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Special Collections

Milton S. Eisenhower Library

The Johns Hopkins University

3400 North Charles St.

Baltimore, Maryland 21218


Duffy (Edmund) 1899-1962

Cartoons 1924-1962

CC 1

Size: 1000 cartoons

Processed: Preliminary sorting June 1989

By: Cynthia H. Requardt

Provenance: The cartoons were donated by Duffy's family

in 1967 and 1972.

Access: Access to this collection is unrestricted.

Permission: Permission to publish material from this collection must be requested in writing

from the Manuscripts Librarian at the

address above.

Citation: Edmund Duffy Cartoons CC 1

Special Collections

Milton S. Eisenhower Library

The Johns Hopkins University

Table of Contents

Box D1 Page 3

Box D2 Page 3

Box D3 Page 3

Box D4 Page 3

Box D5 Page 4

Box D6 Page 7

Box D7 Europe and Asia Page 7

Box D8 World [Europe]; Labor Page 17

Box D9 [Europe] water-damaged Page 23

Box D10 Sports Page 28

U.S. and Europe, Asia, South America

U.S. at War {WW II}

U.S. post-war problems

Box D11 Baltimore and Maryland Page 38

U.S. Elections

Box D12 War and Peace Page 47

Box D13 U.S. problems: constitutional, fiscal, labor Page 57

U.S. taxes and finance

Box D14 U.S. miscellaneous problems: Page 67

Duffy Cartoons

Box D15 Personages Page 87

Crime, Dissent and Civil Rights

Supreme Court

CC 1


The cartoons were donated to the University by Mr. Duffy's widow Anne R. and daughter Sara Anne Chermayeff in 1967 and 1972.

Biographical Sketch

Edmund Duffy was born in 1899 the son of a Jersey City policeman. He quit school after the eighth grade, and attended classes at the Art Students League in Manhattan from 1914 to 1919 where he studied under George Bridgman, John Sloan, and Boardman Robinson. One of Duffy's teachers, impressed with his work, introduced him to newspaper editors in the city, and Duffy began peddling his cartoons from paper to paper. He made his first big sale on Armistice night, 1918. For $25.00 he sold a half page of sketches to the New York Herald Tribune. Duffy also contributed drawings to the New York Evening Post and illustrated stories for the Scribner's and Century magazines.

In 1921, on $300 borrowed money, Duffy went steerage to London to study and work for the London Evening News doing sketches. He moved to Paris to work on an English-language daily, returning to America in 1922 to work for the Brooklyn Eagle. In the 1924 Presidential campaign, the Baltimore Sun wanted a cartoonist who supported the Democratic candidate, John W. Davis. Duffy was hired for the three months of the campaign and so impressed his editors that he stayed for 24 years, until he went to the Saturday Evening Post in 1948.

From 1924 until 1948, Duffy was the editorial cartoonist for the Baltimore Sun where he won his three Pulitzer Prizes. He won his first Pulitzer Prize in 1930 for a cartoon captioned "An Old Struggle Still Going On", which showed a Russian tearing the cross off the top of a church. In 1933, a cartoon entitled "California Points with Pride" condemning a double lynching in that state won the Pulitzer Prize again. Six year later a drawing of Hitler after invading Poland won the prize for the third time. This graphic drawing showed Hitler with blood-stained hands and a torn treaty towering over war-shattered buildings and prostrate figures.

Duffy's cartoons were widely reproduced in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. They were also hung in the Library of Congress, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and the Baltimore Museum of Art, among others. In Baltimore his drawings often sparked lively controversy. Once, his poignant cartoon of a lynching on Maryland's Eastern Shore aroused such anger that trucks carrying the paper were overturned and burned by indignant readers. The cartoon that caused the uproar showed the lynched man hanging from a tree and was captioned with the title of the state song "Maryland, My Maryland."

In Baltimore, Duffy was a close friend and colleague of H.L. Mencken, who was one of the editors of the Baltimore Sun. Mencken rated him a "great cartoonist." Another Sun staffer Gerald Johnson once wrote of Duffy "[a]round Baltimore he was regarded with the uneasy delight that a zoo-keeper has in a particularly fine Bengal tiger, a municipal asset, unquestionably, but everybody shuddered to think what would happen if he ever went on the rampage."

In 1948, Duffy left the Sun to become the editorial page cartoonist for the Saturday Evening Post, a job which he held for eight years. Following this he served from 1956 to 1960 as cartoonist for Newsday on Long Island saying of his decision to move from the Saturday Evening Post to Newsday, "It was simple. I wanted to ge back to newspaper cartooning again."

Duffy continued with Newsday until ill health forced him to quit. He died two years later. He was survived by his wife Anne Rector and their daughter Sara Anne (Mrs. Ivan Chermayeff).

Scope and Content Note

The Duffy cartoons span the years 1924 through 1956 but the majority date from the 1930s and 1940s. They were donated in bundles, and a list is in the provenance file. Garrett Librarians Elizabeth Baer and Jane Katz sorted the cartoons into their current topical arrangement. These divisions are subjective as many cartoons deal with more than one of the categories but can only be filed in one box. The topical headings are listed in the container list. There are cartoons depicting the United States's relations with Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa as well as many cartoons relating to World War II and peace. Many of the cartoons deal with domestic issues such as dissent and civil rights, local and national elections, taxes and fiscal issues, labor problems, and the Supreme Court.

The cartoons have not been completely processed. The cartoons each will be numbered and a complete list of the cartoon titles will appear in the container list. Currently only the cartoons in Box 2 have been listed individually.

Included in the collection are some sketch pads and cartoons done by Duffy for advertising campaigns. There is also some personal material such as a biographical sketch, letters, and financial papers. There are also cartoons by Aaron Sopher, Daniel Fitzpatrick, and Dorman H. Smith which were presented to Duffy.

Container List

Car 1

Box D1 newspaper clippings of Duffy cartoons

1943 - 12 folders

1944 - 7 folders

Box D2 newspaper clippings of Duffy cartoons

1944 - 6 folders

1945 - 9 folders

Box D3 "Scapegoats"

Telegram - Pulitzer Prize Announcement 1940

"The Unconquered People" 1942

The Nation May 13, 1931

The Evening Sun, Baltimore, July 29, 1943

The Sun, Baltimore, February 14, 1945

The Sun, Baltimore, Tuesday Morning, May 5, 1931

The New York Times, January 9, 1944

The Saturday Evening Post

The Saturday Evening Post

The Sun, Baltimore, Sunday Morning, February 1, 1948

The New York Times, Tuesday, May 7, 1940

New York Herald Tribune, Tuesday, May 7, 1940

Chicago Sun-Times, Thursday, May 17, 1956

Chicago Sun-Times, Saturday, May 19, 1956

Chicago Sun-Times, Sunday, May 20, 1956

The Saturday Evening Post

The Sun, Baltimore, Tuesday, May 7, 1940

Washington Post, Wednesday, November 18, 1959

The New York Times Magazine, October 18, 1942

The American Press, August, 1928

Other cartoonists



Box D4 Mounted cartoons - unidentified and n.d.

Cartoons for The Brooklyn Daily Eagle [1923-1924]

Cartoons for The Sun, Baltimore [1920s-1940s]

Cartoons from French newspapers [1900]

Box D5 (quotation marks are for the title of the cartoon;

brackets are for the captions of the cartoons;

no marks are a description of the cartoon)

Miscellaneous Drawings

Miscellaneous 1 "Ready to give with the jingle bells" [Congress; Adjournment]

Miscellaneous 2 "YOU can help with dollars!"

Miscellaneous 3 "No sound of recovery by night." [12 o’clock Curfew]

Miscellaneous 4 "Spring be far behind" [Nazi Spring Drive Retreats]

Miscellaneous 5 "The moving finger in Texas" [Disaster]

Miscellaneous 6 [Armistace Day 1930]

Miscellaneous 7 "Bellringer" [Public]

Miscellaneous 8 [Congress; One Hundred Fiftieth Anniversary]

Miscellaneous 9 "Whats cookin’ in the lab." [Justice Dept. Charge of World Chemical Cartel]

Miscellaneous 10 "Not all the lights over Europe are out." [Pope Pius XII]

Miscellaneous 11 [Dartmoor Prison Riots]

Miscellaneous 12 "-And don’t forget to duck!" [1941; Father Time]

Miscellaneous 13 "Time tears on!" [Income Tax Due March 15th]

Miscellaneous 14 "Anyway, it isn’t an air raid alarm." [1940]

Miscellaneous 15 "Apon what heat doth our Caesar feed?" [Petrillo; WLB Panel Rebuff; Supreme Court]

Miscellaneous 16 "Looka that luxurious compartment car, pal!" [Pullmans]

Miscellaneous 17 "Thumbs up!" [Congress]

Miscellaneous 18 "Cabin in de cotton" [The Deep South]

Miscellaneous 19 "Return of the native" [Miami]

Miscellaneous 20 "Who’s afraid of the big bad roof." [Congress; Capitol Roof]

Miscellaneous 21 "Black watch." [Boston Disaster]

Miscellaneous 22 "The old way is getting awfully tiresome." [1947 Winter]

Miscellaneous 23 "The Beachcomber"

Miscellaneous 24 "Peace in our time"

Miscellaneous 25 "Joy on the dawn patrol" [O’Dwyer Opens NY Again]

Miscellaneous 26 "Too long between drinks, I stay here." [Round the World Flight Service]

Miscellaneous 27 "Pinkey straight up, that’s the calss way to drink tea, ‘pal!"

Cartoon 1 "Scroll of Mercy" May 20, 1941 [Keep on Helping the Red Cross]

Cartoon 2 "Gee-I Wish I Wuz Rich." Tuesday Sept. 3 [The Job for Fifty More Weeks]

Cartoon 3 "Cheers For A Day!" Dec. 23, 1943 [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 4 "All Right So Far" Dec. 23, 1940 [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 5 "Well-It's the Only World We Have" Dec. 23, 1942 [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 6 "Not Rationed-Good Cheer" Dec. 23, 1944 [Merry Christmas]

Box D5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 7 [William Allen White 1869-1944] 1944

Cartoon 8 policeman in jail [1944?]

Cartoon 9 "The Darkest Outer Darkness" July 11, 1956

Cartoon 10 Chicago policeman chasing history book

Cartoon 11 "The Fateful Next Entry-?" [Atomic Record Books]

Cartoon 12 "Our Monument of Shame" Oct. 2, 1947 [U.S. Food Waste]

Cartoon 13 "Beautiful Snow, It Can Do Nothing Wrong" Dec. 19, 1945

Cartoon 14 "If I Wuz Out There, I Could Tell Harry What to Do with Them Russians" Tues. Aug. 20 [Truman Cruise]

Cartoon 15 [Xmas Greeting Cards]

Cartoon 16 6 col Sunday special; 6 faces looking at destruction

Cartoon 17 man making speech

Cartoon 18 May 26, 1957 2 men

Cartoon 19 man looking at framed portrait

Cartoon 20 man about to lynch another Aug. 2, 1947

Cartoon 21 "At the Summit" Thurs. Dec. 24 Christmas shopping

Cartoon 22 [16 killed in 15 months in Dry Enforcement. Treasury Dept. Statement]

Cartoon 23 [The Immigration Melting Pot]

Cartoon 24 [Seven Gun-Men Killed; Chicago Citizen]

Cartoon 25 [Chicago's Vice Rampant]

Cartoon 26 "Mercy Angel" Sept. 26, 1946 helicopter

Cartoon 27 [TV Soiled Linen]

Cartoon 28 "The Year's Biggest Package Deal" Friday Dec. 25 [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 29 "A Giant's Icy Gravestone" [H.M.S. Hood]

Cartoon 30 [Ball for Benefit of Infantile Paralysis Victims]

Cartoon 31 "Scourge of Peace" [Cancer No. 1 Enemy]

Cartoon 32 "Fawncy Meeting You All, I'll Say If I Run Across 'Em" [Duke, Wally Hunt Ball]

Cartoon 33 [Byrd Discovers New Antartic [sic] Lands]

Cartoon 34 [To My Valentines Anne Morrow-Lindy U.S.

Cartoon 35 "Your Sheet Seems to Be Showing" for Saturday Evening Post [KKK Racket; Southern Public Opinion]

Cartoon 36 [Caldron of the Past; Future Hopes and Plans] Aug. 24, 1946

Cartoon 37 [School Fires Daily Average] Aug. 20, 1948

Cartoon 38 "Battle of the Bulging Bulge" [Beef and Pork Price Increases]

Cartoon 39 "South Carolina Justice"

Cartoon 40 [Thou Shalt Not Think; W.J.B. Realtor]

Cartoon 41 "Look Pop, The People from Washington Are Back" [Truman 219 No. Delaware St. Independence, Mo.]

Cartoon 42 [Civic Virtue; Red; Knickerbocker]

Cartoon 43 worker carrying time-bomb

Cartoon 44 [Teapot Dome Conspiracy Trial]

Cartoon 45 [Klan Prestige; Des Moines]

Cartoon 46 Man holding cash and smoking gun

Box D5 (Cont.)

Cartoon 47 man writhing on ground

Cartoon 48 ["An Atom Bomb Law With Teeth Or-" B.M.Baruch]

Cartoon 49 [Excessive Armaments]

Cartoon 50 [Tom Mooney]

Cartoon 51 [KKK; Justice Black]

Cartoon 52 [Automobile Show 1930]

Cartoon 53 [The Jail 1924 Crop S.R.O.]

Cartoon 54 men waiting for street car in snowstorm

Cartoon 55 "Another Famous Statue Visited" [John Q. Citizen]

Cartoon 56 [U.S. Hate] May 20, 1939

Cartoon 57 "The World's Horizon" [Franklin D. Roosevelt 1882-1945]

Cartoon 58 "Careful with that Geyser, Pal, They're Rationed"

Cartoon 59 "Put It On Again"

Cartoon 60 "Thomas Jefferson 1743-1826"

"Maryland, My Maryland" 3 copies

1948 farewell card signed by Baltimore Sun staff

birthday cards for Sara 10th, 11th, 12th

"Honor Remembrance Protection" poster for Commission

on Pensions and Endowment Funds

polio poster for New York Dept. of Health

(2 designs)

work of other artists:

Aaron Sopher cartoon

Daniel Fitzpatrick 2 cartoons

Dorman H. Smith 1 cartoon

Chinese prints

Sketch book (2)

Sketch pad (2)

War Posters

Sketch Tablet (2)

Box D6 Appreciate America


Bond posters, U.S. Treasury

Christmas cards

Duffy exhibit

Exhibit [1976]

Financial papers

Korean War

New Freeman 1931



Photographs of Duffy cartoons

Photographs of Duffy cartoons


Pulitzer Prize, articles on

Pulitzer Prize Ceremony, 1940

Pulitzer Prize winning cartoons, photographs of

Saturday Evening Post

Sketches [Saturday Evening Post]




U.S. Information Agency 1958

U.S. Office of War Information

U.S. Office of War Information, "The Unconquered People"

Box D7 Europe and Asia

Cartoon 1 "Out on a sickle" [Soviet Satellite; World Unity]

Cartoon 2 "Ivan the Terrible" [Soviet Russia; Inflation]

Cartoon 3 "Astride the river." [The Don]

Cartoon 4 "Mission from Moscow" [Stalin; Hitler; U.S. Communists]

Cartoon 5 "Conference time, Comrade!" [Stalin; Churchill; FDR]

Cartoon 6 "Against a bleak November sky" [Korea; U.N.; Soviet Cold War Tactics]

Cartoon 7 No caption. [Banditry; Mexico]

Cartoon 8 No caption.

Cartoon 9 No caption. [Mexico; Religious Strife]

Cartoon 10 No caption. [China; Japan; Manchuria]

Cartoon 11 No caption. [British Tory Party]

Cartoon 12 No caption. [British Labor; Liberals]

Cartoon 13 No caption. [Mexico; Church-State Conflict]

Cartoon 14 "Little comrade, you need freedom like a hole in the head." [Soviets; The Satellites]

Cartoon 15 "Desert flower and thorns" [Arab World; Soviet Aid]

Cartoon 16 "The Steppes of Russia" [Khrushchev]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 17 "At the end of the valley of indecision" [France]

Cartoon 18 "The pit and the pendulum" [World’s War-Weary People; Red China]

Cartoon 19 "Smoldering Minaeret" [Arab Arms; Middle East Tensions]

Cartoon 20 "The white cliffs of Dover" [British Public; Bulganin; Khrushchev]

Cartoon 21 "Suddenly it’s spring" [Soviet Common Man]

Cartoon 22 "The satellite has been hanging out in space for a long time" [U.S.S.R.; Tyranny; Soviet Common Man]

Cartoon 23 "A noble gesture of laying down his sword" [Soviet Disarmament Moves]

Cartoon 24 "Wonderful view of the team -- from here!" [U.S. Services Brawl; Soviets]

Cartoon 25 "The last kipper" [Egypt; Suez Canal; British Retirement]

Cartoon 26 "Sales resistance is at a peak, these days" [Khrushchev; Captive Satellite]

Cartoon 27 "The anglers latest angle" [The Soviets; South America; Trade Bait]

Cartoon 28 "All the news that’s fit to print" [Pravda; Stalin]

Cartoon 29 "Target practice" [H-Missile Threat]

Cartoon 30 "Moscow Mousetrap" [Olive Branch; Kremiln]

Cartoon 31 "- And don’t make it a thin one" [Europe’s Hungry Children]

Cartoon 32 "House cleaning" [Brazil]

Cartoon 33 "That sometimes inactive volcano" [Latin America]

Cartoon 34 "The pilot takes over." [Italy]

Cartoon 35 "Does not choose" [?] [Calles; Mexico; Mexican Presidency]

Cartoon 36 "Practice steppes" [Soviet Russia; Sweden; Norway; Finnish Treaty]

Cartoon 37 "They can’t do this to us." [Tito; Trieste Transfer]

Cartoon 38 "Tight fitting boot" [Italy]

Cartoon 39 "The uneasy tourist" [Italian Election]

Cartoon 40 "Good Friday" [Europe]

Cartoon 41 "How late?" [Europe]

Cartoon 42 "Candle in the wind." [Argentina; Axis Influences]

Cartoon 43 "War and rhumbas of war" [Argentina]

Cartoon 44 "Take off that cap!" [Soviet Russia; Balkan-Danube Confederation]

Cartoon 45 "Ashes" [India]

Cartoon 46 "The paper curtain" [Stalin; 1948 Record High Soviet Budget]

Cartoon 47 "Light - and sparks from Asia" [Soviet Russia; South Korea]

Cartoon 48 "It’s the ONLY ‘Bird in Hand’" [Pax; Fighting in Europe]

Cartoon 49 "The watch on the wall" [Korea]

Cartoon 50 "Against a dark sky"

Cartoon 51 "Breeches budy rescue" [Finland]

Cartoon 52 "‘Peace in our time’"

Cartoon 53 "A break on the dark horizon" [Europe]

Cartoon 54 "First step in a rebuilding program" [Colombia; Bogota; U.S.S.R.]

Cartoon 55 "‘Let’s bury the hammer and sickle and be friends’" [Soviet Russia; U.N.]

Cartoon 56 "The leaning Minaret" [Palestine; U.N.]

Cartoon 57 "Invitation to an orbit" [Finland]

Cartoon 58 "Next?" [Europe]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 59 "Including the Scandinavian?" [Soviet Expansion Plans; Finland; Denmark; Norway; Sweden]

Cartoon 60 "Now hear this -!!" [Premier Gottwald; Czechoslovakia]

Cartoon 61 "Outpost of Empire" [O’Higgins Land; Chilean Claims]

Cartoon 62 "- And never the twain shall meet policy" [Soviet Russia; Europe]

Cartoon 63 "Paris in the spring" [Strikers]

Cartoon 64 "Thunder in the Alps" [Austria]

Cartoon 65 "Lady in waiting" [Marshall Plan; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 66 "Nobody stole his umbrella" [Chamberlain]

Cartoon 67 "Hungarian bortsch?" [Hungary; Europe]

Cartoon 68 "Waiting on a London call" [Soviet Russia; Iran]

Cartoon 69 No caption. [Japan; Korea; Manchuria]

Cartoon 70 "Looking for cracks in the Great Wall" [Japan; China]

Cartoon 71 "Thunder on the south." [U.S.; South America]

Cartoon 72 "The tireless traveller" [China]

Cartoon 73 "The hardy veteran passes another milestone" [China; 7th Year of War]

Cartoon 74 No caption. [China; Foreign Powers]

Cartoon 75 "The blue chips are slipping" [Prince of Monaco; Dictatorship]

Cartoon 76 "The great abdicator" [Nassau]

Cartoon 77 "Sorry, not at home, comrade!" [Molotov; China]

Cartoon 78 "Open door?" [China]

Cartoon 79 "Warning to Paris sightseers." [Versailles Treaty]

Cartoon 80 "The morning after" [Berlin Elections]

Cartoon 81 "Winter crop" [France; Election Results]

Cartoon 82 "Revival of an old slogan." [Stalin]

Cartoon 83 "A claim staked" [Balkan Powder Keg]

Cartoon 84 "The samovar at the end of the rainbow" [Russia People]

Cartoon 85 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Pax]

Cartoon 86 "Offshore problem" [Chinese Nationalists; Formosa; Far-East Situation]

Cartoon 87 "Hammer and sickle, sugar-coated." [Soviets; West Germany]

Cartoon 88 "- And never the twain shall meet" [Paris Conference]

Cartoon 89 "The call of the minaret" [Iraq; Turkey; Russia]

Cartoon 90 "First fruit" [4 Peace Treaties]

Cartoon 91 "Bread - not guns!" [Germany]

Cartoon 92 "The doctors dilemma." [Labor M.P.’s; British M.D.’s]

Cartoon 93 "A cloud across the sea" [N.Y. U.N.O. Meeting; Iran; Europe]

Cartoon 94 "Victims of the empty chair policy" [U.N. Disagreements; The War Weary]

Cartoon 95 "Square peg in a round hole" [World Peace; Red China]

Cartoon 96 "The strong arm man" [Stalin; Finland; Poland]

Cartoon 97 "Cure sought for fire eating" [The Balkans; U.N.]

Cartoon 98 "Excuse please!" [Japan]

Cartoon 99 "Greek Tragedy"

Cartoon 100 "Could be." [Chiang Elected President of China]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 101 "The Hermit of the Andes." [Bolivia; Argentina]

Cartoon 102 "Not the way our fuhrer planned it." [General World Organization; German People; Allied Victories]

Cartoon 103 "The ultimate brainwash -?" [The Soviets]

Cartoon 104 "Hands across the China Sea" [Chiang Kai-Shek; Japan; U.S.]

Cartoon 105 "Rocky terrain - no landing fields." [China; Pax]

Cartoon 106 "Hash diet, for how long?" [China; Greece; Java; Iran]

Cartoon 107 "New China Hand." [Gen. Marshall; China]

Cartoon 108 "See, I’m out?" [Soviet Russia; Iran]

Cartoon 109 "Torture." [China; Inflation]

Cartoon 110 "The glory that was Greece -" [Bankruptcy; Ruin]

Cartoon 111 "Waiting on the opening of the Grand Boulevard" [Road to Peace]

Cartoon 112 "Cracking on Mt. Olympus" [Greece; Civil War]

Cartoon 113 "A sad winters’ tale" [British Labor]

Cartoon 114 "Rough landing strip." [Marshall Mission; China]

Cartoon 115 "All God’s chillen don’t want sabots." [Java; Indonesians; Dutch Sovereignty]

Cartoon 116 "The poor Americans, sugar scarce" [Food Rationing]

Cartoon 117 "Peace time short rations" [Allied Bickerings]

Cartoon 118 "Bird sanctuary" [Ambassador Novikov; Pravda; Red Army; Pax]

Cartoon 119 "The black gold market" [Saar Basin; France; Foreign Ministers]

Cartoon 120 "By the beard of the prophet!!" [G.B.S.; Eire]

Cartoon 121 "After the bombers have passed" [Red Cross Aid]

Cartoon 122 "‘Ah - are you interested in bird lore?’" [Arab States; U.N.; Pax]

Cartoon 123 "The boy at the dyke" [Palestine; War Sparks; U.N.]

Cartoon 124 "Bigger than a man’s hand" [Jerusalem; War Threat]

Cartoon 125 "A watched pot that boils" [Palestine; U.N.]

Cartoon 126 "‘Beyond the Alps lies -’" [Italy; April Elections]

Cartoon 127 "Desert drum" [Africa; United Nations]

Cartoon 128 "War paint" [Turkey]

Cartoon 129 "Pathetique" [Soviet Music]

Cartoon 130 "Wings over Europe" [Famine]

Cartoon 131 "Ominous background rustle" [Palestine; U.N.]

Cartoon 132 "The smoldering urn" [Greece]

Cartoon 133 "Another light going out?" [Arab Nations; Palestine]

Cartoon 134 "Couldn’t crack it" [Konista; Greek Guerrillas]

Cartoon 135 "‘Detection is an exact science and should be treated in the same cold and unemotional manner.’" [Britain]

Cartoon 136 "The show must go on!" [Bogota; Pan American Meeting]

Cartoon 137 No caption. [Geneva League Meeting; Russia]

Cartoon 138 "The assistant saber rattler." [Japan]

Cartoon 139 "Rumbling of a dead past." [1917 Submarine Warfare; Kearny Torpedo Incident]

Cartoon 140 "Don’t give us THOSE tools!" [Italian People]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 141 "Aftermath - rubble." [Bogota]

Cartoon 142 "Watcher at the polls" [Italian Election]

Cartoon 143 No caption. [The Balkans; Rumanian Outbreak]

Cartoon 144 No caption. [Great Britain; Labor]

Cartoon 145 No caption. [Guatemala; Honduras; Boundary Dispute]

Cartoon 146 No caption. [Briand; France]

Cartoon 147 "‘Who’s in charge here?’" [Red China; U.N.]

Cartoon 148 "‘Winter, a bad guest -’" [Europe]

Cartoon 149 "Pomp and circumstance." [King Victor; Roman Empire; Italy]

Cartoon 150 "Chipping" [French Republic; Strikes]

Cartoon 151 No caption. [European Unity Plans]

Cartoon 152 No caption, [Chinese People; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 153 "Slingshot without a pebble" [India; Soviet Expansion; Neutralism]

Cartoon 154 "Starting a new year away out of balance" [Red China; The World of 1954]

Cartoon 155 "Lurking in the shadows" [Totalitarianism; Liberty]

Cartoon 156 "Deep in the Black Forest" [German People]

Cartoon 157 "The Mocking Gargoyle" [France; Political Indecision and Confusion]

Cartoon 158 "On the other side of a heartbreak ridge" [Korean War; U.N.; Red China]

Cartoon 159 "Bitter China tea" [Peiping Regime; U.N.]

Cartoon 160 "Very annoying flying saucer" [The Soviets; Europe; Bread]

Cartoon 161 "Non-stop trained seal act" [Soviet Russia; East Germany; Europe]

Cartoon 162 "‘Come stroll with me in my Black Forest’" [German People; Soviets]

Cartoon 163 "The opium pipe of peace" [Red China; U.N.]

Cartoon 164 "This winter of content" [Western Europe]

Cartoon 165 "Tea for one" [Red China; The West]

Cartoon 166 "Traffic control" [U.N.]

Cartoon 167 "Chipping from down under" [Italian Communists]

Cartoon 168 "Guns, not rice -!" [Mao Tse-Tung; Chinese People]

Cartoon 169 "Porcupine with steel quills" [West German Rearmament Plan; East Germany; The Soviets]

Cartoon 170 "The diplomatic darts game" [Red China; Asia]

Cartoon 171 "A tough ‘do it yourself’ cleanup assignment." [U.N.]

Cartoon 172 "The future light of Asia -?" [Liberty; Tyranny]

Cartoon 173 "No. 1 boy - he just comes along to carry the olive branch" [Red China; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 174 "A red claw scratches a new surface" [British Guiana]

Cartoon 175 "A strong wind blowing - from the west" [Western Germany; The Soviets]

Cartoon 176 "Well, his ancestor invented gunpowder!" [Red China; Laos; Korea]

Cartoon 177 "Path to today’s open door" [China; Eisenhower Plan]

Cartoon 178 "‘Beyond the Alps lies -’" Red China; Geneva Conference]

Cartoon 179 "To bathe or not to bathe" [Russia]

Cartoon 180 "The Kremlin’s little gremlins" [Italian Commies; French Commies; European Defense Community]

Cartoon 181 "‘Reservations, please!’" [Red China; U.N.]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 182 "Thumbs down!" [Soviet Russia; London Foreign Ministers Meeting]

Cartoon 183 "Number one problem character" [Premier Schuman; French Strikers]

Cartoon 184 "Dangling sword of partition" [Germany]

Cartoon 185 "Elba -?" [France; DeGaulle]

Cartoon 186 "The last of the Ballony Boys" [Franco]

Cartoon 187 "‘The little tovarish see eye to eye.’" [Iran; U.N.O.; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 188 "An Englishman’s home is his castle" [London Squatter]

Cartoon 189 "Babes in toyland" [Elliot and Faye; Kremlin]

Cartoon 190 "Toughest evacuation job" [Germany; U.N.]

Cartoon 191 "Size, please?" [U.N.]

Cartoon 192 No caption. [Tito]

Cartoon 193 "The Boot" [Monarchy; Italy]

Cartoon 194 "Beyond the alps -" [Italy; Republic]

Cartoon 195 "A tough wall to tumble down" [Bevin; Kremlin]

Cartoon 196 "Good Neighbor Horticulture." [Argentina]

Cartoon 197 "A foreign field forever, America, Memorial Day 1946"

Cartoon 198 "Waste land" [China]

Cartoon 199 "Trouble shooters return" [China; Gen. Marshall]

Cartoon 200 No caption. [Manchuria; Peace]

Cartoon 201 No caption. [Russia; China]

Cartoon 202 No caption. [Race War]

Cartoon 203 No caption. [President-Elect Rubio; Mexico]

Cartoon 204 No caption. [Russia; Manchuria]

Cartoon 205 No caption. [Kellogg Pact; France]

Cartoon 206 No caption. [Italy; London Conference on Arms]

Cartoon 207 No caption. [British Tory Party; "Red Menace"]

Cartoon 208 No caption. [Germany; The Allies]

Cartoon 209 "The wide open door" [China]

Cartoon 210 "Uncle Joe told me to wait!" [Chinese Communists; United Nations]

Cartoon 211 "Picketing the tides" [Soviet Opposition; North Atlantic Pact for Peace]

Cartoon 212 "Agrarian reform?" [China; Mao Tse-Tung]

Cartoon 213 "‘Look - one finger!’" [Sputniks]

Cartoon 214 "The slingshot with the powerful pebble" [Yugoslavia; Western Allies Support]

Cartoon 215 "Spring cleaning" [Europe; Peace Hopes]

Cartoon 216 "The real germ warfare problem" [Soviet Military Threats]

Cartoon 217 "More - and he had better like it, too!" [Soviet Bosses; Soviet Common Man]

Cartoon 218 "‘Peace’ also hath her victories -" [U.N.; Soviets]

Cartoon 219 "The old unwanted camp follower ready for duty" [NATO; Europe; Extreme European Naitonalism]

Cartoon 220 "He hitched his wagon to a red star" [Chinese Communists; North Korea]

Cartoon 221 "World’s largest ‘captive audience’" [China; Formosa; Moscow]

Cartoon 222 "The dust has seettled" [Soviet Conquest; China]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 223 "There are fruits and fruits of conquest" [Russia; China; Famine]

Cartoon 224 "Land’s end" [England; J. Bull]

Cartoon 225 "The watch on the Seine" [France; French Communists]

Cartoon 226 "Babes in the Black Forest" [Western Germans]

Cartoon 227 "The watch on the Rhine" [Soviet Russia; Berlin; France]

Cartoon 228 "It’s hard to put out volcanoes, even with good equipment." [U.N.]

Cartoon 229 "Anybody else interested in ‘peace’?" [China; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 230 "There seems to be a slight delay in chaos, over there" [Marx; Stalin]

Cartoon 231 "A room with a view" [Korean War; Soviet Aggression; Western Europe]

Cartoon 232 "Hungry with a craving for bird’s nest soup." [Chinese Communists; U.N.]

Cartoon 233 "All he wants - is a toehold in the boot" [Soviet Russia; Italy]

Cartoon 234 "Goose-step temptation" [West German Republic]

Cartoon 235 "Another Tokyo Rose" [Moscow; Japan]

Cartoon 236 "Eyes across the sea" [Mao; China; Formosa]

Cartoon 237 "A winter’s tale - ?" [Soviet Atomic Tests; Europe]

Cartoon 238 "Sabre rattling with an olive branch" [Germany; The Soviets]

Cartoon 239 "Red Chinese checker game" [Formosa]

Cartoon 240 "Newly discovered Grecian ruin -" [Soviet Russia; Greek Guerillas]

Cartoon 241 "Chinese torture trick" [Peace]

Cartoon 242 "Me comrades -? I feel fine." [North Korea]

Cartoon 243 "The man behind the smoke curtain" [Korean War; Soviet Enslavement]

Cartoon 244 "The Magic Mountain" [Germany]

Cartoon 245 "Nice kitty, come to uncle!" [Soviet Russia; Persia]

Cartoon 246 "Winter wonderland -" [Soviet-Chinese Blasts; U.N.]

Cartoon 247 "A nice red apple from the teacher" [Mao; Marx; Stalin]

Cartoon 248 "The ‘tight little island’ is really cramped now" [England; Labor Party; Conservatives]

Cartoon 249 "A ‘frontier squabble’ that could really add up." [Yugoslavia; Soviet Military]

Cartoon 250 No caption.

