Prosperity]

Cartoon 53 "Oh, say can you see . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 54 No caption. [Federal Government]

Cartoon 55 "OK boys, this is your big scene" [Johnson]

Cartoon 56 New Twist. [$6 Billion Spending Cut]

Cartoon 57 "I’m all right too - must have hit someone else" [Cuts in Spending]

Cartoon 58 "Some other time, Jack" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 59 Sorry, Mr. President - we’ve got to pass, kick, or run [Tax Hike]

Cartoon 60 "Take that marble back down - we’ve decided to add a swimming pool here" [$70,000,000 House Office Building]

Cartoon 61 Weightlessness [U.S. Space Age Budget]

Cartoon 62 "Looks dangerous" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 63 "He’s speaking to you" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 64 "You must be kidding" [Campaign Fund Tax Checkoff]

Cartoon 65 "And a happy fiscal year to you too, sir" [New Expense Account Regulations]

Cartoon 66 "Look at that lovely gold-plated loophole!" [Senate Tax "Reforms"]

Cartoon 67 "How sweet - from our son in Vietnam" [K Rations]

Cartoon 68 "And . . ." [Nixon]

Cartoon 69 Meant to be free [U.S. Economy]

Cartoon 70 "Let’s hold down that speeding, mister" [Johnson]

Cartoon 71 How long has THIS been going on?

Cartoon 72 "For goodness’ sake - all over a penny and a half" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 73 "Help" [The Public]

Cartoon 74 "Stop working and listen to me . . ." [Protectionists]Box F6 (Cont.)

Cartoon 75 "Never disturb the cows - they’re scared" [Farm Price Supports]

Cartoon 76 "Sound as a dollar - oops!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 77 "This spending has to be reduced somewhere" [Johnson]

Cartoon 78 "If he goes down again he’s dead - this is terrible" [Surtax]

Cartoon 79 "I’m on a diet this year - notice?" [Non-military Spending]

Cartoon 80 The Dark Days of Prosperity

Cartoon 81 Hazardous Driving Conditions [1966 U.S. Economy]

Cartoon 82 No caption. [Nixon]

Cartoon 83 "Use lots of novocain, doc" [Tax Hike]

Cartoon 84 "This is economic control: the countdown is holding" [Johnson]

Cartoon 85 "We thought it was a bear - guess we’re all getting a little jumpy" [Stock Exchange]

Cartoon 86 "Overweight, nonsense! You’re just pleasingly plump" [Johnson]

Cartoon 87 "If you don’t use some self-discipline, Congress - or someone - will do something" [Humphrey]

Cartoon 88 Switch on an old trick . . . [Wage-Price Guidelines]

Cartoon 89 "We’re counting on you" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 90 "There - it’s done" [19.9% Rate Increase; Blue Cross]

Cartoon 91 "There’s one I haven’t seen in years" [Labor Bosses Ask For 35 Hour Week]

Cartoon 92 When? [National Defense Hearings]

Cartoon 93 "Oh, just a few problems - prices, interest rates, dollar outflow - how’s everything in your departments?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 94 "I’ll just wait till I’m drafted - I’m NOT enlisting" [Johnson]

Cartoon 95 "The 200 millionth American - poor kid . . ."

Cartoon 96 "Let’s see - how many years has it been? Must be 30" [Protectionism; Isolationism]

Cartoon 97 "I’ll be - sigh - right back" [Johnson]

Cartoon 98 "We’ll have to make some adjustments" [European Common Supermarket]

Cartoon 99 "I admire anyone who can give it up" [Federal Aid]

Cartoon 100 Rounding the corner [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 101 "She’s a nice kid but no head for business" [Protectionists; Isolationists]

Cartoon 102 "Good for nervousness, impatience, desperation . . ." [Quack Recession Cures]

Cartoon 103 "I do travel a lot, but, actually, I spend most of my time right here" [Foreign Aid Programs]

Cartoon 104 "We saw the first robin months ago" [Hodges]

Cartoon 105 "He’s feeling better, Doc - he won’t need any more medicine" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 106 "We’re protecting it" [U.S. Dollar]

Cartoon 107 "Five billion more up here won’t even be noticed" [National Debt]

Cartoon 108 "Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up" [Space-Age Study of U.S. Economy] Box F 6 (Cont.)

Cartoon 109 "This Texas silence can be downright eerie" [Johnson]

Cartoon 110 "Looks like it might be even bigger than expected" [National Budget]

Cartoon 111 "Off we go - oh, oh!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 112 "Sh-h-h - not during this season" [Johnson]

Cartoon 113 "Indian Buyer!" [Aluminum Market]

Cartoon 114 "I said, why can’t we reason closer together?" [Johnson; Martin]

Cartoon 115 "Looks like its going to be a long hot summer" [Economic, Domestic, and War Pressures]

Cartoon 116 "Reminds you of the dangers up here, doesn’t it?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 117 "Tell that left hand to mind its own business" [Congressional Appropriations]

Cartoon 118 "It’s not going to be easy - our first figures are way over the president’s" [GOP Substitute Budget Project]

Cartoon 119 "Yes, Virginia, there is a war on . . ." [Budget]

Cartoon 120 Rescue Operation [Cooper-Hughes]

Cartoon 121 "Tax Reform" [Lobbyists]

Cartoon 122 "Let’s have one more round for the road" [Inflation]

Cartoon 123 The boys at the dike [Federal Reserve]

Cartoon 124 L.B.J. signs domestic spending-cut order . . .

Cartoon 125 "Hold everything - the race is on again" [U.S. Space Program]

Cartoon 126 "Pass it on" [Responsible Budget Cutting]

Cartoon 127 "We might have to make a move too" [Financial Uncertainties]

Cartoon 128 "We’ll have to slice it a little thinner this year" [Johnson]

Cartoon 129 "Let us proceed with the autopsy - I mean hearings" [’67 Tax Increase]

Cartoon 130 Our stein runneth over [U.S. Economy]

Cartoon 131 "Wrap your spending bills in plain brown paper . . ." [Tax Hike]

Cartoon 132 "We’re not through programming the computer, Mr. President" [% Tax- Increase Need]

Cartoon 133 "Don’t blow your top again - it’s not a tax increase - it’s a surcharge"

Cartoon 134 "And we want economy HERE - not at home" [Johnson]

Cartoon 135 "Dance" [Loophole Lobby]

Cartoon 136 Then came inflation, high interest rates [U.S. Housing Industry]

Cartoon 137 "He looks good" [Tax Reform]

Cartoon 138 "It’s not a tariff wall - it’s a defense measure" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 139 "Let’s cut it about here" [Mutual Ais Program]

Cartoon 140 "We can’t let him lie there bleeding" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 141 All clear on the starboard - clear on the port side" [U.S.-Common Market Tariff Talks]

Cartoon 142 "All it needs is a little patching up here and there" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 143 "Quickas a Congressman . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 144 Roll over, please [U.S. Business]

Cartoon 145 "I know it’s an April fool’s trick - but . . ." [U.S. Economy]Box F6 (Cont.)

Cartoon 146 It’s spring and the voice of the turtle dove is heard in the land [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 147 "Wants to economize, does he? We’ll give him economy" [Administration Foreign Aid Program]

Cartoon 148 "We’re figuring it out now" [New Wage Contracts]

Cartoon 149 "The trouble is there isn’t enough pie to go around" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 150 "We hate to appear unpatriotic but all our lives we saved up for this trip" [Foreign Investment Dollars]

Cartoon 151 "I’m doing pretty well, too - considering . . ." [U.S. Economy]

Cartoon 152 "Going up - step to the rear, please" [Johnson]

Cartoon 153 "We seem to be in a political quandry" [Agreements on Tax Cut]

Cartoon 154 "Do you feel strong enough to donate some blood?"

Cartoon155 "Will the venerable gentlemen yield?" [Cannon; Hayden]

Cartoon 156 "Go to it, boys" [Proposed Farm Controls]

Cartoon 157 Raising the roof [Dillon; Kennedy]

Cartoon 158 "In Texas we seal a business deal with just a hand-shake" [Johnson]

Cartoon 159 "I’ve run out of funds again - got your check book?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 160 "First, who wants the neck?"

Cartoon 161 "C’mon boy - you’re my best friend" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 162 "What size bulbs are you using?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 163 But again, its doing pretty good, considering . . . [Kennedy]

Cartoon 164 "When did you last check this oil?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 165 "Quick - a tourniquet" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 166 "I think this one looks better" [Johnson]

Cartoon 167 "Hold it - we may have to switch back to propellers" [U.S. Supersonic Jet Economy]

Cartoon 168 "Now where’s that mutual aid fund? Here we are . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 169 "Why did you slam on the breaks?" "Why didn’t you take your foot off the gas?" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 170 "Why don’t we do what the post office does - just print a lot more money"

Cartoon 171 "Hold on - help’s coming" [Johnson]

Cartoon 172 "Still . . . ill housed, ill fed, ill clothed"

Cartoon 173 "I see more prosperity - and a tax cut bill - but the rest is cloudy" [Hodges]

Cartoon 174 "Welcome, gentlemen" [Johnson]

Cartoon 175 $336 BILLION!" [National Debt Ceiling]

Cartoon 176 "It’s going to be a ticklish job" [Johnson]

Cartoon 177 "Would you believe ot reduce the deficit? Vietnam? Cities? Inflation? Interest Rates?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 178 "Mind stepping back a little ,folks, and letting the governor get in line?" [Proposed State Income Tax Increase]

Cartoon 179 Babes in the Wood [Housewives]

Cartoon 180 "Excuse us - we’d like to use this arm to take some OUT" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 181 "I’m afraid some people WOULD shoot at Santa Claus" [Kennedy]Box F6 (Cont.)

Cartoon 182 "When I was a young man I was poor - today I owe over 300 billion dollars" [National Debt]

Cartoon 183 Reentry [Outer-Space Stock Prices]

Cartoon 184 "Turn in your credit cards!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 185 "Would you play an old-fashioned 3.2 time waltz?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 186 "This year only - 99.7 billion and 98 cents" [Johnson]

Cartoon 187 "Don’t worry, my pretty deduction - I’m not only influential, I’m prudent" ["Prudent Man" Expense Accounts]

Cartoon 188 "And for you, captain, $197 for three orbits"

Cartoon 189 " I have an uneasy feeling of being trapped" [Congress]

Box F7 U.S. politics, conventions, elections

Cartoon 1 "C’mon - up and away" [Humphrey]

Cartoon 2 "You just can’t trust that man" [RFK; McCarthy]

Cartoon 3 No bombing pause here . . . [Johnson]

Cartoon 4 "They’re not getting me on TV again" [Nixon]

Cartoon 5 "Just looking, dear" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 6 "I’m not a candidate, but about this billing . . ." [Romney, Nixon, Rocky & Reagan]

Cartoon 7 "See, there’s nothing to it" [Humphrey, Rockefeller]

Cartoon 8 "It’ll get smooth in Chicago" [McCarthy]

Cartoon 9 It will be a tough act to follow in Miami . . . [RFK; McCarthy; Johnson]

Cartoon 10 "What form! What style! Oh, oh . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 11 No caption. [Johnson]

Cartoon 12 Convention Hall Annex [Johnson]

Cartoon 13 "Extra - Vietnam crisis - civil rights issue . . ." [Democratic Convention]

Cartoon 14 No caption. [GOP; Bankruptcy]

Cartoon 15 "You can’t buy them - it’s the only one of its kind" [Humphrey; Wallace; Nixon; Mahoney]

Cartoon 16 It’s a new ball game [Johnson; Gardner]

Cartoon 17 "Don’t fire until you see the gray of his hair" [Johnson]

Cartoon 18 "Sorry - we’re cutting down on hoopla" [McCarthy; McGovern; Humphrey]

Cartoon 19 "You can’t pick a winner without a tip sheet" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 20 "Nothing Status quo about that outfit" [Humphrey]

Cartoon 21 "Non-campaign headquarters" [Johnson]

Cartoon 22 "I resign"

Cartoon 23 "We’ll discuss a truce - of limited duration" [Johnson]

Box F7 (Cont.)Cartoon 24 "Wow!" [Nixon]

Cartoon 25 "Excuse me" [McCarthy]

Cartoon 26 "Fill me in on Nebraska, Larry" [RFK; O’Brien]