Cartoon 251 "The ticking spire." [U.N.; The Kremlin]

Cartoon 252 No caption. [Germany]

Cartoon 253 No caption. [Japan; Hawaii]

Cartoon 254 No caption. [Calle; Mexico]

Cartoon 255 No caption. [Nicaraguan War; Cuba; Pan-American Congress]

Cartoon 256 "Breathing spell." [Lusanne Agreement; Germany]

Cartoon 257 "‘They tell me some folks from Baltimo’s movin’ in’" [Nassau]

Cartoon 258 "Candle in the wind" [Europe]

Cartoon 259 "Some watched pots boil!" [Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 260 "Winter siren" [Europe]

Cartoon 261 "The man who didn’t believe Hitler." [French Voters; Germany]

Cartoon 262 "Tourist from the Adriatic" [Trieste Problem; Paris Conference]

Cartoon 263 "The very interested neighbor policy" [Polish Elections]

Cartoon 264 "In the fog." [London Deputy Big 4 Meeting; Germany]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 265 "The torch never sets." [Palestine]

Cartoon 266 "Iron Curtain call"

Cartoon 267 "The dove of the orient" [China; Civil War]

Cartoon 268 "Rice bowl" [The Chinese People]

Cartoon 269 "The not to be forgotten man" [China; 7th Year of War]

Cartoon 270 "Unliberated war prisoner" [Argentina; Military Dictatorship]

Cartoon 271 "Confucius said -" [China; Henry Wallace]

Cartoon 272 "‘Remember the old legend, Mr. Prime Minister?’" [Eire; DeValera]

Cartoon 273 "Another light goes on." [British Public]

Cartoon 274 "Waiting for the light to break through" [Europe; U.S. Aid]

Cartoon 275 "No Uncle Joe, NO!!" [Stalin; French Voters]

Cartoon 276 "Day of decision" [French Elections]

Cartoon 277 No caption. [British Liberals; Liberty Party]

Cartoon 278 No caption. [France; German "Pocket Battleship"]

Cartoon 279 No caption. [China; Japan]

Cartoon 280 No caption. [France; Riffian War]

Cartoon 281 No caption. [Texas; Rio Grande]

Cartoon 282 No caption. [Rebels; Revolution]

Cartoon 283 No caption. [Mexico; Rebels]

Cartoon 284 No caption. [China]

Cartoon 285 No caption. [China; Civil Warfare]

Cartoon 286 No caption. [Mexico; Revolution]

Cartoon 287 No caption. [Obregon; Mexico]

Cartoon 288 No caption. [Tacna-Arica Dispute; Peru; Chile]

Cartoon 289 No caption. [Mexico; Hoover]

Cartoon 290 "Crystal Ball" [French Public]

Cartoon 291 "If winter comes -" [Europe]

Cartoon 292 "Waiting on some new world hospitality" [Europe; Congress]

Cartoon 293 No caption. [Alfonso XIII]

Cartoon 294 No caption. [Europe]

Cartoon 295 "Silhouetted against a threatening sky." [Levant States Problem]

Cartoon 296 "The sixty-four rouble question." [San Francisco Meeting; White Russia; Ukraine]

Cartoon 297 "HOLD IT!" [Council of Foreign Ministers]

Cartoon 298 "Border campfire" [Iran; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 299 "Drums of warning" [Daladier; French Workers]

Cartoon 300 No caption. [John Bull; FDR]

Cartoon 301 "An undiplomatic exit!" [Bolivia; German Minister]

Cartoon 302 No caption. [Henderson; Von Dirksen]

Cartoon 303 No caption. [Japan; Shanghai; Manchuria]

Cartoon 304 No caption. [Japan; Manchuria]

Cartoon 305 No caption. [Germany; Fascism; Communism]

Cartoon 306 No caption. [Mexico]

Cartoon 307 "One friend - lost." [Wendell L. Willkie; China]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 308 "Dusk" [Moscow Meeting]

Cartoon 309 "Channel Tides" [British Electorate]

Cartoon 310 "Beyond the isles of Greece" [U.N.]

Cartoon 311 "Happy Warrior" [Russo-Chinese Treaty]

Cartoon 312 "The old China hand" [Civil War]

Cartoon 313 "Cracks in a rebuilding program" [Big 5 Conference Results]

Cartoon 314 "Drummer boy of revolt" [Venezuela]

Cartoon 315 "Borderline case" [Poland]

Cartoon 316 "Peacetime chains" [Europe]

Cartoon 317 "The isle of exile" [Alfonso]

Cartoon 318 "Ah comrade, leaving I trust?" [China; Manchuria; Moscow]

Cartoon 319 "Visiting oilman" [Iran; UNO Meeting]

Cartoon 320 "Monkey-wrench and sickle" [Russia]

Cartoon 321 No caption. [Europe]

Cartoon 322 "Desert song" [Africa; Italy]

Cartoon 323 "Beam of hope" [Marshall Plan Meeting]

Cartoon 324 "Dark angel" [Palestine; Terrorism]

Cartoon 325 "Road block" [Germany]

Cartoon 326 "End of the low road." [Franco; Spain]

Cartoon 327 "Sustenance from the south." [Bretton Woods Plan]

Cartoon 328 "Waiting out a proverb." [India]

Cartoon 329 "Low man on a hemisphere" [Argentina]

Cartoon 330 "Another peninsula campaign" [Korea]

Cartoon 331 "Blighted area" [Argentina; Military Dictatorship]

Cartoon 332 "The man below the Alps." [Italian Problem; Big 5]

Cartoon 333 "The warriors farewell to his pet." [Black Dragon Society]

Cartoon 334 "Designs on a light of Asia" [Japan; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 335 "For whom the bell tolls" [French-Italian Riots]

Cartoon 336 "Failure of an onion crop" [Moscow Meeting; Europe]

Cartoon 337 "No man’s land" [London Failure]

Cartoon 338 "Overshadowing" [Moscow Meeting]

Cartoon 339 No caption. [Peace; Stalin]

Cartoon 340 "The price of peace" [19 Billion Aid Needed; Europe]

Cartoon 341 "Speaking of chains" [Vishinsky]

Cartoon 342 "Back to reality" [Willkie; McNary; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 343 No caption. [Japan]

Cartoon 344 No caption. [FDR; Europe]

Cartoon 345 "Twenty five years ago today -" [Europe; Sarajevo]

Cartoon 346 "New man in the firm!" [Molotov; Stalin]

Cartoon 347 "Add, fruits of victory" [China]

Cartoon 348 "Symbols - and the future?" [German Problem; Foreign Ministers]

Cartoon 349 "Basking in the green light." [British Loan Stimulant]

Cartoon 350 "Keeping the Samovar boiling" [German Disarmament Treaty; Soviet Russia]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 351 "The tight (belt) little island" [England; Bread Rationing]

Cartoon 352 "Old Faithful" [China; Marshall Statement; Civil War]

Cartoon 353 "Melancholy Days" [Europe; Big 4 Meeting]

Cartoon 354 "The Guillotine." [French Constitution]

Cartoon 355 "Mother India"

Cartoon 356 "Tie that binds" [Romania; The Kremlin]

Cartoon 357 "The urn turns" [Greek Charges; U.N.]

Cartoon 358 "How high up beyond the curtain?" [Byrnes; Soviet Armed Forces]

Cartoon 359 "The lonesome road" [Spain]

Cartoon 360 "Reunion of two very old parties" [Premier Leon Blum]

Cartoon 361 "The captains and the kings depart" [Churchill]

Cartoon 362 "PLEASE save the papoose!!" [Russia; UNO]

Cartoon 363 "Winter sport season at peak in Switzerland -" [Europe’s War Victims]

Cartoon 364 "No blood, no tears, just sweat!" [Attlee; British Workers]

Cartoon 365 "Overflowing cup" [Java]

Cartoon 366 "Chopsticks - according to Hurley" [China]

Cartoon 367 "Now - what was that you were saying?" [Soviet Russia; Turkey]

Cartoon 368 "Scrutiny from the Dark Ages." [House of Lords; Bretton Woods]

Cartoon 369 "Peace - and hope."

Cartoon 370 "The iceman cometh" [Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 371 "Beginning of a mission" [Trieste; U.N.]

Cartoon 372 "Disenchanted forest" [U.N.; Iran]

Cartoon 373 "Red sky over Naples" [Italy]

Cartoon 374 "Stepping west" [Europe; Comintern]

Cartoon 375 "Little Ben" [British Public]

Cartoon 376 "After some French seasoning for the main cut." [China; Japan]

Cartoon 377 "Mission from Moscow" [France]

Cartoon 378 "The red rice bowl" [China]

Cartoon 379 "The tight little isle." [England; The Tories; Labor]

Cartoon 380 "Getting harder to handle." [President Machado; Cuba]

Cartoon 381 "A ticking in the week end bag" [Europe]

Cartoon 382 "The Shanghai gesture" [China]

Cartoon 383 "Jumping on a famous toe." [Spanish Loyalists; Italy]

Cartoon 384 "Rising sun hospitality." [China; Matsuoka; Roosevelt; Hull]

Cartoon 385 "Comin’ round the mountain -?" [Iran; 38th Parallel]

Cartoon 386 "Exported caviar" [The Soviets; West Germany]

Cartoon 387 "The Great Debate" [Europe]

Cartoon 388 "Crystal ball" [Germany]

Cartoon 389 "The torrents of this spring" [Europe; Moscow]

Cartoon 390 "Hammer and sickle go home" [Nehru; Herter; India; China]

Cartoon 391 "There’s clay in them thar boots!" [Korean Defeat; Soviet Might]

Cartoon 392 "Checked-out on a limb" [DeGaulle]

Cartoon 393 "‘Look comrade, I’m arranging some social gains for you’" [Russian People; Soviet Brass; Party Congress]

Box D7 (Cont.)

Cartoon 394 "All over Europe this light is going lower" [Stalin; Communist Losses]

Cartoon 395 "No tranquilizer in this opium" [Red China; Peking Policies]

Cartoon 396 "Way down underground" [Soviets; Nuclear Fuse]

Cartoon 397 "‘Anybody goin to ask me to sit down?’" [Red China; U.N.]

Cartoon 398 "Lady in waiting" [India; Eisenhower; Nehru]

Cartoon 399 "The gas chamber just across the road" [West Germany; The East]

Cartoon 400 "‘Nooo, let’s be reasonable’" [Nehru; India; China]

Cartoon 401 "Bubble, bubble, oil and trouble -" [The Near East; Arab Naitonalism]

Cartoon 402 "The neighbors are having a party" [India; Eisenhower; Red China]

Cartoon 403 "A problem phoenix" [Germany]

Cartoon 404 "Just partly on the shelf" [The China Question; U.N.]

Cartoon 405 "Room for a few more guns, yet." [Germany]

Cartoon 406 "‘Mine!’" [Canton South China Govt.]

Cartoon 407 "Mexican mural" [United Nations]

Cartoon 408 "His ‘Open That Door’ Policy" [U.N.; Red China]

Cartoon 409 "I’m all set, where do I sit?" [U.N.; Red China]

Cartoon 410 No caption. [Mexico; Revolution]

Cartoon 411 "A bird, but not a gilded caged" [Europe; The Kremlin]

Cartoon 412 "The comrade carries his own pawns for chess games" [U.S.S.R.; Chinese Communists; U.N.]

Cartoon 413 "Harvest time for the ‘agrarian reformer’" [Asia; Mao Tse-Tung]

Cartoon 414 "Ready to activate a dormant volcano" [Japan; Soviets]

Cartoon 415 "Across the river and into the trees -" [The Rhine; Big 3]

Cartoon 416 "Long time no see - outside world" [Mao Tse-Tung; Russia]

Cartoon 417 "Samson - ?" [Tito; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 418 "Strong arm diplomacy" [East Germany; West Germany; The Soviets]

Cartoon 419 "The dark tower" [Palestine]

Cartoon 420 "‘I see where the Duke of Windsor is only got six servants when he travels now’"

Cartoon 421 "Coming over the hump" [China]

Cartoon 422 ". . . [?] think I go home" [Soviet Russia; Iran]

Cartoon 423 "Design for a footprint in the sand." [The Middle East]

Cartoon 424 "The arsenal of politics" [Europe; U.S.A.]

Cartoon 425 "Crystal ball and chain" [Malenkov; Soviet Common Man]

Box D8 World [Europe]; Labor

Cartoon 1 "That gloomy character" [Labor Management Meeting]

Cartoon 2 No caption. [Lewis Sentence; U.M.W.]

Cartoon 3 "He’s the boss!" [John L. Lewis; Soft Coal Miners]

Cartoon 4 "No black gold rush" [Soft Coal Miners]

Cartoon 5 No caption. [Briand]

Box D8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 6 No caption. [Dept. Of Street Cleaning]

Cartoon 7 No caption. [New England Shoe Industry]

Cartoon 8 No caption.

Cartoon 9 "Don’t yo’all worry Howey, I’m here" [C.I.O. Drive; Southern Workers]

Cartoon 10 "The dignity of labor - these days" [Dock Worker; Union Racketeer]

Cartoon 11 "Percolator peak" [Coffee Prices; Consumer]

Cartoon 12 "Another coal tie-up" [Lewis Operators Negotiations]

Cartoon 13 "On file." [War Debt Situation]

Cartoon 14 "‘You boys will have to take a cut’" [War Debts; Arms]

Cartoon 15 "Glaciers seem to move faster these days" [Cold War]

Cartoon 16 "Doctors dilemma" [U.N.]

Cartoon 17 "The night watch" [World Armaments]

Cartoon 18 "‘How about it - think I better come out?’"

Cartoon 19 "One more spring" [Cold War Cave]

Cartoon 20 "A constant problem" [League of Naitons]

Cartoon 21 "Cavern of sharp atalactites" [U.N.]

Cartoon 22 No caption. [Dumbarton Oaks]

Cartoon 23 "Don’t forget the eagle’s claws"

Cartoon 24 "Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho" [Tariff Wall]

Cartoon 25 No caption. [Tariffs; World Trade]

Cartoon 26 "- Let nothing you dismay." [Merry Christmas 1952]

Cartoon 27 "Peace! - It’s anyhting but wonderful" [Paris 21 Nations]

Cartoon 28 "The fruits of peace - to date" [Famine]

Cartoon 29 "Hoping it hatches a dove" [Atomic Bomb; Truman]

Cartoon 30 "Labor DAYS are just beginning." [World War No.2]

Cartoon 31 No caption. [War; Propaganda]

Cartoon 32 "Tickler" [Peace Rumors]

Cartoon 33 "Bell of hope" [Big 3 Meeting]

Cartoon 34 No caption. [America]

Cartoon 35 "New Fuel" [Liberty]

Cartoon 36 No caption. [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 37 No caption. [Abraham Lincoln]

Cartoon 38 "Seasonal peaceful coexistance" [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 39 "The squatter"

Cartoon 40 "Receding? - Could be." [War Talk]

Cartoon 41 "High winds"

Cartoon 42 "The Easter egg and us" [Distrust and Dissension]

Cartoon 43 "A life saver"

Cartoon 44 "Troubled waters and no bites."

Cartoon 45 "Bottleneck in the clouds." [Isolationist]

Cartoon 46 "It’s nice to be around, and still breathing" [Merry Christmas 1955]

Cartoon 47 "The magic mountain - ?" [Summit Meeting]

Cartoon 48 No caption. [Happy New Year]

Cartoon 49 "‘- And you look a little better this year than last!’" [Merry Christmas!]

Box D8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 50 "Cooling off ice period" [Big 3; Moscow; Atom Bomb]

Cartoon 51 "Lost in the red stars" [Korean Attack]

Cartoon 52 "Bird watcher" [Atlantic Pact]

Cartoon 53 No caption.

Cartoon 54 "That scary summer lightning" [Soviet Intentions]

Cartoon 55 "Do I hear sleighbells - ?" [Cold War]

Cartoon 56 "A trickle now but it could be the really big thaw" [Cold War]

Cartoon 57 "The pit and the pendulums"

Cartoon 58 No caption.

Cartoon 59 "Brownout" [Coal Strike]

Cartoon 60 "Watch out, this guy shoots around corners too." [Inflation]

Cartoon 61 "Corked!" [John L.; Industry]

Cartoon 62 "Waiting for the big blast" [Workers; Steel]

Cartoon 63 No caption.

Cartoon 64 "Could be better change your act." [Taft-Hartley]

Cartoon 65 No caption. [Labor]

Cartoon 66 No caption. [Motor Industry]

Cartoon 67 "Cooling off on the limbs" [Steel; Industry; Unions]

Cartoon 68 "Flagpole sitter" [Steel; Congress]

Cartoon 69 "Waiting for a steel break" [Eisenhower; Public; Strike Settlement]

Cartoon 70 No caption. [Post-War Depression]

Cartoon 71 "The leaning tower" [U.S. Defense Workers; Strikes]

Cartoon 72 "Hot box!" [Strike Threat; R.R. Brotherhoods]

Cartoon 73 "The non-thinker" [Wildcat Strike; Coal]

Cartoon 74 No caption. [Wall St.]

Cartoon 75 "‘Looks like Santa Claus wasn’t slowed up with strikes.’"

Cartoon 76 "Glad we didn’t go - long ride to see a lily." [Bermuda for Easter]

Cartoon 77 "‘Scrubbing that flattop deck must be fatiguing, eh pal?’"

Cartoon 78 "High up with his agenda." [Labor-Management Conference]

Cartoon 79 "The bird that by-passed the ax" [Inflation; Congress]

Cartoon 80 "Out of the black!" [1945 Winter; Coal Supply]

Cartoon 81 "Staying on the ground" [United Mine Workers]

Cartoon 82 "‘Have a good time, chief!’" [Hoover; Unemployment]

Cartoon 83 "‘As Marie Antoinette said, Lemme eat crab cake.’"

Cartoon 84 "Mahomet comes to the mountain" [Fischer; Bureau of Street Cleaning]

Cartoon 85 No caption. [Miners; Lynett Plan; Operators; Arbitration]

Cartoon 86 "Marooned on a peak." [Lewis Coal Tie Up]

Cartoon 87 No caption. [Shipping Board; Politics; Unfair Tactics]

Cartoon 88 "On the death watch" [Reich War Machine]

Cartoon 89 No caption. [Power Grant]

Cartoon 90 "The victim’s been around for some time but the hangman seems to be delayed" [Truman; Taft-Hartley]

Cartoon 91 "Their pin-up boy." [John L. Lewis]

Cartoon 92 "Santa Claus - THAT old meanie." [Taft; Labor]

Box D8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 93 "Now, go on feel happy!" [Foreign Policy Troubles]

Cartoon 94 "How to slay dragons and influence votes" [Truman]

Cartoon 95 "The man on the juke box." [James Caesar Petrillo]

Cartoon 96 "‘- Still thinking about dismntling me?’" [Taft-Hartley Act]

Cartoon 97 "Now let’s all play nice, kiddies" [Senator Taft]

Cartoon 98 "Narrowing the broad Pacific" [Baruch]

Cartoon 99 "A eiling in Samson" [John L. Lewis; FDR]

Cartoon 100 "Finish that feast and get to work!" [Taft; Europe]

Cartoon 101 "Why of course, drop over any time" [UNO; U.S.; Housing Shortage]

Cartoon 102 "The postman always rings twice." [Joe Davies; Stalin]

Cartoon 103 "Another atom smasher" [Inflation]

Cartoon 104 No caption. [Coolidge]

Cartoon 105 No caption. [Coolidge; Nicaragua; Diaz]

Cartoon 106 "A tree is a tree is a tree." [Soviet Russia; Bretton Woods Act]

Cartoon 107 "Why not give up the habit" [Naval Armaments]

Cartoon 108 "That these dead shall not have died in vain."

Cartoon 109 "The pounding sea in the fjords." [Quislinc; Norway]

Cartoon 110 "- Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!" [Westwall]

Cartoon 111 No caption. [Map of Europe]

Cartoon 112 "Forward, march - ?" [Reich War Machine]

Cartoon 113 No caption. [Mars; Franco-German War]

Cartoon 114 "Palm treed!" [Il Duce; Libya]

Cartoon 115 "‘He who loses now has lost definitely’ - Goebbels" [German People]

Cartoon 116 "Shopping early." [Italy; Il Duce]

Cartoon 117 No caption.

Cartoon 118 "‘Nein! Peace is for weaklings!’" [Finland; Master Race Brutality]

Cartoon 119 "It’s bad taste for anyone but me to change maps" [Reich Propaganda Machine; Protest on Sumner Wells - French Map Incident]

Cartoon 120 No caption. [England]

Cartoon 121 "Pincers at the don" [Soviet Drive]

Cartoon 122 "The little warrior in a quandry." [Japan]

Cartoon 123 No caption. [British Tax-Payer; War Defense]

Cartoon 124 "The ghost trots out again." [1918; 1945]

Cartoon 125 "Bastille Day - 1945" [Nazi Brutality]

Cartoon 126 "- And the next voice you hear - !!" [Hitler Speech]

Cartoon 127 "Iron heels to wooden shoes?" [Holland; Belgium]

Cartoon 128 "Lashed to a tottering pole" [Italian People]

Cartoon 129 "Awaiting the tourist season" [Berlin; French Underground]

Cartoon 130 "Twilight of the gods"

Cartoon 131 "Ghost town" [Wehrmacht]

Cartoon 132 "Diplomacy’s back door." [German Problem]

Cartoon 133 "Thrilling news for the outside world." [Stalin; Truman]

Cartoon 134 "Java head"

Cartoon 135 "Good Friday"

Box D8 (cont.)

Cartoon 136 "In memoriam"

Cartoon 137 "Gotterdammerung"

Cartoon 138 "Sitting on the Steppes of Russia" [Peace Hopes]

Cartoon 139 "Remember me, Herr Doktor?" [Germania; 1919 Allied Help]

Cartoon 140 "The hickory limbs" [U Boats]

Cartoon 141 "He hitched his chariot to a swastika." [Il Duce]

Cartoon 142 "Brief interlude" [Europe; 1940 Spirit of Christmas]

Cartoon 143 "Waiting for the autumn leaves to fall" [Italy]

Cartoon 144 No caption. [Reichstag; April 28; FDR]

Cartoon 145 "Lonely eagle." [World War No. 2; Congress Isolationists]

Cartoon 146 "Yeah folks, all he needs is a little push" [German Army]

Cartoon 147 No caption. [London]

Cartoon 148 "We could use a little speed over here!" [Russian War; Congress]

Cartoon 149 "Camp follower" [Rumania; Anti-Semitism]

Cartoon 150 "The torch still smoulders" [French Rsistance]

Cartoon 151 "Hook of Holland" [Allied Drivers]

Cartoon 152 "Non-soothing sea charty." [Altmark Incident; British Navy]

Cartoon 153 "The chimes of Normandy." [Allied Advances; Nazi Defeats]

Cartoon 154 "Next round." [Munich; Red Army; Austria]

Cartoon 155 "Ah - such hardship!" [Nazi Conquest Victim]

Cartoon 156 "The ‘protectorate’ functions." [Czech Executions]

Cartoon 157 "The ramparts we SMASH!"

Cartoon 158 "Fortress Europe - one year later." [German Militarism; June 6, 1944]

Cartoon 159 "Weight on a week limb" [Italy]

Cartoon 160 "One more spring." [Crimea; Soviets]

Cartoon 161 "For whom the bell tolls" [Europe]

Cartoon 162 "‘. . . Greece, but living Greece no more!’" [Reich War Machine]

Cartoon 163 "Big treaties from little signatures grow." [Japan]

Cartoon 164 "What’s in a name?" [German People]

Cartoon 165 "The giant killer is behind schedule" [Hitler; Red Army]

Cartoon 166 "View from the Isles of Greece." [Hitler Conquest Map]

Cartoon 167 "Faster, faster!!" [War Time]

Cartoon 168 "The whites of his eyes" [Axis Aggression]

Cartoon 169 "After Blitzkrieg!" [Poland]

Cartoon 170 "At the time it seemed like a good idea to him." [Hitler]

Cartoon 171 "Will he pump it dry?" [Reich Machine; Oil]

Cartoon 172 "Waiting for that ominous echo." [Brenner Pass]

Cartoon 173 "London Bridge won’t fall down." [Hitler; Britain]

Cartoon 174 "New signposts in Washington." [Berlin; Tokyo; Rome]

Cartoon 175 "The ‘New Order’ stands by" [Rumanian Anarchy]

Cartoon 176 "The last time he will see Paris" [Nazi Machine]

Cartoon 177 "Allons -" [RF]

Cartoon 178 "The noble Roman ruin." [Duce]

Cartoon 179 "Thunder on the beaches" [Sicily Invasion]

Box D8 (Cont.)

Cartoon 180 "In the ‘Jewel of the Crimea’" [Nazi Machine]

Cartoon 181 "Le Retour" [RF; Italian Front]

Cartoon 182 "Trophies of defeat." [Von Rundestedt]

Cartoon 183 "Leaning tower of strength."

Cartoon 184 "A new headache along with his other woes." [Naval Warfare]

Cartoon 185 "His number is up"

Cartoon 186 "A situation of ‘great possibilities’"

Cartoon 187 "The last chapter?" [Mein Kampf; German Soil; The Allies]

Cartoon 188 "The leaning power" [Nazi War Machine]

Cartoon 189 "The dark angel" [Death in 1944]

Cartoon 190 "Stepping out" [Hitler; England]

Cartoon 191 "- And on the new page?" [France]

Cartoon 192 "Ja - it’s setting on them, see?" [Hitler; Britain]

Cartoon 193 "Portent from the sea." [German People; Scharnhorst]

Cartoon 194 "‘Effective this instant’" [Italy]

Cartoon 195 "Hard to concentrate" [Finland]

Cartoon 196 No cpation.

Cartoon 197 "The race with the torch-bearer." [Hunger; Reich Workers]

Cartoon 198 "Super-race fenced in." [One Million Nazi Prisoners Since D Day]

Cartoon 199 No caption. [War; The World]

Cartoon 200 "Come down lower!" [French Capitulation; Reich Machine]

Cartoon 201 "Account rendered!" [Il Duce; Spain]

Cartoon 202 "Brighter skies." [2nd Year of War]

Cartoon 203 "Funeral pyre" [Aachen]

Cartoon 204 "‘The law is the true embodiment of everything that’s excellent.’" [Hitler]

Cartoon 205 "Lights o’ London"

Cartoon 206 "The shadow of the chalk cliffs" [England; "Peace" Offer]

Cartoon 207 "Mound in the snow"

Cartoon 208 "After all these years - FLAT!" [Columbus Day; Geopolitics]

Cartoon 209 "Shifting sands"

Cartoon 210 "Post poned - wet grounds." [Nazi War Machine; Russian Thaw]

Cartoon 211 "The ‘New Order’ changeth not." [Czech Executions]

Cartoon 212 "Erosion on the Rhine"

Cartoon 213 "The moon is bright." [Cologne]

Cartoon 214 "Valley of tottering chimneys." [Nazi Industrial Machine; Saar]

Cartoon 215 "The conquoring superman" [Prague]

Cartoon 216 "Mountainslide" [Big 3 Meeting; Berchtesgarden]

Cartoon 217 No caption. [Naval Warfare]

Cartoon 218 "The Wailing Wall" [Roosevelt-Stalin-Churchill]

Cartoon 219 "The sickle curls in." [Nazi Stalingrad Army]

Cartoon 220 "Beyond the sea lies Italy." [Tunis]

Cartoon 221 "The man who came back." [Afrika Korps; Kasserine Pass]

Box D9 [Europe] water-damaged

Cartoon 1 No caption. [Europe]

Cartoon 2 "They stand by and wait" [FDR; Europe’s War Victims]

Cartoon 3 "Wherefore art thou victory?" [Greek Success; Italian People; British African Campaign]

Cartoon 4 "Applause please!" [FDR’s Fiscal Message; 1942 Budget]

Cartoon 5 ". . . cent FDR tribute!" [Waste and Extravagance; Budget]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [Al Smith to Support FDR on Neutrality; Stalin Joins Hitler]

Cartoon 7 "Can’t seem to get off the ground" [GOP Gubernatorial Campaign]

Cartoon 8 "Order of the day" [Production at Inglewood is "Essential to National Defense" -FDR]

Cartoon 9 "Through the air with the greatest of ease" [FDR]

Cartoon 10 No caption. [McKeldin Campaign]

Cartoon 11 "Labensraum for rent!" [Argentina; Axis Diplomacy]

Cartoon 12 "We’re having a convention too, just for fun!" [Roosevelt]

Cartoon 13 "He’s inexperienced but I’d be around to help!" [McKeldin]

Cartoon 14 "His private world" [Argentina]

Cartoon 15 "Bad prospect for the ‘Master Race’" [Russia]

Cartoon 16 "Allons, enfants de la patrie -" [France; Algeirs meeting]

Cartoon 17 "Holding up the celebration" [United Nations; Strikers]

Cartoon 18 "Goody! The curtain’s going up" [New Tax Bill; Congress]

Cartoon 19 "Trying it for size" [Cradle to Grave Social Security Program]

Cartoon 20 "Flag Day Salute" [United Nations]

Cartoon 21 "Jump! It will help the act" [Eastern Republicans; Isolationism]

Cartoon 22 "Ding, Dong, Bell -" [Congress Tax Tie-Up]

Cartoon 23 "Order of the day - and tomorrow" [French Prisoners in Nazi France; Disease]

Cartoon 24 "Pincers for Moscow?" [Reich War Machine Victory]

Cartoon 25 "Our own jungle battle" [Non-Essential Spending]

Cartoon 26 "Hey folks - LOOK!!" [Republican Sweep in Maine]

Cartoon 27 "Breeches bouy across the sea" [Britain; $7,000,000,000]

Cartoon 28 "Temptation" [Legislature; Adjournment]

Cartoon 29 The guy who has the floor" [Senate; Isolationists; Lend-Lease Debate]

Cartoon 30 "I’m getting sore too, but not in the throat!" [Senator Squier; Fireworks Bill Consideration]

Cartoon 31 "Oil for the lamps of England" [U.S.; Britain; Freedom]

Cartoon 32 "Good Friday"

Cartoon 33 "Voice of experience" [War on Two Fronts]

Cartoon 34 "Open city" [Belgrade]

Cartoon 35 "Another ‘Hundred Days’ and another corporal" [Hitler; U.S. Production]

Box D9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 36 "The Machine Geni" [Nazi Conquest; Balkan Campaign]

Cartoon 37 "Curfew will ring tonight, all right, all right!" [Legislative Session; Adjournment]

Cartoon 38 "- And then Winston said to me -" [Willkie; Senate]

Cartoon 39 "O, to be in Finland -" [Stalin; Soviet War Machine]

Cartoon 40 "Starboard and Port Lights" [Greenland Treaty; FDR Red Sea Decision]

Cartoon 41 "Go ahead, convince me!" [FDR’s Message; Congress]

Cartoon 42 "First gravedigger" [FDR’s 5 Point Program]

Cartoon 43 "No back buster - when you know how" [Tax Payer]

Cartoon 44 "Case of V vs. Disaster" [Byrnes; FDR; Inflation]

Cartoon 45 "Taking soundings below" [Anti-Axis Sentiment; U.S., South America]

Cartoon 46 "He must mean two other fellows" [Mr. Legion - Government Press Agent]

Cartoon 47 "Terrible Turk!" [John L. Lewis]

Cartoon 48 "A little beauty in a drab life" [20 cent Tax Cut . . . 1942]

Cartoon 49 "Now is the time for all good men -" [Bill to Register All Men - 18 to 65]

Cartoon 50 "Quoth the raven - How about me?" [Congress; Taxes]

Cartoon 51 "Hurry up - I’m next!" War Time Tax Bill; Man Power Problem]

Cartoon 52 "Much too tight a fit" [Housing Shortage; War Production Worker]

Cartoon 53 "It’s NO midget on his lap" [FDR; Congress]

Cartoon 54 "Jump in - or be pushed" [Japan; Far East Open Warfare]

Cartoon 55 "Prize collector’s item - a scuttled ship model" [FDR; 1933 London Economic Conference]

Cartoon 56 No caption. [GOP; No Third Term Day]

Cartoon 57 "The frontier is on the Rhine" [World Series; Cincinnati]

Cartoon 58 "On hand - on order!" [FDR; Third Term]

Cartoon 59 [Hitler; Il Duce; Brenner Pass Meeting] mayeff, Sara Anne Duffy 1,2,6

Cartoon 60 "Hope you all like it" [Congress; Excess Profits Tax Bill]

Cartoon 61 "Across the Pacific"

Cartoon 62 "The Peanut Vender" [McKeldin Campaign]

Cartoon 63 "Easter chimes over Europe" [Conquest; War]

Cartoon 64 "Inspection by the old war horse" [Burke-Wadsworth Compulsory Service Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 65 "Here with the wind - at last" [Tax Payer; Maryland Guide Book]

Cartoon 66 "Good by - o my leader!!" [Garner]

Cartoon 67 "The hot foot" [Weather Man]

Cartoon 68 "Democracy’s Strong Arm" [Voting Machine]

Cartoon 69 "To the ladies!!" [Registration of 42,000,000 Women - 18 to 65]

Cartoon 70 "And let’s just keep rolling along" [War Production; Election Returns]

Cartoon 71 "Boy! Was that tough?" [O’Conor]

Cartoon 72 "The old order never changeth." [Il Duce; Allied Desert Rush]

Cartoon 73 "Signs of these times." [Hitler; Congress]

Cartoon 74 "Flood victims" [Public Apathy; Nov. Election Campaigns]

Cartoon 75 "C’mon, down it won’t hurt" [Sen. Vandenberg]

Cartoon 76 No caption. [Secretary of Commerce; Senate]

Box D9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 77 "The one time bomber of Abyssinia." [Italy]

Cartoon 78 "- Shall not have died in vain" [Tunisia]

Cartoon 79 "The ‘Pay Off’ Battle is on here too." [GOP; No 4th Term]

Cartoon 80 "Old Coal King" [H. Ickes]

Cartoon 81 "End of the trail" [Tunisia; Afrika Korps]

Cartoon 82 "The big noise of battle." [Berlin; Moscow]

Cartoon 83 "The closed door policy" [Japan; U.S.]

Cartoon 84 "The Hunchback of Capitol Hill" [Congress; Deficit Budget]

Cartoon 85 No caption. [Neutrality Act; Eurpoean War Tension]

Cartoon 86 "South of a boarder" [Canada; U.S.]

Cartoon 87 "Getting low -" [U.S. Defense Production; Coal Supply Bin]

Cartoon 88 "Winged victory of today" [Greece; Death and Destruction]

Cartoon 89 "Delayed (but not for long) action bomb."

Cartoon 90 "Tourists in khaki" [Bermuda; U.S. Troops]

Cartoon 91 "Hot but not bothered!" [Steel Workers; Pay Increases]

Cartoon 92 "Apostle of the . . . order" [1941 Season]

Cartoon 93 "The meeting in cherry blossom time." [Russo-Japan Pact]

Cartoon 94 No caption. [Congress; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 95 "‘How’s about havin’ me fer yer new boss, eh?’" [Stanton; Ouster Bill]

Cartoon 96 No caption. [Reich Arms; Poland]

Cartoon 97 No caption. [Europe; War]

Cartoon 98 No caption. [Ohio Pension Scheme]

Cartoon 99 No caption. [Jack Garner]

Cartoon 100 "A large assignment of summer reading." [NLRB Records; Congress Probe]

Cartoon 101 "A terrible fate, these days." [Admiral Lais]

Cartoon 102 "Lend lease - Balkan version" [Yugoslavia; Rumania; Bulgaria]

Cartoon 103 "Pride of workmanship." [Reich Air Army; London]

Cartoon 104 "More time for comedy" [Isolationists; Lend-Lease Debate]

Cartoon 105 "File and forget." [1941 Legislature; MD]

Cartoon 106 "Time bomb" [London]

Cartoon 107 "Add - horrors of war" [Tobacco; Europe]

Cartoon 108 No caption.

Cartoon 109 No caption. [Iowa; 1940 Boom]

Cartoon 110 No caption. [Annapolis Legislative Session]

Cartoon 111 "Huntsman’s holiday armistace." [Congress]

Cartoon 112 No caption. [Congress; State of Limited "National Security"]

Cartoon 113 "The old man of the land" [US Shipping Interests]

Cartoon 114 "Don’t look up now, but!!" [Totalitarianism; Homefront Isolationists Policies]

Cartoon 115 No caption.

Cartoon 116 "Just about arms lrngth" [Johnson; Neutrality Acts]

Cartoon 117 "We don’t need you!" [Selective Service Plan]

Box D9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 118 No caption. [Annapolis; Legislature]

Cartoon 119 No caption. [States Financial Problems; Legislature]

Cartoon 120 "Get going, there’s plenty of room NOW!" [U.S. Mail]

Cartoon 121 No caption. [MD Tax Payer; Legislature]

Cartoon 122 "The man on the gun." [Taxes; Arms Program]

Cartoon 123 No caption. [Dewey; Garner]

Cartoon 124 No caption. [Murphy Opinion; Currency Act; Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 125 "‘It’s been awful, Jimmy, awful!!’" [Byrnes]

Cartoon 126 "This branch of the war machine functions well." [Soviets; Censorship]

Cartoon 127 "‘Let us . . . dare do our duty as we understand it’"

Cartoon 128 "The Capitol roof is cracking again." [Strikes]

Cartoon 129 "Still not feeling any too well." [Hitler]

Cartoon 130 "The man who came to dinner."

Cartoon 131 "Now - listen closely!" [Committeee Tax Plan; Robertson; Ruml]

Cartoon 132 "A venture in this brave new world." [Cuba; Europe]

Cartoon 133 "Hot luftwaffe" [Hitler]

Cartoon 134 "Every inch and ex-king." [Carol; Rumanian Iron Guard; Balkans]

Cartoon 135 "Helping hands" [Hitler; Soviet Russia; Poland]

Cartoon 136 "Green light" [Congress; U.S. Treasury]

Cartoon 137 "Instructions for going out like a lamb." [Legislature]

Cartoon 138 "‘Adieu, adieu! Hamlet remember me.’" [Bulgaria-Nazi Alliance]

Cartoon 139 "The ghost in the chancellory." [Hitler; Two Fronts Threat]

Cartoon 140 "Steel hording giant." [Red Army]

Cartoon 141 No caption. [U.S. Quick Arming Program]

Cartoon 142 "At long last, the finale." [Tax Bill; Congress]

Cartoon 143 "With all good wishes" [Il Duce; Hitler]

Cartoon 144 "Let’s try a new set up and hope." [FDR Bureau Merger Plans]

Cartoon 145 No caption. [Farmers; Senate; Economy Pledges]

Cartoon 146 No caption. [Congress; Legislative Problems; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 147 No caption. [Litvinoff; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 148 No caption. [Jackson; City’s Financial Problems]

Cartoon 149 No caption. [Jackson]

Cartoon 150 No caption. [Harry Hopkins]

Cartoon 151 No caption. [Louis D. Brandeis]

Cartoon 152 No caption. [Bowman Reorganization Report]

Cartoon 153 No caption. [Africa; Italy]

Cartoon 154 No caption. [Maryland; Bootlegger; Sunday Closing Bill]

Cartoon 155 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Japan; China; Poland]

Cartoon 156 "The man with the tools" [Aid to Britain]

Cartoon 157 "Excess caboose" [U.S. Railroads; Strike Threat]

Cartoon 158 "Dangerous rope trick." [India; Civil Disobediance Campaign]

Cartoon 159 "Slow hatchet work" [Income Tax Problem]

Cartoon 160 "All the wooden guns aren’t on the roof." [Congress; Inflation]

Box D9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 161 "Wanted - a Bloc buster -" [Congress Farm Bloc; Consumer]

Cartoon 162 "Crosses to remember" [Red Cross]

Cartoon 163 "Out for his cut." [Inflation]

Cartoon 164 No caption. [Spain]

Cartoon 165 "A chance to do himself some good." [Hull Trade Agreement Act]

Cartoon 166 "‘East is not east, west is not west, temporarily.’" [Iceland]

Cartoon 167 "Business as usual - and even more so" [Parity Payment Bill; Farm Lobby]

Cartoon 168 "Another attempt at unclenching the fist" [Soviet Russia; New German Drive]

Cartoon 169 "Shootin! - Do we hear shootin?" [Sec. Knox]

Cartoon 170 "The fellow traveller." [Nazi-Russ Battle]

Cartoon 171 "My! What long arms you have, young man." [Administration Property Seizure Bill]

Cartoon 172 "Debate yes - but no rough stuff." [New Tax Bill]

Cartoon 173 "Bad news on the home front." [Taxes; Pension]

Cartoon 174 "‘Naw then, U Saw, what’s all this?’" [Burma]

Cartoon 175 "He never had the chance" [US Savings Bonds and Stamps]

Cartoon 176 "The human torpedo idea has its uses." ["Price Control" Bill]

Cartoon 177 "Ties that bind?" [Pan-American Conference; Axis Influence]

Cartoon 178 "Pompe and circumstance." [Huber]

Cartoon 179 "‘How high is DOWN?’" [Secretary Wickard]

Cartoon 180 "Boiling point?" [Japanese Onslaught]

Cartoon 181 "How true, how true!" [Morgenthau; US]

Cartoon 182 "Answer - it depends on who wins the war." [Labor Leaders]

Cartoon 183 "Black Friday"

Cartoon 184 "‘Fancy those nasty Russians winning our war!’" [US Cliveden Set]

Cartoon 185 "He loves coffee, he loves tea!" [Sumatra; Java]

Cartoon 186 "The white cliffs of Dover." [Britannia]

Cartoon 187 "A lot bigger than a man’s hand." [Axis Conquests]

Cartoon 188 "Thumbs up - and how about contributions too!" [Red Cross]

Cartoon 189 "Under the guns. [Japan; Johore Strait]

Cartoon 190 "The scorched earth policy." [Congress Pension Bill]

Cartoon 191 "Another demand for lebensraum" [Rumaina]

Cartoon 192 "Defying the world" [Munich; British Bombs]

Cartoon 193 No caption. [Liberty Bell; Europe; Dictator Rule]

Cartoon 194 "‘Com’om break it up!’" [Federal Communications Commission; Broadcasting Co.’s]

Cartoon 195 "Hey! What is going on down there?" [FDR; Byrd; Lend-Lease Bill]

Cartoon 196 "Orders in sky writing." [FDR; Defense Production]

Cartoon 197 "Pincers" [France; Nazi Collaboration]

Cartoon 198 "East is east and west is west" [Japan; USA; Ickles]

Cartoon 199 "How’m I doin’, fellers?" [Defense Industries]

Cartoon 200 "Not interested in olive branches just now" [Reich War Machine]

Box D9 (Cont.)

Cartoon 201 Doing a bit of touring on his owm. [Syria; British Forces]

Cartoon 202 No caption. [Rome-Berlin Axis; Spain]

Cartoon 203 "The ramparts we watch." [FDR; Third Term Campaign; Debts]

Cartoon 204 "On the hot end of the axis" [Japan; Rome-Berlin-Tokyo]

Cartoon 205 "Strong blow" [Europe; War Clouds]

Cartoon 206 "Sad stooge" [O’Connor; Debit Ledgers]

Cartoon 207 "The not so hardy perennial." [Relief Problem; Senate]

Cartoon 208 "But you boys DON’T live in Iowa." [Jimmy Roosevelt; Harry Hopkins; Iowa Democrats]

Cartoon 209 "Another tip from the farmers friend." [Sec. Henry Wallace]

Cartoon 210 No caption. [US; German-American Bund]

Cartoon 211 "Branding irons" [Red Army]

Cartoon 212 "Permanent heat wave." [Consumer; Taxes]

Cartoon 213 "A little bit of heaven -" [Ireland]

Cartoon 214 "It sounds better if you listen with one ear." [The Neutrality Act; The War]

Cartoon 215 "[?]" [77th Congress; Federal Reserve; Inflation]

Cartoon 216 "I’m looking for a job as a bottleneck, bud." [1941 Session; The Legislature]

Cartoon 217 "He’es tougher than he looks, partner" [Hitler; Il Duce; Greece]

Cartoon 218 "The road to -" [FDR]

Cartoon 219 "Washington ‘mess’ kit." [Congress; Soldier Vote Legislation]

Cartoon 220 "Prarie fire maybe - ?" [Willkie]

Cartoon 221 "Directive for victory." [FDR; National Service Act]

Cartoon 222 "A beast of heavy burden." [Willkie; Spangler]

Cartoon 223 "Mein kampf!" [Hitler; Flanders; German Dead]

Cartoon 224 "All time high." [Tax Payer; Budget]

Cartoon 225 "Today’s required reading." [FDR]

Cartoon 226 "The steep steppes of Russia" [Reich Machine; Soviet Resistance]

Cartoon 227 "Biting the toe that booted him." [Italy; Ethiopia]

Box D10 Sports

U.S. and Europe, Asia, South America

U.S. at War (WWII)

U.S. post-war problems

Cartoon 1 "Background for debate" [The Neutrality Act; Congress Isolationists]

Cartoon 2 "The giraffe with the sore throat." [Congress Probe]

Cartoon 3 "‘I’M going BACK with YOUR BACKING!’" [War Loan Drive Bonds]

Cartoon 4 "The no-smoke nuisance."

Cartoon 5 "A look over the horizon" [FDR; Isolationists]

Cartoon 6 "Groggy with the smoke of battle" [The Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 7 No caption. [The Neutrality Act of 1937]

Cartoon 8 No caption. [Stock Market; Peace Rumors]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 9 "- And that sentiment is NOT synthetic!" [Baruch]

Cartoon 10 "This man should know his rolling stock." [Jeffers]

Cartoon 11 "I ain’t got no sweet tooth so I ain’t worrying!" [Sugar Raion Registration]

Cartoon 12 No caption. [FDR]

Cartoon 13 "Mission to Moscow" [U.S. State Dept.; Standley]

Cartoon 14 "Fight fire with flame." [War Bonds]

Cartoon 15 "How to keep ‘em down on the farm." [Farm Labor]

Cartoon 16 "- And there’s a little matter of costs!" [Second War Loan]

Cartoon 17 "Pick up in the white gold market." [Cotton; Britain]

Cartoon 18 "Hung up." [Defense Advisory Commission]

Cartoon 19 "Shoes to fill" [War Manpower Commission]

Cartoon 20 "BIG man of the hour." [Manpower Problem]

Cartoon 21 "Tank holiday."

Cartoon 22 "‘Don’t smell right, no gas fumes."

Cartoon 23 "The Great American Desert"

Cartoon 24 "It will flow like glue." [Gas Rationing]

Cartoon 25 "No other road." [Labor Draft]

Cartoon 26 "Eyes on the diplomatic pouch." [Dept. Of State]

Cartoon 27 "A sign of the (past) times." [U.S. Workers; WPA Project]

Cartoon 28 "Wal, I finally got here, pal." [Winter; Fuel Raitons]

Cartoon 29 "- That these dead shall not have died in vain!" [Pearl Harbor]

Cartoon 30 No caption. [Arms Embargo]

Cartoon 31 "It is later than we like to think." [President’s Speech of Warning]

Cartoon 32 "‘Now a guy can have some ambition.’" [Salary Limit Repealer Passed]

Cartoon 33 "Don’t worry folks, I’ll chop it down." [Totalitarian Dictatorships]

Cartoon 34 "Carry on!" [National Security]

Cartoon 35 "Flimsy wings for the role of Mercury." [National Defense; Air Force]

Cartoon 36 No caption. [German-American Bund]

Cartoon 37 "Another launching under way." [Congress; Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 38 "Still right behind you, mister." [Extended Draft Term; FDR]

Cartoon 39 "The master loves his voice." [Lease-Lend Debate]

Cartoon 40 "The leaning tower of Paris" [Laval; Vichy-U.S. Relations]

Cartoon 41 "Stringing along." [Moscow Declaration; The Senate]

Cartoon 42 "Special Delivary"

Cartoon 43 No caption. [Reich Navy; City of Flint]

Cartoon 44 "‘Brother, spare a dime - for a cup o’ tea?’" [Coffee Rationed]

Cartoon 45 "Keep ‘em rolling!" [Bicycles Frozen]

Cartoon 46 "Anxious cady in waiting" [FDR]

Cartoon 47 "Right behind you soldier!"

Cartoon 48 "No careless wing clipping, please!" [Lend-Lease Bill; Aid to Britain]

Cartoon 49 "The answer on the hull." [Secretary Hull; Seized Axis Shipping]

Cartoon 50 "Ship ahoy!" [The Senate; Convoy Issue]

Cartoon 51 "‘Comon’ Doc, the suspense is terrific!’" [Lend-Lease Bill; Congress]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 52 "A tide in the affairs of men" [Selective Service Registration]

Cartoon 53 No caption. [Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 54 "Big home front push." [U.S. Manpower]

Cartoon 55 No caption. [Sen. Borah; Isolation]

Cartoon 56 "Cut yourself a piece of cake" [FDR; National Defense]

Cartoon 57 "‘They told me just to play soldier for awhile’" [Selective Training Service Act]

Cartoon 58 "No oil for the camps of France." [Spain]

Cartoon 59 "The pilot has been dropped!" [Neutrality Act; U.S. Shipping]

Cartoon 60 "Fire and fireside" [Europe]

Cartoon 61 "Passing the tin hat" [New Tax Payers; Defense]

Cartoon 62 "Remember him and -" [Pearl Harbor; Bonds]

Cartoon 63 "Hear me! Hear me! Hear me!!" [G.O.P.; Tax Cut; Moscow]

Cartoon 64 "In the briefing room" [War Production Board]

Cartoon 65 "There IS a dark side!!" [Bonds; War Loan]

Cartoon 66 "Frontal assault." [Treasury Drive; Black Market Racketeer]

Cartoon 67 "The battered dinner pail" [Food Problem]

Cartoon 68 "Home front gremlin" [War Production; Strikes]

Cartoon 69 "ALL ocean navy!" [U.S. 1,079 Ship Fleet]

Cartoon 70 "His boom is worse than his bite." [Lend-Lease Bill; Senate Isolationists]

Cartoon 71 "Come, come, a little more speed!" [FDR; 7 Billion Dollars for British Aid]

Cartoon 72 "Plenty to be thankful for" [Guadalcanal; New Guinea; Africa; Russia]

Cartoon 73 "Another Marshall report." [Sec. of State Marshall; Senate]

Cartoon 74 "Memorial Day" [1918 War Dead; Europe; Armaments]

Cartoon 75 "‘- Liberty’s unclouded blaze’" [U.S.; 1776; 1943; Tyranny]

Cartoon 76 "Loaded with dynamite" [Conscription of Wealth for War Bill]

Cartoon 77 "A country fit for heroes."

Cartoon 78 "From the shores of - to the halls of Congress." [Election Year; Gis]

Cartoon 79 "Let’s back him up with NO strings attached" [Knudsen]

Cartoon 80 "Dig out of that fox hole!" [Congress]

Cartoon 81 "‘Give US the tools!’" [War Industries]

Cartoon 82 "Lifting the lid." [N.Y.A.; National Defense]

Cartoon 83 "On hand and on order" [FDR; Defense Inspection Tours]

Cartoon 84 "Piping him back to civies [?]" [Navy Dept.]

Cartoon 85 "Election Day plus one" [United America; Free Election Results]

Cartoon 86 "While the black smoke hangs in the sky." [Legislation to Extend Military Service]

Cartoon 87 "Reminded - against a dark background." [Selective Service Registration Day]

Cartoon 88 "The big bomber over here just now." [Willkie; FDR; Baseball]

Cartoon 89 "Arrow on the home front." [The Blood Bank]

Cartoon 90 "Hear ye - today!" [President Truman’s Address]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 91 "For whom the bell tolls" [6,000,000 Tons of Shipping Lost in War]

Cartoon 92 "Hey - look!!" [Senate Committee]

Cartoon 93 "Justice - on two fronts." [U.S. Supreme Court; Nazi Occupied Europe]

Cartoon 94 "Alert!" [Liberty - July 4th 1776]

Cartoon 95 "The broad Atlantic?"

Cartoon 96 "Clear - above the roar." [July 4th Liberty]

Cartoon 97 "Yep! It’s a small world." [U.S. 1st Army; The Pacific]

Cartoon 98 "Dig DOWN for victory!" [Bond Drive]

Cartoon 99 "The snorting iron horse" [Rail Workers]

Cartoon 100 "Behind the meat ball." [Rationed]

Cartoon 101 "Hanging in the air." [Senate; Work or Fight!]

Cartoon 102 "The specter in the spectator’s gallery" [Lend-Lease; Aid to Britain; Vicitms of Nazi Aggression]

Cartoon 103 "Axis buster launching" [Army Appropriation Bill]

Cartoon 104 "Blood, sweat and tears - for some people." [U.S. Tax Payer]

Cartoon 105 "There will be a slight delay in victory"

Cartoon 106 "Night must fall" [Invasion; Europe]

Cartoon 107 "Liberte Egalite Fraternite" [Laval]

Cartoon 108 "1940 Thanksgiving Fare" [War]

Cartoon 109 "‘We gotta work fast!" [Hitler; Bismark; FDR]

Cartoon 110 "Thumbs up - and thumbs down." [Joseph P. Kennedy; Aid Britain Policies]

Cartoon 111 "Haven’t I heard that before." [Japanese Diplomacy]

Cartoon 112 "Mountains or molehill?" [Summit Meeting]

Cartoon 113 "Stock taker" [Atom Bomb of Japan]

Cartoon 114 "Next move?" [Greece; U.S.; Turkey]

Cartoon 115 "Be firm with him, ah say, be firm!!" [Sen. Vandenberg; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 116 "Big lion taming act" [Congress Anti-Loan Bloc]

Cartoon 117 "- And let’s be gentle with this little dove." [N.Y. City; U.N.O.; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 118 "Operation crossroads" [U.N.O. Plans]

Cartoon 119 "Hark! Hark! The Flushing Meadow lark."

Cartoon 120 "The white cliffs" [Lord Lothian; Britain]

Cartoon 121 "That rootin’ tootin’ feller will take handlin’!" [1776 Bill (Lend-Lease to Britain)]

Cartoon 122 "An . . . observer arrives" [Big 3 Meeting; War Weary Peoples]

Cartoon 123 "Adriatic mooring pile" [Trieste; Big 4]

Cartoon 124 "Moscow domes" [Big 3 Meeting]

Cartoon 125 "Sign now fpr posterity" [Loan to Britain]

Cartoon 126 "Trying to put out the lights over here, too" [Aid to Britain]

Cartoon 127 "Bambino’s return" [LaGuardia; Italy]

Cartoon 128 "Bundles for Britain." [P.M. Winston; Press Beaverbrook]

Cartoon 129 "A break in the clouds" [Europe; ERP Senate Com. Vote]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 130 "‘Something seems to be sticking me, doc.’" [U.N.; Senate Foreign Relations Committee]

Cartoon 131 No caption. [Europe; Reparations; Armaments]

Cartoon 132 "The chalk cliffs are chipping fast" [England; U.S. Loan]

Cartoon 133 No caption. [Europe; League of Nations; Cuba]

Cartoon 134 No caption. [Europe; World Court]

Cartoon 135 "Muddy goldfish bowl" [National Disunity; Soviets]

Cartoon 136 "The choppy channel" [London Foreign Ministers Meeting; Europe]

Cartoon 137 "One man’s cup of tea" [Attlee; British Public]

Cartoon 138 No caption. [Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 139 "Pen and sword" [FDR; Lend-Lease Bill]

Cartoon 140 "Helping hand across the sea" [U.S.; $579 Million Emergency Relief]

Cartoon 141 "All is unquiet west of Suez" [Egypt; U.S.]

Cartoon 142 "Mediterranean light" [Truman Doctrine]

Cartoon 143 "Non-flattering mirror." [Sen. Butler; South America]

Cartoon 144 "Boiling on a hot spot" [Java; U.N. Meeting]

Cartoon 145 "Asia’s melting pot." [Marshall; Manchuria]

Cartoon 146 "Horsewhip for an editor." [Jap Press and Radio]

Cartoon 147 "The ‘Colossus of the North’ in action" [Panama]

Cartoon 148 "Eye to eye" [Good Neighbor Loan; Mexico; U.S.]

Cartoon 149 "That annoying helicopter" [Argentina]

Cartoon 150 "‘That’s a warmonger!’" [Soviet Military Might; U.S.]

Cartoon 151 "Arms and the little man." [Guatemala; Panama Canal; Good Neighbor Policy]

Cartoon 152 "Warning - use no hooks!" [Soviets; U.S.; Western Hemisphere]

Cartoon 153 "We now wait for audience reaction" [Soviet Russia; Byrnes]

Cartoon 154 No caption. [European Armaments; American Armaments]

Cartoon 155 No caption. [London Naval Arms Reduction Meeting]

Cartoon 156 No caption. [League of Nations; Stresemann; Geneva]

Cartoon 157 "The ramparts we now watch" [Atlantic Pact; Western Europe]

Cartoon 158 "Voices of America" [Western Europe; U.S.; NATO]

Cartoon 159 No caption. [Monroe Doctrine; Latin America]

Cartoon 160 No caption. [Mexico; Big Business]

Cartoon 161 No caption. [Kellogg Peace Pact; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 162 No caption. [Mexico; U.S.]

Cartoon 163 No caption. [Europe; The Franc; Politics]

Cartoon 164 No caption. [Europe; "Flexible" Tariff]

Cartoon 165 "Cold shoulder" [Iceland]

Cartoon 166 "The seer with the cracked crystal ball" [Dulles]

Cartoon 167 "The sewers of Paris" [France]

Cartoon 168 "The ostrich craves quiet" [Totalitarianism; Liberty - July 4th]

Cartoon 168 "The grand tourist" [Truman; Italy]

Cartoon 169 "It’s always later than you think" [Western Europe; Moscow]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 170 No caption. [Gibson Disarmament Plan]

Cartoon 171 "The writing on the ruin" [Marshall Plan; Congress; Europe]

Cartoon 172 "Are the rescuers really getting closer?"

Cartoon 173 "You see, money might be bad for you." [Marshall Plan; Europe]

Cartoon 174 "A plea to the great deliberator" [ERP Program; Congress]

Cartoon 175 "Please stop ratteling those chains, I’m thinking." [ERP; Congress]

Cartoon 176 "More than chips will fall" [Europe; ERP; Congress]

Cartoon 177 "Looking for news out of somewhere." [Big 3 Meeting]

Cartoon 178 "The empty dinner pail" [Europe; Congress; 1948]

Cartoon 179 "Observation post" [Congress; Paris Meeting]

Cartoon 180 "Keeping the powder damp." [Greece]

Cartoon 181 "Plea for help" [Libery - July 4th; Europe]

Cartoon 182 "The man with the hoe" [Marshall Reconstruction Plan; Europe]

Cartoon 183 "New life on the old sod." [Eire; U.S. Troops]

Cartoon 184 No caption. [Representative Fish; Russia]

Cartoon 185 "Propping a leaning urn" [Greece]

Cartoon 186 "Off on the last mile" [Finland]

Cartoon 187 No caption. [U.S.-British Alliance]

Cartoon 188 No caption. [U.S.-British Alliance]

Cartoon 189 No caption. [Common Sense]

Cartoon 190 "- !!" [Wallace; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 191 "MY American cousin!!?" [Wallace; J. Bull]

Cartoon 192 "Is Hon. in the mood for ‘self reflection’ and ‘accord’?" [Japan’s 7 Point Demands on U.S.]

Cartoon 193 "No ‘open door’ to solution" [China Problem]

Cartoon 194 No caption. [Nicaragua]

Cartoon 195 No caption. [England; France]

Cartoon 196 No caption. [Tacna-Arica Dispute]

Cartoon 197 No caption. [Mexican-U.S. Land Controversy]

Cartoon 198 No caption. [Mexican Ambassadorship; Morrow; Mexico]

Cartoon 199 No caption. [H.H.; Virgin Islands]

Cartoon 200 "- And turn those pockets out!" [Hirohito]

Cartoon 201 No caption. [England; High Tariff]

Cartoon 202 No caption. [Soviet Goods; U.S.]

Cartoon 203 No caption. [Panama]

Cartoon 204 "A one world poor relation" [Middle East; Congress]

Cartoon 205 No caption. [Europe]

Cartoon 206 "Sharp debating points" [Argentine; Mexico City Inter-American Conference]

Cartoon 207 "A kind word - but never, Henry?" [Wallace]

Cartoon 208 "Balm for a sore toe" [Italy; U.S.]

Cartoon 209 "Moscow design for living" [Soviet Russia; U.S.]

Cartoon 210 "The third man" [Korea; Congressional Campaign]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 211 "The ‘hi-neighbor’ policy" [U.S. Production Achievement]

Cartoon 212 "‘Comrades, I protect you from the imperialist warmonger!’" [Satellite Peoples]

Cartoon 213 "The dust bowl" [Europe; Marshall Plan; U.S.]

Cartoon 214 "Inadequate Oriental screen" [China; The Democrats]

Cartoon 215 "The Russian’s lullaby" [U.S. Disunity; The Soviets]

Cartoon 216 "Camp David and beyond" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 217 "Hi, neighbor!" [Panama; U.S.]

Cartoon 218 "A red hot rumba" [Cuba; Anti-U.S. Drive]

Cartoon 219 "Portrait with the beatnik touch." [Castro]

Cartoon 220 No caption. [Civilian Relief for Japanese; Peace Treaty]

Cartoon 221 No caption. [Europe; Truman Doctrine]

Cartoon 222 "The Pan-American way" [South America; Hemisphere Unity Plan]

Cartoon 223 No caption. [Polish Issue]

Cartoon 224 No caption.

Cartoon 225 No caption. [Tunney]

Cartoon 226 No caption. [College Sports; Carnegie Foundation]

Cartoon 227 "New bat boy." [Baseball 1943; War]

Cartoon 228 "To the showers!" [1947 Baseball]

Cartoon 229 "Ho! You wanna play rough?" [World Series; Red Sox; St. L Cards]

Cartoon 230 "Week end colossus"

Cartoon 231 No caption. [National League Pennant Race]

Cartoon 232 "‘Everything looks better this year, eh?’" [Cardinals, 1942-43 Nat. League Champs; Good War News]

Cartoon 233 "‘Got a minute, kid?’" [World Series; War Taxes]

Cartoon 234 No caption. [Cincinnati; Yankees]

Cartoon 235 "The big quiz" [N.Y. Yankess; Dodgers; Braves]

Cartoon 236 "All this and heaven too" [NY Yanks; World Champs; No Hitter]

Cartoon 237 "Pushup"

Cartoon 238 "Bullpen Activity"

Cartoon 239 "‘RIGHT - - - coach.’"

Cartoon 240 No caption. [Dempsey-Tunney; Tunney-Heeney]

Cartoon 241 "The tin horn whistle" [Pro. Football; "Fix" Gambler]

Cartoon 242 No caption. [Baseball; New Season; Winter Scandals]

Cartoon 243 "Ruined temple" [Oriole Park]

Cartoon 244 "Hey look - it’s me again." [Detroit; Chicago]

Cartoon 245 "‘No secret about this weapon, kid.’" [Baseball; War News]

Cartoon 246 "Some scrap drives are tough going." [Second Place]

Cartoon 247 "‘Pal, it’s a great day for us breed improvers.’" [Preakness Stakes]

Cartoon 248 "Listen lug, one of us has GOTTA win!" [St. L; Bums]

Cartoon 249 "‘Listen big boy, I’m takin over for a few days.’" [World Series; Politics]

Cartoon 250 "Right on the ball" [’55 World Series; Politics]

Cartoon 251 "Oh boy! All the real pre-war stuff." [1946 Baseball Season]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 252 No caption. [The Cubs; Athletics]

Cartoon 253 No caption. [Cubs Den; The AAAA’s]

Cartoon 254 No caption. [Cubs]

Cartoon 255 No caption. [Harvard; Princeton]

Cartoon 256 No caption. [Dempsey-Tunney Fight]

Cartoon 257 No caption. [Army; Navy; Chicago Gangster]

Cartoon 258 No caption. [1927 Baseball Season; National League Race]

Cartoon 259 No caption.

Cartoon 260 No caption. [Football]

Cartoon 261 No caption. [1929 Season]

Cartoon 262 "An old pal is back on the scene" [’54 Baseball Season; Politics]

Cartoon 263 "Sideshow" [World Series; War]

Cartoon 264 "There’s gold in them thar hills." [Pennant Winners; World Series]

Cartoon 265 "The kid from the wrong side of the tracks" [Browns; Cardinals]

Cartoon 266 "Still hanging around." [Baseball 1946]

Cartoon 267 No caption. [Preakness Stakes]

Cartoon 268 "Relax a bit and have a look at this sphere" [World Problems; The Series]

Cartoon 269 No caption. [Yankees; A’s]

Cartoon 270 No caption. [British Peckniffianism; The Cathcart Case]

Cartoon 271 No caption. [Davis Cup]

Cartoon 272 No caption. [1928 Baseball Season]

Cartoon 273 No caption. [Saturday’s Football Gate]

Cartoon 274 "Operation ‘terrific’!"

Cartoon 275 No caption. [Golf World]

Cartoon 276 "That ‘titanic struggle’ again." [Yanks; Cubs]

Cartoon 277 "What makes the pinwheel go round." [Argentina]

Cartoon 278 "Way down yonder isolationist." [Argentina; Act of Chapultepec]

Cartoon 279 "Surprise - !" [Trotsky; Mexico; Stalin]

Cartoon 280 "Cuba libre" [President Batista]

Cartoon 281 "Good neighbor handshake, with reserve" [Argentina]

Cartoon 282 "‘I’ll make mean faces at him temporarily, eh senor.’" [S. Wells; South America]

Cartoon 283 "Twisting the tails!" [U.S.; Bolivia; South America]

Cartoon 284 "Salutes" [U.S.; Latin America; Totalitarian States]

Cartoon 285 No caption. [Peru; Bolivia; Argentina]

Cartoon 286 No caption. [Cuba; Revolt]

Cartoon 287 No caption. [Central America; Nicaragua; Panama]

Cartoon 288 "Keeping things under his sombrero." [Argentina; Censorship]

Cartoon 289 "On a clear day you can see Africa" [Dutch Guiana]

Cartoon 290 "A banner with a sinister devie." [South America; Nazi Infiltration]

Cartoon 291 "The lone neighbor policy." [Argentina; South America]

Cartoon 292 "A better ‘ole?" [Argentina; Nazi]

Cartoon 293 No caption. [South America; Peru]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 294 "The sombrero rumbas some more." [Argentina]

Cartoon 295 "Fiesta time - south of the border" [Mexico; Congress Problems]

Cartoon 296 No caption. [Mexico; Monroe Doctrine; Hull]

Cartoon 297 "Early returns" [Mexican Election]

Cartoon 298 "Firebug in the pampas grass" [Argentine Crisis]

Cartoon 299 "Spring romance" [Argentina]

Cartoon 300 "Juan on the box" [Peron; Argentina]

Cartoon 301 "Boss man in mufti" [President Aleman; Mexico]

Cartoon 302 No caption. [Haiti; U.S. Control]

Cartoon 303 "Cutting the cable." [Russia]

Cartoon 304 No caption. [Brazil; Revolution; South America]

Cartoon 305 No caption. [Trotsky]

Cartoon 306 "Blighted good neighbor area." [Argentina]

Cartoon 307 "Happy eruption!" [Martinique; RF]

Cartoon 308 "Welles (Sumner) new outline of history." [Hitler; Chile]

Cartoon 309 "Pierre, we are here!" [Laval; Martinique; South America]

Cartoon 310 "Easter bonnet" [Mexico-U.S.]

Cartoon 311 "Tell it to the marines." [Coolidge; Cuba; Nicaragua]

Cartoon 312 "Masters of the master race" [Nurnberg]

Cartoon 313 "Polish corridor?" [Lublin Govt. Problem]

Cartoon 314 "- This England." [Britain’s Recovery]

Cartoon 315 "An observer with a stake in the future" [Truman-Atlee Atomic Bomb Meeting]

Cartoon 316 "First snow." [Europe]

Cartoon 317 "Is that a nugget in the rubble heap?" [21 Nation Meeting]

Cartoon 318 "Europe’s snowman"

Cartoon 319 "Number one displaced person" [Moscow 4 Power Meeting]

Cartoon 320 "By the throat" [Europe’s Children]

Cartoon 321 "Waiting on the road to Moscow" [Foreign Ministers Meeting; German Problem]

Cartoon 322 "Doin’ what comes natur’lly!" [Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 323 "The tree doctors successful operation" [Bretton Woods Plan]

Cartoon 324 "The unfertile field" [U.S.-Russ Relations; Greece; Plaestine; Java]

Cartoon 325 "Hands across the sea" [Lend-Lease Termination; Europe]

Cartoon 326 "Green pastures!"

Cartoon 327 "Open door policy - for the dove" [Europe]

Cartoon 328 "The old man of the Alps" [League of Nations; 1946]

Cartoon 329 "I say, somebody bent my sickle" [French Voters]

Cartoon 330 "The tourist rush is on" [Greece; Turkey]

Cartoon 331 "Hurry it up!"

Cartoon 332 "J’accuse" [Nazi Gang]

Cartoon 333 "Waiting for his ship to come in" [Marshall Plan]

Cartoon 334 "Printemps" [Soviet Russia; Paris Big 4 Meeting]

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 335 "Big Five hammer and sickle" [Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 336 "Still leaking" [Foreign Ministers]

Cartoon 337 "Camping in the meadows" [United Nations - Flushing Meeting]

Cartoon 338 "That disturbing sabre rattle"

Cartoon 339 "London salvage" [UNO]

Cartoon 340 "Over there" [Europe; U.S.]

Cartoon 341 "Nothing much in the old sock" [Italy; Big 4 Paris]

Cartoon 342 "Lights in the Moscow sky" [Big 3 Cooperation]

Cartoon 343 "Ring Big 3 again, please!"