Cartoon 27 The joggers

Cartoon 28 "Will you stop hopping around and roost somewhere?" [Romney]

Cartoon 29 "Amen" [Johnson; Humphrey]

Cartoon 30 "I’m planning on taking to the road too" [Johnson]

Cartoon 31 "The chance of a lifetime, men - shall we take advantage of it?" [Liberals; Moderates; Conservatives; 1968]

Cartoon 32 Handicap Race [Johnson; Albany; Lansing]

Cartoon 33 "Ready dear?" [McCarthy; Humphrey]

Cartoon 34 "You on? " [Johnson; ‘68 Campaign]

Cartoon 35 No caption. [’68 Campaign Trail; Extremists]

Cartoon 36 "We made it again" [’68 Campaign Trail; Humphrey; Nixon]

Cartoon 37 "Watch it - here comes another piece" [Johnson; RFK; McCarthy; Gold; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 38 "Come in and thaw out" [Humphrey; McCarthy]

Cartoon 39 "Thanks - I thought no one cared any more" [N. Y. Lindsay Victory]

Cartoon 40 No caption. [Nixon; Rockefeller; Miami Beach]

Cartoon 41 "That about wraps it up" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 42 "But to be serious for a moment . . ." [Humphrey]

Cartoon 43 Over the top [Nixon]

Cartoon 44 Lemmings [Lindsay in NY]

Cartoon 45 Relax - the voice of the people will prevail in the end [Johnson]

Cartoon 46 "We dare you to come out an play" [Lodge; Scranton]

Cartoon 47 "Things are looking up for General Ky" [Johnson]

Cartoon 48 Meanwhile, back on the home front . . . [LBJ; RFK]

Cartoon 49 "To 1968" [GOP]

Cartoon 50 "I’m happy to be here in Saigon - I mean, here in your great democratic city" [Johnson]

Cartoon 51 "This program will not be seen, courtesy of the Republican Party" [Nixon; Humphery; Wallace]

Cartoon 52 "Next" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 53 "I’ve a distinct feeling of being slighted this year" [Goldwater; GOP Moderates]

Cartoon 54 "Now they’re Maryland’s problem" [Wallace]

Cartoon 55 "With this, I thee nominate, for the vice presidency . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 56 Temporary Truce [Hoover]

Cartoon 57 The Closet [Johnson]

Cartoon 58 "Quite a storm brewing" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 59 "I got it with a shot from the hip" ["Modern Republicanism"; GOP Nomination 1964]

Cartoon 60 "I could be the one who winds up stopped" [Rockefeller; Lodge; Nixon; Goldwater]Box F7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 61 Dream Ticket [Johnson; Wallace; Adam Clayton Powell]

Cartoon 62 "The last man who used it won the presidency" [Foreign Policy Criticism]

Cartoon 63 "Beat it kid - you bother me" [Wallace-Maddox]

Cartoon 64 "Get off my back" [Miami Beach; Hawkes; Doves]

Cartoon 65 "Pass" [Political Conventions]

Cartoon 66 "You’re chicken!" [Johnson - Barry Debates]

Cartoon 67 The Last Word [Johnson; Goldwater]

Cartoon 68 Smoke-filled Lounge [Margaret Chase Smith]

Cartoon 69 Well, that about sews it up - now let’s get on to the convention [Goldwater]

Cartoon 70 "We’ll do our best, sir, but election day doesn’t give us much time" [Johnson]

Cartoon 71 "But if he dislikes the federal government so much, why’s he trying so hard to lead it?" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 72 "Getting harder and harder to tell the difference between them" [Barry; Miller; LBJ]

Cartoon 73 "Wait till I slip into something more comfortable" [Sen. Thurmond]

Cartoon 74 Entree [Johnson; 1964 Thanksgiving Menu]

Cartoon 75 "But if I WERE a candidate . . ." [Rockefeller]

Cartoon 76 "I’m back looking for Lyndon B. Johnson" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 77 "I’ll explain it all later, kids" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 78 Odd - he was supposed to pick us up here [’64 Campaign]

Cartoon 79 "What can I do? The customer’s always right" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 80 "Ba-a-a . . . Ba-a-a . . ." [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 81 No caption [Kennedy]

Cartoon 82 "Dash Dash Dash Dash, Exclamation Point" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 83 "You see? You’ve nothing to worry about" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 84 "Why don’t you quit while I’m ahead, boys?" [Goldwater; Rockefeller; Nixon; Eisenhower; Scranton]

Cartoon 85 "Move to the rear of the elephant, please" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 86 New Stars . . . [Romney; Scranton; Rockefeller; Nixon]

Cartoon 87 "We all deman equal time" [Kennedy; Goldwater; Eisenhower; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 88 Not-so-surprising Attack [Goldwater]

Cartoon 89 "Hut, 2, 3, 4 . . . right, moderates, right . . ." [Goldwater; Scranton]

Cartoon 90 "Nobody - but NOBODY - undersells Goldwater"

Cartoon 91 "What’s wrong with good old fashioned gingerbread" [Goldwater ‘64]

Cartoon 92 "Off we go, into the wild blue yonder . . ." [Goldwater; Local Candidates; 1964]

Cartoon 93 "The GOP nomination? We’ve got a long way to go" [Rockefeller; Goldwater]

Cartoon 94 No caption. [Scranton]

Cartoon 95 "Last call - all aboard for San Francisco" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 96 "Our biggest problem will be - will be in these urban industrial centers" [GOP Campaign Strategy]

Cartoon 97 "Let’s not be impulsive" [Goldwater; Scranton]Box F7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 98 "Please gentlemen, let’s get some rest" [Gholdwater; Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 99 "I’d like to see you boys get into the big time - there’s a lot of profit in it" [Nixon; Goldwater; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 100 The GOP National Open [Eisenhower; Goldwater; Nixon; Scranton; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 101 "Careful Mr. President, he’s no actor - he’s serious" [Goldwater; Johnson]

Cartoon 102 The Golden State [Goldwater; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 103 Football [’64 Campaign; Foreign Policy]

Cartoon 104 "Greatest show on earth, folks" [Mason & Dixon; Symington; Kennedy; Johnson; Stevenson]

Cartoon 105 "Git back here" [Rayburn]

Cartoon 106 "Incredible!" "Amazing!" [Kennedy; Johnson; Stevenson]

Cartoon 107 "Down back there" [National Political Conventions]

Cartoon 108 "And what did you get?" [Nixon; Humphrey; Kennedy]

Cartoon 109 "Non-political greetings" [Eisenhower; Nixon]

Cartoon 110 "Ken-Ne-Dee" [Hope]

Cartoon 111 "Wouldn’t surprise me if he could charm a Georgia donkey" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 112 Flying in the eye of the storm [Nixon; Kennedy]

Cartoon 113 Meanwhile back at the training camp . . . [Nixon; Khrushchev; Kennedy]

Cartoon 114 "And now for the final round . . ." [Kennedy; Nixon]

Cartoon 115 "Your boy has to pay full fare this time" [Eisenhower; Nixon]

Cartoon 116 "Let’s see - ticket, platform, the South . . . I think we’ve taken care of everything" [Kennedy; Johnson]

Cartoon 117 Speaking of [Nixon; Goldwater; Eisenhower; Rockefeller; Kennedy; Truman; FDR]

Cartoon 118 The GOP’s triple-threat man [Nixon; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 119 "OK - we’ll reconsider it . . ." [Rockefeller; Nixon]

Cartoon 120 No caption [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 121 "Maybe you played too hard to get" [Nixon; Rockefeller; GOP]

Cartoon 122 "Go find another ball" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 123 "They’re coming into the stretch . . ." [Nixon; Kennedy; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 124 "All right, all right - let’s have next act . . ." [Dirksen; Halleck; Nixon]

Cartoon 125 NOW, LET’S ALL JOIN HANDS! [Nixon; Goldwater; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 126 No caption. [Kennedy; Johnson]

Cartoon 127 "So? Use it as scenery at the convention" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 128 The Jersey Bounce

Cartoon 129 "Ps-s-s-t - worried about Rocky? Scared of Goldwater? Discouraged with Nixon?" [Lodge]

Cartoon 130 GOP Amphitheater [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 131 "The winner to defend the United States in the international finals . . ." [The Great Debates; Nixon; Kennedy]

Cartoon 132 Ninth Month [Nixon]

Cartoon 133 "Congratulations - now get back to your posts" [Eisenhower; Nixon; Lodge]Box F7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 134 "It seems so hopeless" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 135 "Where’s my ‘I Like Ike’ botton?" [GOP Candidates]

Cartoon 136 "I’ll lick any man in the house" [Nixon]

Cartoon 137 "That’s too bad" [Nixon; Lodge]

Cartoon 138 "Well, boys will be boys, eh, John? Now, about today’s tactics in the House . . ." [JFK; McCormack; Ted Kennedy; Lodge]

Cartoon 139 "Here’s a style we’ve had a lot of success with" [Eisenhower; GOP Campaign Committee]

Cartoon 140 "You democrats hate a lean and hungry look" [Nixon]

Cartoon 141 "Everybody’s wrong but me" [Non-Voter]

Cartoon 142 "The country seems in much better shape this week than it was during the GOP Convention"

Cartoon 143 "Et tu, Everett?" [GOP Moderates]

Cartoon 144 "Nonsense, you dance divinely!" [GOP Moderates]

Cartoon 145 "Mirror, mirror, on the wall" [Reagan; Romney]

Cartoon 146 "Clear the aisles so we may march forth in unity" [Eisenhower; Goldwater; Scranton]

Cartoon 147 Still waiting for the world [Scranton]

Cartoon 148 "So what else is new Mr. Governor?" [Rockefeller]

Cartoon 149 Looking South [GOP Conservative Wing]

Cartoon 150 "Welcome back" [Ford]

Cartoon 151 "Rock-a-bye voter . . ."

Cartoon 152 "On the other hand, look at them from this angle" [Local Election Results]

Cartoon 153 "Now, here’s our plan" [Goldwater]

Cartoon 154 Moment of Truth

Cartoon 155 "Reform virus - it’s going around this century" [Seniority System; Electoral College]

Cartoon 156 "Clear the aisles"

Cartoon 157 "Think carefully - your answer may decide who the next American president will be" [U.S. Prestige Poll]

Cartoon 158 "You’re violating the sanctity of the voting booth" [Election Board]

Cartoon 159 "But it’s VOTES that will decide it"

Cartoon 160 "Pardon me - I’d like to speak to you about the local issues in the coming elections" [Local Candidate]

Cartoon 161 "Next" [Johnson]

Cartoon 162 "Nonsense - anytime - the pleasure was all ours" [GOP; Southern Dems.]

Cartoon 163 "Sorry - we’re being as quiet as possible" [Baker Investigation]

Cartoon 164 "Who you going to vote against?"

Cartoon 165 "Forward to the polls - hut, two, three, four . . ." [Berlin; Cuba]

Cartoon 166 "Welcome gentlemen - come in" [Eisenhower; Bipartisanship]

Cartoon 167 "We’re counting on the stay-at-home vote to win" [Machine Politician]

Cartoon 168 "Bipatisan surrender" [House of Representatives]

Cartoon 169 "Well . . . should we tear it up?" [Dept. Of Urban Affairs Bill]

Cartoon 170 All

aboard for the campaign [Old-Age Health Legislation; Medical Care issue]

Box F7 (Cont.)Cartoon 171 "I just couldn’t say no" [’Republicans for Progress’]

Cartoon 172 "Got a match, pardner?" [Kennedy; New Frontier]

Cartoon 173 "And another thing . . ." [Margaret Chase Smith; Eisenhower; Javits]

Cartoon 174 "Next state . . ."