Cartoon 344 "It’s a curtain but not an iron one." [U.S. Polling Booth]

Cartoon 345 No caption. [Europe; World Court]

Cartoon 346 "The survivor - one year later" [Germany]

Cartoon 347 "The jagged steppes of Russia" [Marshall Plan; Soviet Non-Cooperation]

Cartoon 348 "Waiting at the waters edge." [Europe; D.P.]

Cartoon 349 "I like it this way!" [Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 350 "Two faces west" [Greece; Soviets; U.N. Meeting]

Cartoon 351 "The staff of life"

Cartoon 352 "Unofficial observer." [United Nations Food Conference]

Cartoon 353 "Passage to India." [Cripps]

Cartoon 354 "Wouldn’t let me down would you mister?" [Yalta; Congress; Dumbarton Oaks]

Cartoon 355 "This will take a bit of putting together."

Cartoon 356 "On troubled waters" [World Food Problems]

Cartoon 357 "So that’s what HE looks like!!"

Cartoon 358 "This we want to hear." [Marshall]

Cartoon 359 "Hammer without sickle" [French Workers]

Cartoon 360 "How the other half looks" [Stop Gap Aid Bill]

Cartoon 361 "Let them eat - !" [France]

Cartoon 362 "You blokes muddled thru again, eh Gunner - ?" [Tories]

Cartoon 363 "In the winter sky" [Marshall Plan]

Cartoon 364 "London calling?" [Austria; Big 4 Meeting; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 365 "The Marne - 1947" [French Workers]

Cartoon 366 "The Americans are having bad weather, too." [Europe; Marshall Plan]

Cartoon 367 "There will be a slight delay -" [Senate; Marshall Plan]

Cartoon 368 "Beyond the horizon - ?" [Europe; 1948]

Cartoon 369 "Queued up!" [London Big 4 Meeting]

Cartoon 370 "Your move - and make it, quick!" [Stopgap Aid Plan for Europe]

Cartoon 371 "New note man" [Stalin; Stassen Report]

Cartoon 372 "The ruin on ruins." [United Nations]

Cartoon 373 "Rusling in the forest" [Nazi War Criminals]

Cartoon 374 "Not too clear soup, yet."

Cartoon 375 "Through the war clouds."

Cartoon 376 "Spectre - and no feast."

Box D10 (Cont.)

Cartoon 377 "The wall of the Kremlin" [Stalin; Churchill; FDR]

Cartoon 378 No caption.

Cartoon 379 "Peace, it’s wonderful!!" [The Senate]

Cartoon 380 "On the fire." [Director Byrnes]

Cartoon 381 "More required reading." [Churchill]

Cartoon 382 "We just need the bottom back in"

Cartoon 383 "More lights go on in England." [British Workers]

Cartoon 384 "Next step?" [Atlantic Charter]

Cartoon 385 "Bleak winter landscape" [Polish Elections]

Cartoon 386 "1947"

Cartoon 387 "Ho - another Marshall!" [Stalin; Gen. Marshall]

Cartoon 388 "Highest peak." [FDR; White Mountains; Bretton Woods]

Cartoon 389 "Spring thaw" [Europe]

Cartoon 390 "Outpost of the future." [FDR-Churchill Conference; Citadel; Quebec]

Cartoon 391 "Anything you can do for me, Jimmy, I’ll appreciate." [James F. Byrnes]

Cartoon 392 "Watchful observer" [Meeting of Allied Foreign Ministers Council]

Cartoon 393 "Decorator at work" [Unite Nations Charter; Big 3; The Senate]

Cartoon 394 "Comrade, we have here, in this little box - !!!" [Atlee; Truman; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 395 "Great hopes from little acorns -" [Dumbarton Oaks]

Cartoon 396 "Another silent phone" [Moscow]

Cartoon 397 "Dark hour -" [Greek Uprising; Polish Problem]

Cartoon 398 "- Nope, don’t sound so bad!" [Congressional Aid Plan Opposition]

Cartoon 399 "Winter legacy" [Europe]

Cartoon 400 "Mountains of high hope" [Crimea; Big 3 Decisions]

Cartoon 401 "Golden Gate" [United Nations Meeting]

Cartoon 402 "Snail’s pace" [Moscow Meeting]

Cartoon 403 "The night watch" [Europe]

Cartoon 404 "I can wait!" [U.S. Treasury; Sec. Marshall]

Cartoon 405 "Enjoy your holiday, sir?" [Marshall Plan]

Cartoon 406 "The big blowup" [Italy; Cabinet Crisis]

Cartoon 407 "Tight belt little isle" [Britain]

Cartoon 408 "On borrowed time" [Atomic Bomb]

Cartoon 409 "The ‘secret’ watch"

Box D11 Baltimore and Maryland

U.S. Elections

Cartoon 1 "‘Remember me, mister? - I used to be very dejected.’" [Truman; G.O.P.] Cartoon 2 "Hey! Who started that furnace?" [Campaign Fund Probe]

Cartoon 3 "- Not running, just talking!" [Senator Taft]

Cartoon 4 "An atom a day - from now on" [Chicago; 1952 Campaign]

Cartoon 5 "‘How do I look in a toga my friend?’" [Maryland Voter]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 6 No caption. [David J. Lewis]

Cartoon 7 "Straphanging" [B.T.Co.]

Cartoon 8 "‘Me, I’m staying away till the air condition horse parks.’" [Preakness] Cartoon 9 "Opening the ½ of 1% front" [D’Alesandro]

Cartoon 10 "A needle’s eye is hard for an elephant, too." [Nice]

Cartoon 11 "How’my doin’, folks?" [Stalin; McKeldin]

Cartoon 12 "On YOUR docket for Tuesday" [Manley; Mason; Moser; Moylan; Sherbow; Tucker]

Cartoon 13 "The big red bulge" [Red Army]

Cartoon 14 "His plan for the IMMEDIATE future." [Jackson; Conlon; Crook]

Cartoon 15 "YOUR hand decides" [Vote; Mayor; Council]

Cartoon 16 No caption. [The Needy; Community Fund]

Cartoon 17 No caption. [Vote; Loan Questions]

Cartoon 18 "Soft drop!" [New Transit Plan]

Cartoon 19 "At the post!" [McKeldin; Mills; Markey]

Cartoon 20 "Remember, not a quack out of you!" [Final Session Legislation]

Cartoon 21 "Gigantic wartime housing project." [Army-Navy Game]

Cartoon 22 "Mornin’ coach!!" [Curley Byrd]

Cartoon 23 "Merry Preakness" [Spring Cold Wave]

Cartoon 24 No capiton. [Assembly Lobbyists]

Cartoon 25 "A rustling in the background." [Sherbow Tax Report]

Cartoon 26 "Fortified frontier" [Canada; MD Oysters]

Cartoon 27 "Behind the tin curtain." [MD G.O.P. Campaign]

Cartoon 28 "Displaced person" [MD G.O.P.]

Cartoon 29 "No! I don’t want to be kissed." [MD G.O.P. Campaign]

Cartoon 30 No caption. [Nice; MD G.O.P.]

Cartoon 31 "Oh boy! Democracy at work." [State Senate; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 32 No caption. [Gov. O’Conor; Conservation Program]

Cartoon 33 "Smoke control"

Cartoon 34 No caption. [Werner Janssen; Pan-American Airways]

Cartoon 35 "‘I warn you boys, the dummy goes with the chair’" [Nice; MD Governorship]

Cartoon 36 "On the road." [MD G.O.P.; Nice]

Cartoon 37 "Spots before the eyes." [MD Legislation Session; Public]

Cartoon 38 "The Curly Byrd catches the worms." [MD State Treasury]

Cartoon 39 "Yeah man! Think of the poor cops in Finland." [Pratt St.]

Cartoon 40 "‘Whattya like, pal?’" [Preakness Entries]

Cartoon 41 "Howd’ya like THAT?" [Orioles; Little League World Series]

Cartoon 42 "Note for the day." [Peabody Drive for Funds]

Cartoon 43 "Hey!! Lookout!!!" [Orioles; Buffalo]

Cartoon 44 "Fading mirage" [McKeldin Campaign]

Cartoon 45 "The loyal opposition" [City Tax Increase]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 46 No caption. [Baltimore; Unemployed]

Cartoon 47 "Knight in armor." [T.R. McKeldin]

Cartoon 48 "The commando." [City G.O.P.]

Cartoon 49 "Hold your breath!" [City Hall]

Cartoon 50 No caption. [City Tax Payer]

Cartoon 51 "Them Edens’ is all nifty dressers Gilbert." [Anthony Eden; Robert Eden; Bart Lent; Pratt Library]

Cartoon 52 No caption. [Baltimore Postal Authorities]

Cartoon 53 "Make it a big hand - out." [Baltimore; Scrap Drive]

Cartoon 54 "Another illuminated monument." [1940 Baltimore; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 55 No caption. [McKeldin]

Cartoon 56 No caption. [Baltimorean’s Advice Sought By Lobbyists]

Cartoon 57 No caption. [200; The Lord Baltimore]

Cartoon 58 No caption. [Mayor Jackson; Queen Marie]

Cartoon 59 "Finnegan’s lid is on again" [Baltimore’s Garbage Tie-Ups]

Cartoon 60 "My hat’s nicest" [Mayor; City Hall]

Cartoon 61 "A capon in every pot." [Campaign Issues; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 62 No caption. [Hoover; Wagner Unemployment Bill]

Cartoon 63 No caption.

Cartoon 64 "The return of the native." [C.C.]

Cartoon 65 "Oh! Brother - drumsticks!" [Stassen; Dewey; Eisenhower; Warren; Taft]

Cartoon 66 "The brass chain" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 67 "Ah, com’eon! Please look around!" [US; War; Politics]

Cartoon 68 "Tinkle on a far off bell" [Wallace]

Cartoon 69 No caption. [Coolidge; Hoover; Smith]

Cartoon 70 No caption. [Hoover; Smith]

Cartoon 71 No caption. [Hoover; Dixie]

Cartoon 72 No caption. [Hoover; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 73 "There are giants in these days, too." [FDR]

Cartoon 74 No caption. [Dewey; National Politics]

Cartoon 75 No caption. [Garner; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 76 No caption. [Ambassador Kennedy; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 77 No caption. [Senator Hiram Johnson]

Cartoon 78 No caption. [Isolationists]

Cartoon 79 "Hear ye! Hear ye!! Hear ye!!!" [Dewey]

Cartoon 80 "Beyond the Alps -" [Dewey; Bricker]

Cartoon 81 "The medicine man’s waiting with his act." [War; Chicago]

Cartoon 82 "The temptation is terrific" [Willkie; Taft; Dewey]

Cartoon 83 "I would a tale unfold." [Dewey; Warren]

Cartoon 84 "Barrage balloon" [Chicago; Politics]

Cartoon 85 "Off shore down under." [Eddie Flynn; E.J.F.]

Cartoon 86 "The talent scout." [Dewey; Warren; Saltonstall; Brickner]

Cartoon 87 "Hey! Remember me?" [Election Campaign]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 88 "Beyond the Alps lies -" [1946; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 89 ". . . And no place to go?" [Ed Flynn; Bronx]

Cartoon 90 "All quiet at the sound detector." [G.O.P. Chairman Spangler]

Cartoon 91 "Spring is in the air." [FDR; Congress Revolt]

Cartoon 92 "Heating up." [The Camapign]

Cartoon 93 "Standing at attention." [FDR; Chicago Convention]

Cartoon 94 "Mighty pretty country up here." [1944 Hopes; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 95 "Wrong light on the subject." [1944 Campaign Manuvers; Politics]

Cartoon 96 "The enchantment of proximity." [Dewey Brickner Campaign]

Cartoon 97 "An eye on the pup tent." [G.O.P.; Chicago; FDR]

Cartoon 98 "The Philadelphia ghost story." [G.O.P.; Isolationism]

Cartoon 99 "The soft speaker and the big stick." [Willkie; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 100 "The ramparts he doesn’t watch" [FDR]

Cartoon 101 "The bartared bride" [Willkie; Mayor Kelly]

Cartoon 102 "Sour keynote" [Gov. Stassen; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 103 "Let ‘em sweat!" [Willkie; FDR]

Cartoon 104 "Volcanos are in season." [Willkie]

Cartoon 105 "‘Maybe you don’t live right, pal.’" [Democrats; New Deal; Debt]

Cartoon 106 "The show must go on." [Willkie; Dewey; Taft; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 107 "Daddy’s gone a hunting -" [FDR]

Cartoon 108 No caption. [G.O.P.; FDR]

Cartoon 109 "The Indiana atlas." [Willkie]

Cartoon 110 "Yep - we planned it that way, ha! Ha!" [Wisconsin; G.O.P.; Democrats]

Cartoon 111 "Into the tall corn belt." [Willkie]

Cartoon 112 "The smoke filled city." [Willkie]

Cartoon 113 "No privacy and NO goldfish" [Democratic Convention; FDR]

Cartoon 114 "Fisherman’s hard luck." [Willkie]

Cartoon 115 "‘My friend! At the proper time I’ll let you know’" [FDR]

Cartoon 116 "Daylight raid - ahead of schedule" [Willkie; Farm Vote]

Cartoon 117 "Attempted blackout!" [Hatch Bill]

Cartoon 118 "Head in the clouds" [Burker-Wadsworth Compulsory Service Bill]

Cartoon 119 "Is that mountain really coming to Mohamet?" [FDR; Third Term]

Cartoon 120 "Reasonable request" [Third Term]

Cartoon 121 "- And Thursday he can go home." [FDR; Mayor Kelly]

Cartoon 122 "My friend can you struggle along without me?" [FDR]

Cartoon 123 "Tonight’s fateful entry" [President Roosevelt]

Cartoon 124 "Some people certainly get things done" [Willkie]

Cartoon 125 "Craving attention" [Congressional Campaigns; War]

Cartoon 126 "The impentirable D.C. forest" [Byrd Probe]

Cartoon 127 "A day’s work to be done on the home front" [Election Day; War News]

Cartoon 128 "Keep it right there where it belongs." [Appeasement; Prohibition]

Cartoon 129 "Unfurling the first battle flag." [1948 Campaign]

Cartoon 130 "That’s swell, Harry, but there [are] a few little things -" [Key West; ERP; Box D11 (Cont.)

Palestine; Tax Bill]

Cartoon 131 "Are YOU standing in a draft too, Arthur?" [Vandenberg; Dewey; Stassen; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 132 "Gallup Pole sitter" [G.O.P.]

Cartoon 133 "Psst! Tom, I did what you told me." [Goldstein; Dewey; New York]

Cartoon 134 "I just dote on fireworks." [1948 Plans; War Contracts Probe]

Cartoon 135 "Happy Birthday, dear Chief - !" [Truman; Congress]

Cartoon 136 "Recruit?" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 137 "American scene" [KKK]

Cartoon 138 "A thorn - it hurts!" [Stassen Candidacy]

Cartoon 139 "Give me them peanuts!" [Sen. Democrats; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 140 "WOW! A gusher!" [Truman-Ickles Row]

Cartoon 141 "Let’s have it, Henry!" [Wallace]

Cartoon 142 "A couple of donkey ears" [Eisenhower; Democrats]

Cartoon 143 "Our own mid-west sphinx." [Farm Vote]

Cartoon 144 "The rock-ribbed coast" [Eidenhower; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 145 "Corn that’s higher than an elephant’s eye" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 146 "Campaign plowboy" [G.O.P.; Mid-West Farmers]

Cartoon 147 "‘Flossy’ politics is speeding up." [U.S.A.; Voter]

Cartoon 148 No caption. [California-Ohio Pension Schemes]

Cartoon 149 "Emergency takeoff" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 150 "Apeal to reason." [Henry Wallace]

Cartoon 151 "Didn’t produce even a teeny weeny tempest" [Senatorial Primary]

Cartoon 152 "Same old delaying action" [Legislature; Public]

Cartoon 153 "They say it’s loaded!!" [Truman; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 154 No caption. [Missouri Primary Victory]

Cartoon 155 "The Spirit of St. Louis" [G.O.P. Conference]

Cartoon 156 "All ears - and eyes!" [FDR]

Cartoon 157 "Summer tourist with a destination" [G.O.P.]

Cartoon 158 No caption. [FDR]

Cartoon 159 "Fall showing" [Truman]

Cartoon 160 "Be calm, it will all be over soon." [Truman; Congress]

Cartoon 161 "Seems not a soul’s fixing to be mad at me!" [Farmers]

Cartoon 162 "Telling an elephant to forget!" [House G.O.P. Opposition]

Cartoon 163 "Promised land." [Pennsylvania]

Cartoon 164 "All that international stuff can wait, pal!" [Election Year Politics]

Cartoon 165 "A banner with a strange device, these days." [G.O.P.; New Deal Spending]

Cartoon 166 No caption. [Attn. General Murphy; Phil and Bob LaFollette]

Cartoon 167 "It’s a Georgia peach!" [Stevenson; Talmadge Endorsment]

Cartoon 168 "‘Please vote for me, y’all’" [Kefauver; Public]

Cartoon 169 "This job calls for the real hero touch." [Eisenhower; Kefauver; Stevenson; Russell; Kerr]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 170 "Spots before the eyes" [World Series; Politics]

Cartoon 171 "The return of the native" [Truman]

Cartoon 172 "Happy New Year kid, and I’m staying right with you; nice eh?" [Politics; 1956 Election Year]

Cartoon 173 "Way up on a high level" [Nixon; G.O.P. Camapign]

Cartoon 174 "It’s picnic time" [Eisenhower; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 175 "The leaves are falling, falling, falling." [Eisehower]

Cartoon 176 "Modern art" [Rockefeller]

Cartoon 177 "Nobody gives him any answers." [Democats; Public]

Cartoon 178 "Hot seat on a silo" [Farm Surplus Problem; 1960 Election Plans; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 179 "A contribution by the adviser on disarmament" [Nixon; Stassen]

Cartoon 180 "Now, let me skee?" [Nixon; Rockefeller]

Cartoon 181 "On target" [Nixon; Clement]

Cartoon 182 "‘I’m looking for a nice, dark, quiet closet to park this guy ‘till Nov. 4th’" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 183 "Tuesday seems a long way off." [Political Campaign]

Cartoon 184 No caption. [Campaign Promises; Farmer]

Cartoon 185 No caption. [Press; Political Power; Censorship]

Cartoon 186 No caption. [Jim Reed]

Cartoon 187 No caption. [Jones Bill]

Cartoon 188 No caption. [FCC]

Cartoon 189 "Curfew shall not ring ‘till one!" [LaGuardia; NY City]

Cartoon 190 No caption. [Liberty Bell; Anti-Saloon League]

Cartoon 191 "The sidewalks of New York." [Al Smith Dead]

Cartoon 192 "Behind democracy’s curtain" [U.S. Polling Booth; Free Voter]

Cartoon 193 No caption. [Trust Bust; Politics; U.S. All Out Victory Plans]

Cartoon 194 "Pack up your troubles and - smile!" [Louis Howe]

Cartoon 194 "‘Yes - Yes!! - Go on!’" [Hoover]

Cartoon 195 "Now, drop it!" [Senator Glass; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 196 No caption. [Coolidge]

Cartoon 197 No caption.

Cartoon 198 No caption. [G.O.P.]

Cartoon 199 "Scratched." [1928 Boom]

Cartoon 200 No caption. [G.O.P.; FDR]

Cartoon 201 "Sure, he used to be a prophet, himself" [Hoover]

Cartoon 202 "Don’t worry, it might melt" [Congress ERP Opposition]

Cartoon 203 "Barnacles on the bomb." [Atom; Veto]

Cartoon 204 "Adding while - !!" [Marshall Plan Costs; Congress Opposition]

Cartoon 205 "The commander would like to keep his sword." [Truman]

Cartoon 206 "The tough guy hasn’t checked HIS sword yet!" [Post War World]

Cartoon 207 "Mission to Moscow" [Marshall; Europe]

Cartoon 208 "The role of the outside man can be rugged" [G.O.P. 1953; Democrats]

Cartoon 209 "Modeling next year’s hat styles" [GOP; Nixon; Rockefeller]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 210 "He got the wishbone" [GOP]

Cartoon 211 "The corn is as high as an elephant’s eye -" [G.O.P.; Farm Belt]

Cartoon 212 No caption. [The Democrats]

Cartoon 213 "‘That’s what I like about the south -’" [Southern Democrats; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 214 "Spring cleaning is a rygged job this year" [Democrats; Corruption Issue]

Cartoon 215 "‘My those gravy stains look well on you.’" [Administration Corruption; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 216 "‘You asked for it, my boy!’" [Democrats; G.O.P.; 1954 Congressional Campaign]

Cartoon 217 No caption.

Cartoon 218 "Laying down the scepter" [George Allen; RFC Chairmanship]

Cartoon 219 "- Headin’ for the last roundup!" [Wallace; Taylor]

Cartoon 220 "He flies through the air with the greatest of ease" [Dulles]

Cartoon 221 "Elephant boy" [Bob LaFollette; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 222 "Now it can be told!" [FDR]

Cartoon 223 "Appraisal by a tree surgeon" [Truman]

Cartoon 224 "Who said everybody wants to get into the act?" [Truman]

Cartoon 225 "Whizz - and it’s no dud either." [FDR; Willkie]

Cartoon 226 No caption. [Thompson; Coolidge]

Cartoon 227 No caption. [Coolidge]

Cartoon 228 No caption. [FDR]

Cartoon 229 "Giddy ap yo’all, we’re goin down yonder!" [Willkie]

Cartoon 230 "This elephant plans to forget!" [Truman; 1952 Campaign]

Cartoon 231 "Not so fast thar, podner!" [Truman; G.O.P.; Nov. Election Results]

Cartoon 232 "Nobody’s wild about Harry." [Truman]

Cartoon 233 "Non-political tourist" [Truman]

Cartoon 234 "No possible shadow of doubt here." [Wallace]

Cartoon 235 "Well - if you INSIST!" [FDR]

Cartoon 236 No caption. [FDR; Paul McNutt]

Cartoon 237 "‘Well, Tom?’" [Dewey]

Cartoon 238 "You are definitely not on my list!" [Truman]

Cartoon 239 "The doctrine dilemma" [Truman Doctrine]

Cartoon 240 "Climb upon my knee sonnyboy" [FDR]

Cartoon 241 No caption. [79th Congress]

Cartoon 242 No caption. [Stevenson]

Cartoon 243 No caption. [Hull]

Cartoon 244 No caption. [Hoover; Lowden; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 245 "Buckeye roadblock" [Taft]

Cartoon 246 "A ‘flying saucer’ balloon that’s still up there" [G.O.P.; 1952 Prospects]

Cartoon 247 "‘Too bad they can’t vote here, eh?’" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 248 "Mixed grill this year" [Democrats]

Cartoon 249 "‘Planning a trip?’" [Liberal Republicans]

Cartoon 250 "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow -" [Nixon; Rockefeller; GOP]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 251 "The welcome mat" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 252 "Tan, healthy and rarin’ to go!" [G.O.P. 1950]

Cartoon 253 "A real tough block to chip away" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 254 No caption. [Vermont]

Cartoon 255 "Tied to her apron strings" [Social Security for Domestic Servants]

Cartoon 256 "Safari with a cargo of mystery" [G.O.P.; Democrats; Chicago]

Cartoon 257 "Kill this" [G.O.P.; Democrats]

Cartoon 258 "The baby sitter is booked up until November" [Congress; Election Year Politics]

Cartoon 259 "‘There he is - your wonder boy and mine!’" [Nixon; G.O.P. Chairman Hall]

Cartoon 260 "‘Nobody knows the trouble I’se seen -" [Truman]

Cartoon 261 "Heavy cannonading coming up!" [Dewey and Bricker]

Cartoon 262 "Boiling up." [Mayorality Primary]

Cartoon 263 "How’s zat? - Elephant’s never forget!" [Willkie]

Cartoon 264 "Rising" [Willkie]

Cartoon 265 "Oo-o-o a booby trap!" [Willkie; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 266 "‘I hear you calling ME!’" [Dewey; Taft; Vandenberg; Gannett]

Cartoon 267 No caption. [Christian Front]

Cartoon 268 "‘He smells good enough for me." [Old Joe Hack; Politics]

Cartoon 269 "‘I filed, just in case, bud." [Old Joe Hack]

Cartoon 270 "‘I’m sunk - unless he forgets!’" [Old Joe Hack]

Cartoon 271 "‘Yo all for me all?’" [Garner]

Cartoon 272 "‘Not all the war news is bad, pal!’" [Dewey; NY Democrats]

Cartoon 273 "He has definately lost his charm." [Old Joe Hack]

Cartoon 274 "‘You’re on your own, while I’m winning the war!’" [Mayor LaGuardia; NY City; FDR]

Cartoon 275 "I’d like to reserve a nice smoke-filled roomfor August." [Democrats; Chicago]

Cartoon 276 No caption. [Constitution]

Cartoon 277 No caption. [Thompson for Mayor]

Cartoon 278 "One world" [Isolationism; Nebraska]

Cartoon 279 No caption. [1944 Platform Maker]

Cartoon 280 No caption. [Washington D.C.]

Cartoon 281 No caption. [List of Candidates for 1940]

Cartoon 282 "Chopping block" [Congress Candidates]

Cartoon 283 No caption. [Campaign Fund]

Cartoon 284 "Summer lightning!" [Fourth Term; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 285 "One of them ‘New Order’ fellers" [Legislative Council]

Cartoon 286 "Separation center" [Wallace]

Cartoon 287 "The crater is still smouldering" [Wallace; Truman]

Cartoon 288 "Don’t overdo it this year, please!" [Election Campaign; Politics]

Cartoon 289 "The voting machine age."

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 290 "‘That’s him, my friends, the greatest little guy in the world!’" [Office- Seeker; Voter]

Cartoon 291 "Without portfolio" [Dept.Of State]

Cartoon 292 No caption. [Dewey; NY G.O.P.; Albany; White House]

Cartoon 293 No caption. [Poindexter-Peru Servant Problem]

Cartoon 294 No caption. [10 cents]

Cartoon 295 No caption. [Shearer]

Cartoon 296 No caption. [Ritchie; Boston]

Cartoon 297 No caption. [Senator Joe Grundy]

Cartoon 298 No caption. [Broening Candidacy]

Cartoon 299 "Out of the night." [Blackout]

Cartoon 300 "Back in never never land." [City G.O.P.]

Cartoon 301 No caption. [New York City; Grover Whalen]

Cartoon 302 No caption. [Indiana Politics]

Cartoon 303 No caption. [Nebraska; Fort Geo. Norris]

Cartoon 304 No caption. [Detroit’s Mayorality Campaign]

Cartoon 305 No caption. [Bishop Cannon]

Cartoon 306 No caption. [Frank L. Smith; Illinois Senate Seat]

Cartoon 307 No caption. [Mullikin]

Cartoon 308 No caption. [Gov. Smith’s . . . Message to the NY Legislature]

Cartoon 309 No caption. [Wilbur; Rear-Admiral Magruder]

Cartoon 310 No caption. [Hickman Case]

Cartoon 311 No caption. [Kellogg; Karolyi Case]

Cartoon 312 No caption. [Tammany Hall]

Cartoon 313 No caption. [Theory of Evolution; Texas]

Cartoon 314 "Taxi!!" [Father Knickerbocker]

Cartoon 315 "Keep the gavel in the right hands." [O’Dunne; Solter; Ulman]

Cartoon 316 No caption. [Weller; Mullikin; Conowingo]

Cartoon 317 No caption. [Old Annex Tax Bill; County Legislators]

Cartoon 318 No caption. [Weller; Hoover]

Cartoon 319 No caption. [Weller; Zumbrumm; K.K.K.]

Cartoon 320 No caption. [State Dry Act]

Cartoon 321 No caption. [McIntosh Boom; Maryland Political Field]

Cartoon 322 "Left over Easter egg." [MD Political Situation]

Cartoon 323 "New face in the visitors gallery." [Legislature; Annapolis; War]

Cartoon 324 No caption. [Weller; Mullikin; Conowingo]

Cartoon 325 No caption. [Weller; Mullikin; Conowingo]

Cartoon 326 No caption. [Mullikin; Conowingo]

Cartoon 327 No caption. [Weller; K.K.K.]

Cartoon 328 No caption. [State Dry Act; Legislature]

Cartoon 329 No caption. [Maryland "Free State"; State Dry Act; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 330 No caption. [Annapolis; Voting Machine Bill]

Cartoon 331 "He comes in at the finale." [Dewey; MD G.O.P.]

Box D11 (Cont.)

Cartoon 332 "Very little side show" [MD Primaries; War; Public]

Cartoon 333 "‘Are you going to keep on being cold to me, eh?’" [Annapolis Special Session; Politics]

Cartoon 334 "Oozing confidence, these days" [Democrats; 1956]

Cartoon 335 No caption. [G.O.P.]

Cartoon 336 "The hardeware is beginning to fly." [Democrats; Truman-Harriman]

Cartoon 337 No caption. [Anti-Trust Laws; G.O.P.]

Cartoon 338 "‘Zat so?’" [Willki; G.O.P. 1944 Plans]

Cartoon 339 "Company’s here." [Churchill]

Cartoon 340 "Speaking as one world to another -" [Willkie; Mid-West Farm Vote]

Cartoon 341 No caption.

Box D12 War and Peace

Cartoon 1 "The one note man?" [Far East]

Cartoon 2 "Reveille in Washington." [FDR; December 8, 1941]

Cartoon 3 "Standing with reluctant feet -" [Japan; New Order]

Cartoon 4 "To the shores of Tripoli (Armistace Day 1942)" [1918; USA]

Cartoon 5 "Memorial Day - yesterday and today" [Allied Fighter; Flanders; Ypres]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [Germany; Currency Inflation]

Cartoon 7 "Low man on an Axis pole" [Japan]

Cartoon 8 No caption. [Newton Baker’s Cruise]

Cartoon 9 "Epilogue to tragedy." [Trial at Riom; Blum; Gamelin; Daladier]

Cartoon 10 No caption. [Geneva League Meeting; Isolation]

Cartoon 11 "Growth of the soil." [Yugoslavia; The Peasant Warrior]

Cartoon 12 "‘Much has to be repaid’" [Japanese; Pacific Sphere; US; Britain]

Cartoon 13 "On the anxious minaret." [Turkey; Neutrality]

Cartoon 14 "YOUR duty!"

Cartoon 15 "- And don’t forget what happened to me - !" [Hitler; Roosevelt]

Cartoon 16 "New thunder from the south." [Solomons Battle; North Africa]

Cartoon 17 "Back in the old home town." [The British; Tobruck]

Cartoon 18 "Little man on a big chipping job" [Japanese; India]

Cartoon 19 "Goose stepping back!" [Russian Campaign; Hitler]

Cartoon 20 "A very little Corsican" [Corsica; Napoleon]

Cartoon 21 "Over the top." [Attu Attack; Alaska]

Cartoon 22 "Staking a new claim." [Japan; New Guinea; U.S.]

Cartoon 23 "Next on the grand tour" [Red Army; Budapest; Austria]

Cartoon 24 "Blood red atars in the sky." [Russian Front; Retreating Nazis]

Cartoon 25 "Munich beer hall cycle" [Hitler]

Cartoon 26 "The map of Europe is rolling up." [Nazi Military Clique; Two Front War]

Cartoon 27 "Brandenburger Tor" [Red Army; Berlin]

Cartoon 28 "- And that noise aint static!" [Japanese Military; United Nations Upsurge]

Cartoon 29 "Awaiting the Phoenix" [Soviet Russia; New Western German State]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 30 "Twilight for a satellite." [Hungary; Red Army]

Cartoon 31 "A flying visit." [Japan; Wake]

Cartoon 32 "Pattern of the past." ["Kamerad!"; Withdrawal in Russia]

Cartoon 33 "Little low man of the Axis." [Japan]

Cartoon 34 "Scrap of paper" [Finland]

Cartoon 35 "Memento of an alliance." [Hitler; Italy]

Cartoon 36 "The burning book." [Mein Kampf]

Cartoon 37 "Blood on the moon." [The "Conqueror"]

Cartoon 38 "- Darkness over the whole world -"

Cartoon 39 "Reichstag fire" [Berlin]

Cartoon 40 No caption. [Barbarism; America]

Cartoon 41 No caption.

Cartoon 42 No caption. [Mussolini]

Cartoon 43 "All out wading boots." [The Atlantic]

Cartoon 44 "The candle in the wind." [Japan; Russ-Nazi Battle; Japan; Nippon’s Future]

Cartoon 45 "P.S." [Naples Post Office Time Bomb]

Cartoon 46 "Churning it up!" [The Pacific]

Cartoon 47 No caption. [Czech Executions]

Cartoon 48 "A hand across the sea." [France; The Mediterranean; Africa]

Cartoon 49 "How’re we doing, pal?" [The Navy; Pacific Battle News]

Cartoon 50 "Armistice Day"

Cartoon 51 "A tree grows in Europe."

Cartoon 52 "Roma"

Cartoon 53 "Hawaii blackout lifted - news item"

Cartoon 54 "Act Two - one thousand nine days later." [Red Army; Rumania]

Cartoon 55 "Death watch on the Rhine." [Mounting German Casualties]

Cartoon 56 "Sea-going scarecrow" [Japanese Naval "Genius"]

Cartoon 57 "Down to the sea in tanks." [The Allies; England]

Cartoon 58 "Vesuvius on a grand scale." [Italy; Il Duce]

Cartoon 59 "Remember the day -" [War Dead]

Cartoon 60 "Direction finder." [US Pacific Forces; Palau]

Cartoon 61 "The shape of things to come - ja, maybe!" [Herr Himmler; Allied Disunity]

Cartoon 62 "Crumbling Bastille bars" [France; Nazi Torture; Allied Riviera Drive; Normandy Drive]

Cartoon 63 No caption. [Geneva Convention; Fair Treatment of Prisoners of War]

Cartoon 64 "Brave little Albania!" [Greece]

Cartoon 65 "His life’s blood" [War; Oil]

Cartoon 66 "In the shadow, but still with us" [Human Misery; The War; Community Fund]

Cartoon 67 "The Japanese sandwhich man." [The Pacific; Expanison]

Cartoon 68 "One hundred eyes for an eye" [France; New Order; Hostages]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 69 "Who’s killing cock robin?" [Congress; Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 70 "World enemy number one" [21 Nations; War]

Cartoon 71 "The ghost points west" [Europe]

Cartoon 72 "One boot in suburbia" [Red Army; Berlin]

Cartoon 73 "Channel gulls" [England; Invasion]

Cartoon 74 "NOT a murmuring palm." [Gen. MacArthur; South Pacific]

Cartoon 75 "Heil, helper!!" [U.S.; Striker]

Cartoon 76 "Nice spot for a rope trick." [British Forces; India; Japanese]

Cartoon 77 "Satellites are going out!" [Red Army; Romania]

Cartoon 78 "Trappings for the ‘master strategist’." [Russia Advance in East; Invasion in West; 1918 Defeat]

Cartoon 79 "An iron heel - on another foot!" [Nazi Oppression; Allied Invasion]

Cartoon 80 "The end of ‘the march on Rome’" [Italy]

Cartoon 81 "Unite and conquer!" [British 8th Army; U.S. 5th Army]

Cartoon 82 "Sinking - in the low countries." [Allied Drive]

Cartoon 83 "Ruins of modern Greece" [Nazi Conquest; Invasion]

Cartoon 84 "Death takes a summer holiday." [Red-Nazi Battle]

Cartoon 85 "Bootlegger." [Italy; Il Duce]

Cartoon 86 "Making a mole-hill out of a mountain." [Berchtesgaden]

Cartoon 87 No caption. [Europe’s Powder Keg]

Cartoon 88 "From the bottom of the barrel" [Hitler; Nazi 12 Year Old Warrior]

Cartoon 89 "Tributary of mud." [U.S.; Rhine]

Cartoon 90 "Death watch on the Rhine." [7 Million Great War Victims; Wilhelm II]

Cartoon 91 "Climbing the pyramids." [U.S.; Rhine; Siegfried Line; New Allied Drive]

Cartoon 92 No caption. [Germany; Allies]

Cartoon 93 No caption. [Cannonism]

Cartoon 94 No caption. [Junker; Hindenburg; New German Republic Cabinet]

Cartoon 95 "‘Along a rough, a weary road -’" [Berlin]

Cartoon 96 "Tuning up on the next objective." [Totalitarian Propaganda]

Cartoon 97 "Nein! The red scum can’t do this to me!!" [Hitler; Soviet Army Counter Offensive]

Cartoon 98 "Drang nach osten."

Cartoon 99 No caption. [Isolationists; Arms Embargo]

Cartoon 100 "View from the East room"

Cartoon 101 "‘I don’t believe EVERYTHING I see in the papers!’" [Momura; Guam and Samoa]

Cartoon 102 "The last heil!"

Cartoon 103 "One more spring."

Cartoon 104 "Listen, the next one will kill you." [Goebbels; Germany]

Cartoon 105 "The British ambassador - oops sorry!" [Japan; China]

Cartoon 106 "Letter FROM Santa." [Hitler; Russian Time Table]

Cartoon 107 "Blood, chills and fears!" [Goebbels; German People; Winter Plans]

Cartoon 108 "Old Scrooge." [Ration Book]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 109 "The last pole sitter" [Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis]

Cartoon 110 "The light on the cliffs of Normandy" [Invasion; Liberation]

Cartoon 111 "The man who comes back." [Truk; Pearl Harbor]

Cartoon 112 "Neutral observer" [Smoke of Battle; The Future]

Cartoon 113 "The Appian Way" [Rome; Formia; Cassino]

Cartoon 114 "The cliffs opposite Dover." [Dieppe-Losses]

Cartoon 115 "Nothing wrong that a miracle couldn’t cure." [Marshal Kesserling]

Cartoon 116 "Silent Night."

Cartoon 117 No caption. [China; Civil War]

Cartoon 118 "Dropping the pilot." [Norway; City of Flint]

Cartoon 119 No caption. [China; Japan; Chamberlain Speech]

Cartoon 120 "Gangsters ultimatum" [Germany]

Cartoon 121 "The trailer" [Franco; Spain; German-Italian Military "Aid"]

Cartoon 122 "Man on the boot." [Il Duce; North Africa; France]

Cartoon 123 "Biting the iron hand" [Chancellor Schuschnigg; Austria]

Cartoon 124 "Memorial Day - 1956"

Cartoon 125 "The waste land"

Cartoon 126 "First on his file" [Stalin; Hull; Eden]

Cartoon 127 "Berlin Mission" [USSR; US]

Cartoon 128 "Pincer boot" [Italy; Nazi Machine]

Cartoon 129 "An arrival NOT listed on the time table" [Russian Front]

Cartoon 130 "Memorial Day" [1918; France; General Marshall]

Cartoon 131 "Rememberance of things past" [France; Germany]

Cartoon 132 "‘Well, it’s nice to know they won’t need me any more’" [Washington Battle of the Brass]

Cartoon 133 "The question in the red sky" [Soviet Army Strength; Nazi-Russ Struggle]

Cartoon 134 "Implemented!" [Charter of the Atlantic; USA-Britian]

Cartoon 135 "Signpost to conquest." [Hitler; Moscow; Nazi Death Toll]

Cartoon 136 "Island roost" [Berlin-Rome-Tokyo Aid Pact; Japan]

Cartoon 137 "The Kremlin calls time" [Stalin; Germany]

Cartoon 138 "Open city" [Manila]

Cartoon 139 No caption. [Reich War Machine; Isolationists]

Cartoon 140 "Reich rubble" [Berlin; Military Caste]

Cartoon 141 "Crack - crack - crack - !!" [Nazi Home Front; Third Reich]

Cartoon 142 "The powers of darkness return." [Belgium]

Cartoon 143 "A figure not in the blue print." [Russian Courage; Nazi Conquest Plan; Ukraine Battle]

Cartoon 144 "Sky writing" [Nazi War Industry; RAF]

Cartoon 145 "Caravan of steel" [Egypt]

Cartoon 146 "A pavement artist works in blood" [Nazi Losses; Stalingrad]

Cartoon 147 "On the morale front." [Soviet Russia; Twenty Year Aid Pact With Britain; Second Front Accord With U.S.]

Cartoon 148 "Boy get some more order blanks" [Reaction to Hitler’s "Peace" Speech]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 149 No caption. [French Underground]

Cartoon 150 "Berlin grip." [Nazi Barbarism; Western Allies; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 151 No caption. [Stalin]

Cartoon 152 "Beyond his reach" [Despotism; Liberty]

Cartoon 153 "The folding fuhrer" [German People]

Cartoon 154 "The sightless monster gloats!" [Robot Bomb Barbarism]

Cartoon 155 No caption. [Finland; Red Army]

Cartoon 156 No caption. [Mines; Nerves Campaign; Bombardment]

Cartoon 157 "Long haul tourist reservations." [Germany; Occupation; Gen. Monty]

Cartoon 158 "Headin’ for home island." [Japan; U.S. Invasion]

Cartoon 159 "Okinawa"

Cartoon 160 "The last mountain hideout." [Japan]

Cartoon 161 "The man who opened the dyke" [Holland; Denmark]

Cartoon 162 "All over mittleeuropa the lights are going out." [Hitler; German People]

Cartoon 163 "- And now I am the ruler of Ger --- ma --- nee!!!" [Admiral Doenitz; Nazi Arms]

Cartoon 164 "Third Reich"

Cartoon 165 "May Day victory garden." [Red Army; Berlin]

Cartoon 166 "Last milestone" [Torgau]

Cartoon 167 "Retreat (to the east) from Moscow." [Tokyo Diplomacy; Japanese Treaty]

Cartoon 168 "- And again and again and again!!" [Buy Bonds Now!]

Cartoon 169 "Tokyo rose" [Japan; Occupation]

Cartoon 170 "Observer from the past." [Polish Border; Nazi-Soviet Battlefront]

Cartoon 171 "Monkey on a broken stick." [Hitler; Duce; German People]

Cartoon 172 "The island in the front yard" [Leros; Turkey]

Cartoon 173 No caption. [Graff; Spee]

Cartoon 174 "Caesar on the shifting sands." [Libya; Il Duce; British African Forces]

Cartoon 175 No caption. [Europe; Nazi Drive]

Cartoon 176 "Ready with a new page" [British African Push]

Cartoon 177 "‘Humm, wonder if we’ll ever have an air raid?’" [War; Citizen Apathy]

Cartoon 178 ". . . There is strength!" [Baton of United Command; Britain; U.S.]

Cartoon 179 No caption. [Columbus 1492; U 1939]

Cartoon 180 "Outpost of the ‘son of heaven’" [Formosa]

Cartoon 181 "Spring comes to the ‘Quen City of the Danube’" [Budapest]

Cartoon 182 No caption. [Munich Agreement for European Appeasement]

Cartoon 183 "How deep is my valley!!" [The Ruhr]

Cartoon 184 "Berlin bells"

Cartoon 185 "The red badge of courage" [Red Corss; War Victims]

Cartoon 186 "‘Brave little Finland’" [Dept. Of State]

Cartoon 187 "The quick and the dead - Memorial Day 1941."

Cartoon 188 "Let’s give him another headache" [Buy Bonds]

Cartoon 189 "Peace is hell!" [No Gas]

Cartoon 190 "Waves of the NEAR future" [England; Invasion]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 191 "Witches cauldron." [Mt. Etna]

Cartoon 192 "In the lights o’ London." ["Arsenal of Democracy" - FDR]

Cartoon 193 "Yep! We should win any minute now." [Congressional Oracle; China; Egypt; Russia]

Cartoon 194 "The hard road over the hump" [China; Civil War; Inflation]

Cartoon 195 "The tight, spot little isle." [Chamberlain; England]

Cartoon 196 "‘Do I smell smoke, honorable fuhrer?’" [Matsuoka; Berlin-Tokyo Axis Meeting]

Cartoon 197 "Field gray summer skies." [Crete; Nazi Invaders]

Cartoon 198 "Reclaimed Lebensraum" [Red Army; Nazi Invasion]

Cartoon 199 "The grandeur that was -" [Fascist Barbarism; Rome]

Cartoon 200 "Liberte!" [French Africa]

Cartoon 201 "‘Well, Caesar??’" [Italy Declares War on Germany]

Cartoon 202 "Extinct volcano" [Pantelleria]

Cartoon 203 "The powers of darkness." [Greece]

Cartoon 204 No caption. [Il Duce]

Cartoon 205 "At sixty seven fathoms" [US Submarine Down off Isle of Shoals]

Cartoon 206 "Dark clouds over the dark continent." [Tunisia; Allied Victory]

Cartoon 207 "Not in vain!" [France]

Cartoon 208 "The grim pendulum" [Invasion]

Cartoon 209 "‘Good morning, pupil!’" [Sicily; AMGOT]

Cartoon 210 "Beyond the alps lies - Germany!" [Sicily]

Cartoon 211 "Hot spot" [Il Duce; Italy; Pantelleria]

Cartoon 212 "Heel and toe." [England; France]

Cartoon 213 "‘Ja - NEXT spring it blooms, maybe yet!’" [Axis Victory in Russia]

Cartoon 214 "Still astride the path" [Allied Victory; Nazi Combat Divisions]

Cartoon 215 "On the road back." [Russia; War Criminals; Berlin]

Cartoon 216 "The eternal city." [Rome; Nazi Horde]

Cartoon 217 "The leaning tower" [Italy’s Morale; FDR; Churchill]

Cartoon 218 "China tea, two lumps?" [Marshall Mission]

Cartoon 219 "Out - the Roman end of the candle." [Fate; History; The Axis]

Cartoon 220 "The road to Rome"

Cartoon 221 "Light in a dark period." [Red Army Victories; Far East Setbacks]

Cartoon 222 "Our Open Door policy" [Chinese Exclusion Act Repeal]

Cartoon 223 "Retribution - it tolls for thee!" [Moscow Declarations]

Cartoon 224 "Mud, sweat and tears -" [Diminishing Nazi Hopes]

Cartoon 225 "Additional ‘protection’ from the protector!" [Hungary]

Cartoon 226 "Heil yo’all!!"

Cartoon 227 "The watch on the Rhine" [Battle of France]

Cartoon 228 "Stirring the cauldron" [Palestine; Open Warfare; The Arab States]

Cartoon 229 "The brooding wall" [Palestine Problem]

Cartoon 230 "One week later." [Normandy; Hitler]

Cartoon 231 "Kaput"

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 232 "The Black Forest"

Cartoon 233 "Berchtesgaden sunset"

Cartoon 234 "The crowning effort." [The Fuhrer; Total War]

Cartoon 235 "Au clair de lune"

Cartoon 236 "Delivered through the back door." [Italy Invaded]

Cartoon 237 "Disaster area" [Palestine; U.N Cease Fire Appeal]

Cartoon 238 "A page for brave and gallant men." [Cassino Battle]

Cartoon 239 "He hasn’t sold the idea completely" [Asia for Asiatics; U.S. Fleet]

Cartoon 240 "Epitaph of a ‘dictator’" [Yamamoto]

Cartoon 241 "The vulture stakes all" [Hitler; Total Destruction Threat]

Cartoon 242 No caption. [Italy; Ethiopia; Il Duce; Stalin; Russia; Finland]

Cartoon 243 "On the march to glory" [Italy; Italian People; Il Duce]

Cartoon 244 "Land’s end review" [Nelson; Britain]

Cartoon 245 No caption. [Rumania; Holland; Switzerland; Finland]

Cartoon 246 "Falling star" [The Balkans]

Cartoon 247 "Roar China!" [Far East War; China; U.S.]

Cartoon 248 "Sign in the sky." [1942 Nazi Campaign; Russia; Soviet Strengh]

Cartoon 249 "Hope in the sky." [Cologne Raid; Conquered Europe]

Cartoon 250 "The dark hour glass" [German People; Invasion]

Cartoon 251 "Lacking Lebensraum" [Cherbourg Peninsula]

Cartoon 252 "The narrow Pacific" [Formosa; U.S.]

Cartoon 253 "‘I wants to make your hon. Flesh creep!’" [U.S.; California]

Cartoon 254 "Taking a bit of his own back." [Red Army; White Russia; Warsaw]

Cartoon 255 "Our neighbor from over the line." [Japan; Dutch Harbor; Alaska]

Cartoon 256 "? - ? - ?" [Egypt; War in Africa]

Cartoon 257 "Again - thunder in the desert." [Egypt; Axis Africa Corps Drive]

Cartoon 258 "Lexington" [1776; Coral Sea]

Cartoon 259 "Capital D Day for him." [Nazi Military Caste; Doomsday]

Cartoon 260 "New Milestone" [1944 V]

Cartoon 261 "Good Friday." [Europe]

Cartoon 262 "Stepping stones" [France; Channel Islands; England]

Cartoon 263 "Bird watcher with an Open Door Policy" [1955; The West]

Cartoon 264 "For whom the bell tolls" [July 4th; Liberty; World’s Oppressed]

Cartoon 265 "Wrapped in fog" [Disarmament Hopes]

Cartoon 266 "Real four power tools needed on this job" [World Arms; War Weary]

Cartoon 267 "Toil and trouble" [Peace; The War Weary]

Cartoon 268 "Pris flower girl" [Peace; Hope]

Cartoon 269 "First blades of spring" [The War Weary; Iran]

Cartoon 270 "World erosion"

Cartoon 271 "The sewers of Paris" [Peace; Hope; Big 4 Impasse]

Cartoon 272 "This year of peace" [Liberty 1946}

Cartoon 273 "Easter - 1946"

Cartoon 274 No caption. [German People; Reich Naval Army]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 275 "Beyond the ridge." [United Nations]

Cartoon 276 "The moving finger - points!" [Syria; Drang Nach Osten; Oil]

Cartoon 277 "The glory hole" [Italy; Hitler]

Cartoon 278 "In the shadow of the seven hills." [Nazi Barbarism; Rome]

Cartoon 279 "Empire busters." [Marshalls Invasion; The Pacific]

Cartoon 280 "But don’t go near my water." [U.S. Isolationist; Atlantic Ocean; Europe]

Cartoon 281 "The tight little peninsula." [Russia; The Crimea]

Cartoon 282 "Well stocked with reading matter" [Documentary Evidence of Guilt; Nazi War Criminal]

Cartoon 283 "Guilty, as charged." [Kramer Beast of Belsen]

Cartoon 284 "Roosevelt is ‘a fool’! - Berlin" [Hitler; Nazi Conquest Attempt]

Cartoon 285 "Rubble, rubble, toil and trouble." [Himmler]

Cartoon 286 "Waiting in the foothills" ["The Summit"; World’s War Weary]

Cartoon 287 "A specter watches on the Rhine" [Revival of German Nationalism; France]

Cartoon 288 "Comrades at arms - ?" [West Germany; France]

Cartoon 289 "Bottom secret" [Hesse]

Cartoon 290 "Christmas tree in the forest." [Nazi Forces; Shrinking Man Power]

Cartoon 291 "The Roman ruin speaks." [Hitler; Il Duce]

Cartoon 292 "A fine idea for a title" [Decline and Fall of the Axis]

Cartoon 293 No caption. [Sir William Robertson; Ex-soldier]

Cartoon 294 "Navy Day 1945 - To the men and ships that did not come back."

Cartoon 295 "Pacific Paradise" [H-Bomb]

Cartoon 296 "Peace hath her victories -"

Cartoon 297 "Hold your fire, men!" [Merry Christmas]

Cartoon 298 "For all who suffer"

Cartoon 299 "Today’s bell of hope" [Peace]

Cartoon 300 "Shakedown for decency" [Korea; Public Opinion; Hoarder]

Cartoon 301 "The moving finger writes -" [History; 1952; War]

Cartoon 302 "‘Remember me - ?’" [Peace; Big 4; Austria]

Cartoon 303 "Thanksgiving"

Cartoon 304 "Peace in our time -" [Dardanelles; Operation Cyprus; Paris Bickering; Atom Race; Aug. 1946]

Cartoon 305 "Mission in the peace time"

Cartoon 306 "‘There will be no fight, Bob.’" [Sherwood; OWI; Davis]

Cartoon 307 "Another part of the forest"

Cartoon 308 "The cruel sea" [S.S. Andrea Doria]

Cartoon 309 "At the tip of the arrow" [Japan’s Philippine Conquest]

Cartoon 310 "Three for victory!" [A Card Man; Gas]

Cartoon 311 "Still waiting for the all clear"

Cartoon 312 "Came the dawn." [First Long Blackout]

Cartoon 313 "Memorial Day 1945 - ‘There’s some corner of a foreign field -’"

Cartoon 314 No caption. [The War Weary; Peace]

Cartoon 315 "The moon is down" [Bataan]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 316 No caption. [Mussolini]

Cartoon 317 "‘Death and sorrow will be our companions’" [Coventry]

Cartoon 318 No caption. [Hitler; Broken Treaties; Lies]

Cartoon 319 No caption. [War Tension; Europe]

Cartoon 320 "ONE candle." [55th Birthday]

Cartoon 321 "Snap out of it and go to WORK!!" [Home Front Effort]

Cartoon 322 "‘ - Blood, tears, toil and sweat’ - Churchill"

Cartoon 323 "The last laugh" [Lord Haw Haw]

Cartoon 324 "A too too generous offer" [Dr. Goebbels]

Cartoon 325 "The man who dealt with the ‘honest broker’" [Destroyers for Britain; Eight Bases; Western Hemisphere]

Cartoon 326 "Fateful folio" [History of Naval Warfare; The Pacific]

Cartoon 327 "The sower" [Germany; Nazis; Anti-Semite Land Laws]

Cartoon 328 "The next handshake" [Nazi War Criminal]

Cartoon 329 "Red white and blue tape" [Marcus Island]

Cartoon 330 "Home to roost" [Atomic Warfare; USA; by Shoemaker]

Cartoon 331 "The cap on the volcano." [South America; U.S.; Martinique]

Cartoon 332 "Armistice Day"

Cartoon 333 "Wings over Manila." [Japanese Air Superiority]

Cartoon 334 "Solid as a rock!" [Washington Declaration - 26 United Nations]

Cartoon 335 "Reminder - on blackened cliffs." [Red Cross]

Cartoon 336 "Snow man" [Nazi Retreat]

Cartoon 337 "The big inch by inch." [Italy; Sicily; Allied Drive]

Cartoon 338 "The flaming sword" [Palestine; War]

Cartoon 339 "Roman ruins" [Italian Election Hopes]

Cartoon 340 "Red hot sickle" [Balkan Powder Keg; Soviet Advance; Rumania]

Cartoon 341 No caption. [Rumania; The Reich; Russia]

Cartoon 342 "Fifth year" [Berlin; Hitler]

Cartoon 343 "His own juice" [Duce; Italian People]

Cartoon 344 "It’s later than the cuckoo thinks." [Hitler; Germany]

Cartoon 345 "What a leap year!" [Marshal; Russia; Nazi War Mob]

Cartoon 346 "No change in the text!" ["Uncondiotional Surrender"; FDR]

Cartoon 347 "The twain meet." [Germany; Allies; Russia]

Cartoon 348 "Slowly moving finger" [History; War in Europe]

Cartoon 349 "Mist from the Rhine."

Cartoon 350 "- Way of dusty death" [Germany; 1918; 1945]

Cartoon 351 "Mediterranean silhouette" [Elba; African Debate]

Cartoon 352 No caption. [Poland; Chamberlain]

Cartoon 353 "From the rubble nest." [Berchtesgaden]

Cartoon 354 "All quiet on the Western Front" [Poland]

Cartoon 355 "Kultur marches on" [The Netherlands]

Cartoon 356 "Jap zero hour" [Manila]

Cartoon 357 "Bells of hope" [Conquered Europe; England]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 358 "Required re-reading!" [Mein Kampf; Himmler; German Army]

Cartoon 359 "Caesar’s ghost." [Sicily Invaded]

Cartoon 360 "Order of the day - and tomorrow!" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 361 "The robot of robots" [German People]

Cartoon 363 "The bell over there." [Totalitarianism]

Cartoon 364 "One man torpedo" [Churchill’s Address]

Cartoon 365 No caption.

Cartoon 366 "Strange guardian of an eternal flame"

Cartoon 367 "The little corporal" [Hitler; Von Hindenburg]

Cartoon 368 "The occupied helmet." [Flandin; Reich Rule; France]

Cartoon 369 "Open door policy - with a view!" [Japan; US Occupation Force]

Cartoon 370 "- It tolls for thee" [War Criminal Charges; Nazi Master Race]

Cartoon 371 "Carrying steel to Honshu" [U.S. Power; Japanese Steel Areas]

Cartoon 372 No caption. [Reich War Machine; Czechoslovakia]

Cartoon 373 "The capital of ‘world conquest’" [Berlin]

Cartoon 374 "East of Suez" [Nazi Africa Corps]

Cartoon 375 "Moving the king-pin" [Nazi High Command; Wwestern Front]

Cartoon 376 "The shadowy mourner - Armistace Day"

Cartoon 377 "One more Armistace Day" [1918; Germany’s World Conquest Plans]

Cartoon 378 "With a tremendous stake in the future." [War; 1942]

Cartoon 379 "Asia’s gunpowder keg." [U.S. Lend Lease; China]

Cartoon 380 "Dachau"

Cartoon 381 "The meistersinger of Nuernburg" [Nazi War Trials]

Cartoon 382 "To keep the home fires burning" [Asia and Australia; Japan; New Order Dynamite]

Cartoon 383 "An army travels on it’s stomach, NEIN!" [Hitler]

Cartoon 384 "‘Hell’s acre!’" [Iwo; US]

Cartoon 385 ". . . And departing leave behind - death and destruction" [1941]

Cartoon 386 "Thumbs down - for the [nonce?]" [Hitler]

Cartoon 387 "The old ‘scrap of paper’ spike" [1914 Tactics; Locarno Treaty; Versailles Treaty; Belgian Guarantee]

Cartoon 388 No caption. [RF]

Cartoon 389 "Victory set New York’s Feet Dancing to a New Rhythm" [New York Tribune, Sunday, December 17, 1918]

Cartoon 390 "The home front deserter." [Over-optimism; Supply Shortage Costs]

Cartoon 391 "Light for YOU!!" [Buy Bonds; War Loan; Liberty]

Cartoon 392 "Tide in the affairs of men." [History; World’s Greatest Battle]

Cartoon 393 "Toothless warrior" [Kilgore Bill]

Cartoon 394 "Idol breaker." [U.S. Fleet; Jap Military "Might"]

Cartoon 395 "For all to see" [Victory Bonds; Victory Loan]

Cartoon 396 "Nippon supplies the inkwell." [Japan; Surrender]

Cartoon 397 "Two pages of history" [Tojo]

Cartoon 398 "Fading light of Asia" [Japanese Hopes]

Box D12 (Cont.)

Cartoon 399 "The ragged stocking" [Hope; Peace]

Cartoon 400 "It’s nice having a birdcage handy, but more help on the heavy end is needed." [Western Allies; Security Against Aggression]

Cartoon 401 "Spring plowing in the neighborhood" [Soviet War Machine; Yugoslavia]

Cartoon 402 "Little brown man need big living space, thank you!" [Axis Treaty - Japan, Italy, Reich]

Cartoon 403 "Many happy landings" [Eisenhower; Rome]

Cartoon 404 "Tokyo tea = party crasher" [Japan; Red China; Moscow Directives]

Cartoon 405 "The expendibles" [Il Duce; Italy’s Dead]

Cartoon 406 "Phoenix in steel." [Soviet Spirit; Stalingrad]

Cartoon 407 "Elemer’s new tune." [Elmer Davis]

Cartoon 408 "The news reaches cloudland." [The Optimist]

Cartoon 409 "Watch on the Nile" [The Battle of Libya]

Cartoon 410 "Blood and sandstorm." [Tobruk; Rommel Macine]

Cartoon 411 "Sevastopol has fallen" [Nazi Dead Toll]

Cartoon 412 "Mirage for - ?" [Victory; Egyptian Battleground]

Cartoon 413 "In the shadow" [Italy’s Revenge; Vesuvius]

Cartoon 414 "Caucasus oasis" [Oil; Nazi War Machine]

Cartoon 415 "Barefoot ‘super’ boy" [Lower Italy]

Cartoon 416 "Doings of ‘the master race’" [British; Rzhev; Rommel; German People]

Cartoon 417 "Another ‘new weapon’ ready to explode." [Il Duce; Italy]

Cartoon 418 "We’ll be seein’ ya!" [Bataan Defense; MacArthur]

Cartoon 419 "The Rhine maiden." [Nazi Doom]

Cartoon 420 "Moscow or St. Helena - ?" [Hitler; Russian Campaign]

Cartoon 421 No caption. [USA]

Cartoon 422 "The marshal’s baton" [Petain]

Cartoon 423 "Victory Set New York’s Feet Dancing to a New Rhythm" [New York Tribune, Sunday, November 17, 1918]

Cartoon 424 "Look who’s in Serbia now" [Stalin]

Cartoon 425 "Bridge head toll collector" [Hitler; Total Defeat]

Cartoon 426 "The ‘last quarter hour’ - has ended." [France; Axis Peace Terms]

Box D13 U.S. problems: constitutional, fiscal, labor

U.S. taxes and finance

Cartoon 1 "Nail ‘em down!" [Congress; Inflation; Wages; Farm Prices]

Cartoon 2 "His contribution to the war effort." [Farm Bloc; Consumer; Living Costs]

Cartoon 3 "Will you go quietly - or?" [Truman; Recession; Economic Report]

Cartoon 4 "Tough demolition job" [Truman; Reconversion Strike Situation]

Cartoon 5 "We can hardly wait." [Anti-Inflation Bill; Farm Bloc; Old High Cost of Living]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [GOP: Prohibition Plank]

Cartoon 7 "Bearing down" [Congress; Budget Expenditures]

Cartoon 8 "Forty dollars and a mule" [1948; $40.00 Tax Cut]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 9 "And his little papoose is right behind." [World’s Largest Tax Bill]

Cartoon 10 "How not to hatch a good egg." [Congress; Tax Bill]

Cartoon 11 "His heart doesn’t seem to be in it." [Congress; "Grant of Power"; Anti- Inflation Tank]

Cartoon 12 "Another menacing bulge" [US 83 Billions War Budget]

Cartoon 13 "Another pipeline planned." [20% Withholding Tax; US Treasury]

Cartoon 14 "His number is up." [March 15]

Cartoon 15 "The pit and the pendulum" [Defense Production Plans; Labor; Strikes]

Cartoon 16 "Goes with me, absolutely free!" [Treasuy’s New War Tax Plans; Anti- Inflation]

Cartoon 17 "The law of gravity seems suspended." [Tax Payer; Income Tax; Congress Tax Plan Tie Up]

Cartoon 18 "- And tommorow." [March 15th]

Cartoon 19 "Scaled you down a bit, John!" [Lewis]

Cartoon 20 "Hold that steamroller!" [OPA Consumer Advisory Comm.; Inflation]

Cartoon 21 "Patience" [Senate; Tax Payer; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 22 "No bite!" [Senate Labor Bill; Senator Taft]

Cartoon 23 "Twisting his arm" [Truman Tax Plan; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 24 No caption. [Truman Budget]

Cartoon 25 "- And I mean NO!" [Truman 10 Point Living Cost Plan; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 26 "Behind this curtain - ?" [1948; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 27 "Boy, is THIS act tense?" [GOP; Inflation]

Cartoon 28 "Awful low bridge" [Veto; GOP; Tax Reduction]

Cartoon 29 "Breathtaking" [GOP; 30% Tax Cut]

Cartoon 30 "This COULD have a sad ending." [Truman Tax Cut Plan; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 31 "Jingle bells" [Congress; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 32 No caption. [Diamonds . . . Tariff Free . . .]

Cartoon 33 "Underground swell" [Anti-Strike Laws]

Cartoon 34 "Advance tip from Santa." [Tax Payer; No Tax Cut in 1945]

Cartoon 35 "Cherry blossom time along the Potomac." [Labor; Labor Legislation]

Cartoon 36 "Time to unload" [Govt. Control of Mines]

Cartoon 37 "No place in the scheme for this ‘displaced person’." [Congress; Unemployment]

Cartoon 38 "Really cutting up." [Farm Bill; The House]

Cartoon 39 No caption. [Coal Miners; Operations-CIO Meeting]

Cartoon 40 No caption. [USHA: Gov’t Housing Plan Cost; Tax Paying Home Owner]

Cartoon 41 "The hard rock" [Coal Fields]

Cartoon 42 "Hard boiled eggs hatch, too." [Lewis; CIO; US Labor]

Cartoon 43 "‘They sent me over for a check up, doc.’" [Robertson-Forand House Tax Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 44 "Deep well fishing." [NLRA; Congressional Probe]

Cartoon 45 "Hot and bothered." [Food Muddle; Congress]

Cartoon 46 "Huffing and puffing!" [40 Hour Week Question; Congress]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 47 "Ah hah! - That man with the piercing eyes." [Sales Tax; Congress]

Cartoon 48 No caption. [Coolidge; Farm Belt]

Cartoon 49 No caption. [WPA; Relief Problem; Congress]

Cartoon 50 "Back to the mines" [Lewis; Mine Workers]

Cartoon 51 No caption. [Unemployed; GOP]

Cartoon 52 No caption. [American Tax Payer; British Tax Payer; 1937]

Cartoon 53 "A little lower with that ceiling, please." [Inflation; Cost of Living; Price Control]

Cartoon 54 "Well - ?" [Chicago Racketeer]

Cartoon 55 "‘Gee, Al’s house is sweller than Wally’s’" [A. Capone]

Cartoon 56 No caption. [Saloon Lobby; Drys]

Cartoon 57 No caption. [Volstead Act; Drys]

Cartoon 58 No caption. [Hoover’s Prohibition Investigation]

Cartoon 59 No caption. [Chicago Gang Rule]

Cartoon 60 "Out of the same old bottle." [Volstead; Prohibition; Congress]

Cartoon 61 "Getting wetter and wetter" [Wickersham Report; Anderson Speech]

Cartoon 62 "Moses comes down from the mountain" [Wickersham; Dry Law]

Cartoon 63 "It’s cracked, all right." [Liberty Bell]

Cartoon 64 "Why not peace on this front?" [FDR; US Industry]

Cartoon 65 "The man on top of the stilts" [Depression; High Prices]

Cartoon 66 No caption. [Secretary Hull; The Tariff Lobby]

Cartoon 67 "‘What hath God wrought!’" [Congress; Tax Payer; Income Tax Form - Simplified]

Cartoon 68 "A banner with his own device." [John L. Lewis; New Deal; CIO]

Cartoon 69 "The ramparts we build." [Congress; One Billion New Taxes For Defense]

Cartoon 70 No caption. [Hopkins Speech; New Deal]

Cartoon 71 "Don’t blame me, it’s that man in the White House" [Congress; Farmers; Agricultural Benefits]

Cartoon 72 "Growing in the ante-room" [Strike Problem; Knudsen; Hillman; Office O.P.M.]

Cartoon 73 "Leaving me behind, chum?" [July Adjournment Plan; Congress; Inflation]

Cartoon 74 "The master starts chipping" [Senate; Labor Legislation]

Cartoon 75 "Say ah!" [Food Industries; Justice Department]

Cartoon 76 "Drop that knife, son!" [Truman Budget; GOP Congress; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 77 "Beginning to sizzle" [Labor Legislation]

Cartoon 78 "The mixture as before" [Senate GOP; Small Business]

Cartoon 79 "A safe with an open door needs watching" [Pat Harrison’s Joint Committee]

Cartoon 80 "Hot breath on the back of the neck." [Inflation]

Cartoon 81 "That character is still loaded with trouble." [US Consumer; Inflation]

Cartoon 82 "Nibbling" [Hull Trade Agreements Policy; The Old Smoot-Hawley Tariff Group]

Cartoon 83 "Come on down!" [Oil Strikers; Labor Sec. Schwellenbach]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 84 "Well - I DID suffer a few patches." [Jobs for All Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 85 "R-r-r-rrr - ring!!!" [Strike Threat]

Cartoon 86 "Hold that nine!" [OPA Extension; Inflation; House]

Cartoon 87 "The man who pulled the plug." [Anti-Strike Legislation; Labor Leader]

Cartoon 88 "Not to be opened until AFTER Christmas!" [Congress; Taxes; Subsidies]

Cartoon 89 "A workable model - we hope!" [Taxes]

Cartoon 90 "Hold ‘im in that jacket!" [Inflation; Price Control; Wage Control]

Cartoon 91 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Tariff; American Export Trade]

Cartoon 92 "- Lost his taste for cherries." [FDR’s Domestic Leadership; Congress]

Cartoon 93 "Seeing anything but eye to eye." [Labor Legislation; Congress]

Cartoon 94 "Waiting for the rainbow" [GOP Tax Cut Promise]

Cartoon 95 "The cherry tree and the little hatchet" [Budget Cut; Congress]

Cartoon 96 "Fill ‘er up!" [Mine Workers; Defense Coal Supply]

Cartoon 97 "Where there’s smoke there’s fireworks." [Lewis-Murray; Management Labor Conference]

Cartoon 98 "Comes the revolution!" [Congress; Socialist Attlee]

Cartoon 99 "Adjusting his necktie" [Truman Budget; Congress]

Cartoon 100 "A shoe that pinched." [10% Tax Cut; 20% GOP Promise]

Cartoon 101 "Operation Capitol Hill" [Service Merger Bill; Congress]

Cartoon 102 "Horning in!" [ASCAP Song Writers; Justice Dept.]