Cartoon 175 Read the fine print too . . . [Candidate’s Qualifications]

Cartoon 176 Setting up the stands [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 177 "You don’t often see icebergs in these waters" [Vietnam]

Cartoon 178 "Two of our leaders are gone - long live seniority" [Congressional Committee Control]

Cartoon 179 National Thermometer [Johnson]

Cartoon 180 "They’re just playing politics" [’62 Election Plans]

Cartoon 181 "I refuse to concede" [Burch]

Cartoon 182 "Get off our scent" [Baker Case]

Cartoon 183 "I’ve got those White House blues" [Bowles; Democratic Liberals]

Cartoon 184 "And we’re greatful for our New Jersey victory. . ." [Bailey]

Cartoon 185 "It’s been lovely, Dick - LET’S GO!" [Nixon]

Cartoon 186 "Hero, youth, vigor, solid family man - let’s sound him out" [Cooper]

Cartoon 187 "Nonsense - it takes after our side" [Goldwater; Byrd; Dirksen; JFK; Mansfield; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 188 "He won’t say a word until Election Day - then you’ll hear him clear across the country" [Undecided Voter]

Cartoon 189 Once again - fourth down and one inch to go [JFK Program]

Cartoon 190 "Yeah, not much doing around here after Congress goes into session"

Cartoon 191 "Everybody join in - EVERYBODY!" [Eisenhower; Lefkowitz; Mitchell]

Cartoon 192 "I want to help solve your daddy’s farm problem" [Farm Vote]

Cartoon 193 "I can’t hear him but I’ve decided to vote for him"

Cartoon 194 "There’s no rustlers out there - come in and relax" [Johnson]

Cartoon 195 Campaign Rostrums [Kennedy; Nixon]

Cartoon 196 Consultaiton

Cartoon 197 Nightmare

Cartoon 198 "Now, if I may have your attention, folks . . ." [Local Candidates]

Cartoon 199 "Government reports brighter employment picture" [GOP; National Chairman Wanted]

Cartoon 200 "Hi-Ho Liberalism" or "Hi-Ho Liberal Conservatism" or "Hi-Ho Conservatism"

Cartoon 201 September Morn [Political Tide]

Cartoon 202 "They look more like tiny voters to me" [Chairman Bliss]

Cartoon 203 Political State of the Union

Cartoon 204 "I’m afraid we’ll have to revive our schedule again" [Kennedy; New Frontier]

Cartoon 205 "I’ve decided" [Kennedy; Nixon]

Cartoon 206 "Look what’s creeping up BEHIND us" [Mansfield; JFK]

Cartoon 207 "I think I heard an all-clear too" [National Untiy Shelter]

Cartoon 208 "There must be SOME way of breaking into this" [Federal Funds]

Box F7 (Cont.)Cartoon 209 "Come on in there - let’s give it one more try" [Sen. Long; Campaign Fund Act]

Cartoon 210 Granite State Primaries [New Hampshire]

Cartoon 211 "It’s an Election Day rain dnace - we hope it will keep down the vote"

Cartoon 212 They’ll vote - will you? [Political Power; Polling Place]

Cartoon 213 "I’m taking a two weeks accelerated course on this year’s ballot question"

Cartoon 214 "We agreed on all non-controversial issues" [Southern Governors Conference]

Cartoon 215 No caption. [Nixon]

Cartoon 216 "How abouth coalition leadership? Sorry" [GOP Leadership Caucus]

Cartoon 217 "Now there’s something I never thought I’d see" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 218 "Spare a grand for an old democrat, mister - I’m hungry" [$1,000-A-Plate Dinner With the President]

Cartoon 219 "Silent majority! Quiet, please" [Agnew; Nixon]

Box F8 U.S. military problems, VietnamCartoon 1 No caption. [National Security Council]

Cartoon 2 That stuff is dangerous [DDT; ABM; ICBM; MIRV]

Cartoon 3 "Feels good to be back in action again" [Secrecy; Confidential]

Cartoon 4 "We're ready for anything - barring actual bombing of course" ['Operation Alert' Civil Defense Test]

Cartoon 5 "Take down some new regulations" [Congress; CAA; Military]

Cartoon 6 "It seems to be getting further away" [Disarmament]

Cartoon 7 "Look at that waste!" [U.S. Economic Aid; Mutual Aid Critics; U.S. Military Aid]

Cartoon 8 "Which war?" [Johnson; War Funds Request]

Cartoon 9 "49 and counting . . ." [Nixon; ABM; Political-Economic Pressure]

Cartoon 10 "One of ours" [Private Enterprise; NASA; Air Force; Army; Navy]

Cartoon 11 "This looks like a good time and place" [Nixon; Arms Talks]

Cartoon 12 "On advice of council and certain higher-ups . . ." [Senate Probe of GI Clubs]

Cartoon 13 "Let's go . . . Hold it . . . Watch out . . . O.K., now . . ." [McCloy Disarmament Talks]

Cartoon 14 The man who came to dinner [1960 Federal Budget]

Cartoon 15 "May I have some crumbs, please?" [Military Budget; U.N. Bonds; Past Wars]

Cartoon 16 "It's monstrous!" [Nixon; U.S. Biological and Chemical Warfare]

Cartoon 17 "Now, if you'll excuse me, gentlemen - there's something else that has to be done" [Johnson; Naval Hospital]

Cartoon 18 "It's O.K., Mac - Good Luck" [McNamara; Johnson]

Cartoon 19 Don't you know there's a war on? [R.F.K., Pentagon]

Cartoon 20 The raw recruits [New House Members]

Box F8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 21 "And it's politically safe" [ABM Insurance Co.; Nixon]

Cartoon 22 Handicap Race [Soviet 'Great Society'; U.S. 'Great Society']

Cartoon 23 "Our technical superiority will triumph in the . . . WHAT IS THAT?" [USA]

Cartoon 24 "That was a very good sermon, sir . . ." [Nixon and Adams]

Cartoon 25 Soviet Version of the U-2 [UN]

Cartoon 26 "Later. My family's arguing over your intentions" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 27 "They'll have to think before their next move" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 28 "If you know a better 'ole, go to it" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 29 "Another bird to see you, sir" [Senate Defense Subcommittee]

Cartoon 30 "I disagree - I like it!" [ABM Programs]

Cartoon 31 "Oh, I LIKE it! We'll buy it!" [McNamara]

Cartoon 32 Priority Intersection [Domestic Needs]

Cartoon 33 " I live in mortal fear that one of us - or them - will push a wrong button" [Strategic Air Command]

Cartoon 34 "Yap, yap, yap . . ." [Eisenhower; Defense Reorganization Plan]

Cartoon 35 "I'll go over this once more" [Eisenhower; Mutual Security Program]

Cartoon 36 Tower of Babel [U.S. Missile Program]

Cartoon 37 This way, Dr. Killian [Eisenhower; U.S. Missile Programs]

Cartoon 38 "Yes, there is a Santa Claus" [Price of Security]

Cartoon 39 "EVERTYHING is escalating this year" [War Toys]

Cartoon 40 "It's all right - they're not crucial cuts" [Mutual Security Program]

Cartoon 41 "Ask yourself if it's in the nation's interest" [Service Promotion Handouts]

Cartoon 42 "Stick around - but not too close" "Come back in" [Salinger]

Cartoon 43 "My kingdom for a gun" [Limited Warfare]

Cartoon 44 "Let's see what happened before we proceed" [Congressional Clamor for Tests]

Cartoon 45 "Is the mountain coming closer?" [Dulles]

Cartoon 46 "Man your battle stations - reorganization plan" [The Pentagon]

Cartoon 47 "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa - you'll see" [Military]

Cartoon 48 "I heard that whistle - you're fired" [Pentagon Contracts]

Cartoon 49 "Fireworks? No, sir, we're seeing the official show" [Eisenhower, Democrats]

Cartoon 50 "This is getting ridiculous, isn't it?" [Nixon; Johnson]

Cartoon 51 "Halt!" [McNamara]

Cartoon 52 "Now for some military supplies . . ." [Johnson; McNamara]

Cartoon 53 "Sigh" [New U.S. Defense Budget]

Cartoon 54 "For optimism" [Defense Hearings Testimony]

Cartoon 55 "It has a lifetime guarantee" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 56 No caption. [Atomic Age]

Cartoon 57 "They're obsolete - missiles are the thing now" [Military]

Cartoon 58 "Go ahead, Mac - I've got you covered" [McNamara; Johnson]

Cartoon 59 "We'd like to discuss national OFFENSE" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 60 "Excuse MY veto" [McNamara; Johnson]

Box F8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 61 "It's the getting down part that worries me" [Military Stockpiling]

Cartoon 62 "Please don't refer to it as the Moscow Treaty" [Test-Ban Treaty]

Cartoon 63 "We're doing all right out in space anyway" [Kennedy]

Cartoon 64 "We think this proves we're not just a rubber stamp Congress" [Johnson; $1 Billion Military Pay Raise Bill]

Cartoon 65 "It's spelled E,C,O,N,O,M,Y" [Johnson's Economic Directive]

Cartoon 66 "Never mind them - what about this phone bill?" [Charles Wilson; Russian Missile Reports]

Cartoon 67 No caption. [S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 68 "Let's dress up this *!?&=!!#(%!!@* line!" [Domestic Programs]

Cartoon 69 "The world knows of our humanitarianism" [3 U.S. Prisoners Released; Vietnam]

Cartoon 70 "We have a saying: Let us reason together" [Johnson; Buddhist Political Power]

Cartoon 71 No caption. [S.E. Asia; U.S. Aid]

Cartoon 72 "Let's step on the gas and turn back" [GOP Position Paper on Vietnam]

Cartoon 73 Political Progress in South Vietnam [U.S.; Viet Cong]

Cartoon 74 "We still plan to hold elections this year"

Cartoon 75 "Happy New Year"

Cartoon 76 "Relax Mr. President - it will be months yet" [Johnson; Dr. Ky]

Cartoon 77 "Keep back - enemy air armada" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 78 No caption. [37-Day Bombing Lull Uncertain]

Cartoon 79 "We're counting on them running out of ammunition" [U.S. Using Ammunition at 'Fantastic Rate']

Cartoon 80 "Meanwhile, in Vietnam itself, digging goes on . . ." [L.B.J. Trail; Ho Chi Minh Trail]

Cartoon 81 "The enemy line seems impregnable on Foggy Bottom and here on Capitol Hill is hardening" [Washington D.C.; Dong Pac]

Cartoon 82 No caption. [Harriman]

Cartoon 83 "I hate to spoil your banquet, sir, but there is an urgent call from Vietnam" [Johnson; Democratic $1,000 A-Plate Dinner]

Cartoon 84 King Cong [Urban Problems; Vietnam War]

Cartoon 85 U.S. to pull out 35,000 more troops . . . ["Meaningful Negotiations"; Domestic Politics]

Cartoon 86 "This was a nice smooth road coming in" [Vietnam]

Cartoon 87 "Don't worry, we have the newest and most modern brakes" [Johnson]

Cartoon 88 "Smog occurs when pollutants are trapped under a layer of stagnant air" [Vietnam; Urban Problems]

Cartoon 89 "Happy Tet" [Peace; Hopes]

Cartoon 90 "This wrinkle may-or-may not-be-significant" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 91 "Move over, boys" [L.B.J.'s Diplomacy]

Cartoon 92 Stand-still [Johnson; Hanoi]

Cartoon 93 "I'm more interested in successfully getting out than talking about how we got in" [L.B.J. on Vietnam]

Box F8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 94 "The nearest we can decipher it he's talking with his foot in his mouth again" [Ky]

Cartoon 95 "Frown" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 96 "Give us a hand, will you?" [S. Vietnam]

Cartoon 97 Birds of a feather [Vietnam Escalation]

Cartoon 98 S.E. Asian Flu

Cartoon 99 "Tell me more about those new tax cuts" [L.B.J.; S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 100 "Hello, - I'm a member of the Presidential Peace Team" [D.C. "Hawks" Nest]

Cartoon 101 "The U.S. must pull out of Vietnam - as France did" [Dien Bien Phu]

Cartoon 102 No caption. [Johnson]

Cartoon 103 ". . . And we ask for forgiveness" [Johnson]

Cartoon 104 "A something from home" [American Prisoners Abroad]

Cartoon 105 "Remember boys, no boasting about this catch" [Spain; U.S. Navy]

Cartoon 106 "For testimony above and beyond the call of duty" [Military Affairs Committee; Army vs. Air Force]

Cartoon 107 Back seat [Strategic Air Command; Forces for Limited Warfare]

Cartoon 108 "Actually, President Johnson is piloting" [Bombing Controversy]

Cartoon 109 "They're catching on to democracy"

Cartoon 110 Fireside chat [Nixon; Vietnam]

Cartoon 111 Fact-finding mission [McNamara; Hanoi]

Cartoon 112 "You've got to be more self-reliant - here" [Mao; Ho Chi Minh]

Cartoon 113 Vietnam Capmaign Trail [Civilian Candidates; Democracy]

Cartoon 114 No caption. [7 More Bombing Days 'Til Xmas]

Cartoon 115 Saigon Supermarket [Corruption]

Cartoon 116 "LOUDER" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 117 "But they keep coming" [Viet Cong]

Cartoon 118 "That's another city saved"

Cartoon 119 "Slacker!" [Viet Manpower]

Cartoon 120 No caption. [Hanoi]

Cartoon 121 Uncles . . . [S. Vietnam Constitutional Govt.]

Cartoon 122 Diplomatic poker [Johnson]

Cartoon 123 Mutual Terrorist Tactics [Ballot Box; Red "People's War" Tactics]

Cartoon 124 Vietnamization

Cartoon 125 "President Nixon wants help in Vietnam" [U.N. '67 Pullback]

Cartoon 126 "At least we're not in combat" [South Vietnam]

Cartoon 127 "Good luck, Henry - we'll need it" [Kennedy; Lodge]

Cartoon 128 No caption. [Ho Chi Minh]

Cartoon 129 No caption. [Vietnam Issue Moratorium]

Cartoon 130 "Right now they're protesting an umpire's call at Shea Stadium" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 131 "You trying to make a liar of me?" [Saigon; Press Officer]

Cartoon 132 No caption. [U.S. Vietnam War Dead]

Cartoon 133 "I feel fine - but I get these sudden attacks of acute depression" [Johnson; Stock Market]Box F8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 134 "Try it again" [S. Vietnam; Johnson]

Cartoon 135 The eagle and the dove [N. Veitnam Attacks]

Cartoon 136 "Hold it until the situation becomes stabalized" [Buddhist Politics]

Cartoon 137 "And he meditated under the tree for forty nine days" [Mao; Diem Government]

Cartoon 138 "I've heard Texans are the strong, silent type" [L.B.J.'s Vietnam Policy]

Cartoon 139 "The Vietnam Service Ribbon and the Purple Heart" [McNamara; '64 Talk Bid]

Cartoon 140 Lest we forget . . . [U.S. Casualties; S.E. Asia 1964]

Cartoon 141 "There is a - er - war on, you know" [L.B. J.; The Great Society]

Cartoon 142 "And all the king's princes, and all the king's men . . ." [Laotian Neutrality]

Cartoon 143 Opportunity knocks again . . . and again . . . and again . . . and again [Vietnam; U.N.]

Cartoon 144 "Damn the torpedoes" [U.S. Navy; S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 145 Snafu [S. Vietnam Government Controls]

Cartoon 146 "The conference is restricted to his official advisers" [White House]

Cartoon 147 "Tell them if they stop bombing, Hanoi might talk to Bobby Kennedy" [Secret Diplomacy]

Cartoon 148 "It's hard to judge distances in this country" [Johnson; Post-War Economy]

Cartoon 149 "Mr. Nixon's not taking calls - I'll take any message" [Johnson; Saigon]

Cartoon 150 "I can't make out the small print" [Christmas Truce Offer]

Cartoon 151 No caption. [Negotiation Table]

Cartoon 152 "There is danger in esclation of emotions" [Unconditional Withdrawal; Unconditional Victory]

Cartoon 153 Morale Builders [Johnson]

Cartoon 154 On the fourth day of Chrsitmas . . . [Suspension of Bombing]

Cartoon 155 Old mysteries never die, they're only phased away [Green Beret Case]

Cartoon 156 "We can't afford to lose face - pass it on" [Peking; Hanoi; Viet Cong]

Cartoon 157 "The American people are divided - they can't decide wether to hit us by land, sea, or air"

Cartoon 158 "Oh, shut up and hold your end up" [Vietnam]

Cartoon 159 "What's on your mind, Mr. Harriman?" [Vietnam; Kosygin]

Cartoon 160 "We're cautiously optimistic" [Rusk]

Cartoon 161 "There's no room for retreat" [Red Tide; Vietnam]

Cartoon 162 "I thought you said they were only paper tigers" [Kosygin]

Cartoon 163 "She's safer here" [U.S. Ambassador Taylor]

Cartoon 164 "What are you doing - trying to upstage me?" [U.S.S.R.; Mao]

Cartoon 165 "Just sit tight - I'll have ot taken care of" [KY Government Instability; Johnson]

Cartoon 166 "I've been hit in my wallet" [Capitol Hill Vietnam Battle Line]

Cartoon 167 "This IS our final hour, sir - we're shipping home" [Nixon]

Box F8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 168 Still no sign of any negotiators, Mr. President - and visibility is

decreasing" [S.E. Asia; Monsoons]

Cartoon 169 "Tantelizing, isn't she?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 170 "Thank you - we will now hear the other side" [General Westmoreland]

Cartoon 171 Checking the wind [Johnson]

Cartoon 172 "Battle Fatigue"

Cartoon 173 "I want my resolution back" [Johnson; Gulf of Tonkin]

Cartoon 174 Allies [Paris Talks; Hanoi; Cong]

Cartoon 175 "Fix it up in a hurry for the President's trip" [Humphrey]

Cartoon 176 "We'll go anywhere - almost . . ." [Johnson; Hanoi]

Cartoon 177 "Get back in here!" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 178 "Excuse me, Mr. Wilson - time to demonstrate again" [Kosygin]

Cartoon 179 "It might be booby trapped" [War End Escalator]

Cartoon 180 "Surrender!" [Hanoi]

Cartoon 181 "They're not helping any" [Johnson; Dirksen; Hanoi]

Cartoon 182 O.K., let's talk [Hanoi; Peace Talks]

Cartoon 183 ". . . He wasn't here again today . . ." [N. Viet Army]

Cartoon 184 The Empty Stocking [Paris Peace Talks]

Cartoon 185 The Old Terrorist [Ho Chi Minh]

Cartoon 186 "South Vietnam - I'm a little busy right now" [Vietnam; Korea]

Cartoon 187 "Mr. Bunker, I presume" [Lodge]

Cartoon 188 "Wrong claw - choose again" [Economic Cooperation]

Cartoon 189 No caption. [Manpower Barrel]

Cartoon 190 "Tell you what: If you can organize a simultaneous march on Hanoi, I'll support you" [March on Washington for Peace in Vietnam]

Cartoon 191 No caption. [South Vietnam Govt., Coups]

Cartoon 192 "Maybe we should quit while we're ahead" [Hanoi; Nixon]

Cartoon 193 Congressional Briefing Trip [Johnson]

Cartoon 194 "I see an island . . ." [Goldberg]

Cartoon 195 "NUTS!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 196 The Wise Men [Peace Emissaries]

Cartoon 197 "Let's get together fellows - if not for Vietnam, for Uncle Sam" [Johnson]

Cartoon 198 "Ho, ho, ho!" [Viet Cong]

Cartoon 199 "Want to try the wish bone again this year?"

Cartoon 200 "The answer is still NO!" [Mrs. Ghandi; Wilson; Kosygin]

Cartoon 201 "After you, I insist" "After you, I demand!" [U.N. General Assembly]

Box F9 U.S. miscellaneous, crime, dissent and civil rights,

Supreme CourtCartoon 1 "Too bad we can’t use them on the Supreme Court to reverse some of their opinions" [Confession Rack]

Cartoon 2 "Wassamatter - can’t you read the signs?" [Faubus; Eisenhower; Orderly Desegregation]

Cartoon 3 The Master Key [Civil Rights; The Right to Vote]

Cartoon 4 "Ticking? That’s my heart beating with compasion" [Dirksen; Halleck]

Cartoon 5 Looking back . . . and forward [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 6 Looking back . . . and forward [1957; 1958]

Cartoon 7 "All kinds of scrambled thoughts, all confused . . ." [Martha’s Vineyard]

Cartoon 8 "And interim greeetings to the interum may, and to the interim budget . . ." [1966]

Cartoon 9 Progress [1959; 1960]

Cartoon 10 "I hope you won’t regret your decision" [Hawaii]

Cartoon 11 "Still has a few bugs in it" [Johnson; "The Great Society"]

Cartoon 12 "Y’all mind if I take him first?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 13 "Nothing like a brisk stroll before going to work" [Johnson]

Cartoon 14 "You all right, George?" [Housing Issue]

Cartoon 15 "HOLD EVERYTHING, BOYS" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 16 No caption. [Medical Costs]

Cartoon 17 No caption. [Vietnam; Medicare]

Cartoon 18 "And, last but not least, at the U.S. Naval Hospital" [Johnson]

Cartoon 19 Nor calls for economy stay these couriers . . . [Postmaster General Day]

Cartoon 20 "Here’s one of sad tidings" [O’Brien]

Cartoon 21 "Nothing else sighted excpet debris" [U.S. Coast Guard; Yarmouth Castle]

Cartoon 22 "I hear they’re making a federal case of it" [Rural-Dominated State Legislatures]

Cartoon 23 "Oh, oh! Here come federal reinforcements" [Rural Dominated State Legislatures]

Cartoon 24 "All is not sunshine and flowers here, either" [Hawaii; Federal vs. State’s Rights]

Cartoon 25 BANG! [1963; The Atomic Age]

Cartoon 26 No one here of that description, but if you want to leave it, we’ll guard it for you [’66 Nobel Peace Prize; U.S.]

Cartoon 27 The Long Hot Summer [The Great Society]

Cartoon 28 "But we’re together" [Civil Rights; Economic Development Legislation]

Cartoon 29 No caption. [In Case of Fire Break Glass]

Cartoon 30 "And we have the world’s highest crime rate" [Affluence U.S.A.]

Cartoon 31 "Now, let’s hear how it makes out in Committee" [Senate Crime Bill]

Cartoon 32 Behind the skyline [F.B.I. Crime Statistics]

Cartoon 33 "Turn off that racket" [Senate Rackets Probe]

Cartoon 34 No capiton. [Gun Lobby]Box F9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 35 Bitter Facts [Warren Commission Report; JFK]

Cartoon 36 "You’re bugging the wrong number" [Attorney General Mitchell]

Cartoon 37 "How much influence does Bob Kennedy have?" [Organized Crime]

Cartoon 38 "Conditions are right for a treaty, Mr. Nixon"

Cartoon 39 BONG . . . CLINK . . . BONG . . . CLINK . . . [1968; 1969]

Cartoon 40 "Down, boys - I’m your best friend" [Johnson]

Cartoon 41 "Local Problems" [Nixon]

Cartoon 42 "Somehow, I thought it’d be different from this . . ." [New Frontiers]

Cartoon 43 Rededication [Lincoln; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 44 "Good luck, son" [Peace Corps]

Cartoon 45 "Small world, isn’t it?" [McKeldin; Humphery]

Cartoon 46 "Get a load of the new kid, gang" [Peace Corps]

Cartoon 47 "Sorry, we give the united way" [Multiple Collection System]

Cartoon 48 "Goodness, is it election time already?" [National Clown Week - Aug. 1-7]

Cartoon 49 No caption.