Cartoon 103 "‘I come to serve, sire!’" [Secretary of State Hull; Joe Davies; FDR]

Cartoon 104 "The long, long, long act." [US Treasury; Tax Collections]

Cartoon 105 "- And old Santa ran off with his stocking" [Logan-Walter Bill; FDR]

Cartoon 106 No caption. [Sen. Harrison; Jack Garner]

Cartoon 107 "A ‘must’, before Santa Claus comes." [Congress; Pending Legislation; Christmas Recess Plans]

Cartoon 108 "Fill ‘er up!" [John L. Lewis]

Cartoon 109 "The man who came to dinner - early." [Pres. Truman; Congress]

Cartoon 110 "On the scuttle" [John L. Lewis; Coal]

Cartoon 111 "Hold up a bit with the largesse, son!" [House Tax Bill]

Cartoon 112 "Not wanted in the peace set-up" [Unemployment]

Cartoon 113 "PLEASE - be careful!" [Atomic Energy; Plans for Legislation]

Cartoon 114 "You my friend, have a REAL job of work!" [Congress; One World]

Cartoon 115 "Interlude of hopes." [Labor; Strike Settlements]

Cartoon 116 "The elephant takes up hunting" [Senate GOP: Anti-Strike Bill]

Cartoon 117 "Hold that volcano!" [Inflation; Price Control; Extention]

Cartoon 118 "They left a few, see!" [Truman Labor Bill; The House]

Cartoon 119 "Furbishing up the old boy" [British Loan; Senate Banking Committee]

Cartoon 120 "‘Rest’ cure." [Miners]

Cartoon 121 "Not mad at me anymore, are you Mr. Lewis?" [Coal Settlement]

Cartoon 122 "The pendulum swings" [Strike Threat]

Cartoon 123 "Back to the old mine" [United Mine Workers; John L. Lewis]

Cartoon 124 "Right from the fireside" [Truman; Congress; Labor]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 125 "The searching eyes." [Sate Dept. Diplomacy; Congress; Hurley Charges]

Cartoon 126 "The lowest depth." [Kidnap Murderer]

Cartoon 127 "Here I am, son!" [Congress; Farmers]

Cartoon 128 "Some chick, some neck!" [White House; Inflation]

Cartoon 129 "Prospects of violence on the picket line." [Case Strike-Control Bill]

Cartoon 130 "Marooned offshore" [Pauley; Oil]

Cartoon 131 "Slow torture" [Reconversion; Senate; Filibuster]

Cartoon 132 "Message from the underground?" [Tax Cut; Veto]

Cartoon 133 "Some peanuts for YOU, mister!" [GOP; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 134 "Courage, son, courage!" [Truman; Tax Bill]

Cartoon 135 "The bottom of the bin" [Reconversion Plans; Soft Coal Supply]

Cartoon 136 "Harry says I’m your baby!" [Sec. Krug; Miners Strike Threat]

Cartoon 137 "How’s the wind blowing?" [Bowles; Inflation]

Cartoon 138 No caption. [Rail Strike Off]

Cartoon 139 "Hey! Watch out for the steam cars." [Steel; Meat Strike; Rail Strike Threat]

Cartoon 140 "Parting is such sweet sorrow" [Mr. H. Ickes]

Cartoon 141 "A ‘little inch’ at the bottom" [Coal Supply]

Cartoon 142 "Rigged up in a toga, now." [British Loan; Senatorial Approval]

Cartoon 143 "Up from the underground movement" [Living Costs; Price Controls]

Cartoon 144 "Measuring him for the kill" [Profiteer; Consumer]

Cartoon 145 "Portal to portal" [Mine; Public]

Cartoon 146 No caption. [Peace Time Full Employment Problem; Sept. Congressional Session]

Cartoon 147 "Very old, old hat." [House Republicans; High Tariff]

Cartoon 148 "Unwanted smoke control" [Strike; Steel Industry]

Cartoon 149 No caption. [Hoover’s Farm Relief Message]

Cartoon 150 "The finger on the right spot" [Law and Justice; Labor Racketeer]

Cartoon 151 "Youth has HAD it’s fling!" [Congress; NYA]

Cartoon 152 "‘Don’t worry about anything, I’m back!’" [Congress; Post-War Problems]

Cartoon 153 "Early American scene"

Cartoon 154 No caption. [USA No Credit; European IOU’s]

Cartoon 155 "One scale justice" [NLRB; The Record]

Cartoon 156 No caption. [Stock Boom - Buried Oct. 23, 1929]

Cartoon 157 "Old fashioned nature lover" [Hull Trade Agreement Policy; High Tariff Lobby]

Cartoon 158 "Ways and means." [Committee Chairman Doughton]

Cartoon 159 "‘Here’s your war baby, friends!’" [Leon Henderson]

Cartoon 160 "Look! It’s me again." [GOP Tax Cut Plan]

Cartoon 161 "Back, with his tombstone!" [The Ruml Plan]

Cartoon 162 "Table mountain" [Food Price; US]

Cartoon 163 "Be reasonable, bend down!" [High Prices; Congress Subcommittee]

Cartoon 164 "Not yet!" [John L. Lewis; Coal Strike]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 165 "Wailing!!" [Tariff Wall; GOP]

Cartoon 166 "Sherman wasn’t altogether right boys!" [Army-Navy Pay Raise]

Cartoon 167 "Hey look! A volunteer extractionist." [Taft-Hartley Act; Immunities; Labor]

Cartoon 168 "‘Twas not quite a famous victory." [John L. Lewis; UMW]

Cartoon 169 "Tennessee textbook revision" [Extremists; Reading Rioting Bloodshed]

Cartoon 170 "‘Honest, I don’t feel as bad as they say.’" [US Foreign Policy]

Cartoon 171 No caption. [Defense Plans; Foreign Policy]

Cartoon 172 "That halo still has a glow to it" [Legislature; Pretty Good Conduct]

Cartoon 173 "Slow in reaching the finanle." [Tax Situation]

Cartoon 174 "Bad job of mummy wrapping." [Bankhead Bill; Inflation; Senate]

Cartoon 175 "Tackled but not down." [Rising Prices; Inflation Threat]

Cartoon 176 No caption. [Senator Robinson; Supreme Court Gown]

Cartoon 177 "Dynamite!" [John L. Lewis; Strike Threat; Soft Coal Mines]

Cartoon 178 "Still in the air" [Manpower Production Problem]

Cartoon 179 "The taxpayers glide, hot cha!" [Mayris Chaney; Melvyn Douglas]

Cartoon 180 "- And I can get me some MORE teeth, brother!" [Taft-Hartly Labor Bill; John Lewis]

Cartoon 181 "The house wrecker is still eager." [Inflation]

Cartoon 182 "A pause on the mole hill." [Debt Limit; Congress]

Cartoon 183 "Run for the hills, men." [Inflation]

Cartoon 184 "‘They can’t do this to me!’" [Bankhead Bill; Inflation]

Cartoon 185 "The battle is on." [FDR Veto; The Tax Bill]

Cartoon 186 "In the deep shelter." [Barkley Speech; Congress-FDR Battle]

Cartoon 187 "Ever ready volunteer." [House Ways and Means Committee; Sales Tax; New Tax Bill]

Cartoon 188 "Gee doc, you really think I might work this time?" [Rep. Knutson; GOP Tax Bill]

Cartoon 189 "Election year fish story" [Senate; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 190 "Leap year Olympics" [GOP Congress; Election Year Tax Cut]

Cartoon 191 "Look, ain’t I cute?" [Politics; Tax Reduction Legislation]

Cartoon 192 "The Ides of March" [Income Tax]

Cartoon 193 "- Well, maybe not" [GOP; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 194 "Fully packed" [Maryland; Taxes]

Cartoon 195 "South of the border" [Canada; US]

Cartoon 196 "Suspence!" [Truman; Canada; GOP; Tax Bill; Labor Bill]

Cartoon 197 No caption. [MD Counties; Income Tax Revenue Pie]

Cartoon 198 "Tied up for the week end" [The House; Tax Bill]

Cartoon 199 "My, what big hands you have uncle!" [Witholding Tax Plan]

Cartoon 200 "Excelsior!" [Tax Payer; Normal Income Tax Up 50%]

Cartoon 201 "Disarmament in Washington" [The House; New Tax Bill]

Cartoon 202 "Let’s be buddies!" [Tax-Payer; Pay-Roll Levy Tax Plan]

Cartoon 203 No caption. [Sec. Morgenthau; Sen. Harrison]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 204 No caption. [Protectionist; The Tariff Bill]

Cartoon 205 "‘Hello sucker!!’" [US Tax Payer; Bill For New York Night Club Raids]

Cartoon 206 "Here’s a better ‘ole, boys!" [Congress; Base Pay for Services]

Cartoon 207 "Elephants scare easy!" [GOP; Tariff Walls; Free Trade]

Cartoon 208 "Nope, I don’t expect to stay up long." [Tax Bill]

Cartoon 209 "- And next year I may bring you a fish." [Tax Cut Promise]

Cartoon 210 "Election souvenir" [Tax Cut; GOP; Congress]

Cartoon 211 "The sharpest peak" [1947 City Budget]

Cartoon 212 "The old tree’s sprouting!" [Income Tax Cut Promise; GOP Congress Control]

Cartoon 213 "The AGA tax payer’s weight in diamonds." [Income Tax Payments]

Cartoon 214 "Little Santa has been to the cleaners." [Tax Payer; Congress]

Cartoon 215 "Visibility - zero!" [Income Tax Payment Fog]

Cartoon 216 No caption. [FDR; US Currency]

Cartoon 217 No caption. [Relief Problem; Legislature]

Cartoon 218 No caption. [US Treasury; Business; "Self Liquidating" Spending Plan]

Cartoon 219 "My! He scared himself!!" [Sales Tax; Congress]

Cartoon 220 "Former dunce, now wonder boy." [Legislature; MD Tax Payer]

Cartoon 221 "Come on, ring it!" [Sales Tax; Congress]

Cartoon 222 "Victory (he hopes) garden." [GOP; Ruml Plan; Tax Muddle]

Cartoon 223 "‘You definately look uncomfortable.’" [Tax Payer; Income Tax Tangle; Plans for Simplifying Taxes]

Cartoon 224 "- And an unhappy New Year to YOU!" [Political Spender; Victory Program for 1943]

Cartoon 225 "Memos from Mars." [77th Congress; War Financing; Price Control; Taxes]

Cartoon 226 "Rationed." [Pay Check]

Cartoon 227 "A bad year for divining rods." [Congress; Tax Problem Desert]

Cartoon 228 "Platform shoes." [Living Costs; Congress; Special Session]

Cartoon 229 "Bowl him over!" [Inflation]

Cartoon 230 No caption. [City Council; Pay Increase]

Cartoon 231 No caption. [GOP 1928 Jardine Farm Relief Plan]

Cartoon 232 No caption. [Baltimore Bankers; $1 per Month Service Charge]

Cartoon 233 No caption. [Nicaragua; Internal Finances]

Cartoon 234 No caption. [US Treasury]

Cartoon 235 No caption. [Occupation of China and Nicaragua]

Cartoon 236 No caption. [City Council; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 237 "If Dempsey loses poor Jack" [To Hollywood]

Cartoon 238 No caption. [Fordney-McCumber Tariff; Big Business; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 239 No caption. [Europe; $300,000,000 Tax Cut]

Cartoon 240 No caption. [Old Annex Tax Payer; City Tax Payer]

Cartoon 241 No caption. [$.79 Old Annex Tax Payer; Full Rate $2.39 City Tax Payer]

Cartoon 242 "Sunny Italy -" [Economic Crisis]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 243 No caption. [State Guide Book]

Cartoon 244 "‘Give it papa - or else!’" [$24,000,000 Dry Fund; The House]

Cartoon 245 "Car loadings up." [Rail Workers; Wage Increase]

Cartoon 246 "The first hundred years are the hardest." [Peace Treaty Between France and US Renewed]

Cartoon 247 No caption. [Mayor Walker; Bankers Loan at 6%]

Cartoon 248 "A business man retires from politics" [Grundy]

Cartoon 249 "A souvenier from the non-political tourist" [Truman; Congress]

Cartoon 250 "‘Can you top this?’" [Voice of America Program]

Cartoon 251 "All we need is the rainbow." [World Currency Stabilization; War]

Cartoon 252 No caption. [by Shoemaker; Truman; Inflation Scare; Bear Market]

Cartoon 253 "Come on, let’s get the machine working!" [Pay As You Go Tax Plan]

Cartoon 254 "Eureka - almost!" [Sales Tax]

Cartoon 255 "The stream is drying up - but fast!" [81st Congress Session; Income Tax Reduction Hopes]

Cartoon 256 No caption. [GOP Prosperity; Tax Reduction; Congress]

Cartoon 257 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill]

Cartoon 258 No caption. [The Young Plan; Snowden]

Cartoon 259 No caption. [US Owned Shipping Venture; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 260 "‘They can’t do this to us servants of the people!’" [Hoover Govt. Organization Reports]

Cartoon 261 "Washington air lift" [Peace Time High Spending Program]

Cartoon 262 "No place to hide." [Political Free-Spenders; Tax Hikes]

Cartoon 263 No caption. [Annapolis; The Legislature; 1929 Session]

Cartoon 264 No caption. [Fordney-McCumber High Tariff; Congress Democrats; Tariff Barons]

Cartoon 265 No caption. [Armament Burden; World Tax-Payer]

Cartoon 266 No caption. [1928 Tax Budget; New Cruisers]

Cartoon 267 No caption. [Increased Naval Building; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 268 No caption. [Budget Conferences on National Defense]

Cartoon 269 "SKL limit writing." [Sec. Morgenthau; Raise National Debt Limit]

Cartoon 270 No caption. [Broening; High Assesments; High Taxes]

Cartoon 271 "The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!" [Income Tax - March 15th]

Cartoon 272 "Political guided missile" [Congress Dems. Tax Cut]

Cartoon 273 "I’ll cry tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow -" [Income Tax; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 274 "A gloomy presence." [Tax Bill Problems; Inflation; Senate Finance Committee]

Cartoon 275 No caption. [Hoover Appeals for a Campaign Fund; 1924 Fund - Harry Sinclair, Will Hayes]

Cartoon 276 No caption. [Hon. Bill Broening]

Cartoon 277 "Opening gun" [Fall Congressional Campaign]

Cartoon 278 "Not too bad a picture" [Income Tax Break]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 279 "Information PLEASE!" [Lowell Mellett]

Cartoon 280 "This weapon will never be obsolete." [Sinews of War]

Cartoon 281 "Yes! That man in the background IS real!" [War; Treasury Plan - More Taxes]

Cartoon 282 "‘Somebody get me down outta here!’" [Senate; Inflation Trends; New Tax Bill]

Cartoon 283 "At long last - the rescue squad." [Tax Jungle; Congress Relief]

Cartoon 284 G.(enii) O.P. [Tax Cut Promises; 1948]

Cartoon 285 "Patching and hoping" [War Wrecked World]

Cartoon 286 "Coming to grips" [Tax Bill; The Senate]

Cartoon 287 "Awake in the deep." [Tax Cut Problem; GOP; Dems.]

Cartoon 288 "Holding the line." [No Increase in National Debt]

Cartoon 289 "Throwing out the first stone" [Tax Reduction Plans; Congress; 16 Years of Increasing Taxes]

Cartoon 290 "Ready for the unveiling" [Tax Cut; 2nd Session; 80th Congress]

Cartoon 291 No caption. [Spending Plan; 76th Session; Congress]

Cartoon 292 No caption. [Income Tax Increase . . . for Defense; The House]

Cartoon 293 "Expense and NO luxury" [Taxes]

Cartoon 294 "No secret weapon this!" [Tax Bill; The House]

Cartoon 295 "Meet my dear old friend and don’t laugh!" [Tax Bill; Congress]

Cartoon 296 "I’m goin your way bud!!" [Tax Problems; 80th Congress]

Cartoon 297 "In the upper and upper regions" [Consumer; Rising Prices]

Cartoon 298 "How to get a man off a hook?" [OPA Decontrol Board; Consumer; Rising Prices]

Cartoon 299 "Anybody want a nice tree?" [20% Blanket Tax Cut Promise; GOP]

Cartoon 300 "Somebody get my neck outa here!" [20% Tax Cut Promise; GOP]

Cartoon 301 "Well, it’s not a big pot, but it helps." [Tax Bill; Reductions]

Cartoon 302 "Hold your hat, I’m gonna push!" [Tax Cut Bill; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 303 "Hey! Look out." [Truman Budget; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 304 "Owner of a rat hole and no money to throw in it." [Fair Deal Political Free Spender; Ike’s Policy]

Cartoon 305 "Nobody ever wanted a pet hippo less." [FDR; Income Tax]

Cartoon 306 "My, what pretty golden leaves." [Tax Cut Hopes]

Cartoon 307 "Goody! Goody!! - Maybe." [Truman]

Cartoon 308 "Elephant pumpkin" [Special Session; Truman]

Cartoon 309 No caption. [New Budget; Military Expenses]

Cartoon 310 "‘- Wal-ll did you miss me?’" [Congress; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 311 No caption. [New Tariff Rates]

Cartoon 312 No caption. [Federal Farm Relief Fund; Florida]

Cartoon 313 No caption. [Tariff Increase; Beet Sugar Producers]

Cartoon 314 No caption. [GOP Tariff Bill; Senate Democrats]

Cartoon 315 No caption. [Tariff Bill]

Cartoon 316 "This way to 80 billion" [Political Spenders]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 317 "Hap-p-py New Year! - Remember?" [GOP; 1947 Tax Cut Promises]

Cartoon 318 "Strong medicine perfume" [GOP Tax Plans; No Luxury Tax Cut]

Cartoon 319 No caption. [US Production; Unwise Taxation]

Cartoon 320 "Have you ever seen a dream walking?" [Treasury Tax Plan; Congress]

Cartoon 321 "Secret weapon" [New Plans for War Taxes]

Cartoon 322 "Releif for the trapped miner?" [Taxation Problems; Pay As You Go]

Cartoon 323 "No drummer boys wanted!" [Partisanship; National Defense Plans]

Cartoon 324 "Wide breach in the wall of tyranny." [5th War Loan]

Cartoon 325 "Do your stuff!!" [Berlin, Tokyo, Lend-Lease]

Cartoon 326 "A tense day on two fronts" [State Income Tax; Federal Tax Estimate]

Cartoon 327 "Hero for a day." [Tax Payer; Income Tax March 15th]

Cartoon 328 "April first - and NO foolin’!" [New Taxes]

Cartoon 329 "Boo!!" [Solomons Victory; Armchair Strategist]

Cartoon 330 "Nope, he don’t scare easy any more!" [Treasury; Sales Tax Ruins the Poor; Congress; War Tax Plans]

Cartoon 331 "More stripes for this man’s army." [$15 Billion Appropriation]

Cartoon 332 "Just to add to the confusion." [Tax Bill Veto?; Income Tax Data]

Cartoon 333 "Message of hope for the beleaguered." [Congress’s Simplified Tax Plan]

Cartoon 334 "Relief for the tortured" [Present Tax Setup; Congress Simplified Tax Plan]

Cartoon 335 "You won’t feel this one, it’s padded!" [Pay As You Go Tax Plan]

Cartoon 336 No caption. [Coolidge; Tax Reduction]

Cartoon 337 No caption. [The Senate; Tax Cut]

Cartoon 338 No caption. [Senate Dry Appropriation]

Cartoon 339 "Strange interlude." [Congress; Easter Recess]

Cartoon 340 "Good luck with a tough job, son!" [World Monetary Meeting, Bretton Woods]

Cartoon 341 "Manna" [Program for a solvent America; Tax Cuts]

Cartoon 342 No caption. ["Jumbo" Farm Bill; US Treasury; Farmers]

Cartoon 343 "Soon you’re going to look very different" [House Tax Cut Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 344 "Can you hear me up there?" [Truman; High Prices]

Cartoon 345 "Even a few pebbles off, will help." [Taxes]

Cartoon 346 "Needle wielder in the stately halls of Congress" [Democrats; Tax-Cut Issue; GOP Majority]

Cartoon 347 "A wisely cautious tree surgeon" [Taxes; Congress; Cuts]

Cartoon 348 "Nuggests, the large economy size!" [Balanced Budget; Tax Cut; GOP 83rd Congress]

Cartoon 349 "Another ‘containment policy’ that doesn’t seem to be working" [Free- Spending Democratic Administration]

Cartoon 350 "Who gets the extra cash" [Inflation; Sales Tax]

Cartoon 351 No caption. [National Debt; Taxes]

Cartoon 352 "Somebody get the stretcher, quick!" [Rising Prices; Consumer]

Cartoon 353 No caption. [Spending Policies; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 354 "You - and the next administration" [A Bill to Spend and Spend]

Box D13 (Cont.)

Cartoon 355 "I’m warnin ya!" [The Democratic Tax Plans; House GOP]

Cartoon 356 No caption. [April Rain Clouds]

Cartoon 357 "The corpse just didn’t show up." [Reciprocal Trade Program]

Cartoon 358 "Stratosphere basket" [Food Costs]

Cartoon 359 No caption. [Bill Broening; The Broening Tax Reduction Plan]

Cartoon 360 "The ‘non-political’ teamster." [FDR; National Debt]

Cartoon 361 "‘Yep - we got the cuffs on him, all right’" [Inflation]

Cartoon 362 "Boss Frankenstein instructs his monster" [Inflation; Congress; New Price Control Rules]

Cartoon 363 "The butter and egg and I" [Soaring Prices; Consumer]

Cartoon 364 "Ready for the scorched wallet policy" [Income Tax]

Cartoon 365 "Woodsman hew that trunk!" [Lower Income Brackets; Congress]

Box D14 U.S. Miscellaneous problems: Crime, Dissent and Civil Rights, Supreme Court

Cartoon 1 "It’s even harder to unsnarl a line with a fish on the hook" [Truman; "Red Herring"; Hiss]

Cartoon 2 "Junior Sampson from Wisconsin" [McCarthy]

Cartoon 3 "‘No!! - We don’t want any fish.’" [Hoover; Governemnt Problems]

Cartoon 4 "The old time noisy fourth" [Liberty Bell; Repeal]

Cartoon 5 "That ocean is getting to look awfully narrow." [Defense Plans]

Cartoon 6 No caption. [Foreign Policy]

Cartoon 7 "There’s something going on - underneath" [1940; GOP Nov. Victory]

Cartoon 8 "He’ll get you if you don’t watch out." [Das Kapital; Brain Trust; The House]

Cartoon 9 "‘G’wan - scram for a few days!’" [World Series; Politics]

Cartoon 10 No caption. [Hoover; Anti-Saloon League]

Cartoon 11 No caption. [Hoover]

Cartoon 12 No caption.

Cartoon 13 No caption. [Cotton Surplus; FDR]

Cartoon 14 "Cease firing!" [Humphrey; Navy League]

Cartoon 15 "Spurring the old tortoise into action!" [The Senate; Hitler]

Cartoon 16 No caption. [London; Mr. Willkie]

Cartoon 17 "Almost before you can say Franklin Delano Roosevelt." [Chicago Democratic Convention; New Deal Democrats]

Cartoon 18 "Campaigning on a high level." [Garbage Issue; City GOP]

Cartoon 19 "I don’t like the we, Wendell!" [Willkie; GOP]

Cartoon 20 "‘I’ve trained little elephants in these parts.’" [1944 Campaign; Gov. Bricker; Ohio]

Cartoon 21 "It AINT natural!" [4th Term; GOP]

Cartoon 22 "Bretton Woodscraft" [Monetary Conference]

Cartoon 23 "Now let’s see, we promised to straighten you out, didn’t we?" [New Dem. Congress; Truman]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 24 "A stake in the steak" [Decontrol Board; Meat Prices]

Cartoon 25 "Well, my books are open." [Father’s Empty Checkbook]

Cartoon 26 "Your new suitings look swell." [Army-Navy Unification Plan]

Cartoon 27 "One foot off the ground." [Economic Director Byrnes]

Cartoon 28 "NOT the shape of things to come, let us hope." [Senate Isolationists; Post- War World]

Cartoon 29 "Remember, time is of the essence" [Aid to Britain]

Cartoon 30 "I think I can use you kid!" [GOP 1944]

Cartoon 31 "You’re in the army now - !!!" [RR Workers]

Cartoon 32 "NOT camouflage - real cracks" [National Defense]

Cartoon 33 "Allay-opp! - Jump through!!" [Senator Taft; GOP; Mr. Willkie]

Cartoon 34 "Make it short, maestro!" [Lend-Lease Debate; Congress; Britain]

Cartoon 35 "First citation" [Lend-Lease Bill; Committee Approval; The House]

Cartoon 36 No caption.

Cartoon 37 No caption.

Cartoon 38 "‘Peace is always beautiful’" [Post War Crime Upsurge]

Cartoon 39 No caption. [Bandit; $1333,000.00]

Cartoon 40 "Truman spare that tree -"

Cartoon 41 "This little candle doesn’t throw its beam far" [Hopes; Cave of Post War Failures]

Cartoon 42 "Inclined to dodge the finger" [Congress; Special Session; 1948 Election; World Food Problem]

Cartoon 43 "Ceiling zero" [Washington D.C.; Corruption]

Cartoon 44 "Back to the mines"

Cartoon 45 "Try it on for size" [Full Post-War Cooperation]

Cartoon 46 "At long last" [FDR; Churchill; Chiang]

Cartoon 47 "No need to restore this ruin." [Congress; High Tariff Wall Rubble]

Cartoon 48 "Dat guy Roosevelt will ruin us business men." [Hot Dogs 5 ceents]

Cartoon 49 "Fill ’er up!" [Miners]

Cartoon 50 "Comrade!!!" [Frank Hague; US Communist]

Cartoon 51 "Let’s hope that one’s silenced now." [Washington Bureaucratic Controversies]

Cartoon 52 "It WILL seem odd not having him around." [78th Congress; Summer Recess]

Cartoon 53 "Thumb in the soup." [Farm Bloc; Food Problem]

Cartoon 54 "Horn of plenty - !" [Food Question]

Cartoon 55 "Picketed with a warning" [Work or Fight; Strike Minded Workers]

Cartoon 56 "Dynamite!!" [Draft Bill; Fall Campaign Data]

Cartoon 57 "A tree grew - and grew" [Stassen Boom]

Cartoon 58 "Could you work a little faster?" [ERP; The House]

Cartoon 59 "Memo to a dawdler" [ERP; Election Year Congress]

Cartoon 60 "Flowers that bloom in the spring -" [Soft Coal Miners; Strikes]

Cartoon 61 "Captive in the mine." [Strike Threat; Lewis "Deadline" for NDM

Box D14 (Cont.)


Cartoon 62 "High time he united!" [Labor; Defense Production]

Cartoon 63 "Scarecrow" [Wallace]

Cartoon 64 "The underground" [Stassen; Taft]

Cartoon 65 "Don’t DO that!" [RR Workers]

Cartoon 66 "Another walking man?" [Southern Dems]

Cartoon 67 "Way down east" [New England; Stassen; GOP]

Cartoon 68 "Short rations." [January Tire Quota; Public]

Cartoon 69 "Hands across the land" [Campaign; Handshaking; Grassroots]

Cartoon 70 "Hassle in the helmet" [US Armed Services]

Cartoon 71 "Smog bound" [Cal. Primary Result; Estes]

Cartoon 72 "Back seat driver" [GOP; The Old Guard]

Cartoon 73 "Just trying it on for size, folks." [84th Congres; Do Nothing Dunce Cap]

Cartoon 74 "The rugged mountaineer" [Mt. Farm Law; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 75 "No peanuts for the elephant" [GOP; Eisenhower; 3 Million $ Campaign Fund]

Cartoon 76 "A finger is on him!" [Labor Racketeer; Federal Action]

Cartoon 77 "Take off that dunce cap and get to work." [Congress; School Aid Bill]

Cartoon 78 "Ah-h! They could use me now." [Sherlock Holmes]

Cartoon 79 "The untouchable." [Depression; Truman]

Cartoon 80 "Banner Day" [Chicago; Adlai]

Cartoon 81 No caption. [Political Carpet-Bag of Reaction and Cynicism]

Cartoon 82 "We have torn out this page" [UN; Warmonger]

Cartoon 83 "Boiling again." [Stock Market]

Cartoon 84 "Hands across the equator" [Argentina, US; Reciprocal Trade Treaty]

Cartoon 85 "King of the wild frontier" [Politics Mountain; GOP; The Dems.; 1956]

Cartoon 86 "Looking for the chapter on how to get rid of elephants" [Eisenhower; The Dems.]

Cartoon 87 "Some big decisions are not made on summits." [White House; The Dems.]

Cartoon 88 "Split from head to toe, see!" [GOP; The Dems.; ‘56 Plans]

Cartoon 89 "A morning after Easter egg" [Nov. Prospects]

Cartoon 90 "Red Star Dust" [Moscow Party Line; US Commies]

Cartoon 91 "There he goes - combining a little purge with pleasure" [Roosevelt]

Cartoon 92 "If he keeps up maybe we’ll get some place" [Chairman Hamilton; GOP]

Cartoon 93 "Who can tell, it might fix me up for keeps." [FDR; Churchill; Quebec Formula]

Cartoon 94 No caption. [Military Censorship]

Cartoon 95 No caption. [Disaster]

Cartoon 96 "Fill ‘em up, please, Harry!" [White House; Nov. Candidate]

Cartoon 97 "They can’t help lovin’ that man." [The Dixiecrats; GOP; Adlai]

Cartoon 98 "Proud designer of a scary totem pole" [Democrats; Taft-Hartley Law]

Cartoon 99 "Washington axis twing" [OPA; Inflation]

Cartoon 100 "‘Must be nice on a ship with no chow line."

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 101 "From a new slant" [Baruch Proposal; Inflation]

Cartoon 102 "Iron curtain" [US; Strike]

Cartoon 103 "Rebel yell" [Chicago Uprising; The South; Dems]

Cartoon 104 "Cow palace?" [Hoover]

Cartoon 105 "Pomp and circumstance" [Royal Wedding Broadcast]

Cartoon 106 "‘I better freshen up before everybody gets too chic.’" [World Fashion Center Planned for NY]

Cartoon 107 "Another holdover!" [Pacific Islands]

Cartoon 108 "Oh! What a beautiful Sunday morning -" [Washington D.C.; GOP]

Cartoon 109 "Boy, WHAT a view!" [1948 Prospects; GOP]

Cartoon 110 "Holiday packaging." [Labor Fact-Finding Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 111 "Building boom." [GOP; Platform for 1946 Elections]

Cartoon 112 "The moth’s still flying" [Bikini Atom Test]

Cartoon 113 "The Chinee (situation) is indeed peculiar" [Imperialism; Senate]

Cartoon 114 No caption. [Wagner Unemployment Bills; Hoover; GOP Relief]

Cartoon 115 "Say it ain’t true." [GOP; Dem. Forecast]

Cartoon 116 "‘Twas the day after Christmas." [1948; GOP]

Cartoon 117 "I’m tellin’ yer, the woods is full of snipers!" [Wagner Act; Labor]

Cartoon 118 "Behind that curtain." [Polling Booth; Candidate]

Cartoon 119 "VOTE!"

Cartoon 120 "No meat and circuses" [GOP]

Cartoon 121 "Don’t look now, but -" [1948; GOP; 1948]

Cartoon 122 "I go now - and some of me will not come back!" [79th Congress; Fall Election Campaign]

Cartoon 123 "Don’t worry, I’m your pal!" [Congress Reorganization Act; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 124 "THIS is no joke son!" [House Dems; Senate Dems; Returns]

Cartoon 125 "His contribution to the waste paper drive" [Administrtion’s Worley Servicemens Ballot Bill]

Cartoon 126 "Record of achievement." [LaFollette; Wisconsin]

Cartoon 127 No caption. [Roosevelt Message to Restore WPA Cut]

Cartoon 128 No caption. [The Legislature; Bowman State Government Reorganization Plan]

Cartoon 129 "Audience participation program" [Truman Radio Speech; Miners]

Cartoon 130 No caption. [Compromise OPA Bill; Anti-Inflation]

Cartoon 131 "‘Tis the month before Christmas." [Coal; Strike Trial]

Cartoon 132 "Opening the crusade." [GOP; 2 Terms]

Cartoon 133 "Fishmongering!" [Red Herring; Sen. McKellar]

Cartoon 134 "Winter is icummen in -"

Cartoon 135 "Still on the hook." [FDR; The Democrats; Third Term]

Cartoon 136 "It is later than you think, uncle." [Hull Statement; Knudsen Warning]

Cartoon 137 No caption. [The Legislature; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 138 No caption. [Old Line Democrats; GOP]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 139 "‘Didn’t like China well enough to stay didja, Henry?’" [Vice Pres. Wallace; Roosevelt; Old Line Dems]

Cartoon 140 "Follow the leader - where?" [New Deal; Red Ink; Debt]

Cartoon 141 "‘I’m dreaming of a (1944) Christmas -’" [FDR; GOP]

Cartoon 142 "Out where the tall corn grows." [Landon; World Cooperation Moves]

Cartoon 143 "A halo for the sombrero." [Sen. Butler; Good Neighbor Policy]

Cartoon 144 No caption. [US Atlantic Defense Plans; Puerto Rico]

Cartoon 145 "Fill ‘er up!" [Scrap Rubber Drive]

Cartoon 146 "Staff of life coordinator" [Claude R. Wickard; Food Control for Military and Civilians]

Cartoon 147 "‘I’ll be firm with him, right after election!’" [Inflation; Congress]

Cartoon 148 "Adds up to zero, so far." [Solution of Rubber Problem; US Public]

Cartoon 149 "‘Let’s bury him just a little bit.’" [Inflation; Congress Farm Bloc]

Cartoon 150 "Eat hearty!" [Ceiling on Corn; The Farmers]

Cartoon 151 "Clean hit!" [FDR; Neutrality Act; Isolationists]

Cartoon 152 "For whom the bell tolls" [Neutrality Act; Isolationists]

Cartoon 153 "The gusher." [Gas; Ban Lifted]

Cartoon 154 "Testing - by the ‘Great Deliberator’" [Mundt-Nixon Anti-Communist Bill]

Cartoon 155 "‘Never a dull moment with you - eh John?’" [Lewis; Coal Contract Negotiations].