Cartoon 50 No caption. [U.S. Casulaties in Defense of Freedom 1945- ]

Cartoon 51 Politics in Art [Political Dictation of Art]

Cartoon 52 "It’s obviously a form of life with some degree of intelligence"

Cartoon 53 " . . . If we can’t have these things, we’ll understand" [Test-Ban Agreement; Disarmaments]

Cartoon 54 "Greetings - from your swinging President" [Nixon]

Cartoon 55 No caption. [Government Eplanation]

Cartoon 56 "I can’t wait to get rid of it" [Johnson]

Cartoon 57 The yo-yo is back . . . [Political Extremism]

Cartoon 58 "He’s a real fatalist - it’s a filter-tipped fallout shelter"

Cartoon 59 "It’s more moonlike than earthlike - at least, as of this date" [Johnson]

Cartoon 60 "Never mind that round - listen to those rebel yells" [Haynsworth]

Cartoon 61 No caption. [Haynsworth Case]

Cartoon 62 "QUIET, PLEASE!" [Johnson]

Cartoon 63 "It will be quite a project when it’s completed" [The Right of All to Vote]

Cartoon 64 "Besides, we’re having company this year" [Civil Rights Bill]

Cartoon 65 "Every year it’s the same old trouble" [Diehard Segregationists]

Cartoon 66 "Next year . . . next month . . ." [School Desegregation]

Cartoon 67 "Patience - we’ve a few more legal tricks" [Southern School Dilemma]

Cartoon 68 "We’ll teach ‘em" [University of Georgia; School Desegregation]

Cartoon 69 "Harvard must go - it’s a dangerous legal bastion" [Hitler]

Cartoon 70 "I never saw so many artificial flowers" [Civil Rights Bill]

Cartoon 71 "Now everyone throw in your Nixon-Agnew buttons" [Southern School Funds Cut-Off]

Cartoon 72 "Here’s one for you George, and one for you Curtis"

Cartoon 73 "Next question: describe the moral responsibility of military service in a democracy" [Draft Deferment Test]

Cartoon 74 You keep out of this! He asked US what’s wrong with the draft [Johnson]

Box F9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 75 "Sorry, I should’ve told you about the trap door" [CIA; Student-Youth Links]

Cartoon 76 The Morning After . . . [Congress; Civil Rights]

Cartoon 77 After the storm . . . [Equal Rights Bill]

Cartoon 78 "It’s really not so bad, fellows - once you start learning" [School Desegregation]

Cartoon 79 Statuary Hall (Basement) [Cole Blease; Bilbo; Faubus; Barnett]

Cartoon 80 Outposts of Democracy [Desegregation Issue]

Cartoon 81 No caption. [Civil Rights Bill]

Cartoon 82 "My dear, you should stay in traction this year" [Dirksen]

Cartoon 83 Cut on the bias . . . [Wallace]

Cartoon 84 "You’re on again, boys" [Conservative Coalition; Dixiecrats; GOP]

Cartoon 85 "The eyes of the world are on us . . ." [U.N.; Mississippi]

Cartoon 86 "The picture was distorted" [Daley]

Cartoon 87 "Sorry" [Defiance]

Cartoon 88 "You’ve had your say - now go" [Congress; The Poor]

Cartoon 89 "What right does HE have to discriminate?" [Vinson; McNamara]

Cartoon 90 "Oh, boo yourselves" [Wallace]

Cartoon 91 "This is the right key - let’s try it again" [Johnson]

Cartoon 92 No caption. [Johnson; Voting Rights Proposals]

Cartoon 93 "We saw him give your lady friend a dirty look - let us hold your coats" [Northern Dems; Southern Dems; GOP]

Cartoon 94 "We’re starting to roll now, Mr. President" [Civil Rights Prospects; ‘63 Tax Cut Hopes]

Cartoon 95 "Near as I can make it out it spells Federal Interference" [Voting Rights Law]

Cartoon 96 "Mr. President" [Mansfield]

Cartoon 97 "You coming in with me?" [Civil Rights]

Cartoon 98 "We insist upon our rights" [Literacy Test Filibuster]

Cartoon 99 No caption. [City Hall]

Cartoon 100 "Curtain call . . . Act Two . . ." [Civil Rights Script; Senate]

Cartoon 101 No caption. [House Rules Committee; Open Housing]

Cartoon 102 The American Image - two views [U.S. Space Triumphs; Mississippi]

Cartoon 103 "Help a freedom-loving-citizen, mam?" [Faubus]

Cartoon 104 "GULP" [International Rule of Law; Faubus]

Cartoon 105 Incident in Mississipi [State of Mississippi vs. Lynching - Case Dismissed]

Cartoon 106 "He’s leading a demonstration outside the Cow Palace" [Abraham Lincoln]

Cartoon 107 "Son, I want to have a serious talk with you about birds, bees and hiring practices" [Secretary of Labor Wirtz]

Cartoon 108 "We have to clarify them for you" [Civil Rights Debate]

Cartoon 109 Safe and smug [White Suburbia]

Cartoon 110 "What’s all this fuss about sex education?" [Class of ‘75]

Cartoon 111 "Please don’t follow me - you caused me enough trouble the last time I was here" [Distressed Area Bill; Civil Rights Legislation] Box F9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 112 "We’ll hold this line if it takes us all summer" [Civil Rights Opposition]

Cartoon 113 Men In White [House Judiciary Committee; Civil Rights Bill]

Cartoon 114 Special Special Session [Civil Rights; Redistricting]

Cartoon 115 No caption. [Open Housing; Senate]

Cartoon 116 "Notice how the days are getting warmer?" [Johnson]

Cartoon 117 No caption. [Bigotry]

Cartoon 118 "It’s not so bad now, boss, but it can get mighty cold in Washington" [Racist Candidates]

Cartoon 119 "I said happy Memorial Day"

Cartoon 120 No line. [War Dead]

Cartoon 121 "I’m working my way through post-graduate school . . ." [J.F.K.; L.B.J.; Rusk]

Cartoon 122 "Hold it - it’s one of ours" [NATO; ‘59]

Cartoon 123 Merry Christmas

Cartoon 124 "What do you mean by that peace talk?"

Cartoon 125 No caption.

Cartoon 126 The Home Front [FBI Crime-Increase Statistics]

Cartoon 127 "And that’s for the Civil Rights Bill, and the riots, and the sit-ins, and the freedom marchers" [J.F.K.; Faubus; Barnett; Wallace]

Cartoon 128 "So far, so good, skipper - now I wonder if the tide’s in or out" [Celler; Kennedy; Halleck]

Cartoon 129 "Here they come, boys - light it up" [Wallace]

Cartoon 130 "Maybe we SHOULD do something about these birds" [NLRB Anti-Bias Ruling; Jim Crowism]

Cartoon 131 "Let us renew our pledge to the flag - Down wit hthe federal government, the Supreme Court!"

Cartoon 132 "How do you spell management?" [Institutions of Higher Learning]

Cartoon 133 "Today’s big news is from the United States - Birmingham, Alabama" [Radio Moscow]

Cartoon 134 "SHOO!" [Pittsburgh; Labor; Jim Crow]

Cartoon 135 "Sit in the rear of the bus, please" [Kennedy; Civil Rights Legislation; 1961]

Cartoon 136 "Stand firm - I’ll go get another plan" [Governor Almond]

Cartoon 137 "We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 138 No caption. [Violence; Non-violence]

Cartoon 139 The Emancipator [Johnson]

Cartoon 140 Tick . . . Tock . . . Tick . . . Tock . . . [School Closing Laws; Desegregation]

Cartoon 141 "Excuse us" [SPCA; Red Aggression]

Cartoon 142 "How y’spell Mississippi?" [’Outsiders’]

Cartoon 143 "There you are!" [Civil Rights]

Cartoon 144 "You’re needed back home" [Violence Study; World Policeman Role]

Cartoon 145 "General Hershey wants you" [McCarthy; RFK]Box F9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 146 "Hit him Lurleen - he wouldn’t hit a lady back" [Alabama School Take- Over Law; Desegregation Orders]

Cartoon 147 You’re to Blame [Riot Issue]

Cartoon 148 At last! [Civil Rights; Election Year Politics]

Cartoon 149 No caption. [Subversion Laws; Comunists; Southern Critics]

Cartoon 150 "How do you plead?" [Fortas]

Cartoon 151 "What stain?" [Fortas]

Cartoon 152 "There goes our new emblem" [Haynsworth]

Cartoon 153 "How does it look?" [Nixon; Haynsworth]

Cartoon 154 No caption. [Haynsworth]

Cartoon 155 "Now your other right arm" [Nixon; Haynswoth; Thurmond]

Cartoon 156 "Everyone move one seat to the right" [Burger]

Cartoon 157 No caption. [Impeach Abe Fortas]

Cartoon 158 No caption. [Supreme Court]

Cartoon 159 "The resemblance is uncanny - now he’s trying to pack the Supreme Court" [Goldberg; JFK]

Cartoon 160 "The big city’s a dangerous place for a pretty miss like you - let me take care of you" [Supreme Court Reapportionment Ruling; City Bossism]

Box F10 Cuba, Latin America, Balkans, Greece, Africa, Near East

Cartoon 1 D Day Plus 25 Years [NATO; U.S.; Canada; France]

Cartoon 2 "I’m checking out - their behavior is unsatisfactory" [Canada; Quebec]

Cartoon 3 "There’s the Ottawa Pavilion and, under you, the U.S." [Expo 67]

Cartoon 4 "ACT inpartial" [Kennedy; Canadian Elections]

Cartoon 5 "That’s all right - we’re having the bullet holes framed" [Castro]

Cartoon 6 "Surprise, everybody" [Castro; Proclamation of Communist Goals]

Cartoon 7 "Welcome, Stokley"

Cartoon 8 "Everybody get in line" [Castro; Property Redistribution]

Cartoon 9 "No, that didn’t come with you - it’s mine" [Castro; Kennedy; Betancourt]

Cartoon 10 "This the plane to the economic conference?" [Dillon; Uruguay]

Cartoon 11 "Patience, Sam" [Castro; Khrushchev; Good Neighbor Policy]

Cartoon 12 Biding their time . . . [Exiled Dictators; Latin America]

Cartoon 13 "First, I want to tell you of a fad that’s very popular in the U.S. . . ." [Dillon; ‘Alliance for Progress’]

Cartoon 14 "I hope we’ll be good neighbors" [Mikoyan]

Cartoon 15 "101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 . . ." [U.S.-Cuba Relations]

Cartoon 16 "We really ought to do something about this back yard" [U.S.-Latin American Relations]

Cartoon 17 "YANKEES - HALT!" [Castro]

Cartoon 18 Give him enough rope [Castro]Box F10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 19 "You’re right - we’re moving again" [Johnson; Alliance for Progress]

Cartoon 20 "My ears are burning" [Castro]

Cartoon 21 "Now get me my campaign outfit" [Cuban Political Issue; Bi-Partisan Foreign Policy]

Cartoon 22 "We’re having trouble with the locks" [Alliance for Progress; U.S.-Panama Relations]

Cartoon 23 "Bend" [Panama Prestige; U.S. Prestige]

Cartoon 24 "Some figures lie" [Kennedy; Keating; Cuba]

Cartoon 25 "Pss-s-st - Liberty - Equality - Neutrality?" [DeGaulle; Latin America; Box

Alliance for Progress]

Cartoon 26 "Hold it - he seems to be having trouble reeling it in" [Castro; U. Thant; Kennedy]

Cartoon 27 We shall see . . . [Kennedy Doctrine: ‘Quarantine’]

Cartoon 28 "That’s enough" [Cuban Freedom; Executions]

Cartoon 29 "Frankly, I wouldn’t mind being traded for a tractor" [Cuba]

Cartoon 30 "President Eisenhower has arrived" [South America]

Cartoon 31 The Revolution [Cuba; Castro]

Cartoon 32 "I hereby proclaim the world’s most modern form of government" [Castro]

Cartoon 33 "Maybe we should wait to see the results of the results" [Johnson; Dominican Republic]

Cartoon 34 "Back to your cells - the enemy’s at the gate" [Cuba; Castro; Economic Unrest]

Cartoon 35 "Ready . . . Aim . . ." [Castro]

Cartoon 36 "How’re things out there? Nasser crush Israel yet?" [Castro; Kosygin]

Cartoon 37 Our men in Havana [Congressional Critics; CIA]

Cartoon 38 "Not quite so fast Mr. Kennedy - it’s Doctor Castro’s turn to deal"

Cartoon 39 "HELP! HOLDUP!" [Kennedy; Castro; Agenda: Cuba-Berlin]

Cartoon 40 "Odd! They’re not supposed to boomerang" [Venezuela; Red Terrorism]

Cartoon 41 "Incidentally, about this fellow Castro . . ." [Rusk; Alliance for Progress]

Cartoon 42 "Of course, we’ll continue to suport you" [Castro; Cuba; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 43 "And last but not least, this is the safety catch" [Castro; U.S.S.R. Pull-out]

Cartoon 44 No caption. [OAS; Castro]

Cartoon 45 "Tell them I’m too busy to leave my office" [Castro]

Cartoon 46 "Latins are lousy lovers" - old saying [Castro; Democracy]

Cartoon 47 ". . . And lock the door" [JFK; Rusk; Castro]

Cartoon 48 The Compleat Anglers [Castro; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 49 "I’m getting hungry" [Castro; U.S.S.R.; The Revolution]

Cartoon 50 "We’ll have to build a HIGH wall around him" [Kennedy; Castro; Cental American Conference]

Cartoon 51 "She’s not for sale - part of another deal" [Castro; Prisoner Negotiations]

Cartoon 52 "Cross Castro’s heart, hope to die . . ." [Kennedy; Marx; Cuban-Based Missiles]

Cartoon 53 "Welcome to Latin America" [Rocky]

Box F10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 54 "Fasten your seat belt, Mr. President - we’ve left North America" [Allaince for Progress]

Cartoon 55 "I’m beginning to doubt his sincerity" [Castro; Prisoners; Tractor Deal]

Cartoon 56 Agonizing Reappraisal [Kennedy; Red Propaganda; Cuba]

Cartoon 57 "They won’t fight . . . they won’t fight - BEAT IT YOU GUYS" [Castro]

Cartoon 58 Out on the olive branch [Castro; Kennedy; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 59 No caption. [Alliance for Progress]

Cartoon 60 Armchair General [U.S. Cuban Policy Critics]

Cartoon 61 No caption. [Florida; Cuba; U.S. Quarantine]

Cartoon 62 "Maybe they’ll draw the line at having their navy nationalized" [U.S. Naval

Base Guantanamo, Cuba]

Cartoon 63 "Adios, amigos" [Cuban Prisoner Release]

Cartoon 64 "You heard me! We’re willing to talk things over" [Castro]

Cartoon 65 "Soon you will be free" [U.S.-Cuban Relations; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 66 "We’re off" [Canadian-U.S. Conference; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 67 "Pss-s-s-t, Comrade . . ." [Cuban Revolution; Castro]

Cartoon 68 "Can’t understand what’s happened to business" [Castro]

Cartoon 69 "A whole new world" [Castro; Mariovitch]

Cartoon 70 "Keep it burning" [Freedom]

Cartoon 71 "HELP" [Castro; U.N.]

Cartoon 72 No caption. [Castro; Soviet Military Supplies]

Cartoon 73 "I quit" [Castro; U.S.A. Sugar Quota]

Cartoon 74 "There’s no one here but us social and economic reformers" [U.S.N. Cuba; Central America]

Cartoon 75 "They’d probably escape anyway - and I might as well get the credit" [Castro; USA Refugee Lift]

Cartoon 76 "A-CHOO!" [Cuba; Brazil]

Cartoon 77 "Safe - I hope" [Mideast Peace; UN]

Cartoon 78 "It can’t be the Israelis - it’s GOT to be the U.S."

Cartoon 79 "Water . . ." [Gulf of Aquaba]

Cartoon 80 "Maybe we could have Bobby arrange a showdown - like in Mississippi" [Kennedy; The Congo; Katanga]

Cartoon 81 "Steady . . . Down . . . That’s it . . ." [U.S. 6th Fleet; Middle-East]

Cartoon 82 "Hold it - let’s review our policy on Africa" [Johnson; Congo]

Cartoon 83 The Dam Builders [Nasser; Aswan Dam Aid; Plans for Ghana Dam Aid]

Cartoon 84 "Mr. Hammarskjold, Imperialistic Tool of the United States, I presume" [Soviet African Plans]

Cartoon 85 Lumumba is dead "Long live Lumumba" [Soviet U.N. Bloc]

Cartoon 86 "Turn it out so we can have complete darkness" [Verwoerd; Cape of Good Hope]

Cartoon 87 No caption. [Nagy; Tito]

Cartoon 88 "Weapons to defend yourself, madam?" [Omar Khayyam]

Cartoon 89 "This may be a mirage but darned if we don’t seem to be getting closer" [DeGaulle]Box F10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 90 "There goes the other paddle" [Katanga; U.N. Congo Operation]

Cartoon 91 "They wouldn’t dare - would they?" [Aswan Dam]

Cartoon 92 "King Hussein and Attendant" [Nixon; Al Fatah]

Cartoon 93 "Sh-h-h-h" [USSR; U.N.]

Cartoon 94 An International Tragedy [Rights of Free Passage]

Cartoon 95 Jugular Vein [Threat to Western Oil]

Cartoon 96 Tight Little Island [Cyprus]

Cartoon 97 "What are you doing in this neck of the woods?" [Dulles; Nasser; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 98 No caption. [Iraq]

Cartoon 99 "We’re certainly being recognized by the outside world" [Greek Junta] Cartoon 100 No caption. [Restraint]

Cartoon 101 "Ring out the joyous tidings, boy" [Rhodesian; African Majority]

Cartoon 102 "Someone call a doctor?" [Congo Freedom]

Cartoon 103 "Who goes there - white or nonwhite?" [Union of South Africa]

Cartoon 104 "Let us cut the tie and sail forward" [Rhodesian Independence]

Cartoon 105 Algerian Betsey Ross [Benbella Govt.]

Cartoon 106 "This way - Israel and West Germany lie that way" [Nasser]

Cartoon 107 No caption. [U.S.S.R. Congo Rebel Supplies; Red China Rebel Aid]

Cartoon 108 "Back . . ." [Angola Policy; Portugal; African Nationalism]

Cartoon 109 "It’s coming up again behind us" [Hammarskjold; The Congo]

Cartoon 110 Now it’s our turn [Eisenhower; U.N.-African Plan]

Cartoon 111 "After four year’s work . . ." [Ben Bella; DeGaulle; Algerian Freedom]

Cartoon 112 No caption. [Lumumba]

Cartoon 113 S.O.S. [NATO; Cyprus]

Cartoon 114 The Greeks have a new word for it [Military Junta Rule; Democracy]

Cartoon 115 "Now it’s all your’s mate" [Johnson; Suez]

Cartoon 116 Restoration Project [U.S.S.R. Naval Visit]

Cartoon 117 "Your pedistal is still available, your majesty" [Greek Democracy; Military Junta; Monarchy]

Cartoon 118 First blood . . . [Mideast War; Two Weeks of U.N. Inaction]

Cartoon 119 "We’re casting you off" [Rhodesia]

Cartoon 120 "They don’t build pyramids the way they used to" [Nasser’s United Arab Republic]

Cartoon 121 "It’s all your’s mate" [Piccadilly; ‘East of Suez’]

Cartoon 122 Watch on the Congo

Cartoon 123 "To Spring . . ." [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 124 "Forward to the glorious past" [French Algerian Rebels]

Cartoon 125 "Hold everything - the sands are shifting again" [U.S. Iraqi Embassy]

Cartoon 126 No caption. [Nasser]

Cartoon 127 They don’t build pyramids the way they used to [Nasser’s Arab Empire]

Cartoon 128 "Vodka and Cola - in equal parts" [Tito]

Cartoon 129 "The Natives are Restless" [South Africa; U.N.]

Cartoon 130 "You’re coming weeth me to ze Casbah" [OAS; Algerian Settlement]

Box F11 Europe, Orient, South Pacific

Cartoon 1 Bloody but unbowed [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 2 "Meow" [Common Market]

Cartoon 3 "Now that you mention it, I AM a little tired" [Adenauer; DeGaulle; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 4 "We must save face" [National Liberation Front; Secret Talks]

Cartoon 5 "A lady to see you, Mon General" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 6 "Another Crisis" [Algeria]

Cartoon 7 "We’ll have a victory yet, if we have to defeat France herself" [Right-Wing Algerian Rebels]

Cartoon 8 Changeable as the weather - and vice versa [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 9 "Fountain pen . . ." [DeGaulle; Coty]

Cartoon 10 Half-way meeting [DeGaulle; Algerian Rebel Underground]

Cartoon 11 April in Paris [French Government]

Cartoon 12 "The situation is growing acute, gentlemen" [W. German Political Crisis Talks]

Cartoon 13 Still on top . . . [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 14 "Climb through and we’ll discuss it" [Common Market]

Cartoon 15 No caption. [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 16 "Paris in the spring, tra la, tra la . . ." [DeGaulle; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 17 "It’s my baby and I’ll hatch it" [DeGaulle; Common Market Disunity]

Cartoon 18 "On the other hand, notice the mustache line . . ." [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 19 "Yes, it’s the English again" [DeGaulle; Napoleon]

Cartoon 20 No caption. [European Common Market; British Austerity Measures]

Cartoon 21 The Sword and the Shield [DeGaulle; NATO]

Cartoon 22 "We’ll have to take sterner measures" [Berlin; East German Government]

Cartoon 23 No caption. [European Economic Health Studio; U.S. Business]

Cartoon 24 And they reigned happily ever after . . . [DeGaulle; Adenauer]

Cartoon 25 "Make another wish" [Nixon; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 26 "I can take care of the flock now" [DeGaulle; Kennedy]

Cartoon 27 "I know - there’s one under you too" [DeGaulle; Algeria]

Cartoon 28 "Bur-r-r-r" [English Channel; Common Market Bid]

Cartoon 29 Fortress Europa [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 30 "You can’t get in without a membership card and you can only get one inside" [Common Market; DeGaulle; Great Britain]

Cartoon 31 The DeGaulle Line

Cartoon 32 "Tell them we’ll come more than half way" [DeGaulle; 17th Parallel]

Cartoon 33 No caption. [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 34 "I assure you, it will hurt me more than you" [Wilson]

Cartoon 35 "Come on, Charles - what’s one ‘non’ to a Frenchman?" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 36 No caption. [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 37 "We’d like to discuss the lowering of walls" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 38 "S-T-R-I-K-E" [Belgium Medical School]

Cartoon 39 "What are we going to do now, pop?" [’Mac’; Britain; Common Market]Box F11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 40 No caption. [Britannia; Iceland]

Cartoon 41 Trouble on the launching pad [DeGaulle; French National Power]

Cartoon 42 "We hereby proclaim a state of emergency . . ." [British Maritime Strike]

Cartoon 43 "Excuse me a minute, Nikita" [DeGaulle; Khrushchev; Saar]

Cartoon 44 Right of way [Berlin; The West]

Cartoon 45 Neighborhood Disturbance [W. German Military-Civilian Dispute]

Cartoon 46 "Be patient dear - I can explain everything . . ." [Mac; Profumo]

Cartoon 47 "Odd, here’s another for LBJ" [British Election Returns]

Cartoon 48 "Not at all Mr. President - be delighted by a visit" [Mac; Chopin; Profumo Bomb Damage Repairs]

Cartoon 49 "Aggressive Invasion" [Taylor; S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 50 "I’ve been transferred to Warsaw" [Korean Negotiators]

Cartoon 51 "Here is Quemoy . . ." [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 52 Knock . . . Knock . . . [U.N.; Red China]

Cartoon 53 "Laosy" [Rusk]

Cartoon 54 "Can you hear us better now?" [Khrushchev; Laos]

Cartoon 55 "It would indeed be a ‘Great Leap Forward’" [Conquest of Tibet]

Cartoon 56 "Peace" [Kennedy; Laos]

Cartoon 57 "Apology section - sorry - who’s calling please?" [State Department]

Cartoon 58 The mad political scientists [Mao; China]

Cartoon 59 "Here is latest plan . . ." [Mao]

Cartoon 60 "They’re working on the recovery program now" [S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 61 Funeral Pyre [Nehru]

Cartoon 62 "Don’t look now, but there goes another piece of our fuselage" [Kennedy; Neutralist Souyanna Phouma]

Cartoon 63 "Now hear this . . ." [U.S. Aid]

Cartoon 64 "I was told to wait for an answer" [Manila]

Cartoon 65 "Dear Uncle Sam: Thank you for the gift of food . . ." [India]

Cartoon 66 Another attempt at a soft landing . . . [U.S.; China]

Cartoon 67 "Mr. Khrushchev is gone to Hungary for his health" [Red China]

Cartoon 68 Technicality [Saigon Ends French Ties]

Cartoon 69 "Pack up your troubles in an old kit bag . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 70 "He’s . . . it’s . . . back again!" [War Extension Controversy]

Cartoon 71 "Thank you - would prefer our own umbrella" [Nixon; Okinawa Issue]

Cartoon 72 "Goa, man, goa!" [Sukarno; Dutch New Guinea]

Cartoon 73 Aerial Due [Eisenhower; Formosa Strait]

Cartoon 74 "Where the dawn comes up like thunder . . ." [Tibet]

Cartoon 75 "There’s no one here but us neutrals" [Laos; Khrushchev; International Communism]

Cartoon 76 Nehrutrality [GOA; U.N.]