Cartoon 156 "Northwest passage" [Dewey; Stassen; 1948; Oregon Primary]

Cartoon 157 "The mountain mover" [Congress; Adjournment - June 18]

Cartoon 158 "More of that Good Neighbor Policy" [GOP; Stimson; Knox]

Cartoon 159 "Unlimber that pen!" [The Bond Commission Report]

Cartoon 160 "Pointing the way" [Knudsen; Industry; Labor]

Cartoon 161 "Little man, NOT now!" [1940-41 America’s Vital Problems; Small- Minded Obstructionist]

Cartoon 162 "Maybe it won’t hurt too much, my pet." [Walter-Logan Bill; Veto]

Cartoon 163 "Tough bird." [Strike]

Cartoon 164 "A dish set before a statesman" [FDR’s Inflation Message]

Cartoon 165 "Cut away the stilts - at least." [Inflation; House Vote on OPA]

Cartoon 166 "By, by - and I expect to have a jolly summer." [GOP Fall Victory Hopes]

Cartoon 167 No caption. [US Treasury; Congress to Adjourn on June First]

Cartoon 168 No caption. [Mexico’s Internal Religious Squabble]

Cartoon 169 No caption. [Prohibition]

Cartoon 170 No caption. [Borah vs. Butler Debate; Darrow vs. Wheeler Debate; Govt. Control]

Cartoon 171 No caption. [GOP Farm Relief Promises; Western Farmers]

Cartoon 172 No caption. [Tariff; Farm Relief]

Cartoon 173 No caption. [$274,000,000 Navy Building Bill]

Cartoon 174 No caption. [Jones Law; "Dry" Congressman]

Cartoon 175 No caption. [Farm Bill]

Cartoon 176 "Black hand" [Strike Threat; Steel; War Production]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 177 "Look at MY teeth, teeth, teeth!" [House Labor Bill]

Cartoon 178 "I’ll just chip a piece off here and there." [18th Amendment; Geo. W. Wickersham]

Cartoon 179 "The old scarecrow is back" [Foreign Policy Debate; Isolationism]

Cartoon 180 "A float for the Labor Day Parade" [That New GOP Tariff]

Cartoon 181 "Hi! What have you been doing the past few weeks?" [The Rest of the World; Suez; Cyprus]

Cartoon 182 "Nothing like a nice open fire on a hot summer day" [Stassen-Nixon Uproar; Dems]

Cartoon 183 "Into the wild blue yonder" [Ike and Dick]

Cartoon 184 "Nobody over there likes me!" [Democratic Convention; Eisenhower and Nixon]

Cartoon 185 "The elephant act still goes on" [Eisenhower; GOP Political Circus]

Cartoon 186 "On the lone prairie" [Mid-West Farm Vote; GOP]

Cartoon 187 "Yep, weather balloons can be annoying" [The Dems; GOP]

Cartoon 188 "Crazy mixed up weathervane" [Presidential "Preference" Primary Ballot Box]

Cartoon 189 "Other things beside fences need repairing" [World Situation Grave - Marshall; Politics - Election Plans]

Cartoon 190 No caption. [Borah; GOP; Baltimore]

Cartoon 191 No caption. [John W. Davis Speech; Ritchie’s Speech]

Cartoon 192 No caption. [Politics; Sept. 4]

Cartoon 193 No caption. [Lilliendahl Beach Case; Hall Mills Case; Snyder Gray]

Cartoon 194 No caption. [Mexican Supreme Court Decides Oil Lease Case . . .]

Cartoon 195 No caption. [Jackson Day Dinner]

Cartoon 196 No caption. [Denver Elects Wet]

Cartoon 197 No caption. [Smith’s Outspoken Talk on Issues]

Cartoon 198 "Diplomatic rift!" [Tom Connally; State Dept. Nominations]

Cartoon 199 No caption. [Neutrality Debate]

Cartoon 200 "See the pretty birdie - and also notice below." [Peace Session; Post War Problems]

Cartoon 201 "A cherry tree grew in Bretton Woods." [World Monetary Proposals]

Cartoon 202 "Launching the Washington mosquito fleet." [Senate; "Work or Fight" Bill]

Cartoon 203 "In our time -" [Congress; Direct Control of Wages, Salaries, Farm Prices]

Cartoon 204 "A masked marvel - we hope!" [FDR’s Inflation Buster]

Cartoon 205 "Harbinger of hope." [Hull’s Speech; Nazi Conquest Victims]

Cartoon 206 "The incendiary." [Little Steel Wage Decision]

Cartoon 207 "Sticking his neck out!" [Congress Farm Bloc; Rule by Decree]

Cartoon 208 "A second front all his own" [Congress Farm Bloc; Pacific War; Russ War]

Cartoon 209 "Downing tools!" [US Communists]

Cartoon 210 No caption. [Bishop Cannon]

Cartoon 211 "Music in the air" [1954 Problems; GOP]

Cartoon 212 "Association of ideas test" [Federal Employees]

Box D14 (Cont.)

"There’s something going on underneath" (Not numbered)

Cartoon 213 "Not very elementary, my dear Watson." [Senate Committe on Atom Study]

Cartoon 214 "- Sure you haven’t overloaded me?" [House Labor Bill]

Cartoon 215 "The serching wind." [Labor Draft Pressure; Congress]

Cartoon 216 No caption. [Lame Duck Congress]

Cartoon 217 No caption. [Prohibition Probe; Hoover Commission]

Cartoon 218 "Waiting for the go-ahead sign" [Work or Fight Legislation; Congress]

Cartoon 219 No caption. [Neutrality Problem; Congress]

Cartoon 220 "Interlude." [FDR; Dewey-Bricker Campaign]

Cartoon 221 "The beard of the prophet." [Farm Bloc; Food Shortage Prediction; Congress; Anti-Inflation Program]

Cartoon 222 "High pressure man in the gray flannel suit" [Eisenhower; The Farmers]

Cartoon 223 "An immoderate breeze off the lake" [Sen. Humphrey; Chicago; Moderate Dems]

Cartoon 224 "Ah want in!" [Gov. Talmadge; US Senate]

Cartoon 225 "You comfortable?" [GOP; Dems]

Cartoon 226 "‘Sure I’m doing something, I’m thinking’" [84th Congress]

Cartoon 227 "Estes was here -" [New Jersey]

Cartoon 228 "Reservation cancelled!" [Labor Racketeers]

Cartoon 229 "More than a trickle needed here" [US Foreign Aid Program; The East]

Cartoon 230 "Hitching their wagon to a lone star" [Lyndon Johnson; Southern Dems]

Cartoon 231 "Delicate piece of unfinished business." [Europe’s War; New Congress; 77th Session]

Cartoon 232 "Any port in a depression" [South American Revolt; Arms for Sale]

Cartoon 233 No caption. [Hiram Johnson; GOP]

Cartoon 234 "Sightseeing tour to the White House" [Omnibus Labor Bill; Congress]

Cartoon 235 "The lion tail twister." [British Loan]

Cartoon 236 No caption. [The Taft Letters on Prohibition]

Cartoon 237 No caption. [Evasion of Issues]

Cartoon 238 "Well, well, a conference without fireworks - !" [South America; 21 Nations Meeting; Lake Success]

Cartoon 239 "He was a casualty before the war" [Bureau of Street Cleaning]

Cartoon 240 "Again and again and again and again" [GOP]

Cartoon 241 No caption. [Congress Committee Posts; Mid-Western Republicans]

Cartoon 242 No caption. [Congress Witch Burner]

Cartoon 243 No caption. [Governmental Bureaucracy]

Cartoon 244 "The old man’s dizzy" [The Legislature]

Cartoon 245 "Spring down on the farm" [Special Session for Farm Relief]

Cartoon 246 No caption. [Washington]

Cartoon 247 No caption. [Cruiser Bill]

Cartoon 248 No caption. [Hoover; Prohibition]

Cartoon 249 No caption. [Senate; Kellogg Peace Pact; 15 Cruiser Bill]

Cartoon 250 No caption. [Kellogg Pact]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 251 No caption. [Congress; Special Session]

Cartoon 252 No caption. [Reapportionment Bill; The House]

Cartoon 253 No caption. [Central and South America; Pan-American Arbitration Pact]

Cartoon 254 No caption. [Anti-Saloon League Congressman; Dry Speech "Honorarium"]

Cartoon 255 No caption. [1960 Presidential Sweepstakes]

Cartoon 256 "‘Oh - just looking!’" [GOP; Eisenhower Boom]

Cartoon 257 "‘Remember when you thought I was a pushover?’" [Truman Domestic "Fair Deal" Program]

Cartoon 258 "Valley Forge winter" [GOP; Election Defeats]

Cartoon 259 "‘Funny feeling - being steam-rollered!’" ["Fair Deal"; Truman; Congress]

Cartoon 260 "‘Ah, would that I knew who next will don it!’" [1952; White House Toga - Styled by Truman]

Cartoon 261 "Just keep those sharp stalactites!" [5% Fixers; Small Business Man; Legitimate Representation]

Cartoon 262 "‘Slave labor’" [US Unions; Appeal]

Cartoon 263 "It couldn’t happen to the old gentleman again and again and again, - or could it?" [GOP; Congressman FDR, Jr.]

Cartoon 264 "Tough job for a crippled fire laddie" [Our Battered World; Congress; Lame Duck Session]

Cartoon 265 "Ah - those beautiful cloud formations!!" [GOP; 1950 Congressional Election Hopes]

Cartoon 266 "He just doesn’t follow blue prints" [81st Congress; Truman; "Manate" Cornerstone Nov. 1948]

Cartoon 267 "A rainmaker prods the clouds" [Congressional Election Campaign; GOP Congressmen; Truman]

Cartoon 268 "Getting set to storm the hill" [83rd Congress; Inflation; Corruption; Excessive Taxes; Political Spending]

Cartoon 269 "Embarassing old cronies just don’t fade away" [The Democrats; Administration Corruption Issue]

Cartoon 270 "Summer project; moving a mountain." [Dem. Senate and House Majorities; GOP Congress Campaign]

Cartoon 271 "A mountain mover at work" [Unfinished Legislative Schedule; 82nd Congress; ‘52 Campaign Plans]

Cartoon 272 "‘You just don’t seem to have it any more, champ!’" [Fair Deal Program; 82nd Congress; Nov. Election Plans]

Cartoon 273 "The White House renovations seem to include gun implacements" [Truman "Get Taft" Plan; Ohio Senatorial Campaign; GOP]

Cartoon 274 "‘I warned you - imperialist expansion is dangerous!’" [US Wounded from Korea; US Commies]

Cartoon 275 "- But I ordered roses!" [Whistle-Stop Scripts; Truman; "Must" Program - Senate-House Version; Congress]

Cartoon 276 "Oh! What a beautiful chimney." [GM - Labor Peace - 5 Year No Strike Pact]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 277 "‘I’m making you a propostition - stick with me four more years and I’ll loosen the noose.’" [Common Man; Fair Deal; The Democrats]

Cartoon 278 "How early does a guy have to hang up his stocking around here?" [Taft; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 279 "A rose by any other name -" [Truman; Disinflation]

Cartoon 280 "My instructions are - er- it says here - !" [Taft-Hartley Act; Truman Campaign Promises; Democratic Congress]

Cartoon 281 "Ah! - A weed killer at work." [Congress Isolationist; European Recovery]

Cartoon 282 "Quoth this raven - ‘More and More!’" [Truman; Deficit Spending]

Cartoon 283 "‘Don’t worry now, haven’t I always handled that stuff for you in the past?’" [Voter; Organized Politics]

Cartoon 284 "‘Get up out of that antique and let’s get going!’" [Congress; Hoover Reorganization Plan]

Cartoon 285 "‘You don’t trust me any more - and it hurts’" [Hoover Reorganization Recommendations; Old Spending Bureaucracy]

Cartoon 286 "The old prospector" [Senate Probe; US Whiskey Supply]

Cartoon 287 "‘He’s trying to keep a good man down, mister!’" [Farm Organizations Lobby; Subsidies]

Cartoon 288 "I didn’t go last night because spring always makes me yearn for them in Pariis Boolevards.’" [Metropolitan Opera]

Cartoon 289 "Hello, and don’t stay long." [Annapolis; Soldier Vote; Teachers’ Bonus]

Cartoon 290 No caption. [Lincoln; Roosevelt; Willkie]

Cartoon 291 "Fluent on some subjects." [Dewey; GOP; 1944]

Cartoon 292 "Reminder of reality" [Willkie; GOP]

Cartoon 293 "Santa Claus came in November." [1944; GOP; Senate and House Seat Gains]

Cartoon 294 "Prescription refilled!" [Hull Trade Treaties; The Senate]

Cartoon 295 "- The corn is HIGHER than an elephant’s eye!" [Dem. Congressional Victory; Oklahoma]

Cartoon 296 "Me thinks I will stand pat!’" [John L. Lewis]

Cartoon 297 "Headache" [Oil]

Cartoon 298 "Waiting on the order for operation pump!" [Foreign Aid Bill; Our Saggin World]

Cartoon 299 "Tick - Tick - Tick - !!" [Stock Market]

Cartoon 300 "‘I’d like to reserve a smoke-filled room for a week in June’" [GOP; Philadelphia]

Cartoon 301 "The tongs of Damocles" [Cold War]

Cartoon 302 "Cooling off period" [Marshall Statement; Blue Print for Repairs; UN]

Cartoon 303 "Listening post" [The World’s War Weary]

Cartoon 304 "‘There MUST be some way to scuttle that!’" [Reciprocal Trade Act; High Tariff Old Guard]

Cartoon 305 "‘Here’s no luck to yo’all!’" [Alabama Democrats; White House]

Cartoon 306 "A bad year for tree surgery" [Marshall Plan; Congress Opposition]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 307 "Statesman, get going!" [The Legislature; Public]

Cartoon 308 "The election return are all in." [Wallace; The Wheels of Commerce]

Cartoon 309 "Yo ho! - Harry are you up there?" [ALP Congress Victory in NY; GOP]

Cartoon 310 "Starting out from the bottom" [Donald Nelson; China]

Cartoon 311 "Taking the baby for a ride" [New Deal Spending Program; Estimated Deficit of Four Billions for 1939]

Cartoon 312 "An orchid awaits the orchid hunter" [Foreign Aid Problem; Truman]

Cartoon 313 "- Having a good time on YOUR vacation?" [Miners; Strike Threat]

Cartoon 314 "A little matter of a stockade to break through" [Congress; Adjournment Ticket July 26; Unfinished Business]

Cartoon 315 "Flying saucer out of Albany" [The West; GOP; Dewey]

Cartoon 316 "Do I make myself clear?" [GOP; Anti-Third Term Resolution]

Cartoon 317 "On the banks of ol’ man river." [GOP; Willkie’s St. Louis Speech]

Cartoon 318 "Springtime in the rockies." [Col. Congress Victory; New Deal]

Cartoon 319 "Taking on fuel" [1948; Wallace 3rd Party Threat]

Cartoon 320 "Hail Columbia! Hail Ike!!"

Cartoon 321 "First flight" [Taft-Hartley Labor Act; NLRB]

Cartoon 322 No caption. [$80,000,000 Compensation from TVA]

Cartoon 323 No caption. [American Labor; FDR]

Cartoon 324 "‘MY plans are made, brother!’" [RR Brotherhoods]

Cartoon 325 "He really HAS outstayed his welcome." [Senate; Price Control Bill; Inflation; House Vote]

Cartoon 326 "- Hinkey dinky, parley voo!" [Congress]

Cartoon 327 "On the hook!" [The Senate; Wheat Price Demands; Farm Bloc]

Cartoon 328 "‘Frankenstein Monster, pooh - silly legend!’" [Congress; Inflation]

Cartoon 329 "Go back little birdies." [Canada; Alcohol; "To US"]

Cartoon 330 No caption. ["Keep the Dirty Furriners Out."]

Cartoon 331 No caption. [Dawes; "I Do Not Choose to Run."]

Cartoon 332 "Passing the buck to himself." [Johnson Act; Neutrality Act; Congress]

Cartoon 333 "‘ - But daddy, you didn’t tell me we were going to stay in the suburbs.’" [Wagner Act; Labor Bosses]

Cartoon 334 "‘You wouldn’t fool me - can you really get me out?’" [Anti-Old Guard Group; Plans for GOP Future; Minority Party Stocks]

Cartoon 335 "Go ahead try it, I use it myself!" [State Medicine; The "Let the Government Do Everything" Group]

Cartoon 336 "‘No, sir! - I’m not wild about Harry!’" [Congress Coalition Opposition; Truman Fair Deal Program]

Cartoon 337 "Just happens to be wearing his running shoes." [1944; 4 Term]

Cartoon 338 No caption. [Wellner; DSC]

Cartoon 339 No caption. [Dawes; Coolidge; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 340 "Ready for the unrolling" [FDR’s Message on the State of the Union]

Cartoon 341 No caption. [Mason-Dixon Line; GOP; Solid South]

Cartoon 342 No caption. [Continental Oil Deal Facts; Walsh Probe; Col. Stewart]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 343 No caption. [Chicago Gangster; Cease Firing!]

Cartoon 344 "Graceful, isn’t he?" [Washington Manpower Tie-Up; Congress]

Cartoon 345 No caption. [Continental Trading Co. Oil Deal]

Cartoon 346 "Ah! That needle in the haystack" [Congress; Farm Legislation; Farm Votes]

Cartoon 347 "Very special delivery" [RFD; The Dems; The Farmers]

Cartoon 348 "Do you mind waiting until we could the votes, mister?" [The Dems; GOP]

Cartoon 349 "Seeing things through rose colored glasses." [Carmine DeSapio; Harriman; Dems.]

Cartoon 350 "‘I’m going to spend my summer dreaming about a little white house on Pennsylvania Ave.’" [Congress Dems.; Public]

Cartoon 351 "The pit and the pendulum" [Foreign Aid; Congress; Adjournment Plan]

Cartoon 352 "Aint no gold in them thar hills for the old prospector" [Political Free Spenders; GOP Fiscal Policy; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 353 "Quite an obituary." [715 Days of Congressional Records; 77th Congress]

Cartoon 354 "Growing faster than Jack climbs." [Congress; Inflation and Prices Beanstalk]

Cartoon 355 "‘To a certain naval person’" [Willkie Trip]

Cartoon 356 "On the lid for the duration" [Canned Food]

Cartoon 357 "Required reading" [Harriman Economic Report; Congress]

Cartoon 358 "I wouldn’t use this to help anybody but the peepul!" [Sales Tax Repeal]

Cartoon 359 "The smoke filled room" [Nov. Defeat; GOP; Truman]

Cartoon 360 No caption. [Volstead Act; Jones Bill]

Cartoon 361 "Better than bayonets." [National Defense Mediation Board; Grievance Settlement; Labor]

Cartoon 362 "Wrapped and delivered." [House Bill Approving Ship Seizure; The Senate]

Cartoon 363 "Sweet music to his ears." [Inflation; Drive to Lift Wage Ceiling]

Cartoon 364 "Travel is really difficult these days" [Congress; Chicago Convention; Unfinished Isolation Jam]

Cartoon 365 "Salvage corps." [FDR-Congress Explosion; GOP Fall Election Hopes]

Cartoon 366 "Com’on get to the point!" [FDR; Third Term; GOP]

Cartoon 367 "Into the forest, deeper and darker" [World Food Situation; Senate Probe]

Cartoon 368 "Lid lifting" [Hollywood; Subpoena to Un-American Hearing]

Cartoon 369 "A pressing matter." [Iron Hand of War; 79th Congress]

Cartoon 370 No caption. [Institute of Economics Report]

Cartoon 371 No caption. [Sen. Hiram Johnson; Arms Embargo Repeal; Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations Plan]

Cartoon 372 No caption. [Special Session for Farm Relief; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 373 No caption. [Stock Speculation; Federal Reserve Board; Wall St.]

Cartoon 374 "Shake him up!" [Pass the British Loan!; Senate]

Cartoon 375 "We are not amazed!" [Roosevelt says - YES!]

Cartoon 376 No caption. [Chairman Hamilton; FDR; GOP; 1940 Campaign]

Cartoon 377 No caption. [US Shipping Lines]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 378 "Just a paving stone’s throw from Australia" [Flynn Hearing; Senate Foreign Relations Committee; Bronx White Wash]

Cartoon 379 "The old guard never surrenders" [That Tariff Lobby; Hull Trade Pact Issue; Senate]

Cartoon 380 "Washington is really crowded these days." [Democrats; Increased GOP Representation; 78th Congress]

Cartoon 381 "Waiting for the words and music." [Charter Debate; The Senate; San Francisco Meeting]

Cartoon 382 "Saboteur" [Reciprocal Trade Policies; Old Tariff Congress Bloc]

Cartoon 383 "A tree grows slow in Washington" [Congress; Bretton Woods Monetary Plan]

Cartoon 384 "Cheering news on the domesticc front." [President Truman]

Cartoon 385 "Hum - mm - - !!" [Labor; New Congress]

Cartoon 386 "‘I better keep my eyes plenty open.’" [GOP; Truman; Atomic-Bomb Uses]

Cartoon 387 "Slave to duty" [Congress]

Cartoon 388 "The end is near." [77th Congress; Adjournment]

Cartoon 389 No caption. [Embargo Repeal; The House; Isolationists]

Cartoon 390 No caption. [Senate Isolationist Blocking Power; A People’s Peace Treaty]

Cartoon 391 "Light in the deep tangled wildwood" [Truman Statement; Foreign Policy Mixup]

Cartoon 392 "Playing with fireworks" [Inflation; Congress; OPA]

Cartoon 393 "Union now." [Merger Army Navy Air]

Cartoon 394 "Museum piece" [Neutrality Act]

Cartoon 395 No caption. [Freedom of Press and Religion; A 5 to 4 Decision]

Cartoon 396 No caption. [Postwar Arabian Pipeline?; Our Dwindling Oil Supply]

Cartoon 397 No caption. [The People’s Congress; Peace Draft Agreement]

Cartoon 398 "Sometimes clouds don’t roll by" [Foreign Policy Conflict; Peace]

Cartoon 399 "No time for comedy." [GOP; Phila. Convention; Vote Catcher; Foreign Affairs "Stand"; World Crisis News]

Cartoon 400 "Landlubber aboard!" [Wartime Ship Profits; Congress Probe]

Cartoon 401 "Well, sleep tight!" [Neutrality Act; Congress]

Cartoon 402 "Young sea dog." ["Largest Fleet in World History" - Sec. Knox]

Cartoon 403 "A strong limb sprouts." [Congress; Truman Backing; Bretton Woods Proposals]

Cartoon 404 "No by passing allowed, warrior!" [Unfinished Business Sector; To Chicago Politics; Congress Recess Plan]

Cartoon 405 "Spike in the chimney" [The White House; Veto; Logan-Walter Bill]

Cartoon 406 No caption. [Supreme Court; Hughes, Van Devanter, Brandeis]

Cartoon 407 "That ‘rendezvous with destiny’ look" [Legislation; Congress Dems; Nov. 2 - Election Day]

Cartoon 408 "Protect that chin!" [Rail Unions; Pay Increase Offer - 4cents per hour]

Cartoon 409 "‘Hey mister, I have a rendezvous with destiny too!’" [Baruch Post-War Report; Congress]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 410 "Needed - a sense of the future!" [Labor; US, We All have a RESPONSIBILITY!]

Cartoon 411 "Welcome back!" [Foreign Policy; Cooperative Olive Branch; Home Front Politics; Spring Vacation]

Cartoon 412 "My! How the little acorns grow" [Labor Bills; Congress]

Cartoon 413 "Jan 2 in a dry country."

Cartoon 414 [National Unity; McCarthy] [Red China; UN]

Cartoon 415 "A man lacking distinction" [82nd Congress; Election Year Politics]

Cartoon 416 "Home fires" [Production for Victory; Labor Day 1944]

Cartoon 417 "Harry sent me, chief!" [Army-Navy Merger Plan; Congress; Going Home Plans]

Cartoon 418 "Out of this world" [MD Campaign; Big 4 at Odds; Iran, India; Strikes]

Cartoon 419 "Coming boom" [Truman Message on Labor; Congress; First Aid]

Cartoon 420 "Stassen-nn-nnn, - watch out!!" [1948; GOP; Old Guard]

Cartoon 421 "Don’t weaken soh!" [Price Control Structure; Senate]

Cartoon 422 "Another expedition scales the peak" [Truman Fact-Finding Plan; Congress; Strikes]

Cartoon 423 "Watch out for that tree top, bub!" [Inflation; Price Control; Short-Sighted Congressman]

Cartoon 424 "The State of the Union’s great deliberative body." [Congress; Filibuster; Truman; British Loan]

Cartoon 425 No caption. [To Settlement of French Debt]

Cartoon 426 "A most important yearbook" [1945 Session; The Legislature]

Cartoon 427 "How’s that again, Robert?" [Taft; Truman Wage-Price Plan]

Cartoon 428 "Yep! He seems interested." [80th Congress - Labor Legislation; Labor]

Cartoon 429 "Camping stool" [Senate Seat; Bilbo; Dream Brand]

Cartoon 430 "Keeping it alive" [Red Scare Herring; Bi-Partisan Hatchet Boys; Javits Smear; Internal Security Comm.]

Cartoon 431 "Tune callers dilemma." [Senate; Labor Bill]

Cartoon 432 "In the valley of indecision" [Congress; Aid to Europe Problems]

Cartoon 433 "The full-time thinker" [1956 Election Year]

Cartoon 434 "The leaning silo of politics" [The Farm Vote; Congress; Fall Elections]

Cartoon 435 "It’s tough to work with a joker in the house." [Fall Elections; Politics; Congress]

Cartoon 436 "The bird watch on the Atlantic" [Western Europe; US; Congress Session; Aid]

Cartoon 437 "The Washington Bowl Game" [2nd Session; 84th Congress; Foreign Policy; Asia; Africa; Farm Policy; Taxes]

Cartoon 438 "Isn’t it a little early for fireworks?" [The Democrats; ‘V’ in ‘56!]

Cartoon 439 "Elephants don’t have a chance to forget" [Congress Campaign Stump; 1956 Presidential Campaign Stump; GOP]

Cartoon 440 "Another of those problem offshore islands" [Congress; Hawaii; Statehood]

Cartoon 441 "Coal scuttled" [Strike]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 442 "The master rebuilder" [Compromise Bill; Senate; OPA Wreckage]

Cartoon 443 "Operation ticklish" [Senate; War Profits Probe]

Cartoon 444 "‘Don’t worry about your work, I’ll hold the rug in case it starts slipping.’" [83rd Congress; GOP; The Dems.]

Cartoon 445 "The new plumber" [Wagner Act; GOP Congress]

Cartoon 446 "The unseeing eyes" [British Loan; Congress]

Cartoon 447 "Up from down under" [Strike Call]

Cartoon 448 "Stop - look - listen!" [Rail Tie-Up]

Cartoon 449 "Looks scary in there!" [Portal to Portal Hearings; The House]

Cartoon 450 "I’m inside!" [US Senate; O’Connor]

Cartoon 451 "Heavy political fallout" [Stevenson’s H Bomb Proposals; GOP; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 452 "Out on a limb?" [Middle East; Peace and Prosperity; GOP]

Cartoon 453 "Eclipse" [Hope of gains from Pearl Harbor probe; GOP]

Cartoon 454 "Today they begin to untangle" [Labor Management Conference]

Cartoon 455 "The Washington underground movement" [Reciprocal Trade Treaties; GOP High Tariff Gang]

Cartoon 456 "One little rear pair and he’s set" [Chicago Convention; The Democrats; FDR Third Term Running Shoes; For Vice President? - Rayburn, Douglas, Byrnes, Stark]

Cartoon 457 "‘Psst, I think they have designs on me.’" [The Neutrality Act; Congress Isolationists]

Cartoon 458 "Oh! Goody Santa - and so early, too!" [GOP; Hurley Blast]

Cartoon 459 "Sparks are flying" [Pearl Harbor Probe]

Cartoon 460 "The postmaster general left it -" [Truman in ‘48; GOP]

Cartoon 461 "Won’t you finish up and go home?" [Congress]

Cartoon 462 "No Labor Day holiday in THIS plant!" [Mackinac Council Meeting; Anti 4th Term Gun; GOP; V 1944]

Cartoon 463 "Yon lean and hungry listener" [Truman Broadcast on Meat]

Cartoon 464 "Yep! The union’s in a state alright." [Truman’s Message on the State of the Union]

Cartoon 465 "The big clinch" [Jobs for All Bill; Senate]

Cartoon 466 "Today’s Truman Doctrine" [Message to Congress on Aid and Inflation]

Cartoon 467 "Santa’s Little Helper" [1948; GOP]

Cartoon 468 "The mighty pen" [White House; Labor Bill, Tax Bill, Veto?]

Cartoon 469 "All attention, boss!" [Forrestal; Army, Navy, Marines]

Cartoon 470 "How about you cooling off a bit?" [Congress; Election Year Politics; Truman]

Cartoon 471 "I know where I’m going - !" [Wallace; GOP]

Cartoon 472 "Ah yes! There are grave days ahead." [Fall Elections; Congress; Adjournment Plans; Reconversion]

Cartoon 473 No caption. [Senate; Kellogg Peace Pact; Cruiser Bill]

Cartoon 474 No caption. [Congress; Naval Bill; Kellogg Pact; Farm Relief]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 475 No caption. [Congress; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 476 No caption. [Armaments]

Cartoon 477 No caption. [Hoover Candidacy; Ohio GOP]

Cartoon 478 No caption. [US Shipping; Government Control; Congress]

Cartoon 479 No caption. [Inadequate and Unsanitary Housing Conditions]

Cartoon 480 No caption. [Candidate; Prohibitions Questions]

Cartoon 481 No caption. [Chicago; Bill Thompson]

Cartoon 482 No caption. [Iowa; Coolidge; Stanfield; Pepper, McKinley; Cummins]

Cartoon 483 No caption. [George Moses; Senate Insurgents]

Cartoon 484 No caption. [Iowa; Idaho; Borah; Morning Sun]

Cartoon 485 No caption. [Liquor Charges]

Cartoon 486 "What’s in a slogan?" [Coolidge and Prosperity; Unemployment]

Cartoon 487 No caption. [Illinois Campaign Fund Scandal]

Cartoon 488 No caption. [Liberty Bell; KKK]

Cartoon 489 No caption. [prohibition]

Cartoon 490 No caption. [Thompson; Chicago]

Cartoon 491 No caption. [Hoover; Western Farmers; Farm Relief Sessions]

Cartoon 492 No caption. [Kellogg; Latin America Policy]

Cartoon 493 No caption. [Public; Traffic Survey Solution]

Cartoon 494 No caption. [Sec. Wilbur]

Cartoon 495 No caption. [Weller; Senatorial Candidacy]

Cartoon 496 "Ballad for America" [War; GOP; Europe]

Cartoon 497 "Interned" [US Mail; Packages for European Belligerents]

Cartoon 498 "This summer, I’m spending in the mountains" [Nov. Elections; GOP]

Cartoon 499 "A campaign banner with a very strange device" [Democrats; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 500 "‘Look it over, I wrote all the good parts, see!’" [83rd Congress; The Democrats]

Cartoon 501 "The miracle of spring" [1956 hopes; GOP; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 502 "I shall return, I hope!" [Congress Member; Campaign Plans]

Cartoon 503 "The crystal golf ball" [Washington Politics; Eisenhower ‘56]

Cartoon 504 "Look homeward, uncle!" [British Election Campaign; GOP; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 505 "This ‘fall-out’ is very annoying." [Eisenhower’s Prestige; The Dems]

Cartoon 506 "The old place don’t look the same these days" [Senate; Dem. House; GOP]

Cartoon 507 "This expedition is having a breather" [’56; Dems. Senate, House]

Cartoon 508 "These ramparts we watch!"

Cartoon 509 "Very handy like, can easily be pinned out front" [GOP-Washington in ‘53]

Cartoon 510 "Up against a leaning tower" [81st Congress; Taft-Hartley Repeal; Civil Rights - Farm Prices; "Fair Deal" Pressure]

Cartoon 511 "Flying the flag of defiance to the bitter end" [Truman; White House; Congress]

Cartoon 512 No caption. [GOP; Campaign Promises; Western Farmers]

Cartoon 513 No caption. [United States Lines; Prohibition]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 514 No caption. [Farm Relief Plans; New Congress; Liquor Question]

Cartoon 515 No caption. [Hoover; Debenture Bill; Tariff Bill]

Cartoon 516 No caption. [Govt. Whisskey Monopoly]

Cartoon 517 No caption. [69th Congress; Lame Duck]

Cartoon 518 No caption. [Pinchot; Miners; Operators]

Cartoon 519 No caption. [Miner; Coal Substitutes]

Cartoon 520 No caption. [Continental Oil Deal; Senate Probe]

Cartoon 521 "See, nothing up the sleeves." [Truman; State of the Union; GOP]

Cartoon 522 "That old soldier of fortune is back in the chow line" [Defense Mobilization Plans; Politics]

Cartoon 523 "A rookie to be whipped into shape" [Congress; Truman; Master Plan for Atomic Defense]

Cartoon 524 "Our own war of nerves." [Home Front Plans; Confusion]

Cartoon 525 "Excuse it, please!"

Cartoon 526 "September song" [Campaign Plans; GOP]

Cartoon 527 "Babes in a tough toyland" [Partisan Politics; Bipartisan Congress Session]

Cartoon 528 "The nation’s vigil" [Walter Reed Hospital]

Cartoon 529 "One the horns of a pitchfork" [GOP; Dilemma of Farm Prices]

Cartoon 530 "Coronation time in these parts" [US Commy]

Cartoon 531 "No rest for the weary climber" [1954 Congressional Elections; GOP]

Cartoon 532 "Unsafe anchorage" [GOP; Slim Congress Hold; Administration Program]

Cartoon 533 "Nope, no winter vacation this year." [GOP; ‘56 Campaign Plans; Dems. White House Drive]

Cartoon 534 "Up for adoption" [Political Orphanage; The Dems; "How to Win in Nov."]