Cartoon 77 "Everyone take a small leap backward" [Chinese Leadership; Great Leap Forward]

Cartoon 78 "I’m the captain of this boat" [Gulf of Tonkin]Box F11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 79 "Welcome, insane war mongers" "Greetings, imperialist lackeys" [Mao; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 80 "Got a light please? We’ve a shortage of matches" [Nuclear Teast-Ban Talks]

Cartoon 81 "Very well, I’ll reopen it and review them" [Rhee; Korean Democratic Processes]

Cartoon 82 No caption. [Mao; Great Leap Forward]

Cartoon 83 "But what about my face, Mr. Dulles" [Chiang]

Cartoon 84 "O.K., let’s renegotiate" [Khrushchev; 14-Nation Conference on Laos]

Cartoon 85 "Let me try" [Castro; Sukarno; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 86 "Some other time, maybe" [Quemoy]

Cartoon 87 Infiltrator [N. Korea]

Cartoon 88 "It’s more like a fist than a mushroom" [China-Watchers]

Cartoon 89 "I ran into some radiation. Otherwise my trip was very pleasant" [Nehru; Kennedy]

Cartoon 90 "Stiff upper lip, John" [Red Guard]

Cartoon 91 Asian Showcase [India; Pakistan]

Cartoon 92 "I feel like a sitting dove" [Kashmir Problem]

Cartoon 93 "We agree to stop in the interest of international peace" [Pakistan; Kashmir; India]

Cartoon 94 "Now, here’s our plan for next year" [Mao; Albania; Cambodia]

Cartoon 95 "In Asia, who needs rockets?" [Mao]

Cartoon 96 "This is freedom?" [Sukarno’s Colonialism]

Cartoon 97 "Start talking" [Mao; India]

Cartoon 98 "This pen is dry - pass the blood, please" [Sukarno; Mao]

Cartoon 99 "They all look alike to me" [S.E. Asia; Diplomats; Advisors]

Cartoon 100 CRACK . . . [Singapore; Malaysia; The West]

Cartoon 101 "We’ve decided to reduce specialization" [Mao]

Cartoon 102 "Got a gun handy, Joe?" [Nuclear Superiority; U.S.; S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 103 "Better talk to your comrades down there before the whole project is wrecked" [Johnson; Khrushchev; World Balance of Power]

Cartoon 104 "I was playing with one of my pets" [Sukarno]

Cartoon 105 "Our first problem is to get them to shake hands - any ideas Andrei?" [India-Pakistan Talks]

Cartoon 106 The saddest sack of all [Kashmir]

Cartoon 107 Ideological Dialogue [U.S.S.R. Embassy; Mao]

Cartoon 108 "Rickshaw trade" [Dulles; Knowland; Mao]

Cartoon 109 The Launching [Sukarno]

Cartoon 110 No caption. [India; China; Pakistan]

Cartoon 111 "Sukarno? You still with us?" [Red China’s Foreign Adventures]

Cartoon 112 Traveling Light [Johnson]

Cartoon 113 "Stop us if you dare!" [Mao]

Box F12 Russia and her satellites

Cartoon 1 Red Nightmare [Khrushchev; Free German Elections]

Cartoon 2 Babe in the wood [Soviet Air Wave Jamming]

Cartoon 3 Declassified U.S. Intelligence Photos [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 4 "Will wonders never cease?" [Voting Machine]

Cartoon 5 "Watch it Dag - he’s wounded" [U.N. Secretay General; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 6 "And send these flowers to Mr. Kennedy" [Khrushchev; Castro; Lumumba]

Cartoon 7 "Recognize our grandeur yet?" [Khrushchev; Ulbricht]

Cartoon 8 "We’ve come a long way since the revolution, boss" [Khrushchev; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 9 "Stop that howling" [Khrushchev; Berlin; West Germany]

Cartoon 10 "I think he’s serious" [Eisenhower; Khrushchev; Bulgann]

Cartoon 11 "Coming along nicely" [Khrushchev; Soviet-Cuba Relations]

Cartoon 12 Let’s talk culture [Nixon; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 13 No caption [Khrushchev; Soviet Prestige]

Cartoon 14 Spring Sowing [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 15 The man on the moon [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 16 "Andrei, boy, I think we’re ready for New York" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 17 "Meanwhile, how about some radioactive baloney?" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 18 "We want to make a substitution" [Khrushchev; ‘Troika Plan’]

Cartoon 19 No caption [U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 20 "Take down a new constitution: We, the people . . ." [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 21 The stalling award [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 22 "Two steps forward . . . one step back . . . about face . . . forward march, 1, 2, 3, 4 . . ." [Red Diplomatic Training Camp]

Cartoon 23 "If you can’t boost, don’t knock" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 24 "Here comes the fallout - right on schedule" [Khrushchev; Nehru]

Cartoon 25 "That’s close enough" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 26 April 1 [Kremlin; Atomic Test Ban]

Cartoon 27 No caption [Berlin]

Cartoon 28 "Complete disarmament is a figure of speech"

Cartoon 29 "I’ve enough trouble here without going to the moon" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 30 "OK, boys - put me down here" [Khrushchev; Titov; Gagarin]

Cartoon 31 One of the advantages of dual leadership [Europe; Asia]

Cartoon 32 "For he’s a jolly good fellow . . ." [Khrushchev; Mao]

Cartoon 33 Berlin Corridor

Cartoon 34 Food for thought . . . [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 35 "Remember - we roll back into place April 25" [Berlin Wall]

Cartoon 36 "WE’RE in charge of your liberation" [Konev; East Berlin]

Cartoon 37 "Look up there in there on space" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 38 No cpation [East Berlin]

Cartoon 39 Downgraded [Khrushchev; Stalin]

Cartoon 40 "We’ll take our chances with polio" [Khrushchev]Box F12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 41 "Here’s the guy I’ve been telling you about" [Khrushchev; Laos; The Troika]

Cartoon 42 Your Turn [Khrushchev; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 43 We have to start all over again from scratch [Khrushchev; Kilroy]

Cartoon 44 SLAM

Cartoon 45 No cpation. [Khrushchev; Kilroy; Berlin; Hitler]

Cartoon 46 "It’s not the heat, it’s the uncertainty" [Khrushchev; Berlin; U.S.A.]

Cartoon 47 "New York is too hot" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 48 "We’ll bury you" [Khrushchev; Free World]

Cartoon 49 "A lot of milage left in the old crate yet" [Khrushchev; Powers Trial Propaganda]

Cartoon 50 "He suggested a Troika leadership for the party" [Party Congress]

Cartoon 51 "Be quiet, children, or they’ll beat us again" [Dubcek; Czech]

Cartoon 52 "Don’t - there’s a worse penalty for that" [Czech Penalty Box]

Cartoon 53 Lights - cameras - spontaneous demonstration" [U.S. Embassy]

Cartoon 54 "You’ve just heard a safety message from the president of the United States" [Khrushchev; Berlin]

Cartoon 55 "Everybody fall in" [Khrushchev; Collective Leadership]

Cartoon 56 "Demonstarors . . .mob scene . . . action . . ." [Khrushchev; Laos; Congo; Cuba; U.N.]

Cartoon 57 "The democrats say it’s only personal magnetism" [Eisenhower; International Communism]

Cartoon 58 "And you’re a dirty capitlaist tool" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 59 "And, as a dividend, we’re offering a lovely Kuckoo clock . . ." [Kennedy; Mikoyan; Castro]

Cartoon 60 "Long live Loatian neutrality - and the Troika" [Khrushchev; Kennedy]

Cartoon 61 "Quick, an ax" [West Berliners; Ballot Box]

Cartoon 62 "Happy Holiday to all with a 24-hour pass" [Khrushchev; Ulbricht]

Cartoon 63 "You satellites in the back - there are plenty of seats down here in the front" [Red Summit Meet]

Cartoon 64 "Mm-m-m- want to go inside and settle it?" [Khrushchev; Kennedy]

Cartoon 65 "My pop can lick your pop" [Red China; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 66 "Excuse me, Mr. President - you dirty Stalinist - - - - - - - - - - - -, get off this party line!" [Khrushchev; Mao; Kennedy]

Cartoon 67 "What’s going on here?" [Romania; West Germany]

Cartoon 68 "Insane war mongers! Power-mad militarits! And, besides, you haven’t the guts to fight" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 69 "Extra bones for everyone this week" [Khrushchev; Space Dogs Filght]

Cartoon 70 "Lets keep on with our job, men" [America’ Communist Party Congress]

Cartoon 71 "He talks our language" [Nixon; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 72 "Hi" [Khrushchev; U.N.]

Cartoon 73 "Was our’s that bright?" [Khrushchev; Ivanovitch; Gagarin]

Cartoon 74 "Why don’t you recognize my friends? You looking for trouble?" [East German Govt.; Khrushchev; The West]Box F 12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 75 "Let’s call it a draw - I’m getting tired" [Khrushchev; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 76 "Just help me remove this bone from my throat" [Berlin; Free World]

Cartoon 77 Western Viewpoint [Kennedy]

Cartoon 78 "We could try - they’ve helped us before" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 79 No cpation [Soviet-China Rift]

Cartoon 80 "Hold it - we’re switching to borsch" [Khrushchev; 7 Year Food Plan]

Cartoon 81 "If you can’t join ‘em, lick ‘em" [U.N. Secretary General U Thant; Soviet Tri-Partite Secretariat Plan]

Cartoon 82 "Now everybody join in Happy Birthday - remember our missiles, rockets, orbital bombs . . ."

Cartoon 83 "There’s a big turnout here too, Mr. Khrushchev - can you get here fast and address it?" [Ulbricht]

Cartoon 84 "Rusk asks if there are two Khrushchevs"

Cartoon 85 No caption [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 86 "I’ll negotiate when he’s willing to crawl" [Khrushchev; Eisenhower; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 87 "Well, back to the salt mines" [Summit News]

Cartoon 88 "Let’s see how I’m doing - give me Pravda" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 89 "We’ll want to discuss it for a while" [Khrushchev; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 90 "Now keep your eye here on Cuba . . ." [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 91 "No more borsh this year, comrades" [Khrushchev; Food Shortage; Arms Production]

Cartoon 92 "Go get 47 billion dollars worth of fertilizer" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 93 Hurrican Nick veers to the Northwest . . . [Khrushchev; U.N.]

Cartoon 94 "Hi, beautiful" [Khrushchev; Mao; Test-Ban Agreement]

Cartoon 95 "Well, how’ve you been - old revisionist you" [Khrushchev; Tito]

Cartoon 96 "Tsk, tsk, tsk - overinternational waters too" [Nixon; Czechoslovakia]

Cartoon 97 "Voice of America - something about Soviet Super-Bomb tests - heavy fallout - pass it on" [Pravda; Izvestia]

Cartoon 98 "Packaging - the latest thing in merchandising" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 99 "Now I have to protect you from the East" [Ulbricht]

Cartoon 100 "Hold it - they’ve refused the invitation" [China]

Cartoon 101 "In short, we’re going to be more business-like" [Kosygin]

Cartoon 102 "Be careful - people are starting to talk" [Kosygin; Mansfield; Mao]

Cartoon 103 "My calling card" [Chou En-Lai]

Cartoon 104 "But there are 6% undecided - and 6% is all we’d need to take over" [Khrushchev; Kennedy; Nixon]

Cartoon 105 "I’ll take the high road, you take the low . . ." [Disarmament Conference; Hanoi]

Cartoon 106 "Hurray - they’re cracking up!" [The West]

Cartoon 107 Crack [Red Unity; Western Unity]

Cartoon 108 "Ring out the old agreements, ring in the new" [Khrushchev; 1964]

Box F 12 (cont.)

Cartoon 109 No caption [Khrushchev; Mao; Communist Summit Conference]

Cartoon 110 "This is no time for humor" [Mao’s Aggression Policy; U.S.S.R. Coexistance Policy]

Cartoon 111 "Were you trying to get away from me?" [Stalinism]

Box F13 World Problems, United Nations, international meetings

Cartoon 1 No cpation. [Disarmament Negotiations; Khrushchev; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 2 "Wait until spring - the climate may be better" [DeGaulle; Summit]

Cartoon 3 "He’s a GENIUS!" [Nasser; Khrushchev; Bulganin]

Cartoon 4 "Why should we rescue her? They wouldn’t" [Johnson; U.S.A.; U.N.]

Cartoon 5 "?" [Johnson; Mao]

Cartoon 6 "How do you like being the number one world power on whom the sun never sets?" [Wilson; Johnson]

Cartoon 7 "I thought we agreed not to look down" [Geneva Arms Talks]

Cartoon 8 "Welcome" [DeGaulle; Warsaw Pact; NATO]

Cartoon 9 "Yes, there is a child here . . ." [U.N.; Religious Leaders; Peace]

Cartoon 10 "Mr. U Thant has been expecting you" [Request for Viet Cease-Fire Aid]

Cartoon 11 "Who’ll join us in an non-proliferation treaty" [Gromyko; Rusk]

Cartoon 12 The Lyndon Bird [Johnson]

Cartoon 13 "It is the sense of the Senate . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 14 "All aboard for Geneva via heavenly bodies" [Nuclear Non-Proliferation Talks]

Cartoon 15 The frayed red carpet - and Bloc [U.N.; Red China]

Cartoon 16 "I’m sorry, Mr. President, but this is much more complicated than the Washington switchboard" [COMSAT]

Cartoon 17 "Well, let’s get started . . ." [Rusk; Home; Gromyko; Disarmament]

Cartoon 18 No caption. [Russian-American Cultural Exchanges]

Cartoon 19 Program change [Get Out of Vietnam; Get Into Rhodesia]

Cartoon 20 "Leave her alone - at least she’s distracting him" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 21 "We’re listening - you were saying about Vietnam . . ." [DeGaulle; Rusk; Erhard; Wilson]

Cartoon 22 "Here’s where we start ‘clearing the path’" [The West; Test-Ban Negotiators; Inspection Issue]

Cartoon 23 "I wish we had said that" [Khrushchev; Nixon]

Cartoon 24 Also on the launching pad . . . [Democracy’s Food Production Capacity; Food Surpluses]

Cartoon 25 ". . . A beautiful sight!" [Astronaut Glenn]

Cartoon 26 "Take a bow, Mr. Stevenson" [Angola-Portugal Stand]

Cartoon 27 "My fellow Americans . . . Citizens of the free world . . ." [Johnson]

Cartoon 28 No caption. [Test-Ban Pact]

Cartoon 29 Blasted [Western Disarmament Efforts]

Cartoon 30 Advance Parting [Rusk; Disarmament Talks; Summit Meeting]Box F13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 31 Sixteen Years of Progress [Controlled Nuclear Disarmament; Bernard Baruch; Rusk]

Cartoon 32 Easter on Christmas Island [Hope for Test-Ban Agreement]

Cartoon 33 "Take it from us - don’t assume they’re bluffing" [U.S.S.R; Steel Co’s.]

Cartoon 34 "Don’t think - puff- we’re trying - puff - either" [Johnson]

Cartoon 35 Expecting [Nuclear Proliferation]

Cartoon 36 No cpation [The West; Freedom]

Cartoon 37 Air Action Resumes . . .

Cartoon 38 "Perhaps this design might solve the problem" [Rusk; Embassy Attacks]

Cartoon 39 "No, no, don’t shoot!" [Johnson; U Thant]

Cartoon 40 "I wish thy’d link up with us" [U.S.S.R.; U.S.A.]

Cartoon 41 "You care to open the bidding, Mr. Herter?" [Tariff Talks]

Cartoon 42 "It’s better to light one candle . . ." [U.N.; Vietnam]

Cartoon 43 "They weren’t entirely useless - we learned how difficult it’s going to be"

[Nuclear Disarmament]

Cartoon 44 No caption. [The Summit]

Cartoon 45 "Now I hear he wants in here!" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 46 "It’s like territory - wait until it goes bankrupt and then pick up the pieces" [Khrushchev; U.N.]

Cartoon 47 "First, get rid of them" [Khrushchev; West Berlin; The West]

Cartoon 48 "After you" [Khrushchev; Kennedy; German Negotiations]

Cartoon 49 No caption. [Free World]

Cartoon 50 No caption. [U.S.-U.S.S.R. Space Pact]

Cartoon 51 "Let there be water and peace" [Castro; Panama; Arabs]

Cartoon 52 "There goes another - they’re getting louder!" [Test-Ban Talks]

Cartoon 53 "But you can’t let the light be shut off!" [U.N.; Neutrals; U.S.S.R. Debt; U.S. Power & Light Co.]

Cartoon 54 "The comrades are restless tonight" [Red Bloc]

Cartoon 55 Lull [Khrushchev; Mao; Johnson; East-West Cold War]

Cartoon 56 "Everyone talks about the weather - it’s TIME they do something about it" [U.S.-U.S.S.R. Weater Satellite Program; Cold War Shelter]

Cartoon 57 "Wait out here" [Trokia; Mao; Red China; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 58 "Agreed - two more years, no more tantrums and no more up-staging" [U.S.-Russian Cultural Relations Pact]

Cartoon 59 "Imperialist aggressors caused it - we know - we were there" [U.N.; Red Bloc; Congo Hostage Issue]

Cartoon 60 No cpation. [U.N.; Financial Compromise]

Cartoon 61 "Two Germanys . . . two Chinas . . . two Koreas . . ." [Space Age Ark]

Cartoon 62 "Excellent - how are things going for you?" [DeGaulle; Algerian Problem; Kennedy; Cuban Problem]

Cartoon 63 "Nonsense - the egg comes first" [Disarmament Issue; Inspection Issue]

Cartoon 64 "Brr-rrr" [Eisenhower; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 65 "Go ahead - we’re listening" [U.N. Disarmament Debate; Soviet Stand]

Cartoon 66 "Nuet!" [1974 Disarmament Conference]Box F13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 67 Now for a friendly exchage of views . . . [Khrushchev; Eisenhower; Camp David]

Cartoon 68 The door is open . . . [Negotiations; Eisenhower; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 69 ‘Slow Progress’ is best hope at Geneva - Herter [Prime Ministers Meeting]

Cartoon 70 "Testing . . . one . . . two . . ." [Disarmament Conference]

Cartoon 71 "It’s not that we can’t afford it - it’s a matter of principle" [Khrushchev; U.N.]

Cartoon 72 Lip Serivce [U.S.S.R.; Disarmament]

Cartoon 73 "Head for the Summit - the dam’s burst" [Khrushchev; Nasser; Soviet Propaganda; U.N.]

Cartoon 74 "Beat it, kid - you bother us" [U.S.S.R.; 1965]

Cartoon 75 "Let’s try our luck in the General Assembly" [Khrushchev; Soviet U.N. Delegate]

Cartoon 76 "Watch out for the button, sir" [Khrushchev]

Cartoon 77 "Pardon us, sir - we're new here at the U.N. . . ." [U.S.A.; South Africa; Congo; Berlin; Cuba; S.E. Asia]

Cartoon 78 "SLAM" [Khrushchev; U. N.]

Cartoon 79 Stairway to the stars [Khrushchev; Kennedy; Disarmament; Test-Ban Agreement]

Cartoon 80 "We appreciate your staying" [U Thant]

Cartoon 81 "We're making progress - how's the oxygen holding out?" [U.S.A.; U.S.S.R.; Nuclear Arms Controls]

Cartoon 82 No caption. [U.S.-U.S.S.R. Cultural Relations]

Cartoon 83 There it is again - the East River monster [Red China Issue; U.N.]

Cartoon 84 No cpation. [U.N.; Bankruptcy; Nuclear Disaster]

Cartoon 85 "Hold it - I think we can raise the cash after all" [U Thant; U.N. 20th Anniversary]

Cartoon 86 "It's something like the Supreme Court - not very popular but there's nothing more important" [Johnson; Goldberg; U.N.]

Cartoon 87 "Our prospects here don't appear too promising" [Johnson; Goldberg; Red Diplomatic Bloc]

Cartoon 88 "Well, we demand a refund" [USSR Program Canceled; Cultural Relations Agreement]

Cartoon 89 No caption. [Nuclear Deterrent 'Stand-Off']

Cartoon 90 "Stop making a scene, sweetie" [Khrushchev; The West; Geneva; Summit]

Cartoon 91 "Follow me" [Khrushchev; U.N. Control of Berlin Proposal]

Box F13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 92 "I have a splitting headache" [Khrushchev; U.N.]

Cartoon 93 "Troika, anyone?" [Khrushchev; Hammarskjold]

Cartoon 94 "Very well, sister - I have other means . . ." [Khrushchev; Europe; NATO Alliance]

Cartoon 95 "It's not perfect, but its our dream house" [U.N.; Hammarskjold]

Cartoon 96 "You were saying?" [East-West Talks]

Cartoon 97 "We've an old Russian proverb - any port in a storm" [U.N.; India- Pakistan Storm; Red China]

Cartoon 98 "Don't mind me, boys - just pretend I'm not here" [Mao; China Nuclear Potential; Geneva Disarmament Talks]

Cartoon 99 "I feel better already" [Anglo-American Talks]

Cartoon 100 "The issue is . . . the United Nations" -Goldberg [Tides of Aggression]

Cartoon 101 "Well, where were we?" [Disarmament Negotiations; Summit Collapse]

Cartoon 102 The hazards of summitry [Eisenhower; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 103 "Good health" ['Convivial' Helsinki Talks; USA; USSR]

Cartoon 104 "Come the atomic revolution . . ." [Mao; Nasser; DeGaulle; Khrushchev; Kennedy]

Cartoon 105 "Time is running out, gentlemen" [A-Test Negotiations]

Cartoon 106 "I was on my way over to see YOU" [Request for Cease-Fire in Laos; Request for Halt of Cuban Rebels]

Cartoon 107 "Aha - a spy!" [Underground A-Test Talks]

Cartoon 108 "Hey, Rube" [Red No-Inspection Disarmament]

Cartoon 109 "Good job - 35,000 of your men may leave now" [NATO]

Cartoon 110 Summit Conference [Test-Ban Talks]

Cartoon 111 No caption. [NATO]

Cartoon 112 "Yes, we see it too" [Johnson; USSR; Mao]

Cartoon 113 "We support its admission anywhere but here" [China; USSR; U.N.]

Cartoon 114 "Shut that window!" [Neutralist Ivory Tower]

Cartoon 115 "I wish you were here, ma cherie" [Stevenson; Asian-African Nations]

Cartoon 116 "Why don't we negotiate our differences?" [Khrushchev; Kennedy]

Cartoon 117 "I think they're gone - but you can't trust them" [Tsarapkin; Dean; Godber]

Cartoon 118 "Would you put in a word for the OLD nations?" [Soviet Domination in Eastern Europe]

Cartoon 119 New strategy concept [NATO; Warsaw Pact]

Cartoon 120 "Next, we'll take up talking" [A-Pact]

Cartoon 121 The Worst Dressed Woman of the Year [Vietnam; Disarmament; Mid- East]

Cartoon 122 "Surprise" [Khrushchev; Arms Talks]

Cartoon 123 "Your move" [Khrushchev; Nuclear Ban Acceptance; DeGaulle; Eisenhower; MacMillan; Disarmament]

Cartoon 124 "It's all yours if you think you can finish it" [MacMillan; Kennedy; Skybolt Project]

Cartoon 125 Growthmanship [U.N.]Box F13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 126 "Ouch - that's my leg" [Kennedy; DeGaulle; MacMillan; Adenauer; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 127 Jungle warfare [S.E. Asia; Mao; Kennedy; DeGaulle; Khrushchev; MacMillan]

Cartoon 128 "On second thought, maybe we'd better stay aboard for a while" [U.N.]

Cartoon 129 Proliferation . . . [Geneva Talks]

Cartoon 130 Confrontation [Nixon; E. Germany; W. Germany]

Cartoon 131 "All together - one last massive effort" [Test-Ban Talks]

Cartoon 132 Recognize anything yet, Foster?" [Eisenhower; Warsaw Talks]

Cartoon 133 The Fireworks Gap [Khrushchev; Eisenhower; Russian Disarmament Proposals]

Cartoon 134 We have a reprieve - we on;y have to move the battlements and the towers [NATO]

Cartoon 135 "A gun! You wouldn't DARE" [Khrushchev; Berlin]

Cartoon 136 Where there's light there's hope . . . [Poland; Yugoslavia; U.S. Foreign Aid]

CC 2


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