Cartoon 535 No caption. ["List of Dirty Crooks"]

Cartoon 536 "A long range housing planner with just one idea" [The Democrats; White House; 1957]

Cartoon 537 No caption. [The West; GOP; Democrats]

Cartoon 538 "- The rest is silence, ‘til April first" [Strike]

Cartoon 539 "Dali days" [Phone Strike]

Cartoon 540 "Dangerous loose end." [One World Security; Armaments; UNO; Tydings Proposal to "Disarm"]

Cartoon 541 "One ‘black market’ with a shortage" [US Coal Scuttle; Miners on "Holiday"]

Cartoon 542 "‘My letter to Santa Clause; cute eh!’" [The Dems.; 1956]

Cartoon 543 "‘Don’t worry my friends, I’ll make it!’" [84th Congress]

Cartoon 544 "Just make me a little more comfortable, please!" [Public; Slim Senate and House Control; GOP]

Cartoon 545 "YOU heard me!" [1947 Recession; Pres. Truman]

Cartoon 546 "TRAPPED" [STRIKE; US]

Cartoon 547 "Election year ‘overall strategy’" [Selective Service Act; The House; Nov. Campaign Plans]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 548 "One more lump, please!" [Soft Coal Miners; Depleted Stocks]

Cartoon 549 "Buzz bomb from Nuernberg" [US Sumpreme Court; Justice Jackson’s Charge]

Cartoon 550 No caption. [The Senate; Vare Case]

Cartoon 551 "Feeble but breathing" [OPA; Consumer]

Cartoon 552 "Back to life again." [Smoot-Hawley Tariff]

Cartoon 553 No caption. [Vare Case; Senate]

Cartoon 554 "His reconverson plan" [Congress; Pay Increase]

Cartoon 555 "Head and shoulders in the clouds" [Inflation Spectre; Consumer]

Cartoon 556 No caption. [Senate Seat]

Cartoon 557 No caption. [House Cruiser Program; Big Navy Crowd]

Cartoon 558 No caption. [Farm Relief; Congress; The Farmers]

Cartoon 559 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Bill; Tariff Hog]

Cartoon 560 No caption. [Special Session for Farm Relief; GOP Campaign Promises]

Cartoon 561 No caption. [Congress; Special Session Problems]

Cartoon 562 "The soft music" [Congress; The Lobby]

Cartoon 563 "In the robes of the mighty" [US Supreme Court; Recent Appointments]

Cartoon 564 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Tariff; The Old Guard]

Cartoon 565 No caption. [Ramsay; Hoover; Armaments]

Cartoon 566 No caption. [Lobbyists; The Public]

Cartoon 567 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill; Senator David Reed]

Cartoon 568 "A royal welcome awaits this one." [Naval Armament Costs; Naval- American Naval Agreement]

Cartoon 569 No caption. [Smoot-Hawley Tariff; Jim Watson]

Cartoon 570 "The first of a long series of lectures" [Smoot-Hawley Tariff Bill; Democratic Attack; Senator Simmons]

Cartoon 571 No caption. [Smoot Hawley Tariff; Progressives; Senate Democrats]

Cartoon 572 No caption. [Hoover; Boston Speech; GOP]

Cartoon 573 No caption. [Ramsay’s Mac Donalds Pacifist "War Record"; Dept. Of State]

Cartoon 574 "‘Your wonderful freedom comrade - how I envy you!’" [Soviet Common Man; "People’s Democracy"; US Commy]

Cartoon 575 "Filth" [US Mail; "SMUT, Inc."]

Cartoon 576 "Could be he can’t use the stuff" ["Undeveloped World"; Truman Export Co.]

Cartoon 577 "Just keep that spending arm of his twisted!" [82nd Congress; Political Non-Defense Free Spenders]

Cartoon 578 "The julep cup that doesn’t cheer" [The Democrats; The South; Revolt]

Cartoon 579 "Operation ‘disposal’!" [Organized Crime; Kefauver Committee Findings]

Cartoon 580 No caption. [Hoover’s Naval Economy Plans]

Cartoon 581 No caption. [Govt. Shipping Mess]

Cartoon 582 No caption.

Cartoon 583 No caption. [Prohibition]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 584 No caption. [Naval Reduction Trap; The Submarine]

Cartoon 585 No caption. [Volstead Act]

Cartoon 586 No caption. [Sugar; Lobby Probe]

Cartoon 587 No caption. [Hoover’s Speech on Food Immunity]

Cartoon 588 No caption. [Howell’s Charges]

Cartoon 589 No caption. [Shipbuilder; SS Lobby]

Cartoon 590 "When he got there the ashtray was bare." [Butt Shortage; Congress Inquiry]

Cartoon 591 "Contented mummy" [Hoover Plan; Congress; Washington Bureaucracy]

Cartoon 592 "Unfinished remodeling business" [86th Congress; Steel Dispute]

Cartoon 593 "‘If I give it to you, you’ll have to pay for it.’" [Veterans; Pensions; Tax Costs; Congress]

Cartoon 594 "Don’t worry it’s only your money" [Tax Payer; Defense Program; Bureaucratic Free Spenders]

Cartoon 595 "Neutrality, neutrality, when there is no neutrality!" [Neutrality Act; Kearny Incident]

Cartoon 596 "There is the matter of a little island." ["Stay on the Job! - Japan"; VE Day Party]

Cartoon 597 No caption. [US Dry Forces; Fort Mc Henry]

Cartoon 598 No caption. [Dawes Boom; Hoover Boom; GOP]

Cartoon 599 No caption. [Dept. Of Labor; Operators; Coal Surplus]

Cartoon 600 No caption. [US; Winter]

Cartoon 601 No caption. [Smith; Vare]

Cartoon 602 No caption. [Alabama; KKK]

Cartoon 603 No caption. [Mayor Jackson; City Job Holder]

Cartoon 604 No caption. [Jim Reed; Smith’s Illinois Campaign Fund]

Cartoon 605 No caption. [Smith’s Sentiment; Drys]

Cartoon 606 No caption. [Philadelphia Cops]

Cartoon 607 No caption. [Anti-GOP Sentiment; The West]

Cartoon 608 No caption. [Hoover; Prohibition]

Cartoon 609 No caption. [GOP; Farm Problem; Aluminum; Wet and Dry Issue; Foreign Policy; Debt Settlements]

Cartoon 610 No caption. [New York Gunman; Chicago Gunman]

Cartoon 611 No caption. ["New Facts in the Vestris Disaster"]

Cartoon 612 No caption. [Owne Young’s; Reparation Problem]

Cartoon 613 No caption. [Tom Heflin; Heflin Resolution]

Cartoon 614 No caption. [Silver; Public]

Cartoon 615 No caption. [The Farmers; Democratic Economist]

Cartoon 616 No caption. [Indiana]

Cartoon 617 No caption. [New Year’s Reservations; Bills]

Cartoon 618 No caption. [Frank Kelly; Boss]

Cartoon 619 No caption. [Sweezey]

Cartoon 620 No caption. [Local Polizei; Prohibition; 94,000 Arrests in 1925]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 621 No caption. [Smith-Vare; Senate; Jim Reed]

Cartoon 622 No caption. [US; Congress]

Cartoon 623 "Unguided missiles need careful handling" [Reckless Congress Prober; Investigations]

Cartoon 624 No caption. [Chicago; Crime]

Cartoon 625 No caption. [Minnesota; Dry Padlock]

Cartoon 626 No caption. [Ammunition; The Beer Racket]

Cartoon 627 "Yo’all pretender" [Junior Talmadge; KKK; Georgia]

Cartoon 628 No caption. [Halls-Mills Case; Jersey Justice]

Cartoon 629 No caption. [Sacco-Vanzetti; Mass. Judicial System]

Cartoon 630 No caption. [Mexican Problem]

Cartoon 631 No caption. [Latin America; Peace]

Cartoon 632 No caption. [GOP Pedestal; Hoover; The West]

Cartoon 633 "Captiol landing" [Eisenhower]

Cartoon 634 No caption. [Rep. Fish; Communism]

Cartoon 635 No caption. [Charlie Curtis]

Cartoon 636 No caption. [Howell Bill]

Cartoon 637 No caption. [London Disarmament Conference; US Super-Dreadnaught Plan]

Cartoon 638 No caption. [Aggression; Advisory Commission Report]

Cartoon 639 "Not enough water to shave, yet." [World Peace Hope Oasis]

Cartoon 640 "Another ‘get tough’ policy" [Rep. Taber; Aid Cut; Our "Friends" Abroad]

Cartoon 641 "Propped for cooling off" [Steel Strike; Delay]

Cartoon 642 "- Why not take all of me?" [RR Unions]

Cartoon 643 "A tour that may end abruptly" [UN; South Africa; Nationalist]

Cartoon 644 "A man who just wants to go to Philadelphia" [Congress]

Cartoon 645 "Sturdy oak" [United Nations Unity]

Cartoon 646 No caption. [GOP Old Guard; Senate Filibuster; Corruption in Ill. And Penn. Senate Elections]

Cartoon 647 No caption. [Texas; Smith Boom; KKK]

Cartoon 648 No caption. [Chicago; Rum War Gunman]

Cartoon 649 No caption. [Hoover; National Prohibition Party]

Cartoon 650 No caption. [Hoover; White House]

Cartoon 651 "The man with no congressman to write to" [Sec. Marshall; Starving Europe]

Cartoon 652 "A slight touch of fog" [San Francisco; 3 Vote Problem; Polish Question]

Cartoon 653 "Saving me is hard going, eh Henry?" [1 World; Wallace Speaking Tour]

Cartoon 654 "The third front" [Map of the USA; Prohibition]

Cartoon 655 "Thumbs down on the sacred cod." [Boston; Censorship]

Cartoon 656 "‘ - Spring, sull of sweet days and roses.’"

Cartoon 657 "‘ - Snow a ghastlier whiteness every year’" [Baltimore]

Cartoon 658 "Can everybody hear me?" [GOP - Chicago; The War]

Cartoon 659 "I’m glad we ain’t no gourmets, pal." [No Meat]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 660 No caption. [KKK; . . . Out of Indiana]

Cartoon 661 No caption. [KKK; Welcome! Kween]

Cartoon 662 "Smog area along the Potomac" [The Nation’s Welfare; Disunity; Confusion; Politics; Probes]

Cartoon 663 No caption. [Farm Relief; Politics; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 664 No caption. [Short Session Congress; Western Farmer]

Cartoon 665 No caption. [Pan-American Arbitration Conference; Bolivia; Paraguay]

Cartoon 666 No caption. [Congress; The Short Session Problem; Farm Relief; Navy; Kellogg Treaty]

Cartoon 667 No caption. [The Navy; Secretary Wilbur; Refusal of California Justiceship]

Cartoon 668 No caption. [Al Smith to Retire from Politics; NY GOP]

Cartoon 669 No caption. [Local Crime; Baltimore Police Dept.]

Cartoon 670 No caption. [70th Congress]

Cartoon 671 No caption. [E. Baltimore St.]

Cartoon 672 No caption. [Nicaragua; The Senate]

Cartoon 673 No caption. [Tom Heflin; Depew Chair of Oratory]

Cartoon 674 No caption. [Dirty Politics; Indiana’s Political Probe]

Cartoon 675 No caption. [State Department Blunders in Mexican Affairs]

Cartoon 676 No caption. [Puritanism; Prohibition; Censorship; Blue Laws]

Cartoon 677 No caption. [Legislature; Adjournment April 4th]

Cartoon 678 "Operation white flag" [Red Army; Italian-French Communists; US Commies]

Cartoon 679 "‘I want no part of it - and besides it’s cracked!’" [Liberty 1776-1952; US Commies]

Cartoon 680 "Shooting for the moon." [Ike’s New Anti-Inflation Campaign; Congress]

Cartoon 681 "‘- And look what I get, scraps!’" [Senate Probe; Gift List to RFC Officials; Tax Payer]

Cartoon 682 "The world’s most exclusive club" [Payroll; Senate Nepotists]

Cartoon 683 "Low man on a coattail" [Presidential Battle Smoke; Congress Candidate]

Cartoon 684 No caption. [Steel Production; Final Settlement; Govt. Fact Finding Panel]

Cartoon 685 "‘I’m sending this nice American post card to a friend in Paris’" [Eisenhower; GOP; The White House; Voter]

Cartoon 686 "Old problems just don’t fade away" [MacAruthur; Global Outlook - Congress; East vs. West; Domestic Legislation]

Cartoon 687 "New wall motto for an old campaigner" [20 Year Club; The Democrats]

Cartoon 688 "Tin hat, tin box -" [Korea; Home Front; Venal Politician]

Cartoon 689 "The ‘big scare’ technique is also being used these days" [GOP; Depression; Voter]

Cartoon 690 "‘Just leave the clean up job to me, it’s know how that counts.’" [Democrats; 20 Year Club; Voter]

Cartoon 691 "‘Wonder what I’ll be doing a year from now - ?’" [GOP; November 1951]

Cartoon 692 "‘Remember - ?’" [New 83rd Congress; Campaign Promises; Tax Payer]

Box D14 (Cont.)

Cartoon 693 "Tim-m-mber!" [20 Years of Dem. Rule; Fair Deal; New Deal; Eisenhower]

Cartoon 694 "None of that light, frothy, summer reading for this little scholar." [GOP; McArthur; Dewey; Stassen; Smith]

Cartoon 695 "‘Shall I push or would you rather fall?’" ["Fair Deal"; Congress; Essentials Only Plan]

Cartoon 696 "There’s a really comlicated knot to untie just above, minister!" [Unfinished Administrative Program; Congress; Politics]

Cartoon 697 No caption. [Volstead Mine]

Cartoon 698 No caption. ["US Credo - Tolerance-Decency; Hate Monger"]

Box D15 Personages

Cartoon 1 "Where are you going, my pretty maid?" [FDR; Japan]

Cartoon 2 "The empire builder." [Il Duce; flaming Tripoli]

Cartoon 3 "The rock of Yalta." [Hitler; US/Soviet/British Unity]

Cartoon 4 "As time goes by." [Hitler; German people]

Cartoon 5 "Half an X-mas bootee." [Sagging Hitler; half of Italy impaled by Allied sword]

Cartoon 6 "Failure of another mission." [Nazi on Norwegian shore waving goodbye to British fleets]

Cartoon 7 No caption. [Turkish premier; Il Duce; Franco-British Dardanelles Treaty]

Cartoon 8 "The Winter’s Tale." [Ghost of German dead over Hitler]

Cartoon 9 "Flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la!" [Hitler’s army in Russia; Der Fuhrer]

Cartoon 10 "Testing - or the real thing?" [2nd front; sick world]

Cartoon 11 "Haunting spectre." [Nazi dead; Hitler; new Nazi combat on horizon]

Cartoon 12 "Smoke from a little pistol." [France; Mediterranean; future in Africa]

Cartoon 13 "Battered raven." [Luftwaffe; Hitler; world conquest plans]

Cartoon 14 "Target for the night." [Petain; RAF raids]

Cartoon 15 No caption. [Hitler; impaled non-aggression pacts]

Cartoon 16 "Shipwreck of the desert." [African plains; dehydrated Nazi camel]

Cartoon 17 No caption. [German people; the bony hand of hunger]

Cartoon 18 "Neapolitan serenade." [Flaming Naples; guitar-playing Nazi grim reaper]

Cartoon 19 "Time doesn’t heal all wounds." [Hitler; prone German populus]

Cartoon 20 "Oh, to be in England - " [Hitler; faint British artillery]

Cartoon 21 "African tom-tom!" [British forces; Il Duce]

Cartoon 22 No caption. [Churchill?; armament for war]

Cartoon 23 "Through the fog." [Flaming Italy; US military occupation; Anzio Beachhead]

Cartoon 24 No caption. [Infuriated Churchill; Nazi Mountain Retreat]

Cartoon 25 "The pendulum swings back." [Hammer and sicle; astounded Nazi]

Cartoon 26 "...and black sky!" [Communist Odessa; Nazi future; Black Sea]

Box D15 (Cont.)

Cartoon 27 "Guidepost in smoke." [Smoky apparition; on from Cassino to Rome]

Cartoon 28 "Fruit of world conquest." [Rubble; destruction; swastika]

Cartoon 29 "Finlandia." [Stranded Finnish Nazi; creeping Allied tides]

Cartoon 30 "A giant with his own time table." [Soviet Strength; flustered Hitler]

Cartoon 31 "There is a tide in the affairs of men." [Hitler; barren Channel]

Cartoon 31 "The mirage is fading." [Hitler; Africa Corps tank; from Suez to Tripoli]

Cartoon 32 "Time is pressing the gold Caesar, too!" [Il Duce]

Cartoon 33 "Newly shackled prisoner." [General Zeitler; German soldier]

Cartoon 34 No caption. [Il Duce igniting Tunisia]

Cartoon 35 "Franco could be wrong!" [haggard german citizen, deflated Nazi]

Cartoon 36 No caption. [Il Duce pole-vaulting over peace]

Cartoon 37 "Umbrella stand - 10 Downing Street." [MacMillan; Hore-Belisha]

Cartoon 38 "The by-passing partner." [Stalin; Hitler’s rolling tanks]

Cartoon 39 "They went to Berchtesgaden, I come to you, Comrade!" [Stalin; Reich]

Cartoon 40 "And my friend here - he needs more space, too!" [Hitler; Il Duce]

Cartoon 41 "Blowing hot." [Hitler; Il Duce]

Cartoon 42 "Remember, it was your idea." [German high command; Hitler]

Cartoon 43 No caption. [Berenguer; deflating Spanish revolt]

Cartoon 44 "Armies travel faster these days." [Hitler; statue of Napoleon]

Cartoon 45 "Naughty boy!" [Lumbering Soviet giant; Nehru]

Cartoon 46 "Check your hat, mister?" [Alfonso; rebels]

Cartoon 47 "Out on the shamrock limb." [DeValera; Eire]

Cartoon 48 "To improve the mixture..." [US-British-Soviet relations; Hull mission]

Cartoon 49 "The old marshal’s baton." [Reich; miniature Laval]

Cartoon 50 No caption. [Fritz Kuhn in jail cell]

Cartoon 51 "Not a displaced person." [Goering in jail cell]

Cartoon 52 "The cloud-capped mountain." [Berchtesgaden; erupting cloud of Hitler]

Cartoon 53 "The rock cried out, ‘No hiding place!’" [Four power pressure; Franco]

Cartoon 54 "The black forest of retribution." [Von Papen]

Cartoon 55 "The voice from the minaret." [Hitler; Turkey]

Cartoon 56 "Beyond the Alps lies Italy." [Il Duce]

Cartoon 57 "Knell of parting day." [Hitler; bells of death]

Cartoon 58 "Old Santa is very choosy this year." [Il Duce; barren X-mas tree]

Cartoon 59 "From a tourist in Britain." [Hitler; Hess]

Cartoon 60 "Nasty post-war problem child." [Laval; France]

Cartoon 61 "Uncle Joe is on vacation." [Stalin]

Cartoon 62 "Quarantined." [Franco with Nazi regalia]

Cartoon 63 "I still think it’s a good book." [Goering; Mein Kampf]

Cartoon 64 "Axis orphan." [Franco]

Cartoon 65 "Outpost of empire." [Churchill]

Cartoon 66 "Let’s talk about Ethiopia." [Il Duce; Italian people]

Cartoon 67 "The man behind the throne." [Hitler]

Cartoon 68 No caption. [Hitler; Chancellor Bruening]

Box D15 (Cont.)

Cartoon 69 No caption. [German extremists; dictatorship]

Cartoon 70 No caption. [Soviet war machine; Stalin]

Cartoon 71 "Ja! You did it when I was busy! [US Navy; Hitler]

Cartoon 72 No caption. [Il Duce]

Cartoon 73 "In the catacombs." [King Victor of Italy]

Cartoon 74 "The man in the midi." [Petain]

Cartoon 75 "On the horizon." [France; Corsica]

Cartoon 76 "The road back - to Genoa." [US forces; statue of Columbus]

Cartoon 77 "Those decadent french engineers." [Hans; Hitler]

Cartoon 78 "The sand pit and the pendulum." [Tunisia; Allied forces]

Cartoon 79 "Mountain slide." [Nazis; Red Army caucusses drive]

Cartoon 80 "‘Twas the day after Christmas." [shellacked Italy]

Cartoon 81 "The last mile." [Finland; Nazis]

Cartoon 82 "More than one road - to Rome!" [new Allied landings]

Cartoon 83 "The hook of Holland." [Nazis]

Cartoon 84 "The chains will begin to loosen" [Red Army; Czechoslovakia]

Cartoon 85 "The glory road." [Nazi Prisoners]

Cartoon 86 "Memorial Day - 1944" [Italy]

Cartoon 87 "The shipwreck of the desert" [British African Campaign; Il Duce]

Cartoon 88 "Alpine rescue party" [Austria; Gen Clark]

Cartoon 89 "‘Are we military objectives, pa?’" [London]

Cartoon 90 "The man in the iron mask." [Invasion]

Cartoon 91 "Grim valentine, February 14, 1944" [Hitler; Defeat]

Cartoon 92 No caption. [John Bull; The Mussolini Idea; Sir Oswald Mosley]

Cartoon 93 No caption. [Spain, Russian Boots]

Cartoon 94 "An advocate of a second and EASIER front!" [Soviet Will to Resist; Stalingrad; Hitler]

Cartoon 95 "The giant topples?" [Reich Machine; Red Army]

Cartoon 96 "Eggs are not being rolled this year." [Allied Punch; Tunisia]

Cartoon 97 "Flags without swastikas." [Aachen; German People]

Cartoon 98 "A tempting portion." [Saar Basin; US 3rd Army]

Cartoon 99 "An ally of forlorn hope" [Nazi Battle Plan; Winter]

Cartoon 100 "Out on an outpost of empire" [India; British Labor Govt.]

Cartoon 101 "Cripps’ curry" [Indian Self Government Problem]

Cartoon 102 "Passage to England" [India; British Rule]

Cartoon 103 "Ready to wave it?" [Red Army; Finland; White Flag]

Cartoon 104 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Baltic Sea]

Cartoon 105 "Note on the white steppes" [Soviet Russia; A Disarming Plan]

Cartoon 106 "Rhapsody in red" [Hungary]

Cartoon 107 "Comrade admiral!" [Italian Navy; Stalin; Janes Fighting Ships]

Cartoon 108 "Hi! neighbor." [The Balkans; Soviet Russia; Turkey]

Cartoon 109 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Rubles for Defense]

Cartoon 110 No caption. [Finland; Soviet Russia]

Box D15 (Cont.)

Cartoon 111 "Of time and the river." [Red Army; The Dnieper; White Russia]

Cartoon 112 No caption. [Stalin; Soviet-British Trade Pact; Reich Non-aggression Pact; Latvia Pact]

Cartoon 113 "Red sickle" [Soviet Russia; New Treason Charges]

Cartoon 114 "Sowing in the rubble" [Western Europe]

Cartoon 115 No caption. [USSR; The Old Litvinoff Peace Policy Mask]

Cartoon 116 "Hi ya boss!" [Soviet Russia; Bulgaria; Election Results]

Cartoon 117 "Dire straits" [Soviet Russia; Dardanelles; Turkey]

Cartoon 118 "Struck it rich, eh comrade?" [Soviet Russia; Dardanelles; Turkey]

Cartoon 119 "That ever watchful ‘border control’" [Soviet Russia; Greece]

Cartoon 120 "Too weak to travel" [Stalin; Truman]

Cartoon 121 "Little man in a sphere of influence" [Hungary; Small Landowners Party; Soviet Russia]

Cartoon 122 "End of a whirlwind tour" [Red Banner Army; Manchuria]

Cartoon 123 "Another portal" [Soviet Orbit; Greece]

Cartoon 124 "Traffic tie-up - maybe" [Russia; Dardanelles; Turkey]

Cartoon 125 "A new toe in Mare Nostrum" [Russia; Molotov; The Mediterranean]

Cartoon 126 No caption. [Stalin; Mein Kampf; Das Kapital; Finland, Norway, Sweden]

Cartoon 127 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Finland]

Cartoon 128 No caption. [Soviet Russia; Finland; US Credits for Food and Supplies]

Cartoon 129 "The crack in the curtain" [Satellite Revolt; Iron Curtain; Soviets]

Cartoon 130 "The observer behind the bench" [Poland;Poznan Trials; The Free World]

Cartoon 131 "Pressure in full" [Japanese Battering Ram; Fighting China]

Cartoon 132 "The lamp of China" [Civil War]

Cartoon 133 "The light of Asia" [China; Civil War]

Cartoon 134 "The little ‘conqueror’ off to new fields" [Japan; China War]

Cartoon 135 "The angler" [Red China; UN; Soviet Backing for Admission]

Cartoon 136 No caption. [Geneva Disarmament Conference; China]

Cartoon 137 "Writing on the Great Wall" [China; 9th Year of War]

Cartoon 138 "Passage to Tokyo" [Fighting China; FDR]

Cartoon 139 "Boot camp" [Manchuria; Yalta Agreement; China]

Cartoon 140 "There’s a tapping on the Great Wall" [China; "Informal Talks"]

Cartoon 141 No caption. [Gandhi]

Cartoon 142 "Descending on the peak" [British-Indian Settlement]

Cartoon 143 "Very neat!" [India; British "New Deal" Proposal]

Cartoon 144 "The tourist and the rope trick" [India; Indian Problem Solution; Sir. Stafford Cripps - London]

Cartoon 145 "What now, sahib?" [The India Question; Viceroy Wavell]

Cartoon 146 "In a word - bravery!" [Corregidor]

Cartoon 147 "The good sky" [China; US Aid by Planes - FDR]

Cartoon 148 "The dark side of the picture" [Great Success in Europe; China]

Cartoon 149 "The China hand-out." [China; Congress; Foreign Aid Funds]

Cartoon 150 "Citadel down under." [United Nations Offensive Plans; The Pacific]

Box D15 (Cont.)

Cartoon 151 "Out of action by direct hit!" [Armchair Strategy; Java Naval Battle]

Cartoon 152 "Little man too late" [Burma; Japan; Madagascar]

Cartoon 153 "A lesson in dying embers." [Pearl Harbor; Roberts Report]

Cartoon 154 "The wealth of the Indies." [Rubber Forests - No Trespassing; Japan]

Cartoon 155 "Bigger island, bigger snake." [Japan; Australia]

Cartoon 156 "One claw over the mountains" [To Port Moresby; To Australia]

Cartoon 157 No caption. [Japan; Oil; War Materials]

Cartoon 158 "Little man you’re in for busy days" [MacArthur; Australia; Japanese War Map]

Cartoon 159 No caption. [Laegue of Nations; Japan; Manchuria]

Cartoon 160 "Two can play at jiu jitsu!" [South Pacific; US Solomons Grip]

Cartoon 161 "Midway!" [Japanese Navy; US]

Cartoon 162 "A couple of steps down for the rising sun." [Japanese Aleutian Force; Attu; Agattu]

Cartoon 163 "Breakers ahead!" [Japanese Ship Losses]

Cartoon 164 "On the road to Mandalali"

Cartoon 165 "Imperial throne room" [Tokyo; Hirohito]

Cartoon 166 "Volcanic welcome" [Japan; Leftist "Students"; Japan]

Cartoon 167 "Cheers, from an old hand at the game" [Burma; Republic]

Cartoon 168 "Anything they can use I can use, uncle!" [Greece; Turkey; Korea]

Cartoon 169 "The Japs have a yen for it" [Manchuria]

Cartoon 170 "Along the road back" [Manila; US; Men of Corregidor]

Cartoon 171 "Paper triumph?" [Japanese Militarists; Konoye Govt. Resignation]

Cartoon 172 "Handshake with a puppet" [Italy; Wang’s China Govt.; Japan]

Cartoon 173 "Defense in depth." [Japan; Hara Kari]

Cartoon 174 No caption. [China; Japan]

Cartoon 175 "Fujiyama hideout" [Japanese Fleet]

Cartoon 176 "Off shore bells" [Japanese Ship Losses]

Cartoon 177 "South Pacific sunset." [Japanese Australian Invasion Fleet]

Cartoon 178 "Hollow ring" [Solomons Naval "Vctory" Claims; Japanes Home Front]

Cartoon 179 "Follow up" [Japan]

Cartoon 180 "Urging him back to his hole." [Cairo Decisions; Japan]

Cartoon 181 "Out of the fog!" [Japanese; US Mop-up; Attu]

Cartoon 182 "Two swords" [The Pacific; Pearl Harbor ‘41; America’s Strength 1942]

Cartoon 183 "On a limb" [Gona; South Pacific; Japanese New Guinea Task Force]

Cartoon 184 "Tourist view through an ‘open door’" [Japan; Jap Militarism Policy; Hirohito]

Cartoon 185 "Step down" [Divinity Myth; Hirohito; Shinto Clay]

Cartoon 186 "Tempest in a coffee pot" [Java; Indonesian "Troubles"]

Cartoon 187 "Things look no better through clearing smoke" [Soviet Campaign Plans; Japan; Atom Carnage]

Cartoon 188 "Co-prosperity sphere" [Japan; US Occupation]

Cartoon 189 "The first hundred years are the hardest, son." [USA; The Pacific; United Box D15 (Cont.)

States of Indonesia]

Cartoon 190 "The last stump" [Japan; Election for Emperor; Truman; Hirohito]

Cartoon 191 "A well known NO man syas YES!" [US Trusteeship; The Pacific Islands; Soviet Union]

Cartoon 192 "An old retainer moves in" [Baron Ahidehara (Premier); Japan]

Cartoon 193 "Out of Burma ‘cross the bay" [India; Japan]

Cartoon 194 "Tropical hot seat" [Borneo Oil]

Cartoon 195 "Think fast diplomat, think fast!" [Japan; The Pacific]

Cartoon 196 "History repeats" [The Philippines]

Cartoon 197 "Mare nostrum" [The Pacific; UN Island Mandate]

Cartoon 198 "For whom the bell tolls" [Defeat; Japanese Military Caste World Conquest Plans]

Cartoon 199 "The peal grows louder" [Liberty 1945]

Cartoon 200 "Hot sphere of influence" [Japanese]

Cartoon 201 "Letter to a Japanese school boy." ["Critical Development in War Situation"]

Cartoon 202 "You take care me, Gen. MacArthur say!" [Japan; UN]

Cartoon 203 "Operation nature" [The Pacific]

Cartoon 204 "Heiling is not enough." [Japan; The War; Axis Pressure]

Cartoon 205 "Twilight of the rising sun god!" [Japan; The Pacific; Huge US Forces]

Cartoon 206 "Bushido works both ways." [Bataan Defense; Japan’s Pacific Time Table]

Cartoon 207 "Bars" [Japanese Going South Plan; The Guns of the Fleet]

Cartoon 208 "Dictators balcony" [Premier Suzuki]

Cartoon 209 "Open door policy?" [Japan; Asia; Shooting War]

Cartoon 210 "We meet again." [Japan; Peace Treaty Plans]

Cartoon 211 "The thinker" [Japanese Fleet Headed South; Appeasement; Oil for Japan]

Cartoon 212 "Handwriting on the Great Wall" [Asia; The Pacific; Japan]

Cartoon 213 "Through the dust storm." [Palestine]

Cartoon 214 "Old world visitor" [UN; Palestine Problem]

Cartoon 215 "Travellers aid?" [UN; The Middle East]

Cartoon 216 "The Arab’s tent!" [Palestine; UN]

Cartoon 217 "Beacon of danger" [Oil; Near East; UN]

Cartoon 218 "Holding company" [Oil; Iran; UN]

Cartoon 219 "Oil burner" [Iran; Mars]

Cartoon 220 "Mosque of danger" [Palestine; Arab Revolt]

Cartoon 221 "Against a darkening sky" [Palestine Report; Arab-Jewish Unrest]

Cartoon 222 "Room with a view" [The Middle East; Big Three Split; Dulles; US Dept. Of State]

Cartoon 223 "Uncovered by the shifting sands." [The Diplomats; French-Syrian Clashes; Syria]

Cartoon 224 "‘Greetings, comrade!’" [Oil; The Middle East; Soviet "Volunteer"]

Cartoon 225 "A policeman’s lot is not a happy one -" [UN Police; Middle East; Soviet Arms]

Box D15 (Cont.)

Cartoon 226 "Kremlin addition to the pyramids" [Egypt; The Soviets; ‘Down With Colonialism’]

Cartoon 227 "Watched pots that do boil" [Israeli-Jordan Tensions; US Politics]

Cartoon 228 "The non-speaking Turk" [‘Drive to the East Plan’]

Cartoon 229 "Rickety and royalty" [Prince Paul; Greek Crown]

Cartoon 230 "In his well guarded tent." [Turkey; Reich War Machine; Russia]

Cartoon 231 "Broken winged victory" [Greek People; Violence and Bloodshead]

Cartoon 232 "Peter and Goliath" [New Yugoslav Government - King Peter II; Nazi Might]

Cartoon 233 "Another explosion in the cauldron." [Balkan Revolt; Europe; The War]

Cartoon 234 "‘- Silly Greeks, thinking they could beat me!’" [The Balkans; Il Duce; Turkey-Bulgaria Friendship Treaty; Reich Diplomatic and War Machine]

Cartoon 235 "Twilight of a satellite" [Sofia; Bulgaria]

Cartoon 236 "Showdown with the tough guy" [The Balkans; UN]

Cartoon 237 "Old world resignation" [Greece]

CC 1 2 2 (Baltimore, Md.) 1-7


Artists 1-7

Baltimore (Md.) 1,2,7

Byrd, Richard E. 4

Cancer 4

Cartoonists 1-7


Chicago (Ill.)--Politics and government 3,4

Civil rights--Public opinion 1,4,7

Duffy, Anne Rector 1,2

Duffy, Edmund 1-7

Editorial cartoons 1-7

Elections--Public opinion 7

Fitzpatrick, Daniel R. 2,6

Infantile paralysis 4

Jefferson, Thomas 6

Johnson, Gerald 1-2

Journalists 1-7

Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) 4,5

Labor movement--Public opinion 3,7

Lindbergh, Charles A. 4

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow 4

Lynching--Public opinion 1,4

Maryland--Politics and government 7

Mencken, H.L. 1

Newsday 2


Newspapers--Sections, columns, etc.--Editorial cartoons 1-7

Nuclear energy 3

Robinson, Boardman 1

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano 5

Saturday Evening Post 2


Simpson, Wallis Warfield 4

Smith, Dorman H. 2,6

Sopher, Aaron 2,6

Sports 7

Sun (Baltimore, Md.) 1-7

(Baltimore, Md.) 1-7

Taxation--Public opinion 7

Truman, Harry S. 3,5

United States--Foreign relations--Public opinion 7

U.S. Supreme Court 7

White, William Allen 3

World War, 1939-1945--Caricatures and cartoons 7

World War, 1939-1945--Public opinion 7

